Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e01 Episode Script

Clone Cadets / ARC Troopers

CineDeComic Clone troopers unite! As war rages across the galaxy, The republic's clone army Strives for victory against the Evil forces of the separatists.
Bravery, valor, unity: The lifeblood of victory on the Battlefield and in space.
It all begins on the planet Kamino, where jedi general Shaak Ti oversees the training Of clones with the help of Contracted bounty hunters.
Bred to be perfect soldiers, These cadets must first be Subjected to intense physical And mental training before Heading off to war You're clear.
You're clear! Cover fire! This is command: You must break through enemy Lines and take the tower.
Comlink just relayed orders from We all had the orders, Echo! Stop calling me that.
Stop repeating every order.
Less yappin'; more blastin'.
Let's smoke these chrome domes And move on to the citadel.
CT-782, You're breaking formation.
Just follow my lead, will ya? He's clearing a path.
I'm moving.
Thanks, CT-27-5555.
That was close.
It's fives.
The name is "fives.
" Yeah, Five pieces if you Don't keep your head down! How about we follow orders? This is our last practice test.
Will you shut up with Instructions? You're not in charge.
This particular unit seems To have some trouble.
What do you recommend? Well, I'm no jedi, so forgive My bluntness, but I say they Fail.
Send 'em down to maintenance Duty with 99 and the other Rejects.
We can't fail them yet.
Remember, this is only a Practice test.
And besides, the citadel course Was constructed to be a Difficult challenge.
Although I don't agree with His sentiment, bric isn't wrong.
These cadets are far from ready.
I can't hit anything from Here.
No, we have to follow orders.
The one they call "Echo" Never adapts to the situation.
CT-782 seems to follow his Own path.
He can't do it all alone.
You go; I'll cover you.
I'm a better shot.
You go.
No, you go! Look at those two.
End up dead.
Uh, and the last one I surrender.
I surrender.
Need I say more? If these cadets can't get Past their shortsighted Selfishness, they will never Come together.
Unity wins war, gentlemen.
Computer, end exercise for Domino squad.
Cleaning crew to the training Ground? We'll take care of the mess.
You should tell that 99 to Drag away the mess called Domino squad.
We almost had it this time.
Oh, yeah, and we all look Nothing alike either.
Sorry about the mess, 99.
Uh, it's okay, boys.
Nice try.
So I says to her, "baby, You and me could really" You've never even met a girl.
You know, you shouldn't Worry because most clones pass.
Yeah, but not all of us, Right, shortie? Guys, we've got to follow Orders.
Come on.
I don't know.
I think it went rather well.
Quit joking around.
Can we please stop arguing? Can you stop being droid bait Out there? You're getting in my way.
Actually, our way.
Well, you want to be the Best, then you got to think Like it.
And I'm thinking like an arc Trooper.
Care to repeat that, Echo? Come on.
Get him, Hevy! Smack that know-it-all! Cut it out.
If you two would focus on Fighting droids as much as you Do fighting each other, you Might stand a chance out there.
Sorry, master chief.
Well, master chief, Our training.
I'd rather be taught by a jedi Than some mercenary bounty Hunter.
Jedi don't have the time to Train grunts like you.
That's why they hired me.
Listen, boys, when you were Assigned to me, I had high hopes For you.
Now we're approaching the end Of your training, and you Haven't advanced nearly enough.
Even this bad batcher, 99, has More sense than you guys do, and He's a maintenance clone.
Youyou don't give them Enough credit.
You're all a waste of my time.
I understand your concerns, Master jedi.
Ever since the unfortunate Death of Jango Fett, we have Had to stretch his DNA to Produce more clones.
A jedi does not feel Concern, Lama Su.
However, I have noticed this Unit of clones have been Deficient? My only thought is for you to Search the galaxy and find a Suitable donor for your future Clones.
And what of the clones Produced so far? As you know, there is no one Way to make a clone.
Sometimes our efforts are less Than successful.
Are you suggesting we just Cast off the domino squad? They're living beings, not Objects.
You jedi show too much Compassion.
Nevertheless, as general in Charge of training, the decision On what to do with them would Be yours, master jedi.
Gentlemen, who wants to be An arc trooper? I do, sir! You have to pass your final Test first.
