Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e03 Episode Script

Children of the Force

A thief hunted! In a daring assault, Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka, boarded the warship of cunning bounty hunter Cad Bane to recover a stolen holocron containing a list of the galaxy's force-sensitive children and future Jedi knights.
After a desperate chase and duel with the villain, Anakin and his troops defeated Bane but were forced to evacuate his doomed vessel without the holocron.
How many made it off this time? Just us.
Denal, good job frying that bounty hunter.
- Let's get some grub.
- You hungry? I'll catch up.
So what now? We get the injured to the medical bay.
General, there's something I think you should see.
Trooper, are you all right? Must've been hit in the head.
It's blood, sir.
And it sure isn't from any of our men.
Wait! You're injured.
That might be serious.
You're no clone.
Admiral, lock down the hyperspace rings! Hurry! What could possibly have happened since I last spoke with you? It's Bane.
Lock those rings now.
- No, lock them all down.
- Deactivating hyperspace rings.
We'll have to inform the Council.
It is most unfortunate Bane was allowed to escape again.
With access to the names and locations of the most force-sensitive children in the Republic.
Inflict devastating damage on the Jedi Order he could.
We've discovered Bane's working with the separatists.
There are thousands of children on that list.
Which will he go after first? Small chance there is, through the force, the Council may detect them.
I have delivered what you wanted.
The Jedi were no problem.
Anything else I can help you with? I need test subjects.
Choose four children and bring them to Mustafar.
I will take care of them.
Kidnapping innocent children? Seems like a small-time crime for the likes of you.
Among the children of the Jedi, there are no innocents.
Sure, sure.
As long as I get paid, it makes no difference to me.
A jungle world.
Dome cities I see.
Rodia it is.
A house in Kay Tap Square.
I see it too.
There's an ocean planet, home to Nautolans, Glee Anselm? Glee Anselm I see not.
I sense A place I've been to before.
A village, southern sector.
Sense it strongly, I do.
The Gungan child was screaming.
The future you see, young Skywalker.
To Naboo you must go.
Cad Bane you will find.
With you, take your Padawan.
You are certain there is no child on Glee Anselm? Into the shadow of the dark side taken the child was.
Shrouded is his fate from us.
Great the loss is.
But more children in danger there are.
I shall leave for Rodia immediately.
Find more younglings we will.
Your son is strong with the force.
He will make a fine Jedi.
Master Ropal said the day would come for him to go to the Temple, but not for some time.
Master Ropal was unaware of the danger your son is in.
Jedi imposters have been roaming the galaxy, stealing the future younglings.
For your son's protection, I'm going to have to take him now.
He is my only child.
Look into this.
It will relax you.
Let's hope we have arrived in time.
If you're looking for my son, Jedi, he's not here.
Where is he? Open the door.
You'll never get him.
- Where is the bounty hunter? - Bounty hunter? He was a Jedi.
Jedi do not carry blasters.
What have I done? General Skywalker, they told us you were coming.
Has the Gungan family been notified? Captain Lunker here is in charge of the operation.
He will take you to Jan-Gwa city.
Let me take the lead, Master.
I've got a score to settle.
All right, go with the Gungan.
I'll be there shortly.
Don't move, sleemo.
You weren't the child I was expecting to find.
You're quite clever, but naive.
Looks like I win.
I think I've earned the right to wear this again.
Your daughter is safe now.
Do you really believe that? We know you've taken at least two children.
- Where are they? - Beyond your reach.
- Who are you working for? - I work alone.
It is only a matter of time before we locate the holocron.
Make it easier on yourself.
What are you going to do, Jedi, torture me? I think the fear of whoever you work for outweighs your fear of us.
This conversation is over.
We tore the ship apart.
There's no sign of the holocron or the kids.
Did you check the ship's navigation records? They were wiped clean before he landed on Naboo.
We'll have to use the force to make him talk.
I don't think Bane is that weak.
Maybe if we all concentrated on his mind together.
Using the force to compel a strong mind to cooperate is risky.
There is a danger that his mind could be destroyed in the process.
Do we have another choice? You will take us to the holocron.
Jedi mind tricks don't work on me.
You will take us to the holocron.
