Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e01 Episode Script

Holocron Heist / Cargo of Doom

Jedi trapped on Felucia Clones are surrounded by droid forces Their only hope is to escape on Republic gunships waiting to land on the embattled surface Jedi cruisers have managed to blow a hole in the droid defenses and have sent gunships to the rescue Warthog, protect the gunships I will take out the fighters They made it through the 1st wave Concentrate all fire on the cruiser on the left I can't shake these two droids Come around and I'll try to get them off your tail General Look out - That was close - If those fighters got through then our gunships can't be far behind Prepare the troops to evacuate Go Go Come on, Grunts We are leaving Ahsoka should be back from her jungle patrol by now I'll try to contact her again Ahsoka, where are you? Ahsoka, what is your location? About six klicks east, Master We've engaged the enemy and we've got them on the run They're here to extract us We're leaving What? We can't retreat now, Master I've broken through Move it, trooper Come on, double time The droids are retreating We're outnumbered You must evacuate That is an order Master Skywalker taught me never to let up - when the tinnies are on the run - They are running back here to regroup with the main force You are putting your troops' lives in danger, young one You will get on the gunship when we arrive - Where's Ahsoka? - Following your teachings - Is she winning? - For now - She's not stopping - Land in front of them What are you doing? Get in the ship, now Can't you see they're retreating? They're about to overrun you, Ahsoka You just can't see it Now follow orders and get in the ship Padawan Ahsoka do you feel Master Kenobi's description of the incident is accurate? Yes, my Masters More to add, do you? I know I was wrong I just got so caught up in my own success I didn't look at the battle as a whole I wasn't being disobedient I just forgot Masters this incident is my responsibility Because of Ahsoka's advanced abilities I forgot how young she is I gave her more freedom than I should have That may be but it doesn't excuse what happened on Felucia I think she needs some time away from the battlefield On archive security reflect on your actions you can Padawan Guard duty? For how long? Longer now I'm sorry - I let you down - I know I was a Padawan not that long ago Madame Jocasta Nu this is Ahsoka Tano She is to be your new security officer Hello, Madame So good to meet you Let's show you around There is more knowledge here than anywhere else in the galaxy Master Kenobi says there are even texts here that are forbidden to be read The archives hold a great many secrets it is true Beyond this door lies the holocron vault The holocrons contain the most closely guarded secrets of the Jedi Order Good morning, Master Fisto Can we go inside? I'm afraid not, my dear I haven't been inside myself for years Only members of the Jedi Council are allowed access Guarding the holocrons is one of the most important duties a Jedi can be given, Ahsoka - Do you think you're up to the task? - Definitely Excuse the interruption As I was saying bounty hunter I have need of your services I'm listening I need a Jedi holocron To get a holocron I'd have to break into the Jedi Temple It's impossible not to mention deadly Perhaps your reputation has been exaggerated I want a rogue-class starfighter with elite weapons cloaking device, the works And triple my usual rate Your price is of no concern I will also provide you with the means to get inside the temple You've got a deal The setback at Felucia has affected our efforts in the whole sector It'll take weeks before we can Master Yoda, what is it? A disturbance in the Force Intruders there will be in this temple You know, if you would just tell me what it is you're doing back there, I could probably be of some assistance Look, I am just doing some maintenance You've been having memory crashes That is preposterous I have no memory of any crashes My goodness I have no memory of any crashes Exactly I am doomed - Bane, you have to help me - Calm down I'm done - Thank you - Get the door I am a techno-service droid, not a butler droid Can it, Todo You are what I say you are Well Then Who are you? I am Todo 360, techno-service droid - Who are you? - None of your business Everyone is in a good mood today Who's that? Bolla Ropal, Jedi, out in the Mid Rim We going after him? Soon Right now, we're stealing a holocron Impossible The only place you can get a holocron is I know Inside the main vaults of the Jedi Temple Fortunately, our Sith Lord client has set us up with some help For one, the map of the temple you're looking at right now For another, a security chip that I've placed in my droid I have been given all the technical data regarding security systems in the Jedi Temple Both the vent shafts and the vault itself are equipped with all kinds of traps and security measures Todo can take them out, but we'll need help from someone inside the Jedi library