Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e05 Episode Script

Mercy Mission

Global crisis! The Mid Rim planet ofAleen is devastated by catastrophic earthquakes.
As the people struggle, the future of the survivors rests on their ability to rekindle a way of life from the rubble of the past.
A Jedi transport, on a mission to block Separatist annexation of the Qiilura system, is waylaid to provide desperately needed humanitarian relief to the people on the surface ofAleen.
Commander Wolffe, we've been waiting for your report.
We've located clusters of life forms on the planet's surface, Senator.
There are thousands of survivors.
That is good news.
The Aleena will be very glad to see you.
Yes, well, my orders are to get them on the path to rebuilding and move on.
General Plo needs reinforcements as soon as possible.
Your orders stand.
With hope leave them, but return to the war you must.
Yes, sir.
We'll start landing procedures immediately.
Huh, really? Must you be so rough? What, you think this is rough? Wait till we get to the surface.
Traipsing through a natural disaster zone is not my kind of diversion, Artoo.
You may be game for adventure.
I certainly am not.
- Oh! - Suck it up, Shiney.
That will leave a mark.
Great, it's gonna be another one of those planets.
Who packed the translator droid? Hello.
I'm here, Commander.
Oh, hello.
My, a local custom, I suppose.
- Ah, did you get that? - Certainly, I did.
Commander Wolffe, you have the honor of meeting King Manchucho.
His message, simply put is, "Welcome to our disaster.
Glad you could come.
" They will save us and feed our stomachs.
The Gods below will know peace once more.
They are expressing gratitude, Commander, and the chant is a rather flowery way of asking, "What's for dinner?" Oh, oh.
Commander, we're experiencing some settling from the original event.
It's to be expected.
An aftershock, everyone.
No, no.
Please remain calm.
I repeat.
Yes, yes.
Yes, thank you.
It wasn't actually me, but thank you anyway.
Trooper squads, scan for unstable ground.
Mark unsafe areas.
Let's get these cans unloaded.
Access and repair of their mainframe computers is job one.
The R2-unit has uploaded the Republic's reboot manuals with instructions on how to make the equipment we're leaving operational.
They are asking if we would "Make peace in the ground.
" We're good, but not that good.
- Sinker! - Commander.
Take your team, the R2-unit and a couple of Aleena to the mainframe station.
Let's get them back online.
On it, sir.
All right, little fellas, let's go.
Looks like the rubble is blocking the entry.
I got this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Boost, you want what's left of the place crashing down on our heads? You worry too much.
I could've done that! After you, little guy.
Run metrics on structural degradation, will you? Did you find anything? All right, let's get the download started.
Another quake? Coming here was a bad idea.
I'm beginning to agree with you.
We've marked out areas for a temporary hospital and a communal kitchen here.
The Aleena feel great shame.
He is saying, first, peace must be restored.
We must go inside Under Inside.
He says no to the kitchen.
This is a relief mission.
Perhaps, they do not allow eating in public.
Do I need this? Here's how it is.
My orders are to deliver supplies and reestablish power and communication systems.
Report back to the transport the moment that R2-unit has completed the download.
Tell them we'll be out of their hair in no time.
A firm hand.
Well done, Commander, if I may say.
Well done.
Download in progress, Commander.
Report back to the staging area.
We need all hands on deck.
The droid can finish up.
On our way, sir.
All right, Artoo, stay here and monitor the download and get back to the ship as soon as possible.
Watch your step, Shiney.
Impossible clones.
What have we here? Something to show us? I see no reason why not, time permitting, of course.
Rather impatient creatures, aren't they? A little diplomacy goes a long way.
Of course you wouldn't understand.
But there is no harm in humoring them.
Yes, yes, yes, we're coming.
We're coming.
Artoo, keep your sensor on them, just in case.
Oh, my! Oh, yes, I see.
A sacred treasure indeed, to be excavated and examined at a later stage with the proper equipment.
Better to stay at a safe distance, thank you.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Artoo! Artoo, is that you? I suppose that could have been worse.
Oh, my! Now, it is.
There must be some way out of here.
Setting foot on this planet was a mistake in the first place.
We belong on Senator Amidala's balcony, watching Coruscant's glorious moons rise above the City of Spires What was that? Wait, no.
Shut Shut it off.
We're saved.
I knew I would find a way out.
Look, little guy, we're doing everything we can.
Has anyone seen the translator droid? Okay.
That's fine with me.
