Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e04 Episode Script

Shadow Warrior

As war continues to fracture the galaxy, planets become pawns in a dangerous chess game.
One planet in peril is Naboo, where suffering and civil unrest threaten once-friendly relations between the people on the surface and the underwater-dwelling Gungans.
Rumors that the Gungans plan to aid the Separatists in an attack on Theed force senator Padmé Amidala home, accompanied by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.
Jar Jar, do you read me? It's Anakin.
We need you to meet us on the surface of Lake Paonga immediately.
Okie day, mui palo.
There's bombad trouble down here.
We know.
That's why we need to talk to you.
Oh, boy.
Mesa must stop zipping to the surface.
Ears go boomba some day.
What's going on, Jar Jar? We're hearing disturbing rumors.
Is Boss Lyonie calling for a march on Theed? Oh, yes, my lady.
He give mui fiery speeches, blaming Naboo for everything.
Mesa say it couldn't be true.
Of course, it's not.
We need to talk to him, Jar Jar.
For centuries the Nabooians have treated you like second-class citizens.
No more! There's moments in history when change is necessary.
Are you going to take what is rightfully ours? This mui mui bad.
Don't worry, General, mesa friends can help.
Mesa hope so, Jar Jar.
Be quick.
Young Senator Amidala, if you here to talk mesa out of marching on Theed, you wasting time.
With all due respect, your course of action is based on lies.
You must make your warriors stand down.
Mesa different now! Mesa enlightened! See? Acting loconut.
He seems possessed, if you ask me.
Or under someone's influence.
Stop whispering and go, be gone.
The necklace! What's happening? Binks? Who are they? Who are we? Boss Lyonie, don't you remember anything? Who gave you this necklace, Your Majesty? Minister Rish Loo, he given it to me.
He telling me it make me bombad leader, very powerful.
They say Rish Loo know ancient Gungan mystical power.
Mind over matter.
But he only use it for good.
Until now, you mean.
Events, they're proceeding as planned, Count.
Very good.
Mesa able to persuade the officers to allowing the Separatist army easy access into Naboo.
You're doing the right thing for your people, Minister Loo.
Let mesa go in alone.
We'll be right outside.
And mesa counsel will be rewarded in yousa new order? You will be most influential.
Someone is coming.
Why it's Boss Lyonie! What do mesa owe the pleasure? You tricked me, Rish Loo.
- Mesa don't - You used magical powers to manipulate mesa head-thoughts.
Mesa never attack the surface-dwelling brothers and sisters unless you clouded mesa head.
You not thinking clearly, bombad leader.
Where's the necklace mesa given you? It's destroyed.
You not control me no more.
You mistaken, king fool.
Something's wrong, we better get up there.
Boss Lyonie, don't listen to him! You get them! - Check on Boss Lyonie.
- Ani! This is mui upsetting, my lady.
I know, Jar Jar.
How is he? The bandages have stopped the bleeding, but he's unconscious.
The Gungans are still gathered and poised to march on Theed.
Boss Lyonie never got a chance to call off the invasion.
And it's almost dusk.
Jar Jar, you're a senator, you have to tell them to stand down.
They'll listen to you.
These Gungans are proud.
With the mood at the moment, mesa the last person they'll listen to now.
I don't believe it.
The resemblance is remarkable.
Who resembles what? You.
You look just like Boss Lyonie.
I didn't realize it until you put the crown on.
This gives me an idea.
Jar Jar, you must put on Lyonie's robes and keep that crown on.
Oh, no, no! Mesa can't do that.
You have to if we're going to convince the Gungan army to stand down.
But they never listen to mesa.
Maybe not, but they will listen to Boss Lyonie.
But we all don't look alike! This a sad day for all Gungans.
Our beloved leader, Boss Lyonie, is dead.
We must honor his last order and prepare for our attack against the Naboo.
We march with the Separatist droid army on Theed! Death to the Naboo! This bad.
This very bad.
Get up there and stop the attack.
Er Mesa can't do it.
