Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e18 Episode Script

Crisis on Naboo

Supreme Chancellor in peril! After surviving the ordeals of "The Box," Obi-Wan Kenobi, working undercover as assassin Rako Hardeen, is invited to join Count Dooku's plot against Chancellor Palpatine.
Working with a team of deadly bounty hunters, Obi-Wan travels to the planet of Naboo where the Chancellor will preside over the Festival of Light.
Now, as the Jedi Council and Count Dooku finalize their respective plans, a deadly confrontation seems inevitable.
As you can see, we've mapped the Chancellor's route to and from the festival stage.
We know where he'll be at every moment from the time we land on Naboo.
What security measures are in place? The Naboo Royal Guard will have armed sentries at all entry points on the palace.
And the stage itself will be sealed off by a ray shield for the duration of the event.
I see nothing here to worry about.
With complacency comes vulnerability.
It is what we do not see that concerns me.
A long time to plan his attack, Count Dooku has.
We thought we'd have an advantage with Obi-Wan on the inside, but we've had no communication from him in days.
Obi-Wan will do his part.
Let's make sure we do ours.
Whoa! Shh! Well, hello there.
All clear! This is it, my friends.
The day of reckoning for the Republic.
I have it from a very reliable source that everything will happen exactly as we planned.
Execute your roles as you've been instructed, and you will all be immortalized in history.
Not to mention, rewarded with enough credits that you will never have to work again.
I will let Cad Bane take it from here.
Listen up, I'm only saying it once.
Each device tells you your position and essential details about your part of the plot.
Aren't you gonna tell us how all the pieces fit together? Derrown here is going to breach the shield.
Moralo Eval is the getaway driver.
Two of you will act as guards protecting the Chancellor.
And you, Hardeen, are a sniper.
That's all you need to know.
Once we have the Chancellor, the devices will lead you to the rendezvous point.
Any questions? Now for our disguises.
Everyone step back.
This will get us into the inner circle.
Step into the shadow hologram and you will receive your new identity.
When you leave here, you will have no communication with the rest of the team.
All right, then, get to your positions.
Well handled.
I should have put you in charge long ago.
A word of advice, though, keep an eye on Hardeen.
There's something about him I do not trust.
Don't worry.
I'm keeping my eye on all of them.
Greetings, Your Majesty.
Welcome home, Chancellor.
I'm thankful to the Jedi for bringing you here safely.
Yes, Senator, it is good to be back, although I think the amount of security that has accompanied me is overkill.
With all due respect, Chancellor, where your safety is concerned there is no such thing as overkill.
So you keep insisting, Master Jedi.
But I've grown tired of discussing it.
Anakin, Ahsoka, welcome to the festival.
I've never seen the Festival of Light.
Sounds like a big event.
They're expecting a large crowd, which means it will be difficult for Dooku to attack during the ceremony.
That leaves the palace as the best opportunity for an ambush.
Are you that certain an attack is imminent? I'm afraid so, which is why I'm making Ahsoka your personal bodyguard.
At your service, My Lady.
If there's trouble, Ahsoka will get you, the Queen, and the rest of your staff to safety.
What about you? Hopefully, I'll be where I always am.
- He means saving the day.
- Of course he does.
Make sure you have two guards posted.
Excuse me.
- Obi-Wan, thank goodness you're alive.
- Yes, I've seen better days.
I'm here, in Theed.
So Dooku's plan is still on? - Yes.
How are they planning to attack the Chancellor? Three of the bounty hunters are disguised as senate guards.
Eval is the getaway driver and they have a Parwan that can pass through the ray shield.
I have a sniper rifle.
Don't worry.
It's loaded with stun blasts.
I'm supposed to immobilize the Chancellor, not kill him.
Where are you? In a tower overlooking the plaza.
So the attack is going to take place outside.
From here, I can be your eye in the sky.
I'll be able to tell you everything that's going on.
They will try to infiltrate the security area.
Make sure you have someone double check the guards' identities.
That's going to take time.
You'll have to do your best, my friend.
The stage is set.
Activate the ray shield.
Copy that, General Skywalker.
It is an honor to be here for this momentous occasion.
The pride I feel for this planet cannot be put into words.
and tonight we celebrate that union! What's your identification number? SG-1984.
