Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e19 Episode Script

The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

A calculated risk.
Following a costly victory on the planet Malastare, Chancellor palpatine orders Jedi knights mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker to transport a fearsome Zillo beast captured during the battle back to Coruscant.
After seeing that not even a lightsaber could harm the beast, Chancellor palpatine hopes to unlock the secret of its invulnerability to create new armor for the Republic's clone troopers.
Tensions run high as the most dangerous life-form in the galaxy touches down on the Republic's most populous planet.
Let's go! Move it! Move it! Come on! Come on! I can see him! Stand your ground.
Watch it.
Watch it.
You are clear.
You are clear.
Copy that.
No, no, don't stop.
Yes, sir.
Your excellency.
Such size.
Such power.
With respect, Chancellor, I believe this creature could pose any number of dangers.
Bringing it here to Coruscant is a mistake.
Oh, I assure you, I did not make this decision lightly, master Jedi.
The sooner we unlock the Zillo beast's secrets, the sooner we can end this terrible war.
I hope you're right, Chancellor.
I'm turning the Zillo beast over to you, doctor.
I trust it will be given good care.
The beast is a priceless resource, master Windu.
It will be well treated, I assure you.
Why would the Chancellor want to bring the beast here? I know that he thinks, by studying it, the knowledge could prove beneficial, but from what you and Anakin reported on Malastare it hardly seems worth the effort.
I raised the issue with the Chancellor during the battle of Malastare, without succes.
Well, then in that case, perhaps it's time we let someone else try.
That's enough.
Its scales are remarkably strong and light.
If we could examine their composition, we might be able to synthesize them to reinforce our clone armor.
And what is stopping you? We need to remove the scales first.
It's very difficult, not to mention painful.
Would it not be more efficient to simply kill the beast? Kill it? Are you sure? Chancellor, I must protest.
Besides being the last of its kind, this creature may be intelligent.
I find that hard to believe.
It is, after all, just an animal.
It didn't seem to like your comment.
I applaud your high moral stance, doctor.
After all, principle is in short supply these days.
However, every passing minute of warfare brings countless deaths, deaths that could be prevented once the beast's secrets are unlocked.
If there is any way to hasten that process, it is our moral duty to explore it.
I serve at your pleasure, Chancellor.
I'm just not sure where to begin.
The fact remains that the beast is indestructible.
Nothing is truly indestructible, doctor.
Wasn't there something in Malastare fuel that affected the beast? It weakened the Zillo, yes, but Excellent.
I suggest you start there.
Doctor, you need to find a way to kill that beast, or we shall replace you with someone who can.
Oh, hello.
You're not in trouble again, are you? I am not being rude.
Not that it isn't a pleasure, senator, but I thought I was just meeting Obi-Wan here.
Master Kenobi explained the problem.
I'm here to help.
Problem? What problem? The situation with our friend from Malastare.
I see what's going on here.
You think I could help influence the Chancellor.
The Zillo beast was chained up and brought here against its will.
It has no voice to defend itself.
Anakin, we have to be that voice.
You haven't seen it in action.
You have no idea what it's capable of.
It's what we're capable of that frightens me.
A creature's life, maybe even an entire species, is at stake.
Doesn't that at least warrant a discussion? I didn't think you'd feel so strongly about it.
All right, let's speak to the Chancellor.
But I still don't like this.
I should have known secrets do not stay secret for long around here.
Isn't that precisely the point of a democracy? Of course, in wartime, some things must be kept secret, even from the people, so as not to aid the enemy.
It is unfortunate that the beast must die, senator.
But the greater good demands it.
How is killing the last of a species, in secret and without debate, good for anyone? Don't you have more pressing issues that require your attention today? No, Mr.
speaker, I do not.
I sympathize, my dear.
Truly, I do.
But consider this.
A democracy is only as strong as the people who comprise it.
At present, the people I am charged with protecting are dying faster than I can count.
It is my moral imperative to take action.
Anakin, is it not worth the life of one savage beast to give our brave troops the advantage they need to win this war? My role is not to set policy, Chancellor, but I do see both points of view.
I'm certain a reasonable solution will present itself.
Master Kenobi has taught you well.
Excuse me.
You are supposed to be helping.
Whose side are you on, anyway? Yours, but You must admit the Chancellor makes some good points.
Ah, Dr.
I trust you have some progress to report.
Yes, Chancellor.
I was able to convert the Malastare fuel toxin into a poison gas.
I believe it's now strong enough to kill the Zillo beast, if that's still how you wish to proceed.
I wish I saw an alternative.
However, sadly, I must ask you to proceed with your assignment.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
It will all be over soon.
Begin procedure.
Vital signs are dropping.
No, it should have been enough.
I don't like the sound of that.
If that creature is as powerful as they say, what good are these rifles going to be? Ah, shut up, Kosmos.
Take it down.
Take it down! Man down! You in the black, let's go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Everyone, back! Oh, no.
Doctor, were you successful? We have a problem, sir.
We need time to convert Malastare fuel into more toxin, Chancellor.
I suggest you hurry, doctor.
Evacuate the staff to the underground shelters.
Stay with general Kenobi.
I'm on my way.
Better hurry, sir.
You're missing all the fun.
I have no doubt the Jedi To be sure of safety Ah! But I will not stand It's coming this way.
Perhaps now would be a good time to evacuate to the lower levels.
Yes, we are going now.
Desperately needed the tanks are.
We're almost at the loading dock, master yoda.
Dire the situation has become.
Before more lives are lost, act quickly we must.
My security staff insisted on adding this emergency escape route.
Chancellor, I think we may have enough toxin now.
My guards will be with you shortly.
Hand the gas over to them immediately.
Does it have to be destroyed? The Jedi stun cannons will not eliminate the problem.
Our advanced technology simply cannot contain it.
I wish we had never brought the beast here.
Pardon me, mistress Padme, but I believe something is following us.
Evasive action.
We're doomed! All tanks acquire solution and prepare to fire on my order.
Hold your fire.
In the beast's clutches the Chancellor is.
Anakin might be with him and senator Amidala.
If the beast falls, at risk their lives shall be.
I've got an idea, but it's risky.
Considering the circumstances, I'll take the risk.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
Sir, looks like the general's up to something.
What is Skywalker doing? It appears to be one of Anakin's improvised plans.
How can it be a plan if it's improvised? Not to worry.
Just catch them when they fall.
A lot of the general's plans involve falling.
Distract the beast we shall to give Skywalker more time.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Here's where the fun begins.
Hang on! Catch it! Ani! Ooh! All pilots, fire.
Sir, we have to get you out of here.
Artoo, get over there! He can't carry both of us.
You go, sir.
Ah! Oh, no! We aren't having much of an effect.
Time to leave it is.
Ooh! Oh, no! Let's go.
Use the gas bombs.
Copy that.
Bombs away.
It's a tragedy that the Zillo beast paid with its life for our mistakes.
I will make certain that sacrifice was not made in vain.
Doctor, a word, if you please.
Your new orders.
What is this? You want me to clone the beast?
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