Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e13 Episode Script

Escape from Kadavo

A people enslaved! To locate the abducted colonists of a peace-loving world, the Jedi infiltrated the slaver planet of Zygerria, only to be captured by its ambitious queen, who plots to rebuild her empire of oppression.
Now even Obi-Wan Kenobi must come to terms with a life in chains.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, once a Jedi master, now a Jedi slave.
Keep eyes on your toil, skug! Everything about this place is designed to shatter the will.
It has already begun to affect these poor people.
Speech is forbidden! I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
There will be punishment! No, stop, it's my mistake! Leave him alone! Now a slave gives me commands? Beg! Beg me before this one dies because of you! Please.
Forgive me, Master.
Keep away from me.
Jedi only make things worse.
Long have Sith empires been built upon the backs of slaves.
To carry on this tradition, we will require millions.
I assure you, the Queen's defiance will not sour your plans, Master.
If she fails to see the error of her ways, end her rule.
Have you considered my offer, Skywalker? If you vow loyalty to me, I will free your friends.
It's not an easy decision.
Hmm, curious.
I thought the Jedi were selfless, placing the needs of others before their own.
My Queen, I bring word.
Count Dooku is on his way here.
Ah, sooner than anticipated.
Make preparations for his arrival.
So even you have a master.
Dooku is not my master! Perhaps you should not attend this meeting.
Can I trust you not to run away? I don't run away from anything, Your Highness.
Hmm Get off, you miserable tin can! Get down there and find that Jedi.
Yes, sir.
Nice work, pal.
You find Ahsoka? I wasn't expecting you, Count.
Not without an invitation.
But I was invited, by your faithful advisor.
He's concerned over how attached you've become to Skywalker.
Skywalker is a symbol of my Our power to enslave even Jedi.
Your power over him is an illusion.
You forget, I was once a Jedi myself.
You have little in common with Anakin.
Please, hear my plans for the Jedi, then decide.
Right now, at my facility in the Kadavo system, Obi-Wan Kenobi is in despair.
I'm listening.
Kenobi is coming to realize, perhaps for the first time in his life, that his efforts to help others will only injure them.
As plans for escape and hopes of rescue fade, the gnawing fear that he will never be able to take action will grow in Kenobi's heart.
To ease the burden of his fellow slaves, defiance will become compliance.
When Kenobi realizes he cannot help those around him, his spirit will break and he will be mine.
If such Jedi as Skywalker and Kenobi can fall, how many others will follow? Hmm? Imagine Imagine an army of Jedi in your service.
Zygerria will be invincible! A most ambitious plan, Your Highness.
Only my goal is not the enslavement of the Jedi Order, but its extermination.
I have come to supervise their execution, perform it if necessary.
Now, summon Skywalker.
Well, hello, Master.
Took you long enough.
Well, I knew you had a nice view.
Are you okay? I sense a disturbance in the Force.
It's Dooku.
I need you to get our ship.
Here, take this comlink.
Where are you going? The Queen knows where Obi-Wan is.
Hold on to that comlink and wait for my signal.
Come on, Artoo.
I have no desire to end Skywalker's life.
He has become a valuable asset to me and my throne.
Your compliance is not optional.
I command you to kill Skywalker.
I will not be ordered about in my own palace, Count! If you won't do my bidding, perhaps your prime minister will.
Atai, what does he mean? I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but the Count is right.
The Jedi should die.
You're not fit to be queen any longer.
Atai, you traitor! I'll make you both pay for this treachery.
Punishment for a slave who disobeys her master.
That's enough, Dooku! Skywalker.
I see the Queen has given you a long leash.
One more step and I will end her life.
Why would you think I care about this slaver scum? Indeed.
The Queen! She was murdered by the Jedi.
That's our signal.
Let's get going.
Take your vengeance! Your Highness.
No escape for any of us.
Where is Obi-Wan? Tell me.
Kadavo system.
You were right, Skywalker.
I am a slave.
Just as you are.
Someone wishes to speak with you.
Obi-Wan Kenobi.
In chains once again, I see.
Count Dooku.
Still afraid to get your hands dirty? I would gladly make an exception in your case, my friend.
I wanted to say a proper farewell before Keeper Agruss puts you to death.
Keeper, the slave ship Tecora is making an unscheduled landing on platform two-four.
So much for our ride home.
What now? We get through the old fashioned way.
Kenobi, tell your young friend, Skywalker, if he does not surrender, the slaves will be terminated in his name.
Anakin! I'm glad to see you, but I'm afraid our host feels otherwise.
You can't make everyone happy, Master.
They're threatening to kill the slaves unless you surrender.
It's good to see you're always ready to negotiate.
But I've had enough bargaining with slave drivers.
Anakin, you must realize this is a fight you cannot win alone.
Who said I was alone? Keeper, a fleet of warships has dropped out of hyperspace in sector six.
Jedi reinforcements! Wolf leader to wolf pack, accelerate to attack speed.
This is Warthog, we're going in.
Rex! Now! About time.
Those towers are ray shielded.
I hope you told Master Plo not to destroy this facility before we get off of it.
Yeah, all of us and the slaves.
We'll need a bigger ship.
I'm catching too much heat! R-7, cut the engines! Yeah! That got 'em.
Good work, General! Keep your focus, Warthog.
Watch out for those towers! No! The walls, they're electrified.
The controls are destroyed, Master Plo.
There's nothing we can do from here! I cannot move the cruiser in for the rescue operation until those enemy canons are destroyed.
We'll take care of those canons.
Just make sure that cruiser gets down here.
We're running out of time! I'm going to go help my people, I'll see if I can buy us some time! Good luck! Incoming! A Jedi! You're all clear, Master Plo.
Bring the cruiser down to the landing pad.
Cancel that order, Master! There's no way to get the people out of the holding cell and up to the landing platform.
But I have an idea.
We need to have the cruiser move in underneath the facility.
We can escape onto the ship if Admiral Coburn can get in close enough.
You heard Commander Tano.
I want the men topside with rocket packs and cable guns.
Move it! Yes, sir! Come now, Master Kenobi, I know a Jedi won't kill an unarmed man! I'm no Jedi.
Okay, everyone, get ready.
We'll have to go by groups! Gotcha.
That's everyone.
We have to go.
The facility's breaking up! Okay, Master Plo, the cruiser is clear! All gunships, fire! I thank you, the Jedi, and the Republic for saving our lives.
Ahsoka is the real hero.
Without her creativity, I don't think we would've gotten your people to safety.
Padawan Tano, might I have a word in private? Of course.
Ahsoka, you have done a great deed for your people today.
You're sad? Well, you and the Jedi have done your best, but I do not think our people will recover from this horror anytime soon.
I understand, but in the end, surviving this will only strengthen the people.
Perhaps, and perhaps the people of Kiros will also join the Republic.
I think that's a wise choice, Governor.

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