Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e09 Episode Script

Grievous Intrigue / The Deserter

Though Republic victories outnumber their losses, the Jedi have been unable to stop Separatist advances in the Outer Rim.
The ever-elusive General Grievous stays one step ahead of his opponents.
With thousands of droid armies at his command, the Jedi can never predict where Grievous will strike next until now.
Stand by.
Grievous is boarding.
- Status report.
- There's too many of them.
Get yourselves to the escape pods.
I will deal with Grievous here.
But, sir, they're commando droids.
That does not matter, Captain.
Now go.
Eeth Koth, isn't it? I've been looking forward to meeting you.
Your reputation precedes you, General.
Reputation of a coward and a murderer.
Murederer? Is it murder to rip the galaxy of you Jedi filth? Greetings, Jedi, it would seem, once again, one of your order has lost his way and even better, a leading member of your Jedi Council.
Listen to me, Jedi, I do not care about your politics.
I do not care about your Republic.
I only live to see you die.
But death will not come so easily for Master Koth.
I will make him suffer endlessly because I know that is more painful for you all.
He's a monster.
Away with the younglings.
Much there is to discuss.
It's time somebody finally put an end to that monster.
On that, agreed we are.
How to find him, the question remains.
After engaging Grievous, we lost contact with Master Koth.
He could be anywhere.
Commander Wolffe has found a message in the holo transmission.
Play back the message.
Hand signals.
I admit my skills are rusty, but Saleucami system, sector J-19.
Zero-eight, zero-five, two-nine.
Saleucami? But intelligence reported Grievous has no ships near that sector.
But so often inaccurate our intelligence is.
I shall go.
So will I.
And I.
Are you ready? Ready and waiting.
I shall engage the Separatist fleet and send you the coordinates of Grievous' command ship.
Just make sure you get it right.
I always do.
How do you plan on getting Grievous aboard your ship? Not to worry.
The good General and I have a history.
I'm sure he'll want to even the score face-to-face.
Meanwhile, we'll jump in undetected and board the command ship.
If Master Koth is still alive, you will find him.
Hopefully, by the end of this mission, we will have saved Master Koth and captured General Grievous.
Sir, we have entered the Saleucami system.
Begin preparations for our landing.
Yes, my lord.
There are several ships coming out of hyperspace.
Are they Republic or Separatist? Republic.
Three cruiser-class, four escort-class.
You see? Your compassionate friends have come to rescue you, just as I knew they would.
One of the Republic ships is hailing us, my lord.
Put him through.
General, I knew one day I'd catch up to you.
Kenobi! What a surprise.
I assume you are here to bring me to justice.
You know me too well.
Indeed, I do.
Prepare to fire all cannons.
And be alert.
Where there is Kenobi, you will always find Skywalker not far behind.
The enemy ships are faster and more maneuverable.
I suggest caution.
Draw them in.
I want to board that vessel.
I shall kill Kenobi face-to-face.
We certainly have his attention.
Admiral Yularen, keep Grievous' fleet occupied so Anakin's arrival is undetected.
Yes, General.
Commence attack.
All ships fire at will.
Yes, sir.
We're moving in.
Commander Cody, do you have the exact coordinates of the command ship yet? We're patching them through now, sir.
We are receiving the coordinates from General Kenobi.
How close are you going to jump in next to Grievous' ship? Pretty close.
Buckle up, boys.
Define "pretty close.
" Close enough to get the job done.
Get me a tractor beam lock on Kenobi's ship and prepare a boarding party.
Tractor beam has us, sir.
Shall we fire on the source? No, Cody.
Let them think they have us.
We need a diversion for Anakin.
Coming out of hyperspace.
Hang on.
Primary power down.
So, was that close enough for you? Any closer, and we'd be flying down hallways.
Next time.
Coast is clear, Rex.
Copy that, sir.
Stay here and guard the entrance.
This may be our only way out.
Skywalker, Master Koth is located on the bridge.
This way.
Remember, we need to keep Grievous on this ship until General Skywalker is clear.
How we doing? We are close.
So, Kenobi, is everything going as planned? That depends on your point of view, General.
You wouldn't come here without a plan, and you wouldn't come alone.
Tell me, do you think Skywalker has rescued Master Koth yet? Surprise.
