Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e14 Episode Script

A Friend in Need

Divided by war, in an effort to end the Galactic conflict, the first ever sanctioned meeting between the Republic and the Separatists will be held.
And Mandalore is chosen as neutral ground for these precarious meetings.
Tensions run high as many hold hope for these important negotiations.
The Republic recognizes the tragedy of war.
But there is nothing we can change that has already occurred.
Say it aloud before this gathering, as representative for Chancellor Palpatine, that you declare without reservation the Separatist State legitimate.
I have something to say about the legitimacy of the Separatists.
Why is Lux Bonteri here? What could he possibly have to say? He was not invited.
You didn't mention that Lux Bonteri would be here.
I didn't know.
I stand before you, son of Mina Bonteri, loyal Separatist, a patriot, a friend.
It has come to my attention that my mother was murdered by Count Dooku in cold blood.
That is a lie! Remove this traitor immediately.
I will not be silenced.
Stop this! We would ask you to respect that we deal with this matter ourselves.
No! Dooku is deceiving you.
You will all be betrayed just like my mother.
I apologize for such a rude interruption.
Please let us continue.
We can't just let them take him.
He'll be killed.
Do what you can, Ahsoka, but be discreet.
Those are some rather strong accusations you have levied against me.
You know what you did, Dooku.
Do I? I've done a lot of things, young man.
And choose to remember them in order of importance.
The death of your mother seems to have escaped me.
I will have my revenge.
I think it is time we reacquaint the young senator with his mother.
Kill him.
Ahsoka? Lux, I think it's time to go.
Don't you? Artoo, fire up the engines.
We're leaving.
Hurry! Hurry! - Ahsoka, I appreciate your help, but - Keep moving.
Captain Taggart, we've got incoming clankers.
We'll cover you, sir.
Ahsoka, Padmé just contacted me.
She told me the peace negotiations have all but collapsed.
Where are you? I'm en route to Coruscant, Master.
I have Lux Bonteri with me.
Master Jedi, I'm sorry if I've caused you any trouble.
It's nothing.
You will be safe now with the Republic.
All right.
Bring Bonteri to Coruscant immediately.
We'll discuss giving him amnesty.
Yes, Master.
- I can't go with you, Ahsoka.
- What? I told you, I have a plan.
Shooting me is not going to be part of it.
What are you doing with a gun anyhow? You're not a fighter.
I'm no longer a Separatist either.
I won't join the Republic.
What other options do you have? There is a different way.
I understand everything that you've been through.
I understand you feel alone.
But the Republic will help you.
Like they helped my mother? I've already made contact with a group on Carlac who are noble and are allied with my cause.
And what cause is that? To kill Dooku.
The only one you're going to get killed is yourself.
I'm sorry, but I'm taking you to Coruscant.
You're plan hasn't exactly been well thought out, Lux.
Without me, how did you think you were going to escape those droids? Like this.
I'm sorry, Ahsoka.
It seems Ahsoka is quite exhausted.
She probably should sleep it off.
Lux? Where are my lightsabers? Lux! Artoo, take a look around and see if you can find where Lux hid them.
I'm going to have a little chat with Mr.
Lux! Lux, where are we? And what did you do with my lightsabers? You should've stayed on the ship.
Hey, kid.
You're late.
Death Watch.
Did you get us what we need? Yes, I have the information with me.
Who's this? I'm his I'm his betrothed.
Betrothed? Little skinny, isn't she? She serves her purpose.
We leave now.
The snow is coming.
What have you gotten us into? It's all under control.
These are the Death Watch.
They're Mandalorian terrorists.
- They'll kill us both.
Are you coming? Yes.
Uh, I should stay with the ship.
You're coming, too.
The boss will see you in there.
Don't ruin my plan, okay? Plan? What plan? This is a holotrace device.
It can identify the origin of any holo transmission.
I knew if I accused Dooku of murder, I would be brought to face him.
Well, it worked.
And I now know Dooku's exact location.
If Death Watch moves quick enough we can destroy him.
Is that enough of a plan for you? This is not some idealistic political group! They will take the information and kill you.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
The Death Watch are murderers! Sworn to destroy Jedi.
You don't know what you're doing! This Am I interrupting something? No.
Of course not.
We were just It's time to talk business.
Tell your woman to leave us.
Of course.
Now, give me what I want.
When I know that you will use it correctly.
Don't toy with me, boy.
You see this scar? It was a parting gift from Count Dooku.
If you question my resolve to destroy him again, I will give you one just like it.
This device will tell you his location.
That was painless, wasn't it? Now, let's celebrate.
Repair these droids so we can use them for target practice again.
Please reassemble us.
We are battle droids no longer.
Now we are slaves.
Please reassemble us.
Try that again and I will You don't want to make them angry.
They are far from rational.
Believe me, you have no idea.
- What's your name? - Tryla.
I'm Ahsoka.
Where are you from? We were kidnapped from a nearby town.
We are a simple people.
We trust easily.
And we were betrayed.
We feast.
Prepare the food.
Your masters are hungry.
Hungry? Careful not to choke on your stupidity.
I see your woman has fit in well.
Now, how will you fit in? All I want is Dooku dead.
Chieftain Pieter, I don't remember summoning you.
You have taken our women, stolen our food and threatened us for too long.
Brave for you to come here with such bold words.
You are no longer welcome here.
Well, if our presence here isn't welcome, we'll make ready to leave.
And you'll return our people to us? Yes, sunrise tomorrow.
You have my word.
Very well.
We'll be waiting.
You see? They're not the butchers you make them out to be.
You have kept your word.
We are very grateful for your understanding.
I am a man of my word.
Here is your granddaughter, as promised.
- No! - Tryla! Kill them.
Kill them all.
No! Our village.
Run for your lives! Save them, Ahsoka.
Save them.
Save my people.
Why? What are you doing? Never let the weak tell you what to do.
Welcome to Death Watch.
Now what do we have here? I think we've caught ourselves a Jedi.
Drag her back to camp.
Thank you, friend.
How can we repay you? Rescue your friends.
How? I compute.
I will prepare the others.
Now, Lux Bonteri, this does not look good.
This does not look good at all.
I asked you to join us in good faith and you bring a Jedi into our camp.
She wasn't meant to be here.
Please let her go.
I'm afraid that's not an option.
I believed you had honor, but you're just murderers.
No better than Dooku.
You call us murderers? And yet it was your own lust for revenge that made you seek us out.
I wanted justice for my mother's death.
And you shall have it.
But the Jedi are no different from Dooku and this one shall pay in part for their crimes against Mandalore.
So you see it's not murder at all.
It's like you say.
It's justice.
Ahsoka, now! Thanks, buddy.
Stop! The Jedi is mine.
Lux, get to the ship.
I guess Artoo made some friends.
Not bad, Jedi.
I didn't miss.
Ahsoka! Don't let them escape.
That's two I owe you.
No one followed us.
God job, Artoo.
What do you mean the escape pod has been activated? Lux! Artoo, the ship is yours.
Lux, what are you doing? I can't go with you, Ahsoka.
You know that.
But we can try Try to change things together.
We make a pretty good team, don't we? Don't worry.
We'll meet again.
I promise.
Be careful, Lux.

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