I want you to meet commander Colt of the rancor battalion.
I want you troopers to Remember, we're shoulder to Shoulder on those front lines.
And sometimes we may quarrel, But no matter what, we are United.
Rule one: We fight together.
So who's ready to step up first? Let's start with the unit that Ran the practice test in record Time Arc trooper time.
Think he means us, boys? Bravo unit, step up.
Well, bravo for bravo squad.
Show an arc trooper how it's Done.
Come on, boys.
Maybe we can learn something.
Shut up, Echo.
Start the citadel challenge, Version thx, variable 1138.
Go right! Clankers! We're better than these guys.
Okay, this is it.
Go for it.
He's going to make it.
I'm impressed.
You trained 'em well.
Who's next? The domino squad.
And how are they? We can do this, guys.
All we have to do is follow Orders.
Check it out, guys.
Time to watch the dominoes Fall.
They are so much better Than us.
Knock it off.
Begin the program.
Let's not take it easy on them.
They're getting farther Than normal.
Maybe so, but they're sloppy.
This is nothing.
Give them their next set of Orders and watch the chaos Ensue.
I'm telling you, these guys Just aren't ready.
I'll flank left.
You flank right.
Take it easy.
I'm on your side.
Get it? Your side, huh? Pretty unorthodox.
Droidbait, behind you! Man down! Forget him! I'm breaking for the citadel.
Hurry! Guys, I think he's injured.
Leave him.
Come on! We're gonna pass this time.
Okay, I spoke too soon.
That would be putting it Broke formation, disobeyed Orders, and you left a man Behind.
You broke rule number one.
I'm sorry, domino squad.
This is an automatic failure.
I told you this was going to Happen.
We've wasted enough time on Those losers.
Their failure is our failure.
I've made a request to general Shaak Ti that the domino squad Be allowed to repeat the final Test.
Why do you care about them? Why don't you? I care about getting paid.
It's a shame the bounty Hunter in you sees this only as A job.
More like an impossible task.
These cadets will be the Finest troopers we've trained.
I have faith in them.
Faith? Oh, you can't be serious, El-Les.
We should treat them as a Special challenge, bric.
We should treat them as Failures.
Besides, I've already requested That they be moved to cleanup And maintenance.
That's all they're going to be Good for.
Then I guess the general has A decision to make.
General, may we have a word? You are here to discuss your Squad, aren't you? How did you Ah, jedi, mate.
One doesn't need to be a jedi To feel the stress on your mind.
General, we would like to Request a transfer to another Squad.
Bravo squad, perhaps? I am a jedi, where the Individual and the group are One in the same, much like you Clones.
Which is why Fives and I are Looking out for each other.
As individuals, But not as a group.
You are where you need to be.
Solve your problems as a whole, Not as individuals.
I have decided to allow you and The rest of your squad to take The test again tomorrow.
You wanted to see me, sir? Near as I can tell, you're The reason your squad's a Failure.
Ah, well, I'll take that as A compliment.
It's all a big joke to you, Right? Like those little nicknames you And your clone brothers give Each other.
Oh, I could think Of one for you right now, sir.
Oh, funny.
But I think it's all just A cover.
You hate me, don't you? No, no, no.
How could I hate you for doing Your job? You're just pushing me, sir.
No, this is me pushing you.
Come on, clone.
Hit me.
Hit me, you joker.
Can't take anything seriously, Can you? You're a real cutup, aren't you? Come on! Thank you, sir.
For what? For my name: Cutup.
I like the sound of it.
Out of my sight, cadet.
One way or another, you'll be Out of this army.
Count on it.
Hevy, you going somewhere? Get out of here.
You're going awol, aren't Just go back to sleep, 99.
This doesn't concern you.
But you can't do this to Your squad.
My squad? We're nothing but a bad batch.
Like you.
Yeah, but how can I be A failure when II never even Got my chance? A chance you're throwing away.
You're always trying to be the Anchor, Hevy.
You know, do it on your own.
Well, maybe you should embrace The fact that you have a team.
See, I never had that.
But you need them, And they need you.
Why carry such a heavy burden On your own when you have your Brothers at your side, Hevy? Hevy? Wouldstop calling me that! We're just numbers, 99.
Just numbers.
Not to me.
To me, you've always had a name.
