Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e16 Episode Script

Friends and Enemies

Fugitives on the run! Disguised as Jedi killer, Rako Hardeen, Obi-Wan Kenobi works undercover to solve a Separatist plot against Chancellor Palpatine.
Obi-Wan meets the plot's mastermind, Moralo Eval, breaking him out of jail to gain his trust.
But now, Kenobi faces another obstacle, bounty hunter, Cad Bane.
Can Obi-Wan Kenobi overcome Bane's suspicions? Or will the ruthless criminal see through his disguise and expose the Jedi? Only time will tell.
We're coming in too fast, Hardeen.
Are you trying to kill us? They'll be waiting for us at every space port.
We have to ditch the ship.
You mean you're going to intentionally crash us into the swamp? Yeah, that is exactly what I'm gonna do.
He's right.
We have no choice.
Get ready for a fast exit.
Nobody can trace us here.
The swamp will swallow up the ship.
So we leave no trace of our crash.
Moralo Eval likes a man who plans ahead.
You do have a plan? Yeah, I know Nal Hutta.
We can get a new ship at the Bilbousa Bazaar, but this time, we buy one.
Otherwise, we'll have the authorities back on our tail.
Not so fast.
We need to ditch these prison fatigues.
We'll have a bounty on our heads for escaping and I don't like to stand out.
That's local security.
Keep moving.
We'll get some new gear and equipment.
Pablo's pawn shop has everything a bounty hunter needs and more.
Now all I need's a new hat.
For trying to blend in, your hat sure makes you stand out.
I don't like to hide under a helmet.
Is there anything else you desire? A new ship? Your choice of weapons is lousy, Pablo.
Where can I get some quality blasters? I wouldn't be too picky being on the run, like you obviously are.
I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you, Pablo.
We'll get our weapons elsewhere.
Thanks for the hat.
For your trouble.
That trader's heard worse threats than yours, Bane.
Probably calling the Hutts right now, seeing what kind of bounty there is on us.
On this slime-pool, everybody's an outlaw.
Besides, they'll be looking for three of us.
So we're splitting up.
You find a ship, we'll get weapons.
Not so fast.
If it's all the same to you, I'll get the weapons.
It's not the same to me.
You crashed the ship, you get us a new one.
It does seem fair.
Soon as we have a ship, we ditch Hardeen.
Really? We'll throw him to the Hutts.
While they interrogate him, we'll be long gone.
Tell me, is this business or personal? Both.
No, no, no.
That's my final offer.
All right then, it's a deal.
Good timing.
Soon as you pay for the ship, we can get moving.
With pleasure.
Hey, where's my weapon? Won't need it.
You're not coming.
Says who? He doesn't want to split his fee for breaking me out of prison.
And also, he despises you.
All I know is I'm not going anywhere without my reward.
I'm sorry.
This is between you two.
What's it gonna be, Bane? Here's your reward, I'm not killing you.
Where am I? You're a guest of the Hutts.
If you do not answer my questions about your two partners, we will not be so hospitable.
You call this hospitable? Wait.
Torture won't be necessary.
My partners double-crossed me, but I put a tracking device on their ship.
Let me down and I'll tell you the frequency.
Now tell us the tracking frequency.
Yes, Count Dooku.
I'm sorry I was delayed.
I'm free now.
I'll try to reach Serenno as soon as possible.
No more excuses, Eval.
Time is running short.
Yes, Count Dooku, no more excuses.
You said it yourself, Eval.
You're free now.
I want my money.
After the weapons and the ship, I have very few credits left.
You'll be paid when we reach Serenno.
What is this? Who is attacking us? The Hutts! How did they find us so quickly? Hardeen, trying to even the score.
The engines are fried, we'll have to turn back.
Their ship will crash soon on Nal Hutta.
Be there to capture the fugitives.
You found the ship like I said.
Our deal was you'd let me go now.
The deal has changed.
This is Ben.
I apologize for being out of communication, but the situation was rather tenuous.
Although, it now appears things may be on track soon.
Here's what I need, have the bounty on us removed.
If I can win over Cad Bane, I can learn more about Eval's plot.
But there can be no more complications.
So no matter what reports you hear, do not contact me or send help.
