Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e17 Episode Script

Bounty Hunters

The death toll rises, as the battles intensify and threaten a growing number of republic worlds.
Planets are left to survive on their own while the Jedi struggle to fight a war on many fronts.
A series of medical stations have been established as a lifeline for those in need.
But the facilities are easy prey for separatist attacks.
After losing contact with the medical station orbiting Felucia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano are sent to investigate.
That's Felucia.
Dead ahead.
But where's the medical station? I don't see anything on my scanners.
Wait, there's something.
Vulture droids.
Hang on.
I guess we know what happened to the medical station.
That's not good.
They took out the plasma conduit.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Almost certainly not.
We're doing this the hard way.
Starting ejection sequence.
How come every time you fly, we crash? It's not my fault.
It's the ship.
Ready to eject.
Wait Now! You always blame the ship.
You alright there, Master? I'm fine, Anakin.
Where on Felucia do you think we are? I'm not sure.
I don't like the sound of that.
And I don't like the look of that.
We don't want to scare 'em.
We can't just wander around.
We need a plan.
You taught me to go on instinct.
My instincts say to go that way.
That doesn't seem right.
I think we should go this way.
Why do you ask for my opinion? You never do things my way.
We crashed the ship your way.
Very funny.
I see your sense of humour survived the landing.
It's about the only thing.
If you two are done arguing, I think there's some smoke on the horizon.
Which means people.
And a way off this planet.
Look, there's a village.
Maybe they have a ship we can "borrow".
They're growing healing herbs.
Sillum, I believe.
One of the most valuable crops in the galaxy.
This place looks deserted.
I don't believe it is.
The crops are ready to be harvested.
Tools are lying about.
Something's amiss.
Well, there's one thing I learned where I grew up.
You want to know what a farmer is up to, look in their barn.
This is an odd ship for farmers.
Perhaps someone is here to pick up the sillum.
I still don't get it.
Where is everyone? Mystery solved.
They're terrified.
It's OK.
We won't hurt you.
Kindly drop your weapons, Jedi.
Take it easy.
We don't want any trouble.
It's not always about the numbers.
Four on one is hardly a fair fight, even for a Jedi.
Wait a minute.
Four on one? You mean four on two? We don't count you.
Do you count me? Stop.
Don't harm them.
Can't you see these are Jedi? We are saved.
Saved? Need I remind you, you already made a deal with us? But with the Jedis' help Excuse me, but help you with what? Pirates.
Simply stated, if we don't give the pirates a portion of our crop, they will destroy our homes, with us in them.
I see your dilemma.
Sillum farming is a meagre trade Without our herbs to sell we will have no money for food, fuel or equipment.
And yet you can afford to pay mercenaries.
These bounty hunters drive a more reasonable bargain than pirates.
Why not just fight them yourselves? Easy for you perhaps, but look at us.
We are farmers, not warriors.
Even with the bounty hunters' help, I had feared the worst.
But now there are seven of you.
What do you want, Jedi? We need a ship.
Ours is beyond repair.
The one in the barn.
That'll do.
That's our ride.
It doesn't go anywhere without us.
And right now we are busy.
Busy extorting farmers? I don't hear you offering to help.
Unfortunately, we couldn't help even if we wanted to.
What? Master, these farmers are in trouble.
Why can't we help them? Believe me, I would like nothing more.
However, we need to report that a medical station has been destroyed.
If we stay too long, the separatists will show up here.
- But - Better they get robbed by pirates than attract the interest of General Grievous.
Pirates! Pirates, pirates.
The pirates are back.
That's far enough.
I speak for the people of this village.
State your name and business.
My name is my own business.
And my business is taking what's ours! There is nothing here that's yours.
Unless you're here to buy it.
Buy it? Ha ha! Kenobi! Skywalker! I can't believe you came all this way to see me.
- Hondo.
- Hondo.
You know each other? Of course we do.
Tell them how far back we go.
Too far, I'm afraid.
Ha ha! And I thought we were friends.
If you're truly interested in friendship, Hondo, might I suggest you stop threatening these farmers? Threatening them? Oh, please tell me you have not been listening to these bounty-hunting scum.
Scum? We're just here to help them protect what's theirs.
Oh, come, come, my dear.