You can't, but Boss Lyonie can.
Now get out there.
It's Boss Lyonie.
He's alive.
Say something.
I He is alive, he is.
Mesa Mesa fellow Gungans.
Mesa made terrible mistake ordering march on Theed.
We canceling our attack.
It is Boss Lyonie.
It's working.
Rish Loo manipulated mesa head-thoughts with lies and misinformation.
He's the real enemy.
No, no! Good work, now try not to mess this up, Boss Lyonie.
Battle droids? What they doing here? They think we still allies because of Rish Loo.
Our General wishes to speak with you about the canceled attack.
- Jar Jar? - No, Lyonie.
Mesa Boss Lyonie.
Mesa talk to the General.
Follow me.
Come in, Minister Lyonie.
Let's sit down and have a talk.
Has this seat been taken? Here.
So I hear you have decided not to aid our attack on the Naboo.
Oh, yes.
We must put end to unfortunate, unfortunate bang-bang conflict.
It was a great effort and cost for me to bring my armies here.
Mesa sorry that Boss Excuse me.
Mesa was receiving mui bad advice.
If you won't attack the Naboo, I will.
Hold that thought.
General Tarpals! Yes, Boss? You need to do that.
That thing, that big troop thing.
What did you just say? Go, go.
Mesa Mesa just telling General that we must make the immediate arrangement for a Gungan-Separatist attack.
Senator, mesa has urgent message from Boss Lyonie.
He say General Grievous is here.
Grievous is here? Where's Anakin? He's chasing Rish Loo.
General Tarpals, listen to me, you must capture Grievous.
But how? There's too many droids helping him.
The droid commander still thinks you're on the same side, have the droids shut down, then attack.
It's the only way.
Grievous is a bombad warrior, but we shall do as you say.
I always be believing in the friendship between Gungans and the Naboo.
Thank you, General.
Oh! What are we waiting for? Hmm.
Planning attack take time.
You are a man of few words, Boss Lyonie.
Well, mesa more of a deep thinker.
You are not Boss Lyonie.
You have no idea of the power within my grasp.
Uh-oh! Huh? You army is shut down, General.
Mesa suggest you surrender.
You can't be serious? How does it feel to die? Not die.
Jar Jar, now! Huh? This turn of events is unfortunate.
General Grievous is a critical part of my plan for the Clone Wars.
He must not remain captive.
What is to be done, my lord? You must lure Skywalker into a trap, then negotiate a prisoner exchange.
How can you be certain the Republic will trade Grievous for Skywalker? I have no doubt SenatorAmidala will gladly agree to your terms.
As you wish, my lord.
- Rish Loo.
- Yes, Count? I am at your secret laboratory.
Meet me here and leave enough of a trail for Skywalker to follow you.
I have a surprise waiting for him.
Master, I have done what you asked.
Skywalker is here.
Young Master Skywalker, you're nothing if not relentless.
- What a surprise.
- Dooku.
You're a fool, Rish Loo.
Why bring the war to Naboo? How quickly you forget.
After all, the war started here years ago.
You were a part of that first battle? The Sith control everything, you just don't know it.
Where's Ani? He been gone mui long time.
I'm not sure, Jar Jar.
Anakin! Senator Amidala, we meet again.
I must regretfully inform you that young Skywalker has been detained.
What have you done with Anakin? Now, now, Senator, let's not become emotional.
What do you want, Dooku? I'm glad you asked.
I could be persuaded to return Skywalker to you in exchange for General Grievous.
I can't do that.
I'm sorry.
You soon will be.
Stop! You cannot torture a prisoner.
Torture? I don't know what you mean.
I'll give you an hour to consider my proposition.
I'm sure you will make the right choice.
You have to trade with him.
I can't, Jar Jar.
With Grievous captured, we could win the war.
But, Padmé, he's our friend.
I know.
I know, Jar Jar.
Mesa think you have to deal.
You should listen to Binks, he's right.
Release the General.
Padmé, I'm sorry.
It's all right, Ani.
Binks, you been bombad leader in my place.
This a second time you stopping war between us and the Naboo.
And we are grateful, Senator Binks.
Mesa doing my best.

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