Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e20 Episode Script

Death Trap

'Calm before the storm!' 'A rare and welcome respite from endless battle awaits Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu as they travel through deep space aboard the Jedi cruiser Endurance, preparing to rendezvous with a Republic frigate.
' 'The Jedi remain unaware of a deadly peril lying hidden in their midst.
' War does not come with a guarantee.
No soldier gets the promise of safety, survival or victory.
But men, I guarantee you this.
Every member of this clone youth brigade will have his moment.
And it is that moment when you are no longer a cadet, you are a soldier.
(There's the Jedi cruiser.
) You have the best training in the galaxy, but no-one can train you for the moment you look death in the eyes.
What you do then and the soldier you become, that is up to you.
Docking procedures begin shortly.
Until then, dismissed! Who's the new guy, with the long hair? Some last-minute replacement.
Looks green to me.
What outfit are you from? I heard they had that tour.
They did.
I, er, I couldn't make it.
Broken arm.
A real trooper could lose an arm and still report for duty.
So, what are you? Soft? What's going on here, gentlemen? Just having a little fun.
Oh, I've seen your kind of fun, hot shot.
Stand down.
Come on, Whip, the air's getting stale around here.
What's your name? I'm Lucky.
But I can handle myself.
Yeah, sure, but a trooper's only as strong as the trooper beside him.
We're all in it together, right? Right.
And with the training we've got, I feel ready for anything.
Ah, don't be nervous.
Only thing between us and them is experience.
It's not like they're Jedi.
Morning, troops.
Welcome aboard the Jedi cruiser, Endurance.
I am Mace Windu.
And this is - Anakin Skywalker.
Welcome aboard.
Today you'll see how a real, working, Jedi cruiser operates.
You'll have the chance to serve right alongside two Jedi Knights.
Serious? Wow! That's wicked! We're gonna get training! Generals.
New orders from General Kenobi await you in the war room.
Another time, then.
You seem more disappointed than our cadets.
It's our job to instruct and inspire.
You just wanted to show off.
When I show off, it IS instructive.
And inspiring.
For you, maybe.
Looks easy, doesn't it? Well, looks can be deceiving.
There's nothing more dangerous in all of space than a moving target.
What do you use for targets, sir? Malfunctioning droids.
Mechanical skeet packed with explosives.
Now, this is my ship and my rules.
I do not allow tourists onboard.
Only soldiers.
Now, time for target practice.
You there, take the gun.
Not even close.
But I only - Oh, no.
You're done.
You only get one chance.
I promise you the Separatists don't give more.
Near miss is still a miss, kid.
Training is no match for experience and it's the one thing none of you have.
I know that look.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Wow! I see why they call you lucky.
Let's see how you are when Seppies come at you in attack formation.
Alright, cut the chatter, men.
We're due at Observation Deck 13.
Now, that's a cadet to watch.
Cadet 1151, tell me where this Jedi Cruiser's main stabilisers are.
Sir! Hull 17 behind the main reactor, sir.
Cadet 1174, how many engines fail before auxiliary power kicks in? Sir! three on port AND starboard side, sir.
Channel-7 open.
Ready to receive Code-5 transmission.
(COMM) "Boba, is that you?" It is.
"I'm sending you the data now.
" Received transmission.
Boba out.
What are you doing here? Erm, communiques, sir.
Eyes only.
I've been dispatched to General Windu's quarters.
There's no problem, sir.
Oh, there's a problem.
You're lying.
Admit it.
You're lost.
Come on, cut the kid a break.
Windu's quarters are that way, shiny.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Eyes on where you're headed, cadet.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Cadet 327.
What reaction propels the main engines of this Jedi cruiser? Post-combined sparking off the reactor core rods, sir.
Sir, General Skywalker requests your presence on the Bridge.
(SIGHS) I'll be there shortly.
The General requests your presence immediately, sir.
No rest for the weary.
Put these inside my quarters, would you? Yes, sir.
Are you alright? Trooper! Trooper! This doesn't look like a drill.
No time for chatter.
There's been an explosion.
Let's show these troops how the Clone Youth Brigade rises to the challenge.
Line up.
I don't want any heroes.
Our job's to get to the nearest safe room.
Let the troops do their job! Think it's a Seppy attack? Out here? The perfect place for it.
You heard the Sergeant.
Secure the loose talk.
Status report, trooper.
The ship's undamaged.
One man down.
General Windu's quarters got hit but he survived.
Survived? You're lucky to be alive.
Our trooper? Dead.
This was no accident.
Keep moving! The ship's navigation is nearby.
Admiral, has the navigation been damaged? Puddled, not destroyed.
Systems are repairable.
I've ordered shutdown of all engines until we're fully operational.
We'll hold orbit over Vanqor.
