Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e16 Episode Script

Cat and Mouse

A wise leader knows when to follow.
An impenetrable defense.
Separatist ships blocking the resource rich planet of Christophsis.
Trapping Senator Bail Organa and his relief effort.
Desperate to aid the estimate Senator, A Republic task force, Under the command of jedi knight Anakin Skywalker, Must break the impass.
But time runs short for the Senator.
And the good citizens of Christophsis.
Separatist forces have overrun our position.
And we are out of food, water and munitions.
Our situation is desperate.
Senator Organa? Senator Organa ! General, another cruiser has been hit.
Master Kenobi better get here soon.
Or this is gonna be one short rescue mission The command ship is barring down on us.
Pull all our shields.
Incoming fire.
This isn't gonna be easy.
Fire all forward canons.
Cut off those Republic supply ships.
Separate them from their escort cruisers.
I smell fear.
And it smells good.
One of the supply ships has been hit.
Overfire all reactors.
We're gonna blow right past this guy.
Whoever he is.
General, a republic cruiser is coming out of the hyperspace behind us.
Looks like General Skywalker's already engaged the enemy.
That's nothing out of the ordinary, especially since i gave my direct order not to.
The Republic ship is not breaking off its attack.
Hold the line.
Intensify forward deflectors.
Anakin, i want you to withdraw.
Withdraw ? I brought a new toy that might give us an advantage.
With respect, General, now it might not be a bad time to regroup.
Tell the transports to fall back to Obi-Wan's position.
We'll cover their retreat as they escape behind the moon.
I don't like this.
I hope Obi-Wan knows what he's doing.
They are escaping.
- Should we go after them ? - No! Our orders are to blockade, not chase.
I have won this round.
Recycle the shields, And let the canons reset to a full charge.
Rodger, roger.
And the enemy will soon return.
And when they do, we shall be ready.
Here I am.
- Tell me about this new weapon.
- You're looking at it.
I'm looking at what ? Two steps forward and you'd actually be kissing it.
It's a stealth ship.
That's some trick.
Let's the Separatists think so.
So I assume scanners can't detect it.
As far as we know, but this is the first real field test.
That's encouraging.
I figured you'd be up to the challenge.
So, I can move in undetected and take them out from behind.
That's pretty small ship to destroy a whole fleet.
- Are there more ? - No.
This is the prototype.
And you won't be on the offensive.
I need you to run a mercy mission down to the planet surface.
The ship can carry enough supplies for Senator Organa's headquarters.
Oh, I 'm still the delivery boy? We don't need the whole fleet.
I can do this myself.
Anakin, slow down and do what I tell you.
It's more important to save lives than destroy ships.
I need you to continue the mercy mission.
It can't be him.
- Tell General Skywalker to hold this departure.
- Yes, Sir.
Thank you for waiting, Sir.
I'm sorry to hold you up.
No apologies, Admiral.
What have you got ? Something about this morning's engagement struck me as familiar.
- So, I I did a bit of research.
- And? I believe the opposing commander is none other than Admiral Trench.
If I remember my military history, Wasn't he vaporized at the battle of Malastar Arrows? That's what i thought too.
But the tactics employed, The efficiency of the droids maneuvers and then there's this.
The last time i saw that symbol, Let's just say I lost a lot of good men that day.
What do I need to know ? I have seen his work first hand.
A corporate fleet was blockading Malastar, a fleet led by Trench.
That's why I recognized the tactics.
He tore our ships apart.
We barely escaped with our lives.
In the end, the Jedi led task force moved in to settle the matter.
Trench's ship was destroyed and we assumed he went down with it.
Are you sure it's him? It's possible.
Not every captain goes down with their ship.
We may be in luck, then, Admiral.
My orders are not to engage Trench.
Just to deliver supplies to Senator Organa.
With all due respect, General, I do not believe we will have a choice in the matter.
If it is indeed Trench, he will come for us.
Us? Yes.
I'm voluntaring my services as consultant, General.
Welcome aboard.
Hurry up, Lucky, we're leaving.
CT1284, Spoke.
Reporting for duty, Sir.
We lost one of our starling line-up, kid.
You ready to step up and take his place? Yes, Sir.
Just show me my station.
You'll be sitting right across from me.
Where I can keep an eye on you.
Till you're up to speed.
Everyone's on board, we are go.
Dispatch, we are powering up and ready to go.
Going silent in ten.
- System screen.
- Power core steady.
- Double scanning for - Engage cloaking device.
Doesn't look like they can detect us.
Yes, but if you get any closer, They may not need scanners to know we're here.
Relax, Admiral.
Hey, you wanted to command this, right ? I can not calculate why the Republic fleet has not launched another attack.
What is their status of the assault on Chistophsis ? Resistance is crumbling, Sir.
I would estimate a half rotation before it is over.
We need to add some pressure on those who were sent to rescue our enemies on Christophsis.
Send the Hyena bombers to hit Senator Organa on the surface.
That should draw those cowards out from behind the moon.
General, we have incoming bombers with fighters escort.
Enemy ships closing 15 000, What's our defensive capability ? Torpedoes and anti-aircraft canons, Sir.
We'd have to decloak to use either.
Yea, and if they don't know we're here, that'll give our position away pretty quickly.
Have they detected us ? Can't tell, Sir.
If we are going on the offense, we must do it soon.
5 000.
Stay cloaked.
Power everything else down.
Let it drift.
- They're going to hit us ! - 500 They missed us.
They don't know we're here.
