Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e04 Episode Script

Senate Spy

Treachery in the Senate.
The Jedi council suspects that Senator Rush Clovis is secretly taking part in a separatist conspiracy.
But to find out what the Senator from Scipio is up to, the council will need a spy of its own.
Meanwhile, Jedi Anakin Skywalker has been away from Coruscant on a lengthy tour of duty leading the clone army.
Now Anakin returns for a long-awaited reunion with his wife, Padmé Amidala.
Master Ani.
What a delight to see you.
I shall tell mistress That will be all, Threepio.
Are you sure, my lady? Now go.
Very well.
I brought dinner.
How did you manage this? I had to hitch a ride on a cargo freighter.
What happened to your military transport? It blew up.
Anyway, the captain was bringing a shipment to a restaurant here, and he gave me something to bring home.
We just have to - What? - You called this "home.
" What else would I call it? The Naboo ambassador gave me something.
I think I still have it here somewhere.
- Must be something good.
- It is.
It'll be perfect.
Five blossom bread, my specialty.
You have a specialty? I know how to make lots of things.
When I was little, I cooked every day.
I've been saving it for a special occasion.
An evening alone with you? I can't think of an occasion more special.
Involved with the Separatists, the Banking Clan is.
Discover the truth in this matter, we must.
I couldn't agree more, Master Yoda.
But if Senator Amidala has already refused to spy on Senator Clovis of the banking delegation, I am not sure how we can change her mind.
That is why we asked you to summon young Skywalker.
I have been signaling him all night.
I don't know where he could be.
I wish it could always be just like this.
Me too.
I have to report to the Jedi Council.
Right now? Actually, about seven clicks ago.
If I keep delaying, Obi-Wan will send a clone squad out to find me.
I've been ducking his signals all night.
I understand.
I can sense that you're angry.
Don't think you can read my mind.
You shouldn't take this personally.
Duty comes first, especially in wartime.
Sorry I'm late.
What's going on? We believe Senator Clovis is conspiring with the Separatists.
We need to find out what he's planning.
Do you want me to interrogate him? Treat Senator Clovis as a criminal, we should not.
The slightest misstep could cause a major incident.
You feel if we provoke him, we'll never find out what he's up to.
We need someone who's not a Jedi to get close to him for us, someone he won't suspect.
- If not a Jedi, who? - A fellow Senator.
Selected Senator Amidala, we have.
You want her to spy on Clovis? I don't think that's a good idea.
There has to be someone else who's more qualified for this.
We chose Senator Amidala because she and Clovis entered the Senate in the same year.
They served on the same committees.
They were good friends.
I didn't know that.
Personal matters for the Senator, these are.
Know them, why would you? It's just that I wouldn't expect Senator Amidala to have a friend in the Banking Clan.
Master Yoda has already asked her to spy on Clovis for us.
And she refused.
Trust you, she does, Skywalker.
That is why, convince her, you must.
Senator Amidala.
General Skywalker.
You finally found some time for me.
- Are you still mad about last night? - Why would I be mad? - I'm not mad.
- Good.
Now tell me about your dealings with Senator Clovis.
So you're here on Jedi business.
I already told Master Yoda.
I don't want to spy on a colleague and an old friend.
"Old friend.
" How well do you know Clovis? Why does that matter? That was before we were together.
I am just trying to get a sense of who this guy is.
I'll need to brief whoever does end up spying on him.
I thought you were here to talk me into becoming an agent for the Jedi.
That is not a job for you.
I don't agree with the council on this.
If Clovis is involved in a separatist conspiracy the last place you should be is anywhere near him.
Clovis is conspiring with the Separatists? Yoda didn't tell me that.
I can't believe Clovis would do that.
This is terrible.
I never expected that from him.
- Someone has to find out the truth.
- Someone does.
Just not you.
- Why not me? - Because it's going to be dangerous.
Whoever takes this mission will be putting their life at risk.
I've been in many tough situations before.
It never seemed to bother you.
I never stopped you from facing danger.
- You're constantly getting shot at.