Forget it.
You will take us to the holocron.
I won't.
And you will take us now! I will take you.
Get out of my head.
Perhaps we should try again.
I've had enough of that.
I'll take you to the holocron.
You'll get your children back.
The chancellor wants a report on our progress.
Tell him this is not Republic business.
It's an internal Jedi affair.
I'm sorry to disagree, but as long as the Jedi are acting as a military, we should report to the chancellor, even on internal matters such as this.
Well, then, I guess you just volunteered to go.
- Give the chancellor my regards.
- Wait a minute.
I agree.
Report back here when you are finished.
This could be a trap, Master.
You sure you don't need us to go? Of course it's a trap, Skywalker.
I will contact you when we find the children.
What if they don't find those kids? They will, snips.
Come on.
The coordinates.
The coordinates are cross 7RB71.
That will take us into the far Outer Rim, neutral space.
Do you want your holocron and your kids or not? Anakin, it is good to see you.
Your Excellency.
Excuse us, child.
I understand you made an important arrest in the plot to destroy the Jedi.
Do you think a simple bounty hunter could create such a plan? I believe someone else, someone much more powerful was behind this.
I don't think it was Dooku.
And have you any clues as to who it may be? Not yet, chancellor.
Have patience, my boy.
There, there, child.
Soon you will cry no more.
Master, subjects of this age rarely survive the slave conditioning procedure.
And I'm afraid the risk is necessary.
The natural talent these children possess is too great to be wasted by the Jedi.
I foresee an army of force-talented spies in my service, trained in the dark side to peer into every corner of the galaxy from afar.
And my enemies would be helpless against such vision.
If the surgery fails, I will have lost nothing.
We'll be fine, Cody.
- Stay here and watch the ship.
- Yes, sir.
I'll keep the ship running.
I do not sense any children nearby.
Neither do I.
Where are you keeping the children? The children are safe.
But first, there is your precious holocron.
Let me get it for you.
No more of your tricks.
Blast! You certainly stepped in it this time.
So long, Jedi.
Now what do we do? Well, the piloting systems are clean.
- Check the landing gear? - Double-checked it.
I have the feeling Master Windu and Obi-Wan could've used our help.
I don't like being out of the action either, but somebody's got to do this job.
And it always ends up being us.
Bane picked up a lot of volcanic ash on his travels.
What have you got, Artoo? Looks like Bane erased his navigation records, but not his fuel computer.
So? If we cross the list of planets we know he visited with the distance he traveled We may be able to calculate where else he went.
That's a new one.
It's an old Jedi trick we use to track down smugglers.
Okay, let's see.
Glee Anselm, Rodia, Mustafar, - Naboo.
- Wait.
Mustafar? There were no children on Mustafar.
It's a mining world, very remote.
Probably stopped there to refuel.
That explains the ash.
But it was six systems out of his way.
Maybe he met up with whoever he's working for.
It's worth a look, isn't it? Anything to get out of this hangar.
I've got the holocron.
Anytime, Cody.
We're coming up on Mustafar.
Artoo, begin the landing cycle.
A starship is approaching.
It is not the bounty hunter.
This was unexpected.
Evacuate the children to my secondary facility.
I'm afraid this installation is lost.
We must destroy all the evidence.
Turn off the gravity supports and let the building sink into the lava.
- I beg your pardon, sir.
- Just do as I say.
You sure this is the right place? We're gonna find out.
I sense something, Master, and I don't like it.
It's the dark side, Ahsoka.
This is the right place.
Did you hear that? Yeah, I heard it.
The question is, where are they? This way.
All gravity supports off.
Quick, the Jedi are coming.
Turn out the lights.
Hurry, hurry.
We're too late.
I can sense they're still here.
Be careful of the younglings.
I know! - The panel's fried.
- Where's Artoo? Be quiet.
It's okay.
The base was completely destroyed, Master, and so was any clue who's behind this.
Most unfortunate this is.
And we still have Bane.
He got away again? The important thing is that the children are safe and we've recovered the holocron.
The list is intact, and there is no evidence it was copied.
Still, the future of all Jedi uncertain is.
Move forward cautiously we must.
May The Team Be With You
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