All right, move along, but stay sharp.
Take a moment and look around this glorious city of yours.
It wasn't long ago this was all plasma mines.
Naboo has indeed come a long way.
But as we chart a bold course for the future, let us never forget our past! Mace, so far so good.
Gotcha! East side! The security guard on the stairs.
Skywalker! The shield generator! All right, you two, take the Chancellor to that speeder and get him out of here.
This way, Your Majesty.
Hurry! Blast! It's only good for one shot.
Mace, Anakin's down and I don't see Bane anywhere.
I'll find him.
Let's make the switch.
You're coming with me, Chancellor.
Those tentacles pack quite a punch.
Come on.
The Chancellor! The guard escorting them is a bounty hunter! Chancellor, are you all right? Where is the Chancellor? Move it, move it! So long, Jedi! I'm going after the Chancellor.
Copy that, Obi-Wan.
I'll send you the coordinates and hold Bane there as long as I can.
This is the rendezvous point.
Dooku said he would meet us here.
What did I tell you, Bane? My plan worked to perfection.
It wasn't your plan.
It was my execution of your plan.
Come on, get up.
How dare you disrespect Moralo Eval! Pipe down.
Where's Dooku? I thought you said he'd meet us here? That was the plan.
Hardeen, you're not supposed to be here yet.
I don't want to be double-crossed and left behind again.
I think we've all been double-crossed.
Dooku's a no-show.
What do you mean? What do we do with the Chancellor now? We'll ransom him ourselves.
If Dooku won't pay us, somebody else will.
I'm afraid the Chancellor's coming with me.
Please! Do not kill Moralo Eval! Take him and Bane into custody.
And make sure the Chancellor is returned safely to the palace.
You did a good job, Obi-Wan.
Kenobi! I should have known.
Something smelled wrong about you from the start.
Yes, well, spending so much time with you was no reward either.
Reward! I'll give you a reward, when I plug you full of laser bolts! Such a pleasant fellow.
I hope this was all worth it.
We saved the Chancellor.
That's the important thing.
Once again, you have all distinguished yourselves in the eyes of the Republic.
The people of Naboo are in your debt.
It's all part of the job, My Lady.
I'm not sure I agree with your orders to send the rest of the security detail back to Coruscant.
Now that the threat has passed, I think Anakin is all the security I need.
You look terrible.
Being a criminal's not easy work.
If I'd known what was going on, I could've helped you.
Too bad the Council didn't trust me.
Anakin, it was my decision to keep the truth from you.
I knew if you were convinced I was dead, Dooku would believe it as well.
Your decision? Look, I know I did some questionable things, but I did what I had to do.
I hope you can understand that.
You lied to me! How many other lies have I been told by the Council? And how do you know that you even have the whole truth? We should get you into the transformation chamber.
Everyone's a little tired of looking at that ugly face of yours.
This is the face that saved the Republic.
But I think you're right.
It's time to go back to being Obi-Wan Kenobi.
I can sense something is still bothering you.
Yes, something Anakin said has me worried.
Do we know the whole truth? I think I'll stay.
I need to check one last thing.
Dooku was listening! He knew all along.
We will leave as soon as Queen Neeyutnee's banquet is over.
I also want to say goodbye to Senator Amidala.
She has been a very gracious host.
Padmé didn't mention a banquet to me.
Perhaps she meant it as a surprise.
I must say, the lengths the Jedi will go to is nothing short of incredible.
I assume the brilliant plan to disguise Obi-Wan Kenobi was yours.
No, it wasn't, sir.
I was in the dark as much as you were.
Really? Interesting.
I was under the impression the Jedi always worked as a team.
Welcome! My gracious, it's a trap! Chancellor, stay back! You should've quit while you were still alive, Dooku! Fighting off the entire Jedi security force would have been difficult.
But now that they are gone, defeating you alone will be an easy task.
Chancellor, get out of here! Good idea.
Unhand me! Are you all right? Come on! Well done, Master Kenobi.
You are a worthy adversary.
I cannot say the same about your young apprentice.
Chancellor, are you all right? Yes, thanks again to the heroics of the Jedi.
That's the second time today.
We specialize in heroics, Chancellor.
As long as I live, no harm will ever come to you, Your Excellency.
Well, here's to your long and prosperous life, Anakin.
One shudders to think where the galaxy would be without the Jedi.

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