Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e10 Episode Script

Heroes on Both Sides

Star Wars The Clone Wars Conflict With no end in sight.
Across the galaxy, the quagmire of war continues.
While clone troopers suffer casualties at alarming rates, The galactic senate convenes an emergency session To debate the true cost of the war.
Let senator Saam finish.
This is a matter not of philosophy.
More troops are needed.
The Republic cannot afford to let the separatists gain any more ground.
Our generals inform us that troops in the field continue to perform valiantly.
What we cannot afford, is to be irresponsible.
The Republic is near bankruptcy due to the cost of this war.
Bankruptcy is not necessary, my friends.
If we pass senator Saam's bill to open new lines of credit, We will gain access to the needed funds.
Won't this bill essentially deregulate the banks? A small price to pay To finance the war, is it not? We must keep the war going.
Get a bill on the table! Keep the war going.
Members of the senate.
Do you hear yourselves? More money, more clones, more war.
Say nothing of fiscal responsibility, What about moral responsibility? Hasn't this war gone on long enough? Senator Amidala, are you suggesting we surrender to the separatists? Of course not.
But negotiation might be a better course of action.
You can't negotiate with those animals.
Keep the war going.
Vote now.
Members of the senate, I suggest we table any emergency bill Until it is determined whether or not deregulation Is the right course of action.
Very well.
We shall let calmer heads prevail.
That legislation would have meant billions for us.
I tried my best To push the bill through.
You did your part, representative.
Senator Amidala is the problem.
I thought age might temper her idealism.
I know people who could do something about her.
That task is more difficult than you presume.
Gentlemen, the banking clan and trade federation Are about business, not violence.
Hmm, in this case, our business is violence.
With or without senator Amidala, the galactic senate Is unlikely to deregulate The banks.
until this war hits home.
What exactly are you proposing? Perhaps some unexpected bloodshed on Coruscant, Uh, may change a few minds.
Coruscant? Coruscant has not been attacked in over 1,000 years.
Then it has a false sense of security.
There are some powerful clients On the other side who could Help us, uh, Shall we say, make the point? Ooh, I like this plan.
No one cares what you think.
You must ask the jedi council To speak with chancellor Palpatine.
Don't involve me in this.
A peaceful solution ls the only way out of this morass of war.
That's not my role, Padme.
Why not? Why isn't it your role? Aren't we jedi knights? Isn't it our duty to speak our minds to advise the chancellor? Uh, I suggest you teach my young padawan A thing or two about politics.
After today's debate, I was hoping she learned a great deal.
Truthfully, I don't understand any of it.
I know the separatists are evil, But all anyone argued about was banking deregulation, lnterest rates, and, well, Almost nothing about why We're fighting in the first Place.
War's complicated, Ahsoka.
But let me simplify it.
The separatists believe the Republic is corrupt, But they're wrong, and we have to restore order.
Maybe talking to the jedi council isn't the role for you after all.
Thanks for your help.
Come on, Ahsoka.
You told me to teach her about politics.
So I'm going to.
There is a problematic situation brewing in the senate.
We must insure that everything my master has set in motion Does not unhinge.
My representatives ln the Republic are relying on you, general.
See that your droids complete their mission.
But of course, Count.
They will not fail.
If only I could talk to senator Bonteri.
Who's he? He is a she, a senator in the confederacy Of independent systems.
Your friend is a separatist? One of Dooku's pawns? The separatists used to be a part of the Republic.
I was close with many of the senators who left.
I may not agree with them, but they're more than pawns.
If you think negotiating is the right thing to do, Let's talk to her.
The senate's made it illegal.
Illegal? They say official meetings would only legitimize The separatists.
Well, master Skywalke and I hold what we call aggressive negotiations all the time.
It's a shame you can't hold more peaceful talks When you want.
You just gave me an idea.
You're a jedi, which gives you special clearance.
And jedi are allowed to travel to neutral worlds like Mandalore, Where we could then board A cargo ship to a separatist System.
Are you suggesting I use my status as a jedi To smuggle you behind Enemy lines? It's just that you could get Us through to meet with her And I haven't seen her Or her family in so long.
I'll help you.
Besides, master Skywalke Said you should teach me About politics.
You know, you two have more ln common than you think.
It's no wonder you get along Well.
Of course.
So where are we heading? Raxus.
Have all the preparations Been made? I'm about to deploy The infiltrators.
You must hurry.
The senate is restless.
I don't take orders from you, only count Dooku.
You have been designed for this mission to be the ultimate infiltration units.
Some of you may not return.
Actually, none of you Will return.
But don't let that get ln your way.
Is that clear? Get them to Coruscant.
Roger, roger.
Move along, please.
Move along.
Identification, please.
Excuse me.
Is this platform b? Uh, platform b this way.
Hello, old friend.
Ahsoka, this is Miina Bonteri.
She was my mentor when I was growing up on Naboo.
You're a separatist? Well, of course, my dear.
What were you expecting? Now, come.
I have a transport waiting.
Lux, come down here and help our guests With their luggage, please.
Padme, it's so good to see you.
How things have changed since the last time we met.
Let's go inside.
There's much to discuss.
Please, allow me.
May I? I can handle it.
He's grown so much, Miina.
Time won't stop, even if we are at war.
And I'm afraid tse events Are shaping his young life.