And that's where your talents as a changeling will come in He looks like a Jedi He was His name was Ord Enisence You should be able to walk into the archives and monitor us without a problem Now that I am a Jedi I can do that Good You will need these They're ear comlinks so we can keep in communication The vault is in the library,which backs onto the communications center There will be swarms of Jedi nearby We'll use that to our advantage Even if you get into the vault, how are you going to crack that safe? Let me worry about the safe First things first Where do we start looking for these intruders? What could they be after? I doubt they've come to hijack starfighters What can they get here they can't get anywhere else? - Information - The Jedi transmitter codes Every piece of troop information, in one place And it's all in the east tower - The east tower communications center - I'll head there right away I'll monitor the perimeter defenses from the central security station Good afternoon, Master Enisence Good afternoon, young one May I be of assistance? No, thank you, my dear I don't want to bother you It wouldn't be a bother at all, Master - Things are slow right now - I could use something to do Cato, come in Cato, are you there yet? Cato, come in Thank you I'll be fine on my own You sure? Look, youngling I said I was fine Now let me go about my business Can't do anything right these days I'm in It's about time Just tell us where to get in There's a weak point in the shield that Todo should be able to break through I'm beaming him the coordinates now Okay, I have got it I will jam the temple's scanners Let's see It is around here somewhere There - In - You're welcome What was that? The system is just recycling, sir Master, I'm in the tower No intruders, but something just happened All the scanners were behaving strangely for a moment Something happened to the system down here too It cannot be a coincidence Arrived, the intruders have But if they are not in the tower, what are they after? The communications center, perhaps, their target is They must be in the central ventilation system Let me check the system You're right: there has been a disturbance It's near the top of the south tower I'll meet you up there On high alert place the temple The control board for the fan should be on your left All clear, sir Not quite The fan you're passing through has a security switch I do not see anything Besides, we have already gotten past the fan Todo, we're getting sucked into the fan - Turn it off - I do not know how - Cato, do something - I've got it from here Sorry Okay, Bane, the next part is relatively simple Make your way down the shaft until you reach Excuse me I don't mean to disturb you, but the whole temple is on high alert Thank you This is it Perfect Let's go in Cato, come in We are over the vault Give me a moment to check out the security system What's wrong with your voice? Change of plans I'm the librarian now Hurry it up, Cato We can't stay hidden for long Well, looks like this is where they broke in Fortunately, we'll have a less troublesome time The vault is filled with laser sensors that go in every direction I'll try to deactivate the whole system from here Just hurry I can hear them They're looking for us in the vent system Great Which way do you think they went? The communications center is this way We'd better hurry if we're going to catch them The Jedi are coming closer I've got it Go in I don't think they came this way Master Yoda, are you picking up any other life signs in this quadrant? Deep in the temple, the intruders are How are they managing to stay out of our way? Possible it is, receiving assistance they are, from inside Wonderful Almost there Are you done deactivating those laser beams yet? - We are good to go - Good Start cutting through that wall This job just keeps getting weirder and weirder Padawan, alert you must be Sense deception, I do Posing as a Jedi, the intruder is Find Master Jocasta, you must The two Jedi have turned around and are making their way towards you Who are you, and what have you done with madame Jocasta? The same thing I'm going to do to you You may have madame Jocasta's shape, but not her skills - Todo, are you done yet? - These things take time Some butler droid you turned out to be I am a techno-service droid Looks like you were right Master Skywalker, I've captured the imposter disguised as a Jedi She says the intruder's in the holocron vault A holocron is no good without a Jedi to open it - What are they up to? - They must be trying to gain access to the communications center from the vault Let's get in I am not going to be able to do this without a diagram Cato, come in - What has happened? - Something's gone wrong Todo, is the hole finished? - Yes, but - Go to the communications center - What? - You heard me Bane, the communications center will be crawling with Jedi - Why do I need to go in there? - Now Quick The communications center Let's go Hey, guys I was just, testing the access hatch Works great - Bomb - Bomb? What bomb? Is there something going to blow up? Bomb Madame librarian, are you okay? I think I'm all right We must call security Our war operations, it was never about Come on, changeling We have a new home for you What would someone want with a holocron? Wait Bolla Ropal What did you say? That's who Bane's next target is Some Jedi What's wrong? Who's Bolla Ropal? He is the keeper of the Kyber crystal, the data on which can only be read by holocrons What's on the crystal? A list of every known force-sensitive child in the galaxy The future younglings The future of the Jedi Order We have to warn him That's going to be hard to do He's out of contact, somewhere in the Devaron system Seek him out, you must Ahsoka and I will set out immediately If this Cad Bane is still here on Coruscant, I'll find him Stolen secrets Villainous mercenary Cad Bane was hired by Darth Sidious to steal a holocron from the vaults of the Jedi Temple After fleeing the scene of the crime, Bane hunted down and captured Master Bolla Ropal, who has a crystal which holds secrets of the Jedi Order As a separatist fleet arrives to help the bounty hunter, Anakin Skywalker races in to cut off their escape and stop Bane from delivering the stolen holocron I guess we're going down with the ship Roger, roger General, we're receiving an urgent transmission from the planet General Skywalker, our base has been overrun There's no possibility of evacuation They've taken General Ropal and the holocron memory crystal Do you know where they've taken them? Sorry, sir We tried to stop them, but they left the outpost Wait a second There's too much interference Transmitter's been destroyed at the source, sir We have to find out what ship Master Ropal was on You will remain conscious, Master Jedi The bounty hunter has some questions for you Attach mind limiters, pain pulsers, and give him a full dose of X-C33 Right away, sir Sir, that Republic ship has destroyed our escort and is blocking our escape Whoever's commanding that cruiser is a bold one Move us out of the battle zone and prepare to jump to hyperspace I have a small favor to ask our Jedi guest General, a separatist command ship is fleeing the battle You think they have Master Ropal on board as a prisoner? I'm sure of it Admiral, intercept them before they can jump to hyperspace - I'll ready the troops for boarding - Boarding? We have no boarding craft We were prepared to land on the planet, not to board another ship You can't be serious I am, Admiral Thank you for your opinion Now, target their hyperdrive We don't want them getting away Sir Captain Sir They hit the power converters, so we can't go into hyperspace I wonder what the Jedi are planning I've rounded up three brigades, sir Where are we going? We're going to board a separatist frigate, rescue Master Ropal, and recover an archive holocron We have no assault craft, sir, only a couple of fighters and the twilight Waiting for orders And the plan is? Just curious I came down to see if I could be of any help, General Skywalker Actually, you can Activate those walkers, Admiral You're not thinking of using those to transport the clones to that frigate Well, they are pressurized And they're equipped with magnetic feet - Good call - Master, you're a genius Those walkers designed for terrain, not space Rex, load them up Let's go, snips Execute battalion, take AT-AT 300 Carnivore battalion, walker 773 Let's go Simply open this little box of yours so I can get the information from this crystal, and your suffering will come to an end You will never get me to unlock the holocron Unfortunately, I don't have time to discuss this with you Hit him again Full power I'm not sure how much more of this he can take Are you a medical droid? Then step back and shut up - Roger, roger - More power We've lost all his vital signs Check He is no longer functioning Drop him He's dead Looks like we will have to find another Jedi to open this Holocron Only next time, I will try a different method When Darth Sidious asked me to loan you the federation fleet, he didn't say you were going to war You have already lost four of my ships I hope you can pay for all of this One authentic Jedi Holocron and the memory crystal I was after When my benefactor gets this, he will compensate you for your puny fleet Sounds like the Jedi want it back The Jedi are overwhelming our vulture droids Should we send out reinforcements? What are you doing? Did you say, "No?" Roger, roger The Jedi will board the ship and get the holocron back Transmit the information and close the deal immediately I can't Only a Jedi can access the device Fortunately, there are two Jedi on their way to help me, one more than we need for our purposes You'd better live through this I want my money, Bane You can count on it Wipe all the frigate's memory banks and destroy every record of our mission Initiate the self-destruct sequence You, transfer all ship functions to my wrist-com I want control of doors, gravity generators, everything The rest of you, stay here