How much are they paying you? Ba, ba! It does not matter.
Whatever it is, I will double it.
And all you have to do to earn it is step aside.
We don't break deals.
Steady, everyone.
What is your stake, anyway? All we want is a ride to the nearest republic outpost.
And I'm willing to pay you handsomely for it.
Twice what you could make selling this crop.
Well, now, how do you plan to pay me? A funds transfer when we arrive.
Republic credit? Tut.
We've been over this before, Kenobi.
My associates don't accept that currency.
I'm offering a deal that benefits us all.
Don't let your greed blind you to that fact.
You know, I like you, Kenobi.
But no one leaves this planet until I get my sillum.
Then I hope you enjoy it here.
Because you'll be staying a long time, parasite! You know, this crop has not been harvested.
You better hurry, old man, before things start to die on you.
When the attack comes, it will come from two fronts.
The forest to the south and the ridge to the north.
Whatever you do, you must defend both sides.
But there are only four of them.
How can four bounty hunters defend against so many? The farmers are right.
These bounty hunters don't stand a chance.
We've been over this, Anakin.
You seem to lack confidence in our abilities, young Jedi.
I'm sure you're good at what you do.
But you are in way too deep.
Said the peacekeeper who fails to keep the peace.
The rift in the galaxy is not our fault.
If more worlds would stand up for themselves against the separatists, this war would have been over long ago.
That's it.
We'll just train the villagers to defend themselves.
But we are just simple farmers.
Why are we paying bounty hunters to defend us if we're just going to end up doing it ourselves? Hush.
Trust me.
We'll have you ready.
Put it in the barn, every bushel.
Alright, everyone, form up.
Um, divide into rows of five.
I told you, we are not soldiers.
We do not even have weapons.
May I? Yeah.
These'll do.
What happens if you need the barn as a fallback position? With all the sillum here it will be difficult to squeeze the farmers in.
There's room.
I worry that you care more for the safety of the sillum than you do for the safety of the villagers.
You think I'm only worried about my profit.
Is that it? The thought had crossed my mind.
So in your mind I am just like any other pirate? - Am I wrong? - Not entirely.
But it is easier to protect the villagers and the sillum if they are both in the same place.
- Might I suggest - You might suggest anything you like, General Kenobi.
But I know what I am doing.
I will keep these people safe my way.
Seripas, it's too heavy! Seripas? Don't look! I'm having a suit malfunction.
Ha Not very intimidating, am I? You don't have to look tough to be tough.
I thank you for your help.
The bounty hunter is right.
Every minute you waste teaching us to twirl these stupid poles is time you could have spent beating those pirates yourself.
And what good would that do you? Another band of brigands would come along.
Or do you intend to give away part of your crop every harvest season? If you make us do this, there won't be another harvest season.
Alright, everyone, get back in position.
Let's continue.
Oh, what have we here? Getting ready for a fight, are we? There.
A scout! Embo! Quick work.
Yes, but when this scout fails to report to Hondo he'll be coming, soon.
The scout has not checked in from the village.
He's long overdue.
Well, well.
So it looks like the Jedi are getting involved.
Or at least we now know we can't take these villagers for granted.
But you know what I always say speak softly and drive a big tank.
The farmers are in position.
Well, the ones who stuck around anyway.
Very well, Anakin.
Turn on the fence.
Battle positions, everyone! Embo! Embo.
Can you hear me? You'll be alright.
We'll get you inside.
Everyone, fall back to the barn! That tank is going to tear the villagers apart.
Get him inside.
We'll hold them off as long as we can.
Die, Jedi scum! - No! - Watch your flank! Your situation is hopeless, Skywalker.
- Welcome back.
Are you alright? - Fine.
The captain! Let's go! The day is won.
Help me.
Skywalker, let me call off my men.
This effort is no longer profitable! There are crops to harvest, fields to till, hearts to rebuild.
Now, let's get to work.
How can I ever thank you for saving our village? We didn't save your village.
Your people did.
The first time in my memory my people don't have to be afraid.
We will never forget you.
I seem to find myself light on company.
Still need that ride back to the republic outpost? If it wouldn't be any inconvenience.
On the contrary, it would be my pleasure.

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