Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e11 Episode Script

Pursuit of Peace

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Truth can strike down the spectre of fear.
Peace shattered.
Once-promising negotiations between the Republic and the separatists are now in shambles following a droid suicide bombing on the capitol city-planet of Coruscant.
As fear and anger prevail, the senate overwhelmingly passes a bill to deregulate the banks, opening the gateway to additional troops and an increase in fighting.
Members of the senate, please, please How dare they? They attack, and now they want peace? Chancellor Palpatine, may I remind the senators that the peace proposal was made prior to their assault.
That only highlights its insincerity.
Chancellor Palpatine, in light of this unprovoked attack on Coruscant and the vulnerabilities it raises, I propose the Republic purchase an additional 5 million clone troopers.
The Republic is already operating in deep debt.
How do you propose we pay for these additional troops? My people are drafting an emergency appropriations bill - That would raise funds - From the banking clan? Yes, of course.
Do you have an alternate means of paying? One alternative might be to stop the war, not escalate it.
- Traitor! - Traitor! No! You cannot believe her.
Whoever attacked the power grid wants us to continue to fight.
It's a calculated attempt to destroy the peace process.
Not everyone in the confederacy wants this.
I know this for a fact.
You have separatists friends, senator? Whose side are you on? What? We will not stand for this.
Please, the young senator from Naboo makes a point.
There is no need to We have just received a message from our opponent, Count Dooku.
Your Republic forces have carried out a barbaric attack on our people, and among the deaths was the very sponsor of the peace accord, senator Miina Bonteri.
What? No.
With her needless death, I must formally withdraw the proposal for peace offered by our senate.
We must not show weakness.
Thank you, Teckla.
Yes, my lady.
I can't believe it.
I just can't believe the Republic would target senator Bonteri.
She was the only one willing to stand up for peace.
You shouldn't believe it.
The Republic spies are reporting that senator Bonteri was murdered by Dooku's thugs.
That message to the senate was a ploy to disguise his true actions.
I am so sorry, Padme.
If your friend met with a violent end because of her politics, let's make sure her courageous effort wasn't in vain.
What can we do? For one, defeat this bill.
Can we really win this war with the troops that we have? Let's hope we don't have to.
I'll start lining up support, but I'll need ammunition.
We can't afford ammunition, remember? I joke.
Go to the banking clan and see how much interest they're going to charge for the loan.
The more I know about what the exact cost of this bill will be, the better I can make my case to defeat it.
Right, let's go, uncle.
You know these banking clan people.
Plus, you owe me for telling such a bad joke.
Tee ta poo shan aka.
We will lend the Republic at our standard interest rate of - What? - 25%.
That's outright theft.
Your previous arrangement with the Republic was 10%.
Please, please, that was before deregulation.
The same rules don't apply, my dear.
The separatists don't seem to mind a rate hike.
In fact, they just secured a loan to fund an additional They would wipe us out.
You would let Dooku do that? You live on Coruscant too.
We have no stake in this war, senator.
You know that.
War is Distasteful to all of us.
That's a lot of credits.
The interest alone could completely bankrupt the Republic.
As it is, social services have suffered because of this war, education, infrastructure, health care.
If we go deeper into debt, the basic needs of our people will evaporate.
- This is good.
- Ýt is? Clearly taking out a loan on such obscene terms would essentially destroy the Republic, regardless of the outcome of the war.
We only need to sway another handful of senators, as long as they don't buckle to the threats.
What threats? Some members have received messages, warning them not to vote against the bill.
Considering what's happened to your friend Bonteri, they're frightened.
A mandatory blackout is in progress.
All citizens report to the designated safe area.
A mandatory blackout is in progress.
All citizens report to the designated safe area.
Ugh! No! No! Ugh! Can't you all see this bill is short-sighted? Millions of clones won't win this war.
The only winner will be the banking clan.
They want to pass this bill so badly, they're using scare tactics to sway votes.
I am not intimidated, senator Amidala.
Then why are you voting for additional troops? I happen to believe more clones are precisely what we need, and my caucus agrees with me.
I'm sorry.
Uncle ono, what happened? Two thugs jumped me, but I am fine.
This is outrageous.
Something has to be done.
Padme, this will not change my mind.
No matter what, I will vote against the bill.
a™ª a™ª I see senator Amidala hasn't given up her crusade.
She doesn't have the votes, my lord.
We've taken care of 20 senators.
It may be time to send her a message as well.
You want us to have a talk with her? No.
I think something special is called for in senator Amidala's case.
We're all ears, boss.
Take her out of the game.
a™ª a™ª As long as senators are being threatened and attacked, I'm afraid we don't stand a chance.
Intimidation won't work on everyone.