Hey, where's CT-782? Yeah, where is CT-782? If he is not here, we will Fail.
Not today, brothers.
Today we pass.
And one more thing: The name's Hevy.
Orders came in clear, mates.
Nothing to repeat, Echo? Not today.
How's that shoulder treating You? I'll live.
We all know what we have To do.
That's it, boys.
Stay together! Fives, on your left.
Thanks, cutup.
No problem, brother.
They seem to be working Together.
Still early.
A lot can change.
Keep it up.
We're doing great.
We might actually pass.
Not so fast; still got the Citadel.
All right, prep the Ascension cables.
Let's scale this thing.
Wait a tick.
Where are the cables? They're not in our belts.
Just when things seemed easy.
Well, we can't scale the face Without them.
We'll fail the test if we can't Finish.
What's going on? Where are their ascension Cables? Must have gotten lost.
What did you do? I thought you had faith They'd be the best, right? Well, the best pass, No matter what.
General, you have to stop This.
This is unfair to the cadets.
Adversity in war is A constant, el-Les.
But bric has cheated.
The enemy won't play fair Either.
So this is it? Not exactly.
Those guns up there We can use them as a step to The next level, form a chain, And use each other To scale this face.
Use the guns? Are you crazy? Trust me.
I know weapons.
I'm gonna draw their fire.
You guys blast 'em.
Well, I'll be Creative little clones, aren't They? No unit has shown such Ingenuity.
We did it! I knew we could do it, boys! We made it! Bric, your actions have Brought out the best in these Looks like they were Well-Trained, perhaps the Finest soldiers I've ever seen.
Well, maybe you were right, El-Les.
You've graduated.
At ease.
Next stop, arc trooper.
Yeah, how 'bout we face some Combat first? You were right, you know, About everything.
I heard you were quite The leader out there.
No leaders.
We are a team.
All of us, 99.
The army's lucky to have A clone like you, Hevy.
Not as lucky as I am to have Well, this is good-Bye, I guess.
Hevy ships out, and 99 stays Here.
Eh, we'll see each other Again.
I mean, how else am I supposed To get this back from you? You deserve it.
You're one of us.
Today is your graduation.
From here, you ship out to Fight against the separatists And restore peace to the Republic.
You are no longer cadets.
You are troopers.
May the force be with you.
Attention! Helmets on! Separatist attack! After the destruction of The republic outpost on the Rishi moon, general Grievous And Asajj Ventress plan An attack the planet Kamino, Home of the cloning factories.
Meanwhile, aboard a jedi Cruiser, jedi knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi examine an intercepted Message from general Grievous.
We are decrypting the audio, Sir.
The clone planet of Kamino Will be a dangerous target.
Just make sure you hold up Your half of the mission.
We must stop the production Of new clones If we are to win this war.
They're going to attack Our home planet.
The separatists are taking Quite the chance Even considering this.
With all due respect, General, if someone comes To our home, they better Be carrying a big blaster.
I concur with captain rex, Sir.
This is rsonal for us clones.
We'll make sure Kamino Is secure.
Tell your troopers in the 501st They're going home.
Yes, sir.
All is ready, general.
We will attack tipoca city First.
I have the exact locations Of both the clone dna room And the clone trooper barracks.
Both shall be annihilated Under my hand.
Our hands, general.
Count dooku assigned us both This task.
But of course, assassin.
I look forward to meeting you.
Are the aqua droids prepared For phase two of the plan? Yes, mistress.
Masters Kenobi and Skywalker, Welcome to Kamino.
Greetings, generals.
I wish our arrival Wasn't under such circumstances.
We believe Grievous is planning A separatist attack on Kamino.
But the republic blockade Is far too strong.
They would not dare.
Ah, look around, Fives.
Feels like yesterday We were here, Heading to target practice.
Heh, remember that? Do I ever.
Hey, 99.
Ha, Echo.
You actually remember us.
Oh, I remember all my Brothers.
Is Hevy here? Where's he? There was an incident On the Rishi moon outpost.
He saved our lives, But he gave up his own.
Uh, let's see! Hevy gave you his medal? So why have you returned To Kamino? The generals received word Of an impending attack here.
Well, how can I help? Attack formation Echo-3.
Deflector shields raised.
