Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e15 Episode Script

Senate Murders

Searching for the truth is easy.
Accepting the truth is hard.
War on many fronts! While battles are fought by Clones in the field.
A different war is waged on the Galactic Senate.
As heavy loses add up a group of senators lead by Halle Burtoni of Comino propose an escalation of troop production Senator Padme Amidala, recognizing that more troops will only prolong the fighting.
Works tirelessly with her allies to introduce a bill to cut military spending and stop the creation of more clone troopers.
Yes of course Senator.
Thank you for telling me yourself.
I completely understand.
Did we loose someone else's vote? Senator Stank is worried about Republic opinion.
But he wants us to know how very sorry he is.
Sorry doesn't get us votes.
We will get votes, when in your speech, you will convince people to stand up for what they know is right.
I hope you're right, Uncle.
You have been doing an amazing job, rallying votes to our side.
Choose cool Senator Farr.
Perhaps, I am the most influential man on Rodia, Lolo.
But after all the mistakes I've made, peace is what matters to me now.
Senator Amidala, they're ready for your speech now.
It's time.
We will see you in the chamber, Senator Amidala.
Good luck, Padme.
It is quite exciting.
It isn't exactly the word I would use.
I think terrifying is more appropriate.
Pay her no mind Senator Organa Even as a girl, Padme down played her strengths helps to maintain the element of surprise.
I learned it from you.
See you inside Senators.
The creation of more warriors will not end this war the final cost alone will bankrupt and cripple the Republic.
By adding more clones to the conflict, we're only escalating the destruction, not winning the war.
Which is why we must vote for this resolution to promote more diplomacy, and to bring an end to this killing, and hatred.
That was quite a moment, my dear.
Thank you, Senator Deechi.
Oh, it wasn't a compliment.
You shouldn't make speeches like that.
It's unpatriotic.
The only thing I find unpatriotic is your war mongering.
Truly, you have turned the tide.
My dear, you were brilliant.
Thank you.
But perhaps, we should wait to we actually win the vote before we make a victory speech.
What a novel idea.
Imagine that.
Amadala's actually making sense for once in her life.
Senator Burtoni.
This is a private conversation.
Private conversation or separatist conspiracy? How dare you? We're not pro separatist.
We want to end the war.
Committing more troops to the front lines will not allow diplomacy to resume diplomacy failed the Republic long ago.
Senators, please.
Senator Burtoni, the Kaminoans might have bartered their creation of the clones into a seat in the Galactic Senate.
But this is not give you free reign.
Thank you for visiting, Senator.
We would like to continue our meeting now if you don't mind.
Enjoy your moment in the spot light Senators.
This war will not end soon.
Well, we must be doing something right if we've rattled Senator Burtoni.
What matters is that we've made great strides in our fight against this bill.
I know you've done a wonderful job leading the effort I'm just trying to do what's right.
I only wish I'd tried doing that a long time ago.
You're doing it now.
To victory and an end to this war.
To victories.
My heart, I can't breathe.
Uncle? What is it? Ono! It's his heart! Please! Someone get help! And we are all aware that Ono Condo was a flawed man.
He knew better than anyone of his own mistakes.
But he never compromised his principals.
And what he did, he did for his people.
Their needs always came first.
Senator, if you need anything.
What we need is to get his resolution passed.
He was my mentor.
I don't know how to carry on without him guiding me.
I know.
No one could ever take his place.
Excuse me.
Chancellor Palpatine has summoned both of you to his chambers.
What's happened? I'm afraid my friends that Lieutenant Divo here has some questions about Senator Farr.
Do you know of anyone who how to put this hated Senator Farr? Enough to kill him? What? I'll need to find out who wanted to hurt Senator Farr Actually kill him would be more accurate.
What with him being dead.
No one wanted him dead Everyone loved him Well, that's obviously not true or I wouldn't be here, and he would.
Lieutenant, even Ono's political enemies respected him we need time to deal with this situation Time, time, there's no time.
A murderers on the lose and it's my job to find him.
Ahem what makes you think it was murder poison of course the politician's preferred method found a chemical in his blood stream, killed him right away.
It's an obvious case.
Politicians always have something to hide.
And it always come back to haunt them.
Am I right? Look who I am asking a room full of politicians so, one of Farr's secrets must have resurfaced Ono had no secrets that's not it perhaps someone was upset about the Clone troop bill currently on the floor.
It's very controversial thank you senator Amadala, is it? But I already have my theory and I'll follow my hunch if you don't mind.
After all I am the inspector.
You are the senator.
So I'll handle the inspecting and you can stick to the 'senating'.
Good day.
It's inconceivable.
Who would wish Ono Conda harm? What if it's the BIM.
What if we're all being targeted.
Speculation gets us no where there is work to do, we should double our efforts on the vote it'll be even harder with Ono gone.
- No, no, we should delay the vote.
- but, why? No one will give the vote their full attention until they know what's happened to Ono.
Well, maybe I can put a motion on the floor.
I don't think anyone will object given the circumstances.
And we'll have time to conduct our own investigation.
Detective Diva specifically asked us not to interfere.
Well he didn't exactly inspire confidence, did he? He didn't know Ono.
We did.
We'll have a far easier time looking into this than detective Divo will.
Running around could disrupt our coalition.
Yet you still seem determined to see this through.
Indeed I am.
And I don't supposed you'd considering bringing - Captain Tyfo along with you? - No.
I'd rather do this quietly.
Then perhaps sentator Agama, you should accmopany her.
