Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e21 Episode Script

R2 Come Home / Lethal Trackdown

Male announcer: Revenge! Boba Fett, son of the notorious bounty hunter Jango Fett, infiltrated a Jedi cruiser in an attempt to assassinate general Mace Windu, the man who killed his father.
After a near miss at Windu's quarters, Boba was forced to destroy the Jedi cruiser and escape with the help of notorious bounty hunter Aurra Sing.
Now, having lost contact with Admiral Kilian when his doomed starship crashed, the Jedi search for survivors with the aid of a Republic rescue ship.
General Windu, we're picking up the last of the survivors now.
It's critical to get them to a hospital station as soon as possible.
We'll contact you as soon as our search for Admiral Kilian is complete.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Let's go, Artoo.
We're coming up on the crash site.
Let's hope Admiral Kilian and the command crew are still in one piece.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Hmm, looks pretty bad, but the bridge seems to be intact.
Set down behind the cruiser.
We'll approach on foot.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Huh! You're not kidding, little buddy.
I don't like the feel of this place either.
Your astromech is programmed to feel? Artoo is kind of a He's got a lot of personality, that's all.
You encourage it too much.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
R8, start scanning the area for signs of life.
And calculate an entry point to the cruiser.
[R8 beeps.]
[R2-D2 beeping.]
You're right, Artoo.
It doesn't look good.
[Creatures growling.]
[R2-D2 beeping excitedly.]
A bit jittery, isn't it? He must have seen something.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Come on.
It looks like r8 has found an entry point.
There would have been a command crew left aboard to try and land this ship, Admiral Kilian and then at least three navigational officers.
Commander ponds stayed as well.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
What did you find, little guy? [R2-D2 beeping.]
Mace, over here! Hmm.
This man did not die in the crash.
He was executed.
There's another one over here.
Same thing.
We know the assassins were after me.
Perhaps they returned to look for my body.
We need to get to the bridge to find Admiral Kilian.
Send the droids to scan for any survivors down here.
Maybe the killer missed one.
I know there's a lot of interference, but do your best.
Skywalker! [Droids beeping.]
[R2-D2 beeping excitedly.]
[Electricity crackling.]
They're dead, executed like the troopers below.
But I don't see Admiral Kilian or commander ponds.
They must have been sucked into space when the cabin lost pressure.
Captain, there's no sign of any life down here.
I'm afraid Admiral Kilian and commander ponds are lost.
Take the survivors back to the hospital station.
We'll meet you there.
Mace out.
Captain silver out.
Head for home.
[Dramatic music.]
[flames crackling.]
[Vehement beeping.]
[Creature roars.]
[Panicked beeping.]
[Electricity crackling.]
Is that a mandalorian helmet? [Creatures growling.]
What is that doing here? Clone cadets.
Jango Fett.
Boba! Anakin, no! [Beeping.]
Drop it! [Explosion.]
[R2-D2 beeping.]
[Dramatic music.]
mace is dead.
Are you happy now? I want to make sure he's dead.
There's nothing left of Windu to find, Boba.
I want to get off this planet now.
This place is crawling with Gundarks, and besides, we got these hostages to drag along with us now.
This extra baggage will fetch us a hefty sum from the separatists.
Well, it's a lot of trouble for not enough payout, if you ask me.
You haven't even done anything! I've taken all the risks.
Quiet, runt.
Oh! I wouldn't do that.
Count Dooku will pay us well if we bring back the Jedi's head.
Dooku might pay us for killing Windu.
Then we're looking at a profit.
Uh, well Now, relax.
Boba is right.
To get paid, we need proof of Windu's death.
And if we killed Skywalker, we can ask for double.
Double? Yes.
But we need proof.
Bossk, take care of our "guests" while we're gone.
[R2-D2 whirring and beeping.]
Artoo! [Grunts.]
Over here.
Good to see you, buddy.
Careful, Artoo.
I'm afraid the whole bridge will collapse.
The temple for help, okay? [Coughs.]
Okay? [R2-D2 whimpers.]
Go get help.
We'll hold out as long as we can.
Go on, Artoo.
Go on.
Come on.
We've got to find Windu's body.
Careful, Boba.
Yeah, careful.
Three ways.
Look out! Oh! This place is a death trap.
When I hired you, I didn't realize that you were such a coward.
Well, I don't want to be next.