- I've been trained for that.
It's very different from spying on a traitor.
You mean I can't handle the mission.
- I mean I'm not gonna let you do it.
- You're not going to let me? It's not your decision to make.
It's mine.
Lucky for us, you've already decided to refuse.
Actually, I just changed my mind.
You've convinced me that it's vital to learn what Clovis is doing.
I accept the mission to spy on him.
- Even though I'm telling you not to? - Don't take it personally, Anakin.
Duty comes first, especially in wartime.
First, I'll need to get back in touch with him.
Clovis and I haven't spoken in a long time.
A surprise that is, given your past.
- What does that mean, Senator? - At one point, Clovis and I were close.
It was my choice to return things to a strictly professional level.
Clovis didn't take it well.
Do you think you'll be able to rekindle your friendship with him? Master, Senator Clovis is a very dangerous man.
- If he realizes she's tricking him - I'm aware of the risks, Master Jedi.
But I know I can regain Clovis' trust.
The closer you can get to him, the better.
I understand.
I'll do whatever is necessary to succeed in my mission.
And I'll do whatever I have to to protect her.
It's been good to see you again, Clovis.
I didn't realize how lonely I was until tonight.
Perhaps I can do more to ease your loneliness once I return from Cato Neimoidia.
You're taking a pleasure trip? Hardly.
Going there to put the fear of Scipio in those overgrown Trade Federation grubs.
You know how they are.
They love to borrow money from the Banking Clan.
But they hate to pay it back.
Maybe you can say a few words on my behalf.
I'm on the holonet with the Neimoidians every day asking for trade concessions, but I can't ever seem to make progress.
I've got an idea.
Come with me to Cato Neimoidia.
Speak to them in person.
I have leverage from the Banking Clan.
You have diplomatic contacts.
We can help each other.
Are you inviting me for political reasons or because you want us to be friends again? Both, of course.
Although I'm far more interested in your friendship than your politics.
In that case, I'll be happy to go with you.
It'll be like old times.
On the contrary.
I hope it'll be much better than old times.
You look exquisite.
If you get tired, you can rest your head on my shoulder.
Allow me, my lady.
And this one's broken.
Too bad.
We're ready for takeoff, captain.
All I have to do is fly the ship.
Blast it.
Senator Amidala, an unexpected privilege.
Senator Dod, please forgive me for arriving unannounced.
Always a pleasure to see you, my dear.
I hope you and I can make a fresh start.
I came here with the very same hope.
I believe in second chances.
So do I, Senator.
So do I.
My servants will see you to your room.
Clovis and I have some business to discuss.
I hope you will be comfortable here.
This investment by the Banking Clan will create unimaginable new war profits, the largest droid factory ever built.
As long as the Republic doesn't find out.
You should never have brought a member of the Senate here.
After that long trip, I think I need a walk.
That could prove interesting.
I agree, Lord Poggle.
For all the risks we're taking, we should be getting a greater share of the profits.
Are you suggesting we change the terms of our agreement? A deal is a deal.
I'd hate for something to happen to you.
You forget yourself, Clovis.
You cannot threaten me on my own planet.
This is hardly your planet anymore, not since you signed your holdings over to the Banking Clan in return for a stake in this new droid foundry.
We have company.
The hologram.
What are you doing here? Oh, I'm sorry to intrude.
I was lonely, so I came looking for you, and My dear, I'll give you a proper tour later.
Now let me take you back to your room so you can get dressed for dinner.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
I'll see you at dinner.
How do you think I feel? I hate the thought of answering to Clovis.
But perhaps we won't have to now that we've finally found his weakness.
What if we were to poison Senator Amidala? I think Clovis would do anything to save her.
And only we would have the antidote.
No, thanks, R2.
I'm not hungry.
As soon as Senator Amidala finds something, she's gonna signal me to come inside.
Senator, as my honored guest, please share this drink with me.
A toast to our new friendship.
Of course.
Come, Senator.
Everyone is eager to meet you.
What a wonderfull meal.