I think that's an excellent idea.
I don't need a guardian.
Of course not my dear.
Think of it as precautionary.
Don't worry, I won't get yin your way.
Very well, I don't have any objections.
And I know exactly where to start.
You're suggesting one of us killed Ono Conda Farr.
- How delightful.
- I don't find any of this amusing.
- Neither do I.
- Every time Ono opened his befuddled mouth, it gave us another quote to use in our fund-raising.
Why would we kill our best source of income.
You both opposed Ono's ideas in the senate.
With enough at stake.
Maybe you decided to silence his voice, for good.
Ono conda and I, were often at odds, but I respected him.
- I respected him greatly.
- For the record, I had no respect for Ono Conda what so ever.
Ono had a secret meeting at the docks on the direct Major, the night before he died.
And you just happened to know about this meeting how? Oh, I was having Ono followed.
Just because I respected Ono, doesn't mean I wasn't trying to get dirt on him.
Of course.
The point is a clandestined off the books meeting under cover of darkness.
Perhaps that location holds some clue.
Fine, I will go look.
But whatever we find, I'll have more questions for both of you.
Have I said that I think we're very far out of our element here? Yes, ***, I believed you've mentioned once or twice.
You're using this investigation to bury your grief, might not be the best way to I'm not.
Then why can't you just leave it to Lieutenant Divo? Padme! Watch out! Senator Amadala, is it possible you might be going deaf? Lieutenant? Because when I said I didn't want you to interfere with my investigation.
I can only assume you didn't hear me.
I had some information about a lead here at the docks.
Which you naturally brought to me straight away so I could investigate only no wait.
you did exactly the opposite of that.
There are rules, senator.
My friend was murdered.
I don't care about rules.
Don't care about rules? My dear, without rules there's only chaos.
Everyone must care about rules.
We know that.
But now you've alerted the killer that you're on to him.
And my investigation is that much harder.
Do you have any idea how many reports I'll have to file now.
We alerted the killer.
Yes, that is what I'm saying.
What if we were sent here on purpose.
To the docks? Yes! What if this was all a setup.
What if Dechee sent us here just so he could kill us.
If we hurry we might still be able to catch Dechee before he leaves the senate.
Agreed! But wait, I'm still investigating.
This is still an active crime scene, you can't Oh, fine.
Senator Dechee, I'm sure you're surprised to see me, after what you.
Oh! he's dead.
He's been stabbed.
This is definitely going to require another report.
The killer is obviously targeting the leadership.
You must stay here under my protection.
Why? so the keeler can take us all out at once? Oh, that's preposterous.
Even if the killer did get through my security, it's very unlikely that all of you would end up dead.
We are far to easy a target sitting here.
I am leaving.
No you can't leave Lolo.
I think in this instance, the Inspector is right.
Out of my way.
Who else knew you were going to the docks.
Just Senator Bertoni.
She was the only other one in the room with us.
Bertoni, eh? Sir, Senator Bertoni is not here.
Ah! Looks like that long necked Kaminonan has flown the coop.
It's been a difficult time.
You've handled yourself well.
I had to try.
Ono believed if you see injustice, you can't wait for someone else to fix it.
You must stand up and get involved.
He did.
Help, I have been attacked.
She's over there.
She tried to kill me.
What happened? Senator Bertoni.
She jumped me.
She's in the east wing corridor.
Hurry! Guards go.
You're insane.
I didn't kill anyone.
Last thing I remember, I was walking to my office.
Then I woke up here.
Senator Lolo has a very different story.
She says you attacked her.
Attacked her? Lolo? If I ever attack someone I hope it will be someone mildly important.
Someone like Senator Farr? Ono was a harmless bug.
I wouldn't bother killing him.
And Dechee was my ally.
I've been thinking about how you were in Senator Amadala's office right before Farr died.
So what? And I've been thinking about how you were in Dechee's office to hear about the meeting at the docks.
A meeting I think Farr has with you.
It wasn't me.
You have no proof.
No? I have this.
I ordered an extensive forensic report on Farr as soon as he died.
The poison which killed Farr only affected Rodian blood.
And it was developed by Kamonian scientists.
But that's I didn't kill him.
You're Kamanoain.
You had access to the poison.
That's motive, means, and opportunity.
Guards! But the scan must be wrong.
If the poison was in all our drinks.
Lolo would have died too.
What? She's Rodian.
She'd have been poisoned too.
Unless she didn't drink.
But you drank, right Lolo? Lolo, you didn't drink.
Did you? You're right, I should have pretended to drink.
Alright, You're coming with me, for insurance.
Why did you kill Ono? He brought war to my planet.
No, he made a mistake, Lolo.
Which everyone seemed to forget, including you.
I didn't.
Did you honestly think he had the moral right to lead us? After he betrayed us? He was sorry! He was weak! We needed someone of strength to stand against this war.
I tried to scare him at the docks.
But he wouldn't go away, so I removed him.
And then I heard Dechee heard about the meeting.
He had to go too.
Halt! Put down your weapon.
With the final votes tallied.
Let it be known that the motion to stop the the creation of more clone troops has failed.
And the continued manufacturing of clone troopers shall proceed as scheduled After all that.
We lost.
I know this decision was most unexpected.
I myself don't support it, but, democracy must stand.
Of course, you were right chancellor.
Actually, given recent events perhaps it is for the best.
How can we justify fortifying our security here in the senate.
If we don't also provide reenforcement on the front lines.
You see, the victory of the clone army, for now, is the only thing that can lead us to peace.
When Anakin's fleet are out-gunned by the cunning admiral Trench, Obiwan utilizes an amazing new weapon.

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