Not exactly.
At least, they're not destroyer droids.
The General's description of your tactics have been 100% accurate today.
Very impressive, even by my standards.
Your plans have come to ruination, Jedi.
I hear a lot of talking, General, but in the final accounting, what does all the talk get you? A futile quest for power, a mutilated body, and your place as Dooku's errand boy.
I'm no errand boy.
I am not in this war for Dooku's politics.
I am the leader of the most powerful droid army the galaxy has ever seen.
An army with no loyalty, no spirit, just programming.
Why do you need to show all your power? What have you to gain? The future, a future where there are no Jedi.
The story of Obi-Wan Kenobi ends here.
One more step, and your friend will die.
Your friends shall die, Kenobi, and you shall soon follow.
Got to get it Behind you.
I see you got my message.
Where's Grievous? If everything's gone according to plan, he's on board Obi-Wan's ship.
He's been captured? If we can cut off his escape, there's a good chance of that.
Surrender, General.
Never! I hope you've rescued Master Koth, because Grievous is headed back to his ship.
You both go.
I'll make it back.
I'll be fine.
I'll have to disagree with you on that one.
Master Gallia, you go ahead.
I'll get Eeth back to the shuttle.
May the Force by with you.
Get back to the bridge.
We need to detach before Grievous jumps ship.
Cody, come in.
- Yes, sir.
- Grievous is heading your way.
Open fire on the Republic ship.
Target their engines.
But, sir, the ships are still attached.
It doesn't matter.
Prepare all troops for our landing on Saleucami.
The circuits are fried.
We have no controls.
I can't even get the engines online.
We've lost our stabilizers.
I can't hold her steady.
Until we meet again, Kenobi.
We can still catch him.
Obi-Wan, Anakin's leaving.
We'll be trapped on the ship.
Anakin, come in.
We're in a bit of a spot, and we need a way off of Grievous' ship.
There's a large hangar near your position.
Make your way there, and I'll pick you up.
All droids to the landing craft.
Get to your stations.
We're going to detach.
Prepare to launch.
The reactor's been breached.
I can't lock it down! Here we go.
Anakin, get me Admiral Yularen.
Several craft detached from Grievous' ship and attempted to land on Saleucami.
Then we'll have to land and follow them.
Prepare the tanks.
Yes, sir.
There must be several landing sites.
It may be hard to locate the good General.
You'll have to command the space battle while Rex, Cody, and I head to the surface.
You sure you can handle this on your own? I think I can manage.
I'll get Master Koth to a medical frigate.
You all took a great risk rescuing me.
You're welcome, Master Koth.
Since you divided your forces, Grievous is still at large.
I would have gladly given my life if it meant bringing that monster to justice! At least we all live to fight another day.
Fugitive! Though the Republic has won many decisive battles against the Separatist army in the Outer Rim, the Jedi have failed to capture the elusive General Grievous.
After specifically targeting members of the Jedi Council, a trap was set, but following a fierce confrontation, the droid General managed to escape to the surface of the planet Saleucami.
Now the chase is on as General Kenobi leads a squadron of clone troopers and closes in on his target.
We must find a way off this planet before they find us.
We need to hurry and find an escape pod.
Instead of scattering our troops looking for all the escape pods, we shall head towards the wreckage of the landing transport first.
Contact the fleet.
Our transmitter is destroyed.
There is only one escape pod that survived.
We must get there as quickly as possible.
Let's hope the transmitter is still intact.
Now, find me some transportation.
Sir, the cruiser's returned to orbit.
Any sign of Grievous? I believe we've found Grievous' ship.
Power low.
Shutting down.
I can't go on.
Sir, we need to get our power recharged.
Not this again! How could your power cells be so depleted? You would not let us ride on one of those creatures with you, sir.
If you would allow us to close down for a few Any more complaints? I don't think so.
That's what I thought.
Now let's find that pod.
Normalizing intakes are still warm.
This couldn't have happened too long ago.
The crew compartment's almost entirely destroyed.
We'll split into teams.
Rex, take Jesse, Hardcase, and Kix - and search those wetlands.
- Yes, sir.
Cody, you, Crys, and I will pick it up from here.
And Rex, if you get a visual on Grievous, contact us before you engage.
- Rex is a smart man.
