Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e21 Episode Script

Padawan Lost

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/!Correction needed/! / La 501ime présente: TCW S03E21 - Padawan Lost - Without humility, courage is a dangerous game.
/ Turmoil on the outer rim ! Located near on major hyperspace lines, the planet felucia is coat in on landing battle between Republic and Separatist forces.
Clone tank devisions make a ?? push, deep on the separatist control territory.
Lead by Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano, General Grievous learning on the impending Jedi attack, has dispatched reinforcements to one of his droids outpost.
Hoping to secure his grip on the system.
Droid reinforcements have just arrived.
If we break into three groups to divide their defenses.
I'll take the left flank.
Skywalker attack the front flank.
Ahsoka, you scale the background.
We'll meet in the middle.
Okay Skalts find me a way down their.
Quiet like.
Going to the front ?? wont be easy.
Hey you have a for going over that law.
I can hangle anything.
Don't get cocky.
Hold up.
I sense something out there.
I don't think so.
Probably just an animal.
Come on, we've got to get to that wall.
Stay alert men, that move.
Skywalker, Ahsoka, are you in position? Ready and waiting master Plo.
We're in position.
We are detecting several republic tanks.
moving in on the ?? in front of us.
Artillery open fire.
Attack! Steady.
- Wait for my move.
- Copy that.
Follow me! ??? get up there.
We're all clear men, come on up.
I'll be right there.
I can't believe my luck.
A Jedi youngling.
The outpost is secured.
Good job ??.
Where's commander Tano? She was covering our flank when we scale the wall.
Everybody fend out.
I want a ?? now.
Ahsoka stay you're location.
Ahsoka come in.
Are you there? Can you hear me.
Ahsoka come in.
Work chipi.
Can you hear me? You wont be needing this.
What is this place? Who's this pirates? This are Trandoshan.
They're going to release huntus down for spoot.
? down.
We have found new ?? for the hunt.
The youngling will provide great sport.
Perhaps you're first jedi kill.
Are you ready ? .
You're son will We'll take this new bacht to island fool.
Time to see who is smart enought to join the hunt.
Open fire! You need to come with us.
Who are you? We used to be jedi younglings.
We never stood that chance.
They attacked us on a training machine.
We were captured and brought here.
Why would they take younglings.
Because Jedi knight are too powerfull for them.
I'm Kalifa this is O-Mer and Jinx Who are you? Ahsoka Tano.
I was captured during the battle of Felucia.
I'm a padawan learner.
What's the situation here? You've better sit down.
We were taken by thoose looser for their amusement.
Be hunted, killed, mounted on their wall let's.
We've been stuck here for more rotation that we can count.
No one has come for us.
I anyone is still looking.
Truth on that padawan, then rest.
We've been over the same area a doesn't times.
No sign of commander Tano.
Not good enought rex, try again.
We have alerted all forces trought the out rim.
And intelligence has .
If she's spotted, we should know about this.
- Good - Skywalker.
Our mission here is finished, we must return to Coruscant.
I'm not abandoning her.
Your emotions are clowding you're jugement.
It's time to go.
Call everybody in rex, we're leaving.
Ahsoka, it's time to go.
What's happened.
The sun's almost up, it's mean we're clear out.
Where do you go? We keep moving, and keep those disgusting hunters from picking up our sent.
That's you're plan? If you really are a Padawan you'll know there's .
You will learn if you listen, and only if you listen.
The sun has .
Let's the hunt begin.
Get down.
Someone's coming.
Those two camin with me, we should help them.
It's too late.
Look at her run.
It's your shot.
Take her out.
We could have stop them.
No Ahsoka.
We're not savers here.
Here we are survivers.
If they had spotted us we'll be dead now.
We never get out of here if we just keep hidy.
We have to at.
There were other padawans here, and that one thought as you do know.
All right, were are they? They're dead.
Just because they failed.
Doesn't mean, we will.
You don't understand.
It's not we don't want to fight.
We're younglings, we have every advantages.
??, get back here! I can do that.
My master will never forgive me for running and hiding in situation like this.
Do not over estimate you're abilyties.
I'm not.
Ahsoka, don't.
Don't kill him.
Out of.
It's not the Jedi way.
The others will be coming.
I don't understand.
Why wont this thing work.
The Trandoshan deactivate the blasters if you take them.
That is why none of us have any.
It's been a long time since the Trandoshan captured an other padawan and brought them here.
- Thanks.
- I don't mean that is an insult.
I mean it as a .
And mistake.
On their part, Ahsoka.
You're energy, you're .
It's what we've been blackin.
begining to loose hope and forgot who we are.
And who are you? We are Jedi.
All right, we need a strategy.
So, what do you suggest? What about a base.
They must have a or something, right? Not .
ever seen.
So where do they come from? Well, we don't know.
If we're going to go to the offensive, we need to find out where they live.
We'll start covering ground tomorow.
We already covered the beach area.
And most of the brayer on this side of the baie.
If it's was easy to find, you guys will find it before I got here.
Maybe we should try more in land.
That's where they shot.
Guys, I think we're looking in the wrong place.
That's their fortress.
Split up! O-Mer this way.
Kalifa! Finish her, my son.
Kill is yours.
I will kill her, with my own hands.
Come here you jedi .
Not so impressive, are you? And you'll have be the honor of being my first Jedi Kill.
Firts of many, I hope.
It's okay.
I can make it.
Kalifa! Those jedi kill my son.
There's no escape.
I'll hunt you down! Move us in closer! Can't.
too .
Kalifa, we have to move.
Ahsoka, leave me.
- I wont.
- You have to.
Ahsoka, please take care of.
I'll take care of the others.
I know you will.
I'll kill you! You kill my son! I'll kill you! Get hunt for free.
What is Ahsoka streight.
She is furless.
That can also be a weakness.
Is she the aprentis.
No one has her kind of determination.
Except you.
I'll find her.
This may not be with in your power.
What ever you're trying to say master Plo, just say it! I am suggesting, that perhaps, if you have train her well, she is take care of herself.
And find a way back, to you.
Sous-titres: [swclonewars.

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