Did you see that? It's an ambush.
We're under attack.
Get these bugs off.
Get off! Artoo, help! Okay.
Stop! Stop! Okay, that's quite enough.
Sometimes, Artoo, you go too far.
Why have you come? I believe this tree is talking to us.
You do not belong.
I heartily agree.
Being here is a terrible mistake.
Go! Leave us to rest! We will be happily on our way if you would just point us in the right direction.
Why have the surface dwellers destroyed the peace? To be accurate, the quakes did that.
The ground shakes to keep out their foul air, which poisons and destroys us.
The quakes have caused many to die, that is why we have come to help.
How? However we can.
There is not much time.
Find what you were sent here to do.
Ask Orphne.
She will know.
Yes, yes, yes, on our way to see Orphne directly.
Artoo, let's get out of here.
My ocular sensors seem to be malfunctioning.
Certainly, I remember.
He said the surface dwellers destroyed the peace.
I don't know.
Look, let's find this Orphne.
It seems she has all the answers.
Oh, my Pardon me, madam.
Oh I can't eat you.
Well, that's a relief.
If you are Orphne, we have come to ask How to get back? Well, yes.
We have lost our way.
There is a covenant between the Aleena of old and our subterranean world.
We survive because the ground keeps us apart.
But you are apart.
The divide was breached when they attacked our most sacred site.
Attacked? Without going through the natural filtering process, the surface air is deadly to us.
We caused the quakes that followed.
But so many on the surface have died.
We are not destroyers by nature, but we must do what is in our power to seal the breach.
We can seal the breach, just tell us where it is.
We can help.
If you have come to help us, you will help.
If you are meant to return to the surface, you will find your way.
What? But this is a dead end.
You can't keep us here.
This is an outrage.
Your destiny is your own.
Perhaps it is through your desire to survive that your greater purpose will be revealed.
You can run, but cannot walk.
You have a mouth, but cannot talk.
You have a head, but never weep.
You have a bed, but never sleep.
Ask yourself, who are you? Wait.
Wait, Orphne! Don't go! Artoo, we're doomed.
I don't know.
What was the breach that she spoke of? What was broken? Artoo, hurry, replay Orphne's message.
Yes, riddle.
I know it's a riddle.
That's what we're trying to figure out, what the riddle means.
Just play it back, would you? You can run, but cannot walk.
You have a mouth, but cannot talk.
You have a head, but never weep.
You have a bed, but never sleep.
Run, but cannot walk.
Have a mouth, but cannot talk.
Don't worry, Artoo, I'll figure it out very soon.
Riddles are my specialty.
Let's see.
Cannot walk.
A mouth, but cannot talk.
What? Fire? It isn't fire.
Let me think.
Soil? Of course it's not soil! What are you going on about? I nearly had it.
Water? Artoo, will you stop your mumbling and let me think.
What are you doing now? This is no time to clean up.
All this water.
I detest getting wet! Water.
A river.
A river! Artoo, it's a river! That's it, I have figured it out.
It is a river.
River is the magic word.
Look, it's working! Oh, quick, Artoo, quick.
This might be our ticket out of here.
You've figured it out? How could you Artoo, we've made it! We're saved! Oh, my! The vapors! Look, Artoo.
Do you see? That is why the Aleena cannot seal the breach, the air below the ground is deadly to them, but it has no effect on us.
I understand, Artoo.
I finally understand! They are waiting for us to help them.
They need us.
We must do what we should have done in the first place.
We must block the hole which leads to the underworld using that seal.
That is the breach that Orphne spoke of.
Go, Artoo! You can do it! What do you mean I have to help? No, you are right, Artoo.
Oh, oh, oh! You are welcome.
I knew we would be able to help.
Hey, Shiney! You two finished with those repairs on the computer system? My good sir, you may not realize it, but we have been on quite an adventure.
Really? Quite an adventure, huh? Get a load of this one.
One? Which one? What What do you Just come on, the Commander's been looking for you.
You are most welcome, Your Majesty.
Just doing our job in the service of the Republic.
No, Artoo, I will tell the story.
No one understands you, anyway.
It's only proper.
I am the one who solved the riddle, I should be the one to relay the story.
I will, of course, report on your individual heroics.
Do you think Senator Amidala will hold As soon as we rendezvous with Master Gallia, we're off-loading those two.
I couldn't agree more, sir.
Himself shall attend.
Dare to dream, Artoo.
Dare to dream!
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