Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e11 Episode Script

Lightsaber Lost

male announcer: War creates Opportunities for the criminal Underworld.
Ruthless mercenaries conspire With the separatists To disrupt and exploit The unstable situation within The republic.
Now anakin skywalker and Ahsoka tano descend into the Treacherous gangster havens In an effort to find a corrupt And vile arms dealer who is Buying weapons on the black Market and selling them To the republic's enemies.
car affa is an arms dealer Selling republic weapons On the black market.
who is he selling them to? the separatists.
According to intelligence, He's inside this joint.
You stay here In case he tries to escape.
hmm, just like always.
[blaster firing.]
Hey! Ah! My lightsaber.
Hey! My master's gonna kill me.
[engines whooshing.]
This isn't happening.
where were you? I--I was checking out A suspect.
I had a bad feeling about him.
and? it was nothing.
False alarm.
come on, then.
[engines whirring.]
master? Is it all right if I go To the library and do Some research? sure.
I'll take care of our little Friend here.
I'm sure if you explain Your loss to your master, He'll understand.
He tells me over and over, "your lightsaber is your life.
Don't lose it.
" Ugh, there has to be a better Way to find this thief.
I'm sorry.
Pickpockets aren't my field Of expertise.
at this rate, it'll take me Years to find him.
I might have another idea.
That is tera sinube.
He's an elder jedi.
He happens to be an expert On the coruscant crime world.
I think he's sleeping.
Well, he will be able To help you.
uh, pardon me, master sinube.
what? Who? I was just resting my eyes.
hello, master sinube.
good morning, jocasta.
Uh, I don't know you, do I? my name is ahsoka tano.
I was told you could help me.
help you, hmm? I'll leave you two To your business.
a thief stole my lightsaber, And I only got a quick look At him.
I could tell he definitely came From one of the aquatic planets, You know, one of The water worlds? so you're saying there was Something fishy about him? [chuckles.]
Well, let's try and see If we can find out Where he went, shall we? we were near the slum District, g17.
where would he go, Your little pickpocket? To a gangster hangout? Unlikely but possible.
Maybe the gun market To sell the lightsaber, Within the radius.
Just a moment.
Let me see.
He was a patrolian.
That's a fish guy.
Maybe Is it one these fishes? that's him! interesting indeed.
According to the file, His name is bannamu, A petty thief.
He hangs out in the slum District.
thank you, master sinube.
I'm sure I-- your help has been Invaluable.
well, you're welcome.
if there's anything I can do-- yes, there is.
I haven't been on assignment In years.
And if you don't slow down, You're not going to find What you're looking for.
I'll come with you.
okay, gramps.
It would be nice To have company.
[liquid bubbling.]
can I help you? we're looking to buy A lightsaber.
Any ideas where we Could do that? come with me.
So you want to buy a lightsaber? How much are willing to pay? if you have it, You'll give it to me.
what my little friend Is saying is, how much? it's a rare weapon, A jedi weapon.
do you have the item With you? no.
But I can get it.
from him? hey, who are these guys? ah, they are jedi.
and if we are? I don't want to get mixed up With jedi.
[inhales deeply.]
We werjust doing our old Friend bannamu a favor.
well, I think it's time You forget about him And do me a favor.
That's my lightsaber he stole.
oh, well, uh, That makes a difference.
Uh, what do you want me to do? I want you to tell me Where he is.
I hope you remember this And someday do me a favor.
He's not that far away.
He's at the spider arms hostel.
[faint conversation.]
may I help you? we know where we're going.
you know where you are going.
we must be careful Not to warn him.
but, master, we don't know Where we're going.
Ugh, he could be In any one othese rooms.
you need to be more quiet, Young one.
okay, okay.
not quiet with your mouth, Quiet with your mind.
You're so anxious to find This pickpocket that your worry Is equal to his.
you mean if I relax, I can sense bannamu's anxiety? yes.
If you relax, you would realize He's in this room.
[door clanging.]
well, well.
Bannamu, I assume.
who are you, huh? What do you want? Hey.
my lightsaber, You slimy thief.
I want it back now.
hey, hey, hey, hey.
I no have it, I swear.
I got rid of it.
I almost kill myself With that thing, ah.
what did you do with it? no, no, no.
I don't recall.
you little-- ahsoka.
it's not smart to steal From a jedi.
uh, you're looking a little Too young to be a jedi.
Ah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, ow! Come on.
Okay, okay, okay.
His name is movers.
Yes, uh, nack movers.
nack movers? he's a very dangerous one, Well known in the underworld.
yes, exactly.
I sell it to him, yeah, yeah.
You should be afraid.
I got a good price, huh? He was very, very motivated.
You can find him with his Girlfriend.
She has a place on the upper East side of our happy land.