Destroyers in position.
Forward cannons ready.
Landing craft prepared.
All ships are in position.
Commence attack.
The separatist fleet Is pressing their attack, sir.
Contact command At tipoca city.
Shore up our defenses.
The fleet is not as large As I expected.
Begin the air strike.
Good to see you, general.
Ready to have some fun? You know me, broadside.
I'd rather be up here Than stuck in a command center.
Warning! Falling debris.
Grievous appears to be Sacrificing his transports In favor of protecting His command ship.
Something's not right.
Reinforcements have arrived.
Send out the aqua droids To assemble the assault craft.
Focus on the cruisers.
I'm gonna press the attack, Master.
No, Anakin.
It's too easy.
Not even Grievous would attack So recklessly.
Master, the battle's up here In space, not down there.
The debris from the destroyed Separatist ships is the key.
What are you thinking? I think I'd like to go For a swim.
Nothing as of yet.
Only you could be worried About the ships I already Shot down.
Wait a minute.
Aqua droids.
Looks as though they're Assembling assault craft.
Anakin, I was right.
Those downed transports Were hiding ships for An underwater assault.
Anakin, come in! Hold it right there.
Do not move.
Thanks for the lift, friend.
Anakin, the city is under Attack.
I need you down here now! On my way.
Sir, you sent for us? It's a dangerous assignment, But I want you two up On the bridge in sniper Positions.
Yes, sir.
We're on it.
Watch out! This is no place for you.
There aren't enough droids Here to capture the city.
They're trying to distract us.
Go protect the dna chamber.
I'll deal with Grievous.
Got it.
Fives, keep firing.
We can beat these guys.
Zap! II brought you some ammo.
Is there a better spot Than this, a better defensive Position we can take? Droids! Behind us! Look! Grenades! Thanks, 99.
Good job.
Look out.
There's more.
What are you doing here? We got separated From our group.
Where were they taking you? The barracks.
Oh, I know the best way There.
Keep firing.
No mercy! Your skills are impressive.
Perhaps a match for my own, Assassin.
Count dooku may have taught You how to swing a lightsaber, General, but that hardly Makes you my equal.
And yet I am the general In charge of this assault.
Remember, assassin, You are to recover The clone dna.
Why not just destroy it? Because the dna could unlock New possibilities for us.
Keep playing with your Droids.
I'll handle breaking into The dna room.
Shall I provide you With a droid escort? My dear general, There's nothing you have That I could want.
What are we gonna do? A separatist victory Means death for all of us.
The cadet is right.
What are we gonna do? We fight.
But our training's not Finished.
Look around.
We're one in the same, Same heart, same blood.
Your training is in your blood.
And my blood's boiling For a fight.
This is our home.
This is our war.
What about weapons? The armory.
It's just a few corridors away Here in the barracks.
I can retrieve all the firepower That we need.
Hah, so who wants to blast Some droids? The droids are spread thin.
We must press our offensive now.
I was beginning to think My presence went unnoticed.
You weren't planning On leaving without saying hello, Were you? Ha, here it is.
Everything we need is here.
Excellent work, 99.
Hurry up.
The droids have almost reached The barracks.
Let's get into position.
Open up.
Get those doors open And scare the remaining clones Out of hiding.
Roger, roger.
Blast them.
All too easy.
Define "easy," general.
Kenobi, Kamino has fallen.
Your clone army is doomed.
I beg to differ, Grievous.
Cadets, now! Last one, commander.
Make it count.
I'll get more.
I'm a soldier like you.
This is what I was bred for.
Commander Cody.
Yes, sir.
The droids have been pushed Back to the main hangar.
We've got to stop meeting Like this, my friend.
Move it, troopers! On the double! Fire! Look! It's the general! To surrender.
Actually I plan to let the clones execute you Right now.
Not this time.
We did it.
We held them back.
We lost a true soldier.
He really was one of us.
Echo, Fives.
You both really stepped up In the heat of battle.
We did what we had to do, Sir, What any clone would have done.
Both of you showed valor Out there, real courage.
Reminded me of me, actually.
Echo, Fives, You're both officially Being made arc troopers.
I don't think the separatists Will be coming back here Any time soon.
But if they do, Kamino will be lucky To have clones like you defending it.
Good job, men!
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