Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e15 Episode Script


A terrorist threat! Moralo Eval, mastermind of a Separatist plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine, has been captured by Republic forces! But even with the criminal behind bars, rumors swirl in the underworld of Coruscant that Moralo's plot has already been set in motion With precious time running out, the Jedi Council hatches their own plot to keep the Chancellor safe.
So what's the big rush? The Jedi Council has called an emergency meeting.
I can see it now.
Another long, boring debate.
Would you rather they call you in to train younglings? Are you crazy? Any idea where that shot came from? A sniper.
I see him up there! All right, here's the plan.
Anakin, you flank him on the right.
Ahsoka, you cover the lower streets.
I'm going after him.
I lost him! Obi-Wan, do you have anything? - Obi-Wan! - I got him, go! How is he? Obi-Wan.
Obi-Wan! I'm worried about Anakin.
He hasn't said a word since it happened.
I want to check his midi-chlorian count.
What's your pleasure? Shot of your finest.
So what's the big deal? I'm celebrating.
The death of a Jedi.
I killed Obi-Wan Kenobi! Having second thoughts, Master Yoda? Hmm, heading down a dark path, we are.
We talked about this.
Killing a Jedi was the best move we had.
So, how was my funeral? A better performance than you, your corpse gave.
Whatever do you mean? I fell from the top of a building.
I could have killed myself.
Survived worse, you have.
Young Skywalker knows this.
I took the vitals suppressor as instructed.
I was dead to the world when Anakin moved my body.
There's no way he could know I was alive.
Not know.
But sense, he will, that something is not right.
Keeping Anakin on the outside was critical.
Everyone knows how close we are.
It was his reaction that sold the sniper.
I'm sure of it.
What's done is done.
We need to get your transformation underway.
Well, time for a shave! Tell me about my target.
His name is Moralo Eval.
Works directly for Count Dooku.
Rumor is their plot will be hatched in three revolutions at the festival on Naboo.
We tried to make a deal with Moralo for more details, but he was uncooperative.
Any details that might help me gain his trust while in prison? Eval killed his mother when he was only a boy.
Told the authorities he did it because he was bored.
Hmm, I'll try not to bore him.
Not a game is this, Obi-Wan.
The risks, great they are.
Yes, and so are the rewards.
Besides preventing Eval from abducting the Chancellor, he could lead us to Grievous, and possibly Dooku himself.
Facial transformation program loaded.
I take it there's no way to have the Chancellor pull out of the festival? No.
See it as a sign of weakness, he would.
Sign of weakness.
Wouldn't want that.
Transformation initiated.
This cantina is a bust.
Do you want to go to the next one? Rako Hardeen? Who wants to know? Your employer has your payment.
Please follow me.
Round for the house! Yes! Oh, yeah! This way.
Inside if you please.
Well done, Mr.
You did precisely the job we hired you for.
We have your credits right here.
But first we need one more thing Your clothes.
What the I still don't understand.
Did Master Yoda say how they found the sniper? Who cares.
All that matters is they did.
So I took off in my speeder, and then I got a ride here.
That's it.
Keep talking.
Into this.
This is stupid! Confessing to a murder I didn't even do! Oh, but you did For all intents and purposes, Obi-Wan Kenobi is dead.
And that certainly was your intention.
How do I look? Like a criminal.
Should buy you all the credibility you need in prison.
Look, I don't know what you guys are up to, but Do we have enough recording? I believe so.
Which means you can go to sleep now.
So how does this vocal emulator work? Well, you swallow it.
I was afraid you'd say that.
What an odd sensation.
It will take some getting used to.
That's a luxury you don't have.
I hope this works.
Where is Rako Hardeen? Back room.
Is he dead? He's about to be.
A Jedi? I already killed a Jedi today.
Let me sleep.
He's not dead.
He's drunk.
Get up, you filth! If it was up to me I would kill you right here! But lucky for you, the man you murdered would rather see you rot in jail.
Now, let's go, you coward, before I change my mind.
You should be expecting this scum.
Yes, sir.
Let me know if he's any trouble.
I'd be happy to straighten him out.
That's him! Kenobi's killer! Rako Hardeen.
He doesn't look so tough.