Blast! The door must have malfunctioned.
[R2-D2 chuckles.]
Skywalker, are you all right? Yeah, I'm okay.
Except I can't move.
Can you get free? [Groans.]
I already tried that.
You'll bring the whole place down on us! Well, how do we plan on getting ourselves out of this mess? Don't worry.
I already sent Artoo back to the fighters to call for help.
I'm sure he has everything under control.
I'm just saying, I didn't know there'd be all this climbing involved.
Shut up already! It wasn't my idea for you to tag along anyway.
The next one who says anything will get a blaster bolt through the brain.
But, Aurra-- not one more word.
[R2-D2 singing happily.]
Incoming! What was that? The ship is falling apart around us.
Oh, this is no good.
If we can barely survive in here, Windu must have been killed in the blast.
I'm not quitting now, not when I'm so close.
Look out! [Explosion.]
We're running out of time.
That's it.
We're out of here.
A Jedi could.
I hate to agree with Castas, but there's a better way to do this.
But, Aurra-- bossk, fire up slave I.
We're going to blast what's left of this ship to pieces.
I'll be ready when you arrive.
Ugh! I hate just sitting here.
Calm yourself, Skywalker.
We'll soon see if the faith is worth it.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
[Gundark shrieking.]
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Twang! What was that? [Hisses.]
Scanners picked up an explosion near where the Jedi landed.
Windu! Jam any communications off this planet.
The fighter's markings match Windu's.
I knew it! I told you he wasn't dead.
Bossk! After him.
[Blaster firing.]
I don't like the sound of that.
Artoo? I thought your astromech was supposed to call for help, not take off and leave us here.
[Dramatic music.]
come on, Artoo.
I'm counting on you.
[Blaster firing.]
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Hold it steady! You've knocked out his communications.
[Rhythmic beeping.]
Two rings, mark three five.
They're powering up.
If we can take out the rings, he'll be trapped.
Which one? Destroy them both.
We can't get range.
You'll get one shot at this, kid.
I've got you, Windu.
No! Well, there goes a fortune.
Nice work, kid.
What's our next move? Great! Well, this has gone well.
Windu will be back here with a fleet.
He'll hunt us down.
Don't count on it.
The Jedi don't carry grudges.
But I have ways of Motivating him.
We'll make Windu come to us next time, on our terms.
Now, let's get out of here.
I want to regroup.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
We shall reinforce our fleet along the Hydian way.
This should prevent grievous from-- [R2-D2 beeping.]
Artoo? [R2-D2 beeping.]
Stop it! Artoo, what's wrong? Ahsoka, you know this droid? It's Anakin's droid, R2-D2.
Well, then, Artoo, deliver the message you so obviously need to communicate.
I need you to go back to the fighters and call the temple for help, okay? [Coughs.]
Okay? Prepare my ship.
We shall leave immediately.
Whose helmet is that, anyway? It belongs to a bounty hunter I killed on geonosis by the name of Jango Fett.
You mean the clone template? Yes.
Strangely enough, he had a son-- or at least a clone he regarded as a son.
His name is Boba Fett.
I remember now.
Obi-Wan listed him in his report on kamino.
Boba was on geonosis when his father died.
He watched as I killed him.
That would complicate things.
Your astromech has been gone too long.
He must have failed to deliver your message.
Artoo will come through.
There, in the bridge! I can see them.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Ahsoka, hold the ship steady.
Comet, let's go! Hurry, commander Wolffe.
Hold tight, general.
We're losing it, sir.
Jump! Cut the lines.
Go! But nothing a night in the bacta tank won't fix.
Oh, sorry.
We were lucky to arrive when we did.
Guess we have Artoo to thank for that.
[R2-D2 beeps.]
Come here, droid.
[R2-D2 whirring.]
I can see why your master trusts you, little one.
Good job.
[R2-D2 beeping.]
Ha! That's definitely more praise than I ever get.
This isn't what I wanted.
You don't have to do this.
You're not like them.
I can tell.
What do you know, old man? I know a good soldier when I see one.
I'm no soldier.
I'm no clone, not like those two.
What? What are you looking at? Boba, what's going on? Nothing.
What are we gonna do with them? Oh, I think our friends here are about to finally prove useful.
Slap! [Grunting and yelping.]
[Engine whooshing.]