and defend the bridge We're defending the bridge alone? Against the Jedi? I hate this job Don't shoot I'm not the Commander He's the Commander Guess I'm the Commander now R2, see if you can find Master Ropal One authentic Jedi Holocron and the memory crystal I was after He has both pieces now Rex, send a squad Lock down the hangar bay and destroy all the escape pods - No one gets off this ship - Yes, sir R2, you have to find Master Ropal Hurry What was that? One of the engines on that frigate has exploded I caution you to avoid the AFT section - How much damage is there? - I suggest immediate evacuation Not until we get what we came for Spread out While you take on the clones, I will separate the Jedi and lead one of them away Master, I found him Rex, have some men take Master Ropal back to the Resolute We might not be able to find the holocron in time, Master But if it's destroyed with the ship, Nute Gunray won't get it either Maybe, but I'd rather return it to the library personally Come on, R2 R2 says we're close Stay sharp Switch to night vision There Welcome, Jedi We've been expecting you Kill them Let's make this a bit more interesting Lock down Magnetics You were trained for this Turn the gravity generators back on Check your fire Hit one of those shells, and this fight is over for all of us I'll get him, Master Ahsoka, wait It's a trap Ahsoka, wait We'll take him together You thought you could get away? You're not much of a challenge I got you right where I want you I'm not impressed Can you hear me? Are you all right in there? I'm all right Get back to the hangar Find a transport, but wait for us as long as you can - We're on it, sir - Ahsoka, do you copy? There's a power surge heading toward the bridge If you're there, get out immediately You must abandon your mission I don't have the holocron memory, and I seem to have misplaced my Padawan The ship is tearing itself apart Move off to a safe distance, Admiral, and await my signal for evacuation Of all the Jedi, why did I have to end up with Skywalker? I wouldn't do that Those binders have been specially designed for Jedi The more you struggle, the tighter they get Impressed now, youngling ? Not really Enjoy this while you can, sleemo This burning boat is about to finish us both off We have time The bond between a Jedi teacher and his apprentice is strong Which means my Master will be coming for me any minute Let's see if we can get him here any faster - You said we'd be safe back here - Come on There's three of us and only one of him It won't matter Sir, a Jedi is coming He looks very unhappy Your Master has gotten the message You have nowhere left to run, bounty hunter Let me worry about that, Jedi If I activate this control, the outside air lock will open, and she will be sucked into oblivion Do you think you can kill me and then save her before she's pulled out into space? It's a horrible way to die Besides, isn't negotiation the Jedi way? - What do you want? - This holocron carries information I've been paid to collect I can't unlock it, but you can The last Jedi who had it wouldn't open it I hope you don't make the same mistake We don't have much time Hurry up, Jedi, or she dies No, Master Don't do it I can't let you die, Ahsoka Master, no We'll deal with the holocron later How touching All units, make for that shuttle Captain, the main reactor is exposed It will implode at any moment Yes, sir We're trying to make our way to the shuttle now - Get out of there - Sir, yes, sir You two find the General and help him This frigate's not going to last - We have to get out of here - Yes, sir Come about We need to put some distance between us and that frigate Now I will combine this holocron with the memory crystal I acquired from your dead Jedi friend My employers will be most pleased Did the Jedi cooperate with you? With some encouragement I have access to the holocron and all the information the memory contains I only have to get off this ship Maybe you should transmit it to me now Then I could send another ship for you No, thanks, Viceroy I have a plan for my own escape Hold it right there You're not going anywhere, bounty hunter I hope you found us a ride off this bucket We've got to leave now The reactor's gonna blow - We cannot wait - You'll have to I'm going after that bounty hunter Master, wait Stop This is the way to the hangar We must get off the ship now - I can't let Bane get away - Patience, Master Patience You're right Come on, Come on Trooper, did you get the holocron? - No, sir - I'll get it, Master No time Rex, get us out of here It looks like the holocron was destroyed, but at least the Separatists didn't get it Bane's dead, but I can still feel him Master I'm sorry I let that mercenary get the upper hand It wasn't your fault, Ahsoka It was mine, start to finish So did you manage to recover the holocron or capture the bounty hunter? I see So the mission was your usual version of success, then? If by success, you mean I won, then yes
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