Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e02 Episode Script

Gungan Attack

A government toppled by civil war.
Refusing to accept Prince Lee-Char as the next ruler of Mon Cala, the Quarren people join the Separatist alliance, and launch an all-out attack on the Mon Calamari.
Caught unprepared, the young prince and his Jedi protectors are quickly overwhelmed and forced to retreat into caves far below the capital city, leaving Count Dooku and his allies to plan their next move.
And the young prince, has he been captured? No, My Lord.
Unfortunately he escaped capture, and is hiding with what's left of the Jedi and their army.
Do not underestimate this boy, Tamson.
He must not become a symbol for the Mon Calamari people to rally behind.
This child is but a coward.
He is no leader.
That is irrelevant.
The whispering of his name can rekindle hope, and hope is something we cannot allow our enemy to possess.
Excuse me, Count Dooku, but what of the prisoners? They are to be processed.
Internment camps have been set up below the city.
Gather the rabble there.
Then set them to work.
Surely, you do not mean all of them.
The women and children Are to be sent as well.
Is that understood? Yes, My Lord.
Tamson, I'm sending you reinforcements.
Hold them in reserve and wait for the Republic's next move.
As you wish, Count Dooku.
We've lost contact with all clone troopers and Mon Cala soldiers.
The Quarren ambushed us.
They were ready to attack long before the peace talks came to an end.
Desperate, the situation is.
Reinforce your position, clones, we can Master, please repeat.
Are you sending reinforcements? You're breaking up.
Are they coming? I don't know.
But they know our situation.
They must know to send help.
Yeah, but it may take them a while to get here.
We're gonna have to get ourselves to the surface and get off this rock.
I will not leave my people to die.
With all due respect, Your Highness, if we stay, we all die.
We must reach the surface and see if our ship is still there.
The prince will decide our course of action.
I think it is best for us to try and escape using your ship.
As you wish, Your Highness.
Follow me.
It'll take us days to outfit another clone regiment for underwater combat.
Days our friends do not have.
Perhaps we should look to armies other than clones to help our cause.
What do you suggest? A suitable ally, we must find, to help with this mission.
Yes, an underwater race that has a standing army, and is close enough to send help quickly.
Naboo? Yes, to the Gungans, we must look.
We shall contact them immediately.
That's a lot of enemy troops between us and the surface.
It's no problem.
I just hope you're a fast swimmer.
Says the boy from the desert planet.
Are you certain your ship is still there? There's only one way to find out.
I'll create a diversion so you can get past those patrols.
All right.
Try to get a mini-sub or two.
It'll help us speed to the surface.
No problem.
Ahsoka, you're up first.
Take the prince and Senator Tills.
Got it! Sir, the Jedi have reappeared with the prince.
They are headed to the surface.
Let them get within sight of their ship.
I want them to watch their hope sink to the bottom of the sea.
There's the ship.
Still in one piece.
Spring the trap.
Oh! Well, Prince, how do you feel about fighting again? Master Jedi, we're too vulnerable here.
We must reach the sea floor.
Grab onto the debris.
Let it carry you to the bottom.
I think I'm getting seasick.
- Back so soon? - Yeah, the ship had some problems.
I can see that, all around me.
This is our only chance.
We need to split up and hide the prince's whereabouts.
- I'm not sure that's the best strategy.
I'm sure.
Captain Ackbar's words are my own.
It will give us the best chances of surviving if we split up.
As you wish.
Ahsoka, you and the prince go with Kit and take the clones.
I'll take the senators and Captain Ackbar.
Lay low.
Our only hope is that Master Yoda can send help in time.
No, Prince Lee-Char is our only hope.
Master Yoda, sir, to what's we owing the pleasure of your transmission? Your help, the Republic needs.
Something's telling me it's big help you need.
No? Senator Amidala, your long-time ally, trapped on an occupied planet, she is.
Mesa needs some thinking time to respond to thisa news.
Thinking! Nosa thinking.
Mesa thinking Padmé would help us, has helped us, big time.
Wesa gots to help her now.
Yousa right.
Thinking time's done.
Wesa need to be leaving now.
I don't think we've been followed.
Commander Monnk, post a lookout.
We have no army and we don't know if reinforcements are coming.
What are our options? We sit tight.
There's not much we can do.
Sir, you better come see this.
So many prisoners! Where are they taking them? To become slaves.
I can't believe Nossor Ri and the Quarren agreed to this.
Count Dooku rules here for now, not the Quarren.
What you see, Prince, is the future of all the people on this world, Mon Cala and Quarren, all slaves for Count Dooku.
Captain Ackbar, which of these structures houses the city's interplanetary scanners? It's over there, across the square.
Why? Well, just in case Master Yoda is sending reinforcements, I thought it would be helpful if the enemy couldn't tell they were coming.
If we knock out those sensors, they won't see our reinforcements until they're right on top of the city.
Assuming someone is coming.
I am sure Master Yoda will find a way to send help.
Anakin, it's your move.
Follow me.
There must be something more I can do.
I know it's hard, but you have to be patient.
But you saw my people.
I failed them.
No, remember Captain Ackbar's words, "You are the hope of your people.
" As long as you live, they will endure.
I need an army.
We have to fight back.
You don't have to carry a sword to be powerful.
Some leaders' strength is inspiring greatness in others.
But my people don't even know I'm alive.
How can I inspire them if they think I'm dead? Okay, just cover me.
I'm gonna have to concentrate.
Concentrate? Concentrate on what? Bringing that building down.
Anakin, hurry.
What's happening? Report! We've lost all radar and sonar scanning, sir.
- Reestablish the connections.
- We cannot, sir.
Why not? The building that housed the radar is gone.
We're blind.
Prepare for an attack.
But there was nothing on the scope prior to the attack.
That is precisely why we must assume an attack is imminent! Guards, to me! Where are you going? To find that meddling prince and his Jedi friends! At least we're taking attention away from the prince.
Oh, no, the prince Hurry! The prince, he's alive! Look there! People of Mon Cala, all people of Mon Cala who would not be slaves, have hope.
We will fight for you, Prince.
You will not be prisoners much longer.
Okay, I think the show is over.
The guards will be coming.
We have to go.
Wesa ready.
The tide has turned in our favor.
Let's free my people.
Attack! Ani, mesa so happy to see you.
Perfect timing, Jar Jar.
Whatsa? Mesa can't hear so good since me submerged.
Tamson, come in.
Where are you? The Republic reinforcements are overwhelming our defenses.
We must retreat.
We must retreat now.
I warned you this attack was coming.
Where are the Jedi concentrating their attack? There are two groups of Jedi, one, in the lower city center, and two, releasing the prisoners near the coral base.
The prisoners! The prince must be with them.
I'm committing the reinforcements that Count Dooku sent to the attack.
He will not escape this time.
Churn them up.
Stay in the center, there's less turbulence.
Anakin! Skywalker, we've got one chance.
Ahsoka, escape with the prince.
I'll hold him off.
Sever one of the legs.
Find the prince! Find him! Now you and I are the only ones left.
I'm sorry, Lee-Char.
I know what I must do.
I know my people need me.
I just don't know how to win this war.
Look, I know you're scared, but you can't let your fear control you.
Aren't you scared? I used to be, all the time, until I realized that if you make decisions out of fear, you're more likely to be wrong.
I will unify Mon Cala again, I promise.
We have to go.

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