Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e03 Episode Script


A last gasp of hope! After the assassination of his father and the fall of his kingdom beneath a planetary civil war, Mon Cala Prince Lee-Char has gone into hiding with Padawan Ahsoka Tano as his only protector.
With his armies captured and friends imprisoned, the situation seems hopeless for the prince.
Count Dooku commands his sinister agent Riff Tamson to use any means necessary to bring Prince Lee-Char out of hiding, for he knows that hope does remain as long as the prince is alive.
A senator, two Jedi Knights, and a fumbling amphibian.
I would have thought the prince would be easier to capture than the four of you.
It must be part of our plan.
I had the exact same thought.
- Don't touch me.
- Let go of her.
Rack 'em up! No! Mesa don't like this.
Ow! That pinching! Tamson, leave them alone.
Do not worry, Jedi, there's plenty of suffering to go around.
Eels, very dangerous.
Now, tell me, where is Prince Lee-Char? We can't hide forever.
The Gungan Army was the last of the Republic's reinforcements.
There won't be any more.
The failure is mine, not the Republic's.
Get back! If my father were here, he could unite with Nossor Ri and the Quarren.
The Quarren and Mon Cala have always had a difficult relationship, but it was respectful, until Riff Tamson arrived.
Once that Carcadon got inside Nossor Ri's head the alliance between the Mon Cala and the Quarren fell apart.
I know what I must do.
The Mon Cala and Quarren people must be reunited.
I like your thinking, but what's the strategy? Count all the prisoners, Mon Cala, Gungans, clones.
If we all fought together we would outnumber our opponent.
If this is going to work, we'll need to let your people know.
They'll have to be ready to fight.
We need Captain Ackbar and I think I know where to find him.
I have interrogated the Jedi, My Lord, but they will not give up the whereabouts of the prince.
The Jedi's resistance to pain is impressive.
Press the interrogation, Tamson.
We cannot allow the prince to survive.
The royal bloodline must be broken.
Count Dooku, is this necessary? The battle is won.
The prince has no army to rally.
Now is the time for the Quarren to take the lead - and think of rebuilding.
- Rebuild? While this battle has been won, there is still a war going on, Senator Ri.
A war in which you pledged your allegiance to the Separatist cause! Of course, Count, we owe you everything.
Do not soon forget it.
Tamson, have your soldiers arrived? - Soldiers? - Yes, Count.
We now have the city under our control.
Continue as planned.
It's a prison camp.
How can we be sure Captain Ackbar is inside? There's only one way to find out.
Will we ever get out of here? The city is fallen, prince is lost.
Prince Lee-Char? Are you a prisoner here as well? I am here, but not as a prisoner.
I've come with a message.
As your future king, I have not lost hope.
The time is coming when you will be free again.
I will not fail you.
We want to believe, but how can this be possible? - Commander Tano.
- Monnk, am I glad to see you.
Yes, Commander, but you both must come with me now.
You'll attract too much attention here, and I think there's someone who'll be happy to see you.
Prince! You can't leave us here.
Have courage.
The next time I appear to you, I will appear as your king.
I grow tired of waiting, Jedi.
- Where is the prince? - Even if we knew, we would not say.
To be honest, it matters little to me.
I would torture you either way, but Count Dooku insists I capture the prince.
And there is the slight chance you're deceiving me and holding back some information I could use.
And in my position, I cannot afford to take chance! No! Time is of the essence.
Now tell me what I want to know.
You're alive.
Captain, you were right.
Prince, I knew you would survive the battle.
Captain, I need your help.
I have a plan.
I know how we can win this fight.
But the battle is over, young Prince.
And it appears that we have lost.
In truth, we now outnumber our enemy.
We can overwhelm them.
But we are prisoners.
If we revolted thousands would die.
Not if the Quarren struck first and aided in our attack.
Prince, how can you say this? The Quarren betrayed us.
They assassinated your father! No, Captain, Riff Tamson murdered my father.
Of that, I am sure.
The Quarren are being used, I've seen it happen before.
