Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e12 Episode Script


Galactic showdown! In a fierce battle for survival, the Republic and separatist armies have clashed in the distant sullust system.
Count dooku's most cunning assassin, asajj ventress, leads the vicious attack.
Trident group one, attack the starboard engines.
Trident group two, knock out their port shield generators.
I'll go directly for their bridge.
The port side deflectors are gone.
Lord tyranus.
My master.
There is a disturbance in the force.
Your assassin, she has become very powerful.
Yes, my lord.
She is quite important to me.
Too important.
Master Silence.
I can sense her powers growing stronger.
I would hate to think you are training your own sith apprentice to destroy me.
My allegiance is to you and you alone.
Then you must prove it.
Eliminate her.
She's my most trusted I said eliminate her! As you wish, my lord.
Split up.
Looks like I'm her favorite.
I'm kind of disappointed.
Only the droids follow me.
You want to race? Come on.
Anakin, I'm going to need some help.
Where are you? Clang! I'm hit! I'm heading toward the separatist flagship.
I see you.
I've got her.
Master, I need your help quickly.
I'm surrounded.
You have already lost the battle, child.
I've ordered your reinforcements to return.
I will destroy the jedi.
I'll show you.
You have failed me for the last time.
You are no longer my apprentice.
And now you shall die.
Obi-Wan! No, thank you.
No thank you, artoo.
That's quite enough.
Ventress, you're not looking well.
She never does.
You have failed, ventress.
Ah! Whoosh! Whoosh! Yes, my lord.
Ventress is battling the jed on board the command ship.
Turn your guns on our command ship and open fire.
But, my lord, I calculate that will destroy ventress, the jedi, and all our forces.
Ah! Uh! Yah! Ah! We're in position.
Open fire.
Ah! That is correct.
Calculate your flight path to terminate in the main hangar.
It's over.
Anakin, look out! We have to get out of here.
Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Abandon ship! The command ship has been destroyed.
Our scanning indicates there are no survivors.
Your work there is finished.
Recall the fleet.
By your command.
What is it, lord tyranus? I have done as you've asked.
Asajj ventress is dead.
Once again, you've proven your loyalty to me.
You took quite a beating there.
Didn't you, missy? Which side of the battle was you on? Aw.
Not too talkative, are you? Take me to dathomir.
Now, why would anyone want to go there? Ain't nothing there but fog and witches.
Whoosh! We don't like strangers.
I'm not a stranger.
Prepare to die.
She is one of us.
Take her to the village.
Who is she? What is she doing here? Shh.
Mother Talzin.
Bring the water of life.
At last, you have returned, and you are safe again.
I remember the day we were forced to give you up to protect the clan.
Your sacrifice has never been forgotten.
Master, where are you? Master.
They've killed you.
Whoosh! Ah! You are strong with the force, little one.
Thank you, master.
Thank you, master.
Master! Ah! Revenge.
I must have revenge.
I can sense the darkness within you.
I will teach you the ways of the dark side.
But you must prove yourself first.
Master, I need your help quickly.
I've ordered your reinforcements to return.
No, I will destroy the jedi.
I'll show you.
You have failed me for the last time.
And now you shall die.
He betrayed me.
I know.
I had hoped you would find your way to us sooner.
I will have revenge.
Yes, you shall, sister.
We will see to it.
Karis and naa'leth are the greatest warriors of our coven.
I'll be the judge of that.
They will help you destroy count dooku.
Alnadee, mah, reez, ven, doo, la, tren.
Nadee, mah, reez, ven, doo, la, tren.
Nadee, mah, reez, ven, doo, la, tren.
We have assembled a potion for you to use in order to reach dooku's palace undetected.
Step into the mist and become like shadows.
Now you are invisible to most.
Even count dooku? Yes.
Perhaps even count dooku.
What if he can sense us? Take this poison dart.
It will dull his senses and distort his vision.
Then you can deal with him easily.
Jedi weapons.
You'll need these.
If the count engages you, he must believe that you are jedi.
Naa'leth and karis, serve your sister well.
Deliver your vengeance, sister.
Then return to us.
We shall prevail.
This way.
He's below us.
You can sense him? I can smell his stench a parsec away.
Be on guard at all times.
He is no fool.
He is a sith lord.
Zip! Ah.
What sorcery is this? I do not need my eyes to see you, jedi.
Ah! Ah! Ah! He is stronger than I imagined.
I warned you.
Mother, we've We've failed.
Where one sees failure, others see opportunity.
What do you mean, mother? Your infiltration proves dooku is vulnerable.
He will be eager to protect himself.
How? By finding a replacement for you.
Count dooku.
It has been too long.
Yes, mother talzin.
How may I assist you? It has come to my attention that you have lost your most prized assassin.
How would you know of this? I know these things.
I have seen it.
After all, she was once one of us.
It is true that your warriors are of an extraordinary caliber.
Perhaps something different this time.
Perhaps a male from our planet will be more to your liking, since you could not tame the female.
I shall take you up on your offer.
I will be in contact.
I will see count dooku dead.
I swear it.
So you shall.
So you shall.

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