Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e03 Episode Script

Supply Lines

Where there's a will, there's a way.
A world under siege! The Separatists have launched a massive offensive against the planet Ryloth.
A blockade of deadly battleships, has cut off any support for the dwindling Republic defenses.
Though they have fought Valiantly with the help of Twi'lek, freedom fighter Cham Syndulla, Hold his faith in jedi master Di and his men, as the droid Army closes in.
Master jedi, We're running out of food and water, and our heavy weapon systems are out of power.
I'll contact our forces in orbit.
Admiral Dao, this is general Di.
We're in trouble down here.
We need those supplies Immediately.
I understand, general, but I Am in no position to help.
We are critically low on fuel and ammunition.
Contact the jedi Council again! Tell them reinforcements must be dispatched without delay! If help does not arrive soon, The entire outer rim garrison will be wiped out.
Surely there must be something you can do The main reactor's been hit, sir.
Systems are shutting down.
We are dead in space.
With regret, I report that my fleet will no longer be able to provide protection for the troops on Ryloth.
I repeat my request that help be sent right away.
The shields are gone.
We have no Trapped on Ryloth, Master Di and his men are.
My trade mission was successful, thank you for asking.
But what's the matter? You all look very somber.
Senator, the fleet protecting Ryloth has been destroyed, and the supply lines have been cut the troops are out of food, fuel, ammunition.
And the civilian population is starving.
That is grim news.
Our blockade runners should be able to penetrate the Separatist lines and drop Relief supplies.
But they do not have the range to reach Ryloth.
The planet Toydaria is 2,000 parsecs closer than the nearest fleet.
If the blockade runners can supply from there, they might Reach Ryloth in time.
What would you have me do? We've dispatched a ship loaded with relief supplies to meet you on Toydaria.
You are a more experienced diplomat than the representative from naboo who is already there.
Senator amidala is an excellent negotiator.
- I am sure - Senator amidala could not leave the senate.
Representative Binks accompanied the shipment.
You must negotiate the treaty That we can dispatch ships from Toydaria and get Ryloth the relief supplies it needs.
I understand perfectly.
This had better be important.
Sir, we intercepted a coded transmission between senator Organa, and the jedi council.
We were able to partially unscramble it.
The jedi have sent senator Organa to Toydaria to negotiate a treaty which would allow them to send relief supplies to their forces on Ryloth.
Send a message to senator lott dod of the trade federation.
I wish to speak with him immediately.
Stop where you are, offworlder.
We will provide you whatever you need to continue your journey, But you may not leave the ship.
I am senator bail Organa of the galactic republic.
I come to speak with the high exalted king of Toydaria.
Hi-Lo! Let meesa through.
Meesa on a diplomatic mission.
Senator Organa! It's a pleasure to be Seeing yousa.
And you, Representative Binks.
Shall we? Our laws of hospitality demand that we offer assistance, But this planet is closed to offworlders.
We are obliged to deliver our message to your king in person.
It won't take a minute.
H-Lo? Yousa majesty? Let me do the talking, okay? State your business, offworlders.
Representative Binks Of naboo.
Senator bail Organa of Alderaan, sire.
We have come to ask for your help.
Perhaps you failed to pay attention to the senate orientation.
They should have explained that Toydaria is a neutral system.
We are not part of the republic.
Yes, your majesty.
That is why we have come before you as friends.
There is a humanitarian crisis on Ryloth.
Millions will be starvin' and dyin' without your help.
My esteemed colleague and I Humbly beg that you allow us to use Toydaria as a staging ground to supply the planet with relief aid.
Do not make your decision in, your majesty.
There are other factors you might wish to consider.
I believe you know lott dod, Senator for the trade Federation.
Yes, we are acquainted.
Beggin' your highness, what'sa he doing here? Why shouldn't he be? Toydaria has an important contract with his trade federation.
The trade federation is too chummy with the separatists for my taste.
We have nothing to do with the separatists! Nute gunray is an extremist.
His views do not reflect those of the trade Federation.
Perhaps not.
But you can understand the confusion.
We are only here to ensure that nothing jeopardizes the agreement between Toydaria and the trade federation.
Naboo and alderaan have a long tradition of providing humanitarian aid.
- I see no reason for conflict.
- Nor do I.
The people of Ryloth are suffering, And compassion is a sacred Toydarian value.
Honesty is also a Toydarian value, is it not? I'm sure the senator mentioned the separatists blockade around Ryloth.
A blockade? Is this true? Yes, your majesty.
But it changes nothing.
Inconceivable! It changes everything.
If the separatist are blockading the planet and we help the republic it will destroy our neutrality.
I must convene my ministers, then we shall hear your arguments.
General Di, the right flank has collapsed.
The droids will be closing in on our position.
What about reinforcements? Communication has been spotty.
I promise you, Cham, the republic will not abandon Ryloth.
I've heard enough of your promises, jedi.
The fact remains: If we stay here without reinforcements, we're all going to die.
Gobi, tell the people we're leaving.
- Yes, sir.
- I don't think you Understand.
The right flank has collapsed.
There's no leaving.
We're stuck here together.
We will now hear arguments in the matter of using Toydarian territory to aid the shipment of relief supplies to the citizens of Ryloth.
Senator Organa.
Thank you, your majesty.
The operation the republic Humanitarian.
We wish to deliver food and medical supplies to the people of Ryloth.