- Indeed.
Always thinking on his feet.
These droids are too gone to give us any good intel.
Here's one! Let's load the droid in the tank.
We'll inspect it on the go.
In range.
Take the shot.
Protect the Captain.
Commando droids.
Jesse, you better get back here.
What do you have? We've broken the access codes and powered up the droid's guidance system.
According to his memory logs, he fired the emergency thrusters on the escape pod to avoid a mid-air collision.
- Collision with what? - Another escape pod.
There was no time to correct for the steeper glide path, which is why this droid's pod crashed.
Can you pinpoint the landing zone for the other pod? I can put us within two to three klicks of it, sir.
Alert the men.
We've picked up the scent.
How bad? Pretty bad.
I need to remove his armor to see the full extent of the damage.
Those snipers might have called for backup.
Unless we want to start getting picked off one by one, we should find a better cover first.
Wait a minute.
Those critters are domesticated.
I think we're on farmland, and where there's a farm, there's a usually a farmer.
Let's find his homestead.
We want no trouble here.
Easy with that weapon, ma'am.
We're here as friends.
- State your business.
- Our Captain's been hurt.
We need - I'm no doctor, so just - We have a medic, ma'am.
We just need a place to tend him overnight.
- Who's - Get back inside, both you.
There are some benches out back in the barn.
- It's the best I can do.
- That'll be fine, ma'am.
What? What happened? Commando droids took a potshot.
That would've gone through your heart had it been two inches to the left.
I can't move my arm.
- You have some nerve damage.
- Understood.
Now patch me up and let's get on with it.
Sir, you're in no condition.
It will heal, but it'll take time.
We're getting under way, Kix.
That's an order.
Sir, as the team medic, when it comes to the health of the men, including you, I outrank everyone.
So, I respectfully order you, sir, to get some Excuse me.
- If there's not enough - That's plenty.
- Thank you - Suu.
I told you to stay in the house.
I couldn't help it, mom.
It got away.
You look like my daddy.
Don't bother the soldier.
- Now get inside with your brother.
- Yes, mom.
My husband is away delivering our first harvest.
Do you require anything else? Resume the search without me.
You're in command.
I'll be fine.
There's our escape pod.
Any sign of Grievous? It looks deserted.
He must be heading to a second escape pod.
- Captain Rex, come in, please.
- It's Jesse, sir.
- Rex was injured.
- What's his condition? He'll be fine, but we had to find him shelter tonight.
Grievous is on the move.
We're headed to the west.
Swing around and we can meet up at the final escape pod.
We're going to need all the firepower we can muster.
Roger that, sir.
We're speeding towards you.
We should be there by now! We are, sir, there.
You had better be interpreting the coordinates correctly.
We're almost there, sir.
One klick out.
Straight ahead.
I'm losing power.
Who are you? What are you doing here? You're a clone.
So I see the war has finally made its way out here, and I guess I can expect a visit from some droids soon.
What's your number and rank? My name is Lawquane.
Cut Lawquane.
And I'm just a simple farmer.
You're a deserter.
I like to think I'm merely exercising my freedom to choose: to choose not to kill for a living.
That is not your choice to make.
You swore an oath to the Republic.
You have a duty.
I have a duty, you're right.
But it's to my family.
Does that count, or do you still plan to turn me in? - Do I have a choice? - Daddy! You're home! Look what I drew you, dad! That's great, Jek.
I see you two have met.
He looks just like you, daddy.
I told him.
You did.
I was just making our guest, Captain What's your number? I also have a name, believe it or not.
He was injured.
His men brought him here.
I told him he could stay just for the night.
Of course he can.
We never turn away those in need, do we? No, we always help anyone we can.
You look hungry, Rex.
No, I'm fine.
I'll stay here.
- You have to eat with us.
- Please? They're never going to stop till you say yes.
All right.
I'll join you.
You and I may be clones, but we're still individuals.
You have a name rather than a number, Captain.
Why is that? Perhaps our leaders feel it's a more efficient way of distinguishing us.
More efficient than a number? I doubt the Kaminoans think that way.
Still, a name has to make you feel unique, especially in an army where everyone looks like you and talks Actually, I never really thought about it.
Yes, you have.
How would you know? Because I'm as close to you as any life-form can be.