Senator Farr is proof of that.
Even so, we're still at least six votes short of a majority, and you saw how effective my plea was today.
Some minds can't be altered no matter what they hear.
From my experience, it depends a great deal on who's sending the message.
And what are you thinking? Bail, you're the finest public speaker I know.
If anyone can convince the senate that voting for this bill will bankrupt the Republic both financially and spiritually, it's you.
it's you.
It will be dangerous.
I urge you to speak before the full senate.
I'll need some time to prepare.
In the meantime, I'll pay another visit to those still undecided.
I'll be parked just over there, my lady.
Thank you.
This way, uncle.
What does ideology matter at this point? Is it worth being beaten to death? Look at what they did to you.
These wounds will heal, but what about the millions who are dying in this war? Who? The clones? We created them for just that purpose.
They are people.
The people I care about are my constituents, the ones who put me in office.
And when was the last time you ever spoke to your people? Probably the same time you did, or you, senator.
Senator Christo, please, is there anything we can do to get you to change your mind? Where does senator Organa stand on all this? Why isn't he here? Senator Organa is preparing to speak before the full senate.
Senator Organa? Hmm, I'll listen to what he has to say.
So you are open to voting with us? I said I'll listen to what he has to say.
Well, it's better than a no, and I'm sure when Christo and the others hear what bail has to say, they will vote our way.
Can I give you a ride? My driver's only a block away.
I think I'd like to walk.
- But, Padme - Don't worry, uncle Ono, I can take care of myself.
Plus, I can use the fresh air.
Just be careful.
Oh, yeah Put your hands up.
Arrest these bounty hunters.
We'll take care of this, miss.
Drop your weapons and come with us quietly.
Quietly? Where's my driver? Where's my Hey, my ride! My eyes! Land the vehicle.
That is a stolen vehicle.
Those bounty hunters were trying to kill me.
I am a senator.
I demand that you arrest them.
Get your hands in the air.
Don't you think you should report this to the jedi council? There's nothing they can do.
I know who did it.
They were bounty hunters, paid to stop me from voting against the troop increase.
What has happened to democracy? And why doesn't anyone seem to care? You do.
Forgive me, my lady.
Um, you're not like most politicians.
If only that were enough, Teckla.
Well, you actually talk to the people, people like me.
- Good night, my lady.
- Teckla, tell me, how is your family? They are fine.
How is the war affecting them? Well, it hasn't been easy, and it's only getting worse.
How? Please, tell me.
Tell me how it's geting worse.
You're not gonna get away like your lady friend, senator.
Medic! Oh, Padme.
- What is it? - You must come quickly.
You need to see something.
Bail, what happened? - Padme - Senator, you need to lie down.
My speech, my speech The senate is expecting me.
Is there any way? I'm sorry.
He's in no condition to even stand.
We need to take him to the hospital.
Of course.
Take him at once.
The speech Padme, you must address the senate.
Only you can do this.
Perhaps we should get the vote started.
I told senator Organa I'd allow him to speak.
We have waited long enough.
I agree with senator Orn free Taa.
Let's vote.
You must give the speech in his place.
But they're expecting to hear from the great bail Organa.
He carries a certain weight.
He's seen as a voice of reason.
You are very respected.
As a partisan.
I've been against this bill from day one.
If they didn't listen to me before, why would they listen now? Because you do listen.
You understand what the people are going through.
Your people are waiting for you.
Let us now vote on senator Burtoni's bill to fund The opposition to this bill must be allowed to speak first.
Unfortunately, senator Organa is nowhere to be found.
I will speak on his behalf.
Senator Amidala will be permitted to speak.
Teckla Minnau.
What did she say? Teckla is one of my aides.
Like so many of the people that we tell ourselves we're here to serve, Teckla lives in a district that rarely has electricity and running water as a result of the war.
Her children can now only bathe every two weeks, and they have no light in which to read or study at night.
The Republic has always funded these basic services, but now, there are those who would divert the money to the war with no thought for what the people need to survive.
If not for people like Teckla and her children, who are we fighting for? My people, your people, all of our people.
This war is meant to save them from suffering, not increase it.
I support our brave soldiers, whether they come from the clone factories or from any of the thousands of systems loyal to the Republic, but if we continue to impoverish our people, it is not on the battlefield where Dooku will defeat us, but in our own homes.
Therefore, it is our duty and our responsibility to preserve the lives of those around us by defeating this bill.
Well done, Padme.
Isn't it remarkable, that one can have all the power in the galaxy, and yet the words of a single senator, can sway the thoughts of millions? What do you plan to do about this? For now, we must adhere to the principles of our democracy.
We must let the wheels of the senate turn.

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