My compliments to the droid.
Are you feeling all right? I'm fine.
- I stood up too fast.
- It has been a very long day.
Perhaps we should retire to the guest quarters? Unless you'd like a tour of the palace.
It's truly worth seeing.
A tour sounds perfect.
You're dismissed for the night.
Are you absolutely sure? I'm sure.
Well, really.
My service is not required for the rest of the evening.
Why isn't Padmé with you? She is with Senator Clovis.
He offered her a private tour of the palace.
And you let her go off with him? I did try to warn her.
I'm waiting for my business venture to start.
I'm doing some private investing with guaranteed returns.
Could you bring me something to drink? I'm so thirsty all of a sudden, and my head is pounding.
You poor thing.
It's the climate change.
I'll be right back.
Display hologram.
Pass code required.
Banking Clan.
Senator Clovis.
Baron Rush Clovis.
Padmé? Pass code accepted.
Tactical coordinates for Count Dooku's new droid foundry.
And Clovis and the Banking Clan are behind it.
The Jedi Council has to see this evidence.
Got to go.
Seems no one wants my company tonight.
Still dying of thirst? That tastes so good.
I guess I was just thirsty.
Come, Padmé.
Give me your hand.
You're so good to me, Clovis.
I don't deserve your kindness.
It's nice to hear you say that.
I've been waiting for this moment all night.
Your heart is racing.
Because of you.
I wasn't sure you still had feelings for me.
But now I would have said something earlier, but we were in the middle of our official duties, and duty comes first, no matter No matter how we feel.
Padmé, what's wrong? Take good care of this, Artoo.
Get the ship ready for takeoff.
Stay with her.
I'll go get a medical droid.
An excellent idea.
I'm afraid this situation is quite beyond my capacity.
If I'm not here in five minutes, leave without me.
No matter what happens, the Council has to see this hologram.
I know her symptoms.
She's been poisoned.
- What do you mean? - She could die.
Get ahold of yourself, Senator.
She is a Republic spy.
What? Pass code "Padmé.
" No hologram is available.
She did steal it.
Leave us.
I was just in the library.
The hologram disk is gone.
I see now why you renewed our friendship, so you could spy on me and steal from me.
I did it for the Republic.
I didn't want to believe that you were involved with the Separatists.
But you are.
You're a traitor.
Where is the disk you stole? It's on its way to the senate.
Your scheme is finished.
Get away from her, if you want to live.
How dare you speak like that to me? I'm a Senator.
What's wrong with her? Lott Dod poisoned her.
She's dying.
I'll take her to the doctors on Coruscant.
There's not enough time for that.
Lott Dod must have an antidote.
She's stolen a very valuable disk from me.
Return it, and I'll get the antidote from Lott Dod.
I'd prefer to negotiate with Lott Dod in person.
- He cannot be told - What? That you lost the disk? I'm sure he'd be very interested in hearing all about this.
He might kill me if he finds out.
But still, it's her life that I worry about.
She must be saved, because I love her.
In that case, I suggest you can help us back to the Senator's ship before Lott Dod finds anything out.
Come with me, quickly.
We must make haste.
What is going on, Clovis? I'm sorry, Lott.
Senator Amidala is very ill, and we're taking her to her ship.
If Senator Amidala is ill, she should not be moved.
I have contacted the authorities on Naboo.
They thought it best to take her back to Coruscant.
The doctors there are better equipped.
You cannot leave.
Give me the antidote, or you're dead.
You'll pay for this.
Give Clovis the antidote.
Your kindness is much appreciated, Senator.
Take her, quickly.
Have you lost your mind? Wait.
Now give me back my disk.
Don't worry, Clovis.
It's good to know you have a heart.
I wish I could give you the disk, but I have a lot of faith in your survival skills.
Where's that medicine, Threepio? I'm sorry.
What for? We got away, and we have the hologram.
The Jedi will use that information to destroy Count Dooku's foundry.
Your mission was a success.
But I made you doubt me.
Clovis, we need to talk.
May The Team Be With You
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