They're heading for Bail Organa in the command center.
They're going to bomb it.
Sir, we have incoming bombers.
Get me General Kenobi.
We are under attack by the separatist fleet.
They came by air and by ground.
We can't hold out any longer, there is little chance of surviving.
Help us, General Kenobi.
You are our only hope.
Get me Anakin.
Anakin, I've just spoken to the Senator.
They're in dire need of our help.
Continue with your mission to the planet surface.
I will engage Trench's fleet with the ships I already have.
General Kenobi, with all due respect you do not have the resources to engage Trench openly.
He wants you to attack.
You'll be walking into a trap! He's right, Master.
You won't stand a chance.
Anakin, I've got enough problems without you becoming one of them.
Get those supplies to the refugee camp I'll worry about Trench, just stay on course and-- That tactic won't work.
Prep torpedo tubes one through four, fix range on Trench's command ship.
Sir? You heard me, Admiral.
What are you doing? We need to destroy Trench.
And this ship has the best chance to do it now.
I want those supplies on the surface, now.
Don't worry, I'm on it.
The Republic fleet is holding position.
This is unusual.
What can they be planning? Prepare to de-cloack on my command.
Prep torpedo tubes one through four, fix range on Trench's command ship.
I thought we were on a release mission.
You'll learn pretty quick when you serve under General Skywalker you're always on the offensive.
Now, get ready to cycle those shields.
You realize our torpedoes might not be enough? All I want, is for Trench to think about us instead of the people on the planet below.
It's time to introduce ourselves.
- Activate the thermal charges.
- Release torpedoes safety.
Ready to *** power.
Shield regeneration on stand-by.
Something odd is going on out there.
Ready torpedoes.
Lock on to primary target.
Disengage cloaking device.
There! A cloaked ship! Fire! Torpedoes locked and closing.
Activate the shields.
Foolish republic scum.
Your putty torpedoes are no match for my thermal shields.
Prepare to fire! All cannons! Well, that did little good.
Re-cloaking in 9 - 8 - Fire! Pilot, prep the flares.
Too late, General! Launch flares.
And cloak.
Fire a spread of lasers! Incoming! I see it.
Scans are coming up negative.
We missed.
But we have learned something.
No clone can successfully flight through that many lasers.
We are dealing with a Jedi.
Patch me into the comm channel.
Open frequency.
- What you got, Spark? - There's a open communication signal - coming from the enemy.
- Better tell the General.
Now that they know we are here, what's you plan? I'll think of something, Admiral.
In the meantime, I've got Trench right were I wanted it.
- Thinking about us.
- General there is a transmission on the open frequency - It's the enemy.
- Put it through.
Hello, ugly.
I am Admiral Trench.
If you are listening, Jedi you've made a bold move and a grave mistake.
I appreciate your decision to face me ship to ship To play this little game.
It's been so long since I had a worthy opponent.
You have an impressive new vessel.
But I warn you I have dealt with its kind before.
Your technology will not save you.
And your friends on the planet below shall perish.
As a result Of your failure.
The people of Christophsis and her resources Shall join the separatist alliance Turn back now Retreat while you can.
Or I am your doom! He said he's dealt with this kind of ship before.
How? I calculate the Jedi will not turn back as you request, Admiral.
Of course not.
I do not expect him to.
He'll attack again.
A stealth ship could have passed our blocking easily.
This Jedi chose to attack.
You are right, Admiral.
There are records of Trench's battles And a few against ships with cloaking devices.
- And? - It seems in each case he used tracking torpedoes that hit the ships somehow whether it was cloaked or not.
Then he knows a way of detecting us.
Tracking torpedoes.
- What class ship was he fighting? - Mostly cruiser to cruiser, Nothing as small as your ship.
No ship this small usually has a cloaking device.
Maybe he's tracking the magnetic signature.
Thanks, Obi-Wan.
Hold off your attack until we destroy Trench.
Might I remind you that this was not your mission? You might.
Admiral! Prepare to disengage cloaking device and fire.
At your stations! Engineering check.
Navigation check.
- Guns check.
- Torpedoes check.
Shield check.
Admiral, we are ready and waiting.
Your move, general.
Fire! There she is! Recloaking in 5 4 Sir? Four or more Republic torpedoes armed and closing.
Lock us unto that ship's magnetic signature.
Magnetic signature locked.
Arm tracking torpedoes and fire them on my command.
But, sir We cannot fire unless we lower our shield.
Lower shields andfire! Lower shields General, I really hope you know what you're doing.
So do I, Admiral.
They are turning around.
General, cloaking device is active, But they locked unto our magnetic signature.
It took the bait! Turn off the cloaking device.
Revert all power to the engines.
He has headed right for us.
He can't! Raise the shields! We cannot.
The shields are still charging.
- That's the way, yes! - We did it! I hate to admit it, but Good job, Anakin.
We are beginning our attack on the separatist fleet.
Have fun.
I'll be delivering the supplies to the surface, master.
General Skywalker! I have no idea how you did it, but you saved a great many lives today.
Good job, kid.
Looks like you are now officially part of the crew.
Thanks, Commander.
Well, looks like we make a pretty good team.
I must admit I am a bit surprised at the reckless nature of your tactics.
Though I cannot argue, it had results.
You'll find I like to do things Differently.
From time to time.
The chancellor mentioned as much Though he insisted it was the highest compliment.

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