Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e13 Episode Script


Evil is not born, it is taught.
Open for revenge.
Betrayed and left for dead by Count Dooku.
Asajj Ventress has begun a deadly game with his former master.
Launching a secret assasination attempt againts him with the help of her kind, the misterious Nightsisters.
Deceive in beliving the jedi are behind the recent attack.
Dooku has travel across the galaxy to enlist the Nightsisters.
In his quest for vengeance.
Mother Talzin.
Count Dooku, come.
We have much to discuss.
Thank you for receiving me, sister.
I believe the old alliance can again be what it once was.
You would only have to pledge your clan's allegiance to the separatists' cause.
We could certainly use the powers of the Nightsisters against the jedi.
Such a generous offer, count.
But our loyalty is reserved for only each other.
The only reason I am aiding in your search for a new assassin is because long ago, you chose to help me.
After this matter is resolved, I hope our paths never cross again.
As you wish, sister.
You must gather your strength after such a long journey.
Thank you.
Blackroot, to replenish the body.
You have heard of the sith warrior darth maul, have you not? Yes, he was slain on Naboo at the hand of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
A few still remain in his bloodline.
The men dwell on the far side of Dathomir.
What if I could provide another of his kind? A warrior of the same caliber? Yes, but I warn you.
Men are easy to acquire, hard to control.
With my last assassin, Asajj Ventress, dead and the jedi's attacks against me increasing.
Procuring a new personal assassin is essential.
Very well.
It shall be done, my Lord.
So he has agreed to take another apprentice A barbarian, no less.
A man we deliver to the count with all of the training and skill an assassin can possess.
This warrior must have no loyalty to Dooku.
He will be our pawn.
Yes, yes.
We will use our magicks to manipulate his assassin, and when the time is right Dooku will pay for his betrayal with his life.
You will go to the far side of Dathomir and find the men.
You will select the most suitable candidate, one with your strength and skill, one we can use to our advantage.
Yes, mother.
Ah, welcome, sister.
I have come for the selection.
Yes, yes, of course.
Line up, heads of each tribe! Line up for the sister! Feral, try not to draw attention to yourself.
That won't be a problem for me, Savage.
What a fine-looking specimen.
But looks aren't everything.
Too small.
Too weak.
These will do.
And him.
These men are to your liking, sister? Yes.
Now for the tests.
There will be three of them.
Whoever survives will be my champion and go on to serve me.
Understood? Yes, sister! Excellent! Let the games begin! We must be vigilant, feral.
Aren't I always? Feral! Brother, get up.
The witch.
Where is she? Pathetic.
Where are the warriors I came for? Is this is all the power these men possess? In order to fight against the force, you must see what cannot be seen.
Only four of you remain.
Who will be the first to fall? Not fast enough.
Show yourself.
Let the third and final challenge begin.
There are only two of us left, brother, but only one will survive.
No, not if I can help it.
Stick together.
We must work as a team.
Go! Savage! As long as I live, you will not harm him.
Please, spare him.
Take me.
Leave us.
My life is yours.
Yes, it is.
He has surrendered his life to me.
This one is strong A perfect male specimen.
Oh, such hate, the sheer power of it.
A tremendous gift from the galaxy, mother.
He will serve us well.
Geiss kan erde mak harden ob Stein, geiss kan lewf mak krig ob blitz, geiss kan pire mak blud loge raga, geiss kan vass byn skol zum Asajj! Erde-blitz-raga-byn, erde-blitz-raga-byn, erde-blitz-raga-byn, zum Asajj! He is ready, sisters.
Look at the strength in him, the power! Let me go! Calmly, sister.
Let me go.
That's better.
Bring in the prisoner.
Now for the final test.
Savage? Kill him.
Savage, you know me.
I am your kin.
Do not do this.
Whack! I said kill him.
No! Brother! Brother, please! You beg? Weakling! Savage! Good.
You will learn to draw your strength from your emotions.
Hate will feed you.
Never sympathize with the enemy, not even for a moment.
Yes, sister.
For you, an enchanted blade, blessed with our most potent magicks.
I think it's time we introduce the apprentice to his new master.
Wouldn't you agree? At last.
Count Dooku.
May I present Savage Opress.
He certainly is a sight to behold.
The fiercest of his kind, my Lord.
He shall serve you well.
Yes, he shall.
Mother Talzin speaks very highly of your skills.
Still, I require proof of your abilities as a warrior.
The jedi are in control of a vital outpost on the jungle planet of Devaron, a temple.
A temple? Do not be fooled, Savage.
The temple of eedit serves only as a front for the mility operations of the Republic.
It is essential that we seize the temple if the separatists ever hope to take control of that corner of the galaxy.
You shall go to Devaron and take what is rightfully ours.
Yes, my Lord.
Get him! Jedi.
Master? Stay back! No! My Lord.
Is it finished? Yes.
The temple has been taken.
And the jedi? Dead.
Very impressive, Savage.
Return to Serenno immediately.
Very well, my Lord.
You have done well, Savage.
I'll have much use for you.
Thank you, my Lord.
I foresee we will do great things together.
I shall teach you the ways of the dark side.
Soon your powers will rival that of the great sith Lord Darth Maul.
We will be even more powerful than Lord Sidious.
We shall rule the galaxy together, my apprentice.
I am your servant, Master.

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