So what are you planning to do with this son of Jango Fett? I'm not planning to do anything.
That kid destroyed an entire cruiser trying to get to you, and you're just gonna let it go? Is there something else I should be doing, Skywalker? How about tracking him down? So I should behave as this child does? I should seek revenge.
How is it revenge if you stop this kid and bring him to justice? In case you hadn't noticed, we are fighting a war.
We have a situation.
We received a transmission from the bounty hunters.
They apparently took hostages.
Mace Windu, you were lucky to escape.
Your friends here were not so fortunate.
Until you face Boba, these men will be killed one at a time.
What's your name? Name! Ct-411.
Ugh, pathetic.
Boba, do it.
Boba! [Blaster fires.]
Only two to go, Windu.
Come and find us.
We'll be waiting.
I'll go.
I thought you had bigger concerns.
That was before we knew hostages were involved.
You are too injured to travel, and your presence would only aggravate the boy.
I shall go and take Padawan Tano with me.
[Engine whirring.]
Next time I tell you to pull the trigger, you do it.
It should only be a matter of time until they track us down.
Something on your mind, Castas? Yeah, I got something to say.
We're in over our heads.
You signed on to kill Jedi.
Well, this is how it's done.
You said the separatists would pay well if we killed Windu.
That kid destroyed an entire cruiser, and now we're taking hostages.
That was not part of the plan.
I never took you for a coward, Castas.
And what about you, bossk? You feel the same? I'm still in.
I got a lot riding on this kill, and I need the cash.
Not me.
I'm out.
Well, then you're in luck.
I was planning on making a stop.
You can drag your worthless carcass off of this ship when we land.
Where are we headed? We're going to visit an old friend.
Maybe he can replace Castas.
Set course for Florrum.
[Engine whirring.]
[Engines whooshing.]
Master PLO, I don't understand.
Shouldn't we be heading for the last place we knew Boba Fett was spotted? Why head to the one place we know he is not? [Engine whirring.]
The second bounty hunter in the hologram is Aurra Sing.
Another bounty hunter.
Like his father, Jango Fett.
It seems this boy found himself in the care of at least one of Jango's associates.
So we're looking for friends of Jango Fett or places where they hang out.
And to do that, we must go to the lower levels, the underworld.
Move along.
Move along.
Move along.
Move along.
Your pass, please.
Your pass, please.
Your pass, please.
Your pass, please.
Your pass, please.
The data on Jango Fett suggested he frequented this area.
We must be cautious.
[Engine whooshing.]
Come on, punch him! Yeah, get him! [Distant shouting and cheering.]
Oh, my dear.
You never were good at asking I never ask for permission to do anything, my darling.
I remember.
Not mine, I take it? No.
Part of my crew.
He's Jango's son.
Yes, yes.
Sorry about your father.
He was a friend and an honorable man.
And that's Castas.
But he's getting off here.
Couldn't handle her, could you? Well, don't be ashamed.
You're not the first man to bail out from under her command.
He's speaking from experience.
Oh, you're a dangerous woman.
Yes, very dangerous.
Come, come, come.
Let us go inside where we can discuss business over a drink like civilized people.
[Screaming and jostling.]
[Exotic hip-hop music.]
I'm stuck out here on Florrum.
I warned you.
Working with Aurra Sing is bad business.
Yeah, this job's gone South, like every job I do with that hag.
No, Boba.
I hear there's a downed Republic cruiser on Vanqor.
Your handiwork? I wouldn't take credit for that.
We saw it, though, crawling with Republic troops.
I wouldn't try and salvage it for a while if I were you.
I appreciate the advice.
So, Boba, what is it like working with Aurra? It's all right.
[Comlink crackles.]
I have some information-- information that's worth something to the right people.
Really? What kind of people? That's where you come in.
Remember, Aurra, that job we pulled? Hmm? Oh, yes.
Excuse me.
Castas! Huh? [Blaster fires.]
Hey, hey.
Someone scrape that guy off the floor.
He sprung a leak.
[Engine whirring.]
Well, I hope we have better luck here.
This is the fifth scum bucket drinking hole we've been to.
And this time, try to be more subtle.
Oh, what do you mean? You've adopted many of your master's ways, including lack of subtlety.
Sorry, master PLO.
Just try to blend in.
You may be surprised what people reveal when they have been drinking.
[Throbbing dance music.]