With all due respect, As a separatist, Didn't you create this war? Ahsoka! It's all right.
That's a very polarized point of view, my dear.
Would it surprise you to know that many of the people You call separatists feel the same way about the Republic And the jedi? Lux's father was like that.
Maybe I could speak with him.
If only you could.
A year ago next week, he was setting up a base on Aargonar when clones attacked.
My husband fought bravely in self-defense, but was killed.
Excuse me.
I think I'll get some air.
Ah, the cleaning droids.
Don't waste any time.
Get to work.
You're a jedi, aren't you? Yes.
Why do you ask? Before the war, I was always told jedi were good.
And now? I don't know anymore.
There are lot of terrible things happening, a lot of killing.
And now my friends are saying the jedi are to blame.
I'm the first jedi you've ever met, aren't I? Well, um Yes.
Look at me.
I'm not so bad, am I? No, not bad at all.
Well, it seems boys are the same whether they're Republic Or separatist.
How many separatists have you met? What? Well, I mean, you think we're all the bad guys.
But how many of us have you actually met? And droids don't count.
Well, other than military officers like Grievous and Ventress, None, I guess.
You and your mother are the first.
Well, look at me.
Am I so bad? I sense Dooku's dirty hand ln all of this.
He's just the leader of the senate.
He's not the leader of the entire universe.
Oh, I forgot.
You actually admire the man.
We'll never entirely agree on Dooku, my old friend, But we can agree on the need to stop this war.
The question is how.
That is why it was so urgent that I speak with you.
The Republic senate is holding a critical vote on whether or not to escalate the war effort.
However, many of the delegates are undecided as to what to do.
How interesting.
You would find the separatist parliament in a similar dilemma.
I am certain if you could convince your representatives to extend an olive branch of peace towards the Republic, there might be enough sympathy ln the senate to finally open negotiations.
I admire your spirit, Padme.
I can at least put the motion on the floor.
Thank you, Miina.
That's all I ask.
To peace, then.
To hope.
How many lives on both sides have to end before we see the futility? Surely there's room in the galaxy for confederate and Republic planets to coexist.
I move that we immediately open peace negotiations with chancellor palpatine on Coruscant.
The corporate alliance will never allow this to happen.
This is a democracy, and unlike the Republic, corporations do not rule us.
Nay! Quiet.
In accordance with the bylaws of independent systems, a voice vote is required.
All in favor of initiating peace negotiations with the galactic Republic, say aye.
All those opposed.
The ayes have it.
This is quite troubling, your own senate voting to end the war.
I assure you, gentlemen, your worries are gravely exaggerated.
How can you be sure this groundswell of peace won't continue? Where is the attack we were promised? We need fighting to feed the machine and our profits.
After our attack, the chances of peace will disappear.
The banking clan, the trade federation, and the techno union will all get their fair share and then some.
Well, this is good-bye.
I've been disappointed before, and yet, I almost feel as if this time the tide has turned in the war.
You should hurry.
Goody-bye, young one.
You really believe the Republic will vote for peace? I hope so.
I wouldn't want to meet you on the battlefield, for your sake.
Go, you two, quickly.
Team leaders, come in.
Commence phase two.
All right, everybody have your passes out.
Hmm, generator maintenance, eh? Yeah, well, everything checks out.
Good luck down there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
Power generators are that way.
Stupid droids.
Well, well, well.
This is quite a stunning development.
Your excellency, we would be remiss, if not irresponsible, to reject the separatists proposal.
Of course.
An end to the fighting, would mean there's no need to borrow money for more clones.
I can see why you would Want so badly to believe That the separatists Desire peace.
I don't understand.
In the past, whenever we've reached out our hands in peace, They've been slapped away.
Can we believe that they're ready to sue for peace so easily? If I might speak with you confidentially, I know that this is sincere.
I've been in contact with my old friend Miina Bonteri, And the origin of the proposal is with her.
Bonteri? How was the dialogue established? Does it matter, chancellor, if the result is an end to the war? I see your point, my child.
Then we shall put the vote to the floor.
Sweeper droids? We didn't schedule a cleaning.
Oh! What's going on? Given that the separatists have put a call for negotiations On the table, the need for additional troops seems ill-timed.
Which means there is no need to deregulate the banks.
I say we vote that down now.
There is a move to vote on the proposed bill to lift regulations On the banking clan.
Dooku promised he would stop this vote.
You may enter your vote.
We're under attack! The bombing of the power Generator has been confirmed As a separatist attack.
They must pay for what they have done.
But was the separatist congress that issued the bill of peace.
Obviously a tactic to lower our defenses and launch this attack.
That's not true.
I move to immediately deregulate the banks.
We need a banloan to get more troops now.
What are we waiting for? I'm afraid we've been given little choice.
to insure the safety of the Republic, We must deregulate the banks.
I'm returning your padawan.
I'm sorry your talks with Bonteri failed.
How did you know? We have eyes and ears everywhere, Ahsoka.
That was dangerous and careless, going to Raxus, Not to mention illegal.
You went too far this time.
You would do the same.
You do the same all the time.
This was too much.
Maybe so.
But I did realize something.
The politics of this war, are not as black and white as I once thought they were.

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