Any sign of attack ships? None.
But we'll keep scanning.
Until we get navigation back,the Endurance is a fat, easy target.
I won't have it! Killian out.
Navigation wasn't the target and hitting your quarters was intentional.
"(BLEEPING)" This is Boba.
It's a miss, repeat, a miss.
What should I do? "Head to the reactor, blow the core.
" -But the crew, it isn't about them, just Mace.
"If you want Windu dead, do as I say!" We have a killer on board this ship and we are locked in dead space.
Just like our assassin.
We'll form an unbroken line of troopers and scour the ship from bow to stern, checking every corridor, bulkhead and storage unit.
I want him alive.
Hey, you there! Come here.
I got lost, sir.
The ship's on full lockdown, son.
Yes, sir, I know, sir.
I'll return to my company.
Er, not alone, you won't.
Emergency protocols are in effect.
I'll call a trooper to escort you.
This is CT-1477.
I need an escort Is that a DC-15A? Yeah.
Here, keep the safety on.
"Copy that, CT-1477.
We're pretty overloaded but will get there soon.
" What?! What are you doing? We're brothers, don't shoot.
You're not my brother.
Don't shoot! Don't worry.
"CT-1477, report in.
" "CT-1477, why have you broken off transmission?" Our sweep has now covered over half the ship, Admiral.
Still no sign of the assassin.
The more ground we cover, the less there is in which to hide.
(SNORTS) More action than you signed on for, eh, boys? We're headed for the safe room now, sir.
Although, on second thoughts, let's make a drill of it.
Head for the pods.
Escape pods? It must be bad.
Escape pods, sir? Mmm.
I wanna see what they're made of.
I'll even time you.
It'll all make a fine story when you return to your base.
This can't be happening.
Get a hold of yourself.
Prepare to launch the distress beacon.
We're going down.
Get your men out of here, there's nothing more you can do.
R2, prep the fighters and be ready to take off.
Lucky! Stay with the group.
Yes, sir.
How are we gonna get through this? Groups of four men.
Take pods 1 and 2.
Set rendezvous coordinates with the other pods at a safe distance from the cruiser.
See you at Rendezvous-Mark-Six.
This is the moment, men.
Make it yours.
Argh! The pod's malfunctioned.
The main reactor's beyond hope.
You have to abandon ship.
You must abandon ship.
I'm staying.
We missed the rendezvous.
Argh! I can't stop it! I'm staying.
You'd better evacuate.
Admiral, you must abandon ship.
Not a chance.
But sir, with respect, that's an order! -It may be your command, but it's my ship! We don't have time for that kind of sentiment! It's not sentiment! An admiral must go down with his ship! I don't expect you to understand it, Jedi.
We're lost.
What happened? Do we still have control? Navigation's shot.
Looks like our pod was damaged in the escape.
Can we steer? No.
How about fuel? No feed.
We're dead weight.
So, what do we do? Our jobs.
Get ready to attach the hyperspace rings.
Admiral, what's your status? "We're caught in gravitational pull.
" We're going to try to set her down on the surface.
Once you're down, we'll get the rescue teams to you.
"General Skywalker?" Yes, Sergeant? It's the cadets, sir.
I can't raise them on any channel,and their locater beacon's not active.
Theirs is the only pod unaccounted for.
Sounds like our saboteur may have gotten to the cadets.
We have to find that pod.
What was that? I don't know.
A ship, I think.
Rescue ship? It's too early.
(CLANKING) What the? Well, what do we have here? You boys look lost.
Congratulations, Boba.
Job well done.
His name's not Boba.
He's Lucky.
Lucky?! That's a good one.
You're with her?! I wasn't expecting you to bring friends along.
I couldn't help it, Aurra.
What are you gonna do with them? What do you think? Let them go? Ah.
They're living witnesses, honey.
That was never part of the plan.
I just wanted to kill the Jedi that murdered my father.
Well, that will have to wait.
Grow up! You'll get your revenge in time.
Now, get onboard.
We have to get out of here.
Or you can go with your "friends", who I'm going to jettison into the unknown.
That would be poetic.
I'm sorry.
Traitor! Do it! You'll regret this! I can't believe it.
A traitor? He was a traitor?! Yes, well, we can't worry about that now.
We have to try to contact somebody.
We already tried.
This pod is dead! We only have minimal life support.
Yeah? Well, whose fault is that? None of us! That guy you defended left us for dead! Stop it! We need to work together.
You're not in charge They have come back to finish us off.
No, wait, it's the Jedi! I've found your missing cadets.
"Nice one, General.
How are they?" I can't raise them on the comm channel.
Their pod must be damaged.
"Head to Point-038 and you can pick them up.
" Right away, sir.
Skywalker, have you heard from Admiral Killian? No.
I lost contact when they entered the atmosphere.
I'm sorry.
I lost my head.
I It's OK.
I understand.
I can't believe he was one of us.
Someone just like us.
He's nothing like us! Let's hope he is.
If he IS like us, he'll realise he's wrong.

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