Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e20 Episode Script

Citadel Rescue

Trapped behind enemy lines! Carrying secret information, vital to the Republic's war effort, jedi master Even Piell and captain Tarkin were taken prisoner by the separatists.
An elite strike team led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker landed on the planet, Lola Sayu, and infiltrated the prison.
The team rescued master Piell and Tarkin, but they were pursued by the prison's evil commandant, Osi Sobeck.
During the escape, their ship was destroyed.
Now we find them on the run, desperate to escape the trap that is The Citadel.
We're clear! What's our next move? We're going to have to fight our way off this rock.
Contact the Council.
See when they plan to rescue us.
I'll handle it.
Master Piell, it's good to see you alive, my friend.
Likewise, master windu.
Our escape route has been compromised, and there are several squads of droids closing in on us.
When can we expect your arrival? Master Plo is already en route.
Gunships will arrive to evacuate you and your men, but do not delay, only a small window of opportunity shall we have.
Your rendezvous point will be this island.
May the force be with you.
Incoming! No doubt, there's more on the way.
Count Dooku, my lord.
Commander Sobeck, you've been avoiding my transmissions.
My deepest respect.
I was hoping to surprise you with good news.
Good news would indeed be a surprise.
Have the prisoners been captured? Not yet, my lord, but we've located their position and my droids are moving in now.
I need not remind you that the prisoners are carrying secret hyperspace coordinates into the core systems of the Republic and our Separatist homeworlds.
This information will allow us to launch a surprise attack on coruscant, striking a crippling blow to the Republic and the jedi.
Yes, my lord.
I will see to it that they are soon back in our possession.
You should know, commander, right now your honesty is the only thing keeping you alive.
They're boxing us in! Lock in your cables! Artoo, we need your droids to hold off the enemy as long as possible.
Good, everybody follow me! This is sheer madness! We understand, sir.
We will delay the enemy as long as possible.
Prepare for attack.
It was an honor to serve under you, sir.
Keep moving! All for one and one for a Keep moving, keep moving! Master Tiin, you should be leading the fighter attack.
Once you punch a hole through their defenses, I will lead the gunships down to the surface and extract the team.
Depending on the size of their force, I don't know how much time we can buy you.
You will do your best, I'm sure.
If the team isn't at the extraction point when you arrive, you may be forced to leave them, or put us all at risk.
I'm afraid master gallia is right.
They'll be there.
The prisoners have evaded us long enough.
Bring out the anoobas! Use them for tracking only! Contact me as soon as the fugitives have been located.
Roger, Roger.
What if your jedi friends are not there when we arrive? Keep moving and you won't have to worry about that, Tarkin.
Why did master Piell have to share half the intel with that guy? It's like he's not even grateful we rescued him.
Captain Tarkin feels the jedi should be relieved from the burden of leading the war effort.
That's ridiculous.
Maybe, but we aren't soldiers.
We're peacekeepers.
The jedi code often prevents us from going far enough to achieve victory.
A rather simple point of view.
Either way, he is a good captain.
Did you hear that? Yes.
We're going to have company.
Commander, the additional reinforcements have arrived.
Tighten your grip, K2-B4.
The Republic will almost certainly attempt a second mission to infiltrate our defenses and rescue the prisoners.
I'm counting on you to ensure that nothing slips past our blockade.
You know it's not wise to argue with master Piell.
It's certainly not a good career move.
General Skywalker, I stand by my principles, no matter what.
Besides, I needn't worry about my career.
I've fallen into favor with the chancellor.
He shall support me.
Oh, I happen to know the chancellor quite well, myself.
Oh, really? Really.
Let's keep moving.
If we're not at the rendezvous at the exact time, we'll miss our window.
Those creatures are gaining.
If they've caught our scent, they'll lead the droids right to us.
We're gonna have to deal with them.
What about using this cave to surprise them? If we can get them to pass by, we can attack them from behind, but we need a distraction.
Leave that to me.
And Obi-Wan, of course.
Okay, the rest of you, follow me.
Keep going! Ahsoka and I will take care of the droids.
Master Piell! I have to get help.
Don't leave.
Listen to me carefully, child.
The information, I need you to deliver it back to the Council.
I should find Anakin or Obi-Wan.
They need to hear this.
You must listen.
But I wasn't assigned to the team.
I lied just so I could be a part of the mission.
Whether you were meant to be on this mission or not, you are now the most important part of it.
Remember this, and see to it that the information I'm about to give you is revealed to no one but the jedi Council.
Sir! The anoobas have located the fugitives along the northern shore.
Squad, come with me! I will deal with this personally.
So much for the hunting party.
There are more squads on their way.
Oh, no.
He died honorably.
What about the information? I have it.
He told me just before he died.
We don't have much time.
Let's take this moment to honor him, then we must move on.
He would have wanted us to complete our mission.
There have not been battles like these since the days of the old Republic.
Good hunting.
There's the extraction point.
Incoming! Look what I found.
They are too many droid fighters.
We need more time to break through the blockade.
We're out of time, master Tiin.
We must break through now.
Very well.
Wing commanders, form up.
We're going in.
Captain! If I can't have the information, it will die with you.
My thanks, padawan Tano.
I see you've trained her well.
The rescue ship should be here by now.
So should the rest of the separatist army.
I believe you've worn out your welcome.
Admiral coburn, we have the survivors.
Recall all fighters.
Yes, general.
Prepare to jump to lightspeed.
We're all ready, admiral.
Of master Piell's loss, we are sorry to hear.
He will be missed.
Because of his great sacrifice, we now have the nexus route coordinates.
Captain Tarkin and Ahsoka have each memorized half.
Debrief them both, we must.
With all due respect, master jedi, I was instructed by chancellor Palpatine to bring the intel directly to him for debriefing.
I promised master Piell that I would deliver it only to the Council, and that's what I will do.
Personally meet with the chancellor, I will.
Decide what is best to do, we shall.
Master Plo, there's something we want to ask you.
Did you assign ahsoka to the mission? It appears I did.
A job well done, general Skywalker.
I wish more jedi had your military sensibilities.
Perhaps I can inform the chancellor of your valor.
I'm not sure what to think of your new ally.
Well, I think we need people like him.
This is a war.
If we aren't willing to do what it takes to win, we risk losing everything we try to protect.
Unfortunately, war tends to distort our point of view.
If we sacrifice our code, even for victory, we may lose that which is most important: Our honor.

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