I bet he's there now.
Oh, he's always there.
you can stop talking now.
okay, I shut up.
well, at least you know Where your lightsaber is.
yeah, it's in the hands Of a killer.
This is exactly what I was afraid of.
master, we've got to hurry.
patience, young one.
You worry that if people die At the hands of your lightsaber That you will be as guilty For their death as the one That strikes the blow.
A valid concern, young one, And one for you to puzzle out.
what? What is it? I believe we've reached Our destination.
[door grating.]
oh, no.
Let me guess.
Nack movers.
a reasonable assumption.
he's dead.
are they gone? who's gone? the men who killed nack.
who are you? ione marcy.
I came home and found him Here like this.
ione, did you call for help? Why were you hiding? I was afraid.
she seems terrified.
and yet I sense something Else is troubling her.
I'll search the other rooms.
Thump! time to die.
How does this work? my lightsaber.
you're a jedi? [glass shattering.]
[metallic scraping.]
[metallic scraping.]
master sinube, you're right.
I found the intruder, And she has my lightsaber.
She's a terellian jango jumper And hard to keep up with.
so the assailant Is a female? aha.
That's it.
[metal groaning.]
Crash! I'm sure my little friend Will catch up to your intruder.
You have nothing to worry about.
right, of course.
[liquid splashing.]
your friend nack wasn't A very good fighter, was he? Or maybe he was poisoned.
what? well, obviously he's come To an unfortunate end.
He'd be stronger than the Average man, though, Wouldn't you say? I guess.
[engines whirring.]
you said a group of men Killed your friend nack movers.
And yet my padawan described The assailant as a female.
there was a group of them.
I didn't get a good look.
I also contacted The authorities to come here And help you with your Unfortunate friend.
You're very kind.
[engines whirring.]
[lightsaber whooshes.]
[engines zipping.]
[electrical zapping.]
[low humming.]
ah! I have no doubt That the jedi are doing Their very best to ensure The safety of every citizen In the republic.
The accusations that the jedi Created the clone war To give themselves more power Over the government is absurd, And I will not stand for it.
you should have a seat.
You might have been distraught Before, but ever since the Intruder left your apartment, You've become even more nervous.
I'm upset.
This whole ordeal I just Endured, it's upsetting.
count dooku and His droid army.
To support the jedi's efforts In the war, I ask the senate To pass these new laws Giving more jurisdiction To planetary security.
huh? or is there a reason You might be concerned? [beeping.]
[engine whooshing.]
You weren't afraid because You were in danger.
You were afraid we would find Your friend hiding In the other room.
You're in league With the bounty hunter.
[mechanical squeaking.]
Arrest her.
[engine whirring.]
Off she goes, Always rushing.
cassie, the jedi know I'm involved.
I had to run.
just get over to j street And pick me up.
[rattling and whooshing.]
[metal groaning.]
[engines zipping.]
[metal groaning.]
[engine whirring.]
I see you've learned Patience, young one.
where'd you get that speeder? I asked one of the police Droids to lend me Some transportation.
They were kind enough to oblige.
[engine whirring.]
[engines whirring.]
[horn beeping.]
hey! You're driving too slow.
We need to go faster.
We'll cut them off At the train station.
how do you know they're Headed there? did I mention I planted A tracking device on ione, The girl that ran away? no.
[engine whirring.]
[train whooshing.]
[voice echoing over intercom.]
[faint conversation.]
[electronic squeaking.]
stop them.
You're under arrest.
[lightsaber whirring.]
you ran off in such a hurry.
I trust you didn't mean To be rude.
I have nothing more to say To you, jedi.
well, perhaps you meant To be a little rude.
ah! [glass shatters.]
you're trapped.
Surrender now And turn the lightsaber Over to me.
don't tell me what to do.
I've got a lightsaber, And I'm as powerful as a jedi.
ah! I'll trade myself for them.
You know how much I'm worth To the jedi.
It's a good deal.
All you have to do Is let them go.
once we're alone, You'd use some kind of jedi Force trick on me.
No deal.
These two stay with me.
And you, You stay out of my way.
[lightsaber whooshes.]
[lightsabers hissing.]
Thump! for a guy that moves slow, You always seem to get Ahead of me.
the value of moving slowly Is that one can always clearly See the way ahead.
[lightsaber whooshes.]
well, I best be getting Back to my master before He misses me.
But first I need one last favor From you.
Name it.
pass on what you have Learned.
[lightsabers whoosh.]
Hello, old friend.
greetings, master sinube.
Padawan tano, a lesson you have For us today, hmm? yes.
a lesson in patience.
gather 'round, younglings.
Listen to the padawan you shall.
this weapon is your life.
But it is also your Responsibility.
Don't let it out of your sight.

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