I've seen how you look at my family, our home.
Come on, Rex, admit it.
You've thought about what your life could look like if you were to also leave the army, choose the life you want.
What if I am choosing the life I want? What if I'm staying in the army because it's meaningful to me? And how is it meaningful? Because I'm part of the most pivotal moment in the history of the Republic.
If we fail, then our children and their children could be forced to live under an evil I can't well imagine.
If you were to have children, of course, but that would be against the rules, wouldn't it? Isn't that what somebody programmed you to believe, Captain? No, Cut.
It's simply what I believe.
It doesn't matter if it's my children or other people's children.
Does that meet with your approval? Perfectly.
To each his own.
That's what I always say.
What does that mean, daddy? It means you can do anything with your life that you want to.
- How are you doing, Jesse? - Closing in, sir.
We have a visual.
Very well.
We'll meet you in the middle.
Is your transmitter working? I don't know.
I haven't used it yet.
All right.
I'll check on it.
Stupid battle droids.
Sir, you made it.
Get back in the pod and send out a distress signal towards the rest of our fleet.
We need to get a shuttle down here immediately.
Roger, roger.
But I must inform you, sir, there are multiple life-forms approaching from the east and west.
Battle positions! Good move.
Very good move.
So what was it? What made me decide to leave the corps? Shortly after the battle of Geonosis, our troop transport got caught between two Separatist gunships.
They fired at us with everything they had.
We crashed.
Most of us were either dead or severely injured.
So when they started working their way through the wounded, killing us off, I knew there was no hope.
I ran.
It still haunts me.
I'm sorry.
It's the day I felt my life didn't have any meaning.
Everyone I cared about, my team, was gone.
I was just another expendable clone waiting for my turn to be slaughtered in a war that made no sense to me.
Can you understand that, Rex? I've been in countless battles and lost many brothers.
They were my family.
My home.
Daddy, we finished our chores.
- Can we go outside and play? - Please? Okay, only for a few minutes.
Thank you, daddy.
Come on, Jek.
And keep the house in view.
We will.
You have wonderful children.
I know you think I'm a coward, Rex, but believe me, I'll fight to my last breath to keep them safe.
Fire! Tank two! Port side! Great shot! Where is that ship? Shaeeah? Where are you? Where are you? Stop fooling around.
You are not funny.
Am too.
In the field.
What is it? It wasn't there before.
It's some kind of spaceship, I think.
Hello? Do you think somebody's in there? I didn't do it.
You did.
Monsters! - What's wrong? - Monsters.
They're chasing us.
What monsters? Honey, where? They hatched from the big egg in the field.
This is not good.
I count 20.
Cut, what's out there? Commando droids.
What are they doing? - Suu, get the kids upstairs.
- Come.
Come now.
What weapons do you have? We can catch them in a cross fire.
You take that corner.
No, Captain.
With respect, you're not in charge here.
I can be useful.
You're injured.
You have only one good arm.
But I can fight.
So can I.
Rex, I need you to be the last line of defense for my family.
I'll take care of them.
Thank you.
Finally! General Grievous, sir.
We see you below us.
Are you ready to depart? Concentrate your fire on that ship.
They're shooting at us.
Coming back around.
Sir, that ship's coming around for another landing attempt.
Keep firing.
Don't let that ship land.
The guns are overheated! Always something.
Cody, Jesse, cover me.
General, behind you! They're coming for you! Daddy? I'm okay.
It's over.
Forget trying to land! Fire the engines.
Jedi scum.
Are you all right, sir? We're right back where we started.
Call the cruisers.
- See if they can stop that ship.
- Right away, sir.
And tell them to send someone to pick us up.
All right, - that should do it.
- Captain Rex.
Are you going to turn in my husband? I'm sorry, Suu.
It's my duty, but in my condition, I probably won't remember any of this.
Thank you.
You're still a deserter, Cut, but you're certainly not a coward.
Captain Rex, are you still with us? Yes, General Kenobi.
I'm still with you and thankfully on the mend, sir.
That's great news.
We certainly missed you at the party.
Sorry, sir.
I had to attend one of my own.
Can't wait to hear about it.
We're standing by.
You're welcome to stay, Rex.
This is your home, Cut.
My family is elsewhere.

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