Count Dooku has deceived them.
The prince is right.
Riff Tamson murdered my father.
We'll find Nossor Ri.
He was my father's friend.
I know he will listen.
- How can you be certain of this? - I can't, but it's time for me to lead.
And this, I feel, is my only course of action.
- I will ready our people, Prince.
- But, Captain, you're injured.
I'll be ready to fight with our future king.
I'll marshal the remaining clones and Gungans.
What will your signal be? When a Quarren attacks our enemy, that will be your sign.
You are under arrest.
No, stay your blade, my friend.
I am Lee-Char, leader of the Mon Cala people, and I demand to speak to your superiors.
Your friend's time is running short.
I'm beginning to believe you're both telling the truth, and know nothing about the prince's whereabouts.
- Yes.
We have located the prince and have him in custody.
He has requested an audience with the leadership.
By all means, bring him to me.
I shall meet you in the throne room.
Roger, roger.
The throne room? Yes.
I want that little one to see me in my rightful place as ruler of this world.
Ruler? That was not our arrangement with Count Dooku.
No, it wasn't your arrangement.
It was mine! Wait! The prisoner! You have to save her! - No, I don't.
- Tamson Ani, mesa have an idea.
Not now, Jar Jar.
We need to save Padmé.
Anakin, we must create a bubble for her to breathe from.
Use the Force to push the water away from her helmet.
I'm on it.
It's working! It's working! Look out! Jar Jar? - Padmé! I'm sorry I couldn't - I'm here.
Jar Jar sealed my helmet with his Yesa.
It's Gungan waterproofing.
It's why wesa swim so good.
Greetings, Prince.
We meet again.
I must admit you were more difficult to capture than I anticipated, Prince.
You have my respect as hunter to his prey.
I do not seek, nor do I want your respect.
I have come to demand the freedom of my people.
Your people? You're mistaken, Prince.
They are my people and under my rule.
They, like you, are nothing more than slaves.
Your rule is not recognized here, Tamson.
My people are all those who live in these seas, whether they be Mon Cala or Quarren.
Surely you have not come here seeking the aid of Nossor Ri.
Do you really think he would trade his position to join you? The Quarren are already slaves, though they may not see it.
Nossor Ri, you knew my father.
Whatever differences our people had in the past, surely you must know we can work together to make Mon Cala whole.
Dooku and Tamson want only to exploit us, and leave our cities broken and our resources depleted.
What will then be left for the Quarren? Well, Nossor Ri, would you like to join this pitiful little fish and his dead father? There, you see.
What good will their help be anyway, Prince? The Quarren are more gutless than your people.
As long as I live, I shall give all people of Mon Cala hope to fight another day.
Hope? We are of the same mind, Prince.
That is why I have scheduled your public execution.
Take him away! Nossor Ri, there's still time! Unite and we will defend our home.
All right, I think I'm getting the hang of this.
Less talking helps.
Jar Jar, I can't see anything.
Where are they taking us? Hey, yousa.
Where yousa taking us? To the execution of Prince Lee-Char.
Good job protecting the prince.
It's all part of the plan, Master.
I was hoping you were going to say that.
Anything I can do? Unfortunately, this time it's out of our hands.
I'm not sure I like this plan after all.
For crimes against the Separatist state, I command the execution of former Prince Lee-Char.
Captain, Nossor Ri and the Quarren are with you.
Kill him! Fight, Quarren! Fight for Prince Lee-Char! - Send in more droids! - Roger, roger.
Look out! Prince Lee-Char.
Your rule is at an end before it started, Tamson! I killed your father without pity or mercy.
Then I'll return the favor! The day is won! Long live the prince! Long live the prince! Long live the prince! Long live the prince! Your father would be so proud.
I know.
May the blessings of the water keep you.
The might of your ancestors, give you strength.
As representative of the Quarren people, I pledge our loyalty to you.
And as your king, I pledge my loyalty to all people of Mon Cala.
I present King Lee-Char! Long live the king! Long live King Lee-Char! Long live the king! Long live King Lee-Char!
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