But if you won't listen to me, wise king, listen to senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth, who is well aware of the suffering of his people.
Your highness, our cities lie in ruins.
Our transportation hubs are all but destroyed, So I cannot return home.
Our crops burn.
The twi'lek people are starving.
And they will die if no aid comes to them.
I appeal to you, great king.
This is a crisis of planetary proportions.
We cannot let them starve.
The basic tenets of our morality and even our constitution demand that we help those in need.
Those ideals are noble, but we must be careful that our compassion doesn't draw us into this war Senator dod, if you please.
Great king, senator Organa is deceiving you.
The inconvenient fact remains that this is a war, and Ryloth is a battlefield.
The planet is under a separatist blockade because jedi knights and clone soldiers, Are battling the droid army for control of the surface.
This will not be a humanitarian base.
It will be a military base.
The separatist senate will see it as a violation of your neutrality.
That in turn will expose the trade federation's ships to attacks from the separatists and force us to cease trade with Toydaria, a situation desirable to no one.
We cannot How it might effect Our economy.
Your majesty.
The people of Ryloth didn't ask to be invaded.
Do not let them suffer because war came to them.
I sympathize with the plight of the twi'leks.
But this is not about saving them, when they are fighting against the separatists.
Thank you, senators.
You have given us much to consider.
I will summon you once I have made my decision.
Come on.
Hurry, hurry! Captain, Is the gunship ready? Yes, sir.
But it's too small to evacuate the refugees.
No escape? But our families are with us.
If we reconfigure the fuel system, we can turn the ship Into a bomb big enough to collapse the pass here.
The enemy will then only be able to engage us, on one front from this ravine.
While we provide cover, The twi'leks will have time to escape with their families over the mountain.
Brilliant strategy, general.
I'll go tell the men.
After considerable debate, I have made my decision.
I am sorry, senator Organa.
But for the sake of my people, Toydaria must remain neutral.
A wise ruling, your majesty.
That did not go well.
- What are weesa gonna do now? - My friends.
Toydaria cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of Ryloth.
The twi'leks are innocent victims caught between the warring factions through no fault of their own.
I'm glad you agree, Your highness.
What are you prepared to do? You may use Toydaria to transfer the supplies you brought with you.
One, maybe two rotations.
It will have to do.
And you must guarantee that the trade federation will not be able to link toydaria to the mission.
I have an idea.
I'll signal you when the ships are ready to depart.
Meesa won't let you down, senator.
We're pleased you could join us, senator.
Your majesty.
The pleasure is mine.
Formal dinners are so tedious.
I am afraid that, pressing matters require me to make immediate contact with Alderaan But I leave you in the capable hands of my colleague, Representative Binks.
General, we're loading the rest of the explosives onto the gunship.
Very good, captain.
Ready the men.
All units: Prepare for attack! We won't be able to hold off the droids for long.
You'll have to move quickly to get your families out of danger.
Cham is still angry.
He feels betrayed.
We counted on republic Assistance, and it didn't come.
War turns promises into hopes.
I wish it wasn't so.
Tell him.
I will.
Captain keeli, tell the pilots to move the gunship into position.
This is command.
Are all the charges in place? Copy that.
We're all ready.
The droid army is closing.
As soon as they're in range, blow up the gunship.
There is a gunship blocking our way.
Om-5, om-7, go check it out.
Careful, it might be full of clones.
No clones.
Just explosives.
Explosives? Gotcha.
Halt, halt! We cannot get through.
We will have to find another way around.
Move those supplies into the transport as soon as possible.
Repeat, the ships are ready to launch.
Lookie, lookie! Meesa proposing a conceptual ambassador of trade federation.
let's see.
I'll take that one.
Just give me.
Are you done with that? That's really good.
I heard toydarians really like that, but I'm taking it.
Thank you very much.
Did you enjoy that? Did you like that one? Excuse me.
Thank you.
I'll take that.
Gentlemen and gentlemen.
Here's a try this one.
You thought I was going to drop I, here we go.
One, two, three! There is conceptual art piece.
Thank you.
Meesa just sharing my gungan art with yousa and And meesa.
What are you looking at? Meesa look at nothing! At nothing.
Meesa creating and sharing gungan ritual style art with trade federation To promote love and understanding.
Remember, we have to buy as much time for the twi'leks as possible.
Yes, sir.
For the republic! For the twi'leks! I'm not finished yet, sir.
We can do this, general.
Well, let's make the end memorable.
This is republic blockade runner oh-Niner-Niner.
We have broken through.
The twi'leks will live to fight another day.
The supplies have arrived at the drop point.
It's food and medical supplies from the republic.
Safe journey, my friends.
I hope when we meet again it is under more pleasant circumstances.
Stop right there.
You look pale, senator.
I have just received Information that a fleet of Republic ships has penetrated the blockade around Ryloth.
If the trade federation has proof of any treaty violation, welcome to present it to the full senate.
It takes years for the Senate to decide anything.
You play a dangerous game, Organa.
Next time, you will not get away with this.
The republic has heart, My friend.
But I am not convinced it has the strength to prevail.
However, after what I witnessed here today, perhaps it is time I reconsidered our neutrality.
Tell the jedi I am open to meeting with them.
Master Yoda will be glad to hear it.
For now, at least, The people of Ryloth shall endure.

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