He killed a Jedi.
That's him? That's the Jedi killer? He doesn't look so tough.
You don't look so tough to me.
This food tastes terrible.
Maybe you'd taste better.
Hey, what's going on down there? Sorry, just playing with my food.
You're crazy! Rako Hardeen.
Your reputation precedes you.
I'm curious, when you killed that Jedi, was it for money or revenge? I don't know.
Guess I was bored.
Try the sauce.
It makes that slop almost tolerable.
I'll be seeing you, Mr.
Here you go, Hardeen.
Home, sweet home.
What a coincidence.
No coincidence.
I am Moralo Eval, and I have great influence here.
What do you want from me? A man like you There's bigger game than Jedi, if you've got the guts.
I'm listening.
It's a brilliant plan if I do say so.
And it involves the Chancellor.
If I'm breaking out this goon along with us, it'll cost you.
Double my rate.
Rako Hardeen, meet Cad Bane.
Who you calling a goon? Any imbecile can kill a Jedi with a lousy sniper blast.
You want my respect? You do it face-to-face.
Who said I want your respect? Make that triple my rate.
Oh, what a shame.
Seems this cell isn't big enough for the three of us.
Guard! It's been a pleasure chatting with you, Hardeen.
But you will forget everything you heard in here, or Moralo Eval will have you slaughtered.
We were just leaving.
This is Ben.
I found the transmitter, but I shall have to make this short.
We have a problem.
I made contact with Eval.
He nearly divulged his kidnap plot, but Cad Bane stopped him.
Cad Bane? We had no intel they were in league together.
It appears Eval's hired Bane to break him out of prison, and the way they were talking, it's imminent.
Foolish we were, to believe Bane's capture was without purpose.
Yes, but we can make this work for us.
If they do try to escape, I won't let them out of my sight.
No doubt he shall lead us to some answers about the plot and possibly to his superiors.
Good idea, Obi-Wan.
Just don't blow your cover.
It could take a while to extract you from prison.
Not to worry.
I'm starting to enjoy playing the villain.
Gotta go! Hey, Hardeen! You owe me something.
Oh, do I? You don't even remember me? That's very insulting.
Look, kid, I don't want any trouble.
You stole a bounty from me, and I want an apology! Kill him, Hardeen, like the Jedi! What's wrong, Hardeen? Lose your spine? - You don't want to do this.
Kill him! Oh, yes, I do.
I warned you.
All right, all right, that's it! Fight's over! No, it ain't! You got a problem with Boba, you got a problem with me! All right, that's enough, big fella! - Fight! - Let's get them! Let's get them! Riot! Get the guards! Get 'em! Yeah! We need reinforcements in here.
Now! Kill the guards! Riot! Riot! What do we do? Part of my plan.
Paid off the kid to create a diversion.
Let's go.
Facility on lockdown.
Facility on lockdown.
Facility on lockdown.
Turn your weapons off stun! Kill the prisoners if you have to! Hey, wait for me.
No one invited you.
He killed a Jedi.
He could be helpful.
We're wasting time.
Uh, I'm telling you, it's gonna be a long night.
This is our way out of here.
The morgue? This is your brilliant plan? Not the first time I've broken out of this stink hole.
The lock has changed.
Your plan has failed.
Shut up! Let me think.
I can get us inside.
I'll re-wire the access port on this door.
It'll take some time, so warn me if anyone comes.
Make it quick.
We're in! All the riot casualties are sent to the crematorium.
From there it's an easy escape.
Another night, another riot.
The guards are coming back.
You said it, partner.
I'll take blasting clankers any day over this.
Yeah, me too, give me droids over this prison scum.
After what just happened up there, we'll need more room in here.
You can say that again.
Here, I'll send these to the cremation center.
Hey, wait, it looks like a couple of them are showing vital signs.
All right, I'll check it out.
What's the matter with you? My blaster jammed.
Let's go! Soon as we're off Coruscant, we're safe.
That's for hesitating during the escape.
If it wasn't for me, we'd still be stuck in there.
Yeah, funny how that worked out.
Hey, my ship! Come back here! You did well in there, Hardeen.
Maybe there's a place for you in my plans after all.
I'm listening.

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