[all speaking indistinctly.]
Have a look around.
[indistinct speech.]
I need some information.
We're not selling that here, pal.
Clunk! Hmm.
Been a while since we had one of you down here.
Aren't you a bit busy with your war to be bothering with the likes of us? We are never too busy for the citizens of the Republic.
I'm not getting anywhere.
Okay, try to relax.
I'm listening, listening.
This war is killing me.
My whole business has gone under.
Oh, get me another round.
[Indistinct speech.]
I saw her last night on the video screen.
[Indistinct speech.]
I'm gonna ask her out.
She'll never go out with you.
She's gonna go out with me.
Florrum? A buddy of mine was just murdered on Florrum.
Murdered? uh, yeah, he was working a big job.
At least that is what he said.
He was telling me he had some valuable information on a holotransmitter.
And then--boom! She shot him.
It must have been some good dirt.
What's her name? Hope it's not who I think it is.
He was working with Aurra Sing.
She's bad news.
Ah, that's her, all right.
She's the boss' ex.
There's always trouble when she shows up.
Yeah, that's the one.
Find something interesting, kid? [Both grunt.]
Hey, what's this? What are you reaching for? [Blasters clicking.]
[Lightsaber hums.]
Stand down.
You can't take us all, Jedi.
Would you like to try and prove your theory? Hey, nobody's shooting up my place today.
He's right.
[Coins jingle.]
Drinks on the house.
[Indistinct chatter.]
Not very subtle.
Well, I was being subtle.
Interesting result.
But, master, you were right.
I heard about a murder-- a murder Aurra Sing recently committed.
Well done, little 'Soka.
We're off to Florrum.
Well, my dear, you are in an interesting predicament once again.
Getting involved with the Jedi is never a good idea.
We've got an incoming ship.
Jedi, by the look of it.
Took them long enough.
Move slave I to the outskirts and get the hostages ready.
So are you in or not? I will not help you, but I will not hinder you either.
This is your fight, not mine.
[Engine whirring.]
[Engine whooshing.]
[Clinking and chiming.]
Hello, hello, and welcome to Florrum.
I should assume you are walking us into a trap.
Yes, you should.
They're waiting inside the bar.
I have no idea what she has planned for you.
And the reason you are telling us is? Involved in this.
Remember, patience.
Bad move, Jedi.
This will cost you.
I wanted Windu.
What are you doing here? We can do this the difficult way or the simple way.
The choice is yours.
Can you hear me? Roger.
Execute the hostages if I give the word.
You have already lost, and you don't even know it.
I am prepared to kill you, the hostages, whatever it takes to get what Boba wants.
Sounds more like what you want.
[Lightsaber hums.]
Clang! Don't.
Bad news, boys.
If I don't hear from her soon, I'm gone, and you're both fried.
Let her go.
No chance.
She won't do it, Boba.
She's not like you.
She's right.
I'm not a murderer.
I'm not a murderer.
But I want justice.
We are justice.
Don't listen to them.
No one will be harmed if you come quietly.
I can't let you die.
You won't have to.
Click! Aurra! [Blaster fires.]
Smack! Thunk! [Blasters firing.]
[Lightsaber hums.]
It's over.
Aurra, now! [Beeping.]
Bomb! [Explosion.]
Boba, hurry.
Aurra, help! Help me! Don't leave me! No! The hostages, where are they? Boba, if you do not tell us where those men are, they are going to die, innocent men.
She left me.
Smack! [Grunts.]
[Engine rumbles.]
[Engine rumbles.]
He will not reveal the location of the hostages.
I thought you might talk some sense into him.
Tell the Jedi what he wants to know, Boba.
Why should I help anybody? I've got no one.
It is the honorable thing to do.
It's what your father would have wanted.
[Engines roaring.]
Ahsoka, she is trying to lead you away from the hostages.
Go to coordinates 1579.
Time's up.
[Blasters firing.]
[Lightsaber hums.]
Don't move.
[Engine roars.]
[Engine whirring.]
Ahh! Ah! [Lightsaber hums.]
[Metallic groaning.]
[Engine whirring.]
[Lightsaber hums.]
[Blaster firing.]
[Glass shatters.]
No! Come on! [Engine whining.]
I see now I've done terrible things, but you started it when you murdered my father.
I'll never forgive you.
Well, you're going to have to.
Take him away.

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