And one more thing, I shall need enough credits to buy a new ship.
Why are you removing the bounty on the three fugitives? If they're free to move, they could lead us back to Eval's operation.
Very well.
Keep me apprised.
You look troubled, Anakin.
How can they expect me to just sit here and do nothing with Obi-Wan's murderer on the loose? It is possible that they do not trust you to control your feelings.
Hardeen killed my master, my best friend! And now he's escaping with Cad Bane and Moralo Eval, and the Jedi Council won't do anything about it! I have it from a reliable source that the fugitives were last headed towards Nal Hutta.
You cannot deny your feelings, Anakin.
They are what make you special.
If you believe you can stop this plot against me, I trust you.
Thank you, Chancellor.
You won't regret this.
I won't.
Oh, back so soon? Let me guess? You missed me? Watch it! Kill me and you won't get off Nal Hutta.
Moralo Eval is running out of time and patience.
Let the man talk.
Look, I've got a ship.
You've got the Hutts on your tail, so you make me a partner in everything.
Your deal is accepted.
First I wanna know where you got the credits to buy a ship? You thought you left me for dead, but the Hutts owed me a favor.
So you had them shoot us down? You would've done the same thing, Bane.
The way I see it, we're even now.
Now that we're all friends, get me off this festering stink-hole.
Wait, who's going to pay for this mess? So about your fee from Eval, a 50/50 split sounds fair to me.
Over my dead corpse.
Don't tempt me.
What makes you think Obi-Wan's murderer is on Nal Hutta? I got a tip from the Chancellor himself.
How are we gonna find them? Ahsoka, you should know by now.
If you want to find a lowlife You start at the saloon.
Hey, ladies, where are we going next? I love you guys.
The fugitives are already gone.
All three of them were here? Two came in, met the third.
When did they leave? Nothing's free on Nal Hutta, especially information.
I don't have time for games.
You just missed them.
Keep talking.
I heard one of them say they just bought a ship.
Let's go, Snips.
Captain Rex, I need to speak with General Skywalker.
He's not responding to my calls.
Sir, General Skywalker is unavailable.
Where is he, Captain? I can't say, sir.
You can't or you won't? Anakin is on Nal Hutta.
Nal Hutta? Protecting me is only postponing the problem, not solving it.
With all due respect, Chancellor, the Council has a plan in place.
Yes, and so does Moralo Eval, who appears to be several steps ahead of you.
For that reason, I asked Anakin to take action.
He is confident he can find the fugitives and stop this plot against me.
I suggest you have more faith in young Skywalker.
Captain, if you must escort me home, I'm leaving now.
Yes, sir.
This is exactly what Obi-Wan didn't want to happen.
If I warn him, it could blow his cover, get him killed.
Kill Hardeen, Skywalker might.
Or die trying, he may.
Warn them both, you must.
Overdue, the truth is.
How do you know they couldn't have gotten very far? So you only gave them enough fuel to reach the nearest filling station on Orondia, which is owned by your brother? Well, that's a nice little money-making scam.
We better get going.
Orondia's pretty deserted.
They may steal a ship there, to throw us off their trail.
I like your thinking.
Here, take it.
I just want to get out of here.
We're being swindled.
Who sells a ship with only enough fuel to get to this lousy rock? The way I see it, you keep paying off everybody but me.
Yeah, why is that? Look! It's Cad Bane.
Are you sure? Ugh, who else wears a hat like that? Good point.
Now what? Jedi! Take over! I'll bring them down! I'll take care of him.
No! It's my turn to kill a Jedi! Anakin.
You're going to pay for what you did.
You shouldn't have gotten involved.
This is for Obi-Wan.
You can thank me later, Hardeen.
You had your chance to kill him.
Now it's my turn.
Anakin, don't follow me.
The ship is still operational.
I got it working.
Now let's get out of here.
You're lucky we're in a hurry, little lady.
We'll have to dance another time.
Master! Master, are you all right? What is it? What's wrong? That's why I felt a connection.
Obi-Wan is still alive.
- I don't understand.
- I don't, either.
But we're gonna get to the bottom of this.
Believe me.

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