Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e19 Episode Script


Sinister forces on the move.
Asajj Ventress has suffered a humiliating betrayal at the hands of her own assassin, Savage Opress.
Having gone into hiding, she now has no choice but to seek sanctuary with the Nightsisters of Dathomir.
Sister, I knew you'd return.
I've been hiding.
I suspected as much.
Savage, that monster we created, has forsaken us.
He refused my guidance and escaped into the galaxy.
I have nothing.
You have your breath, your skill, and your sisters.
You have everything needed to survive.
You must give up the ways of the Sith and return to our fold.
You will leave Dooku's absurd war behind and remain with us.
No longer to be ordered about.
You will be loyal to no one but your sisters, and yourself.
And then? And then, you will fulfill your destiny and become a true Nightsister.
You summoned me, My Lord? The time has come at last to take revenge on Asajj Ventress and the witch, Mother Talzin.
I have learned Ventress has returned to Dathomir.
Go there and wipe the witches out.
All of them.
Their illusions do not frighten me.
Yes, Master.
Assemble the fleets.
The time to exact vengeance against the traitor, Ventress, has arrived.
We go to Dathomir to battle.
Do you pledge yourself to the sisterhood, to the magics, and the old ways? I do.
Do you abandon your old life for this new one? I do.
Your loyalty? Your life? My loyalty.
My life.
You are now reborn a Sister of the Night.
Thank you, Mother.
And now, we feast and celebrate the baptism of our new sister.
We are now approaching Dathomir.
Begin landing our troops.
I am privileged to be your sister.
Thank you, Karis.
Droid fighters.
Scatter! Prepare yourselves, sisters! The war has come to Dathomir.
Establish a perimeter and get the droids in attack formation.
We'll burn a path through the forest right to their fortress.
Gather your weapons! The droid army is only here because of me.
And so many are going to die.
There is no time for regret.
Now we must fight.
That gutless coward, Grievous, is coordinating the attack.
I can sense it.
You know the droids.
It gives us an advantage.
Karis! Go and lead us to victory.
We will need an army to fight Grievous.
I will speak with Old Daka.
She will get us the reinforcements we need.
Follow me, sisters.
Attack! Take to the trees, sisters.
We shall attack the droids from above and below.
Sir, there is heavy fighting along the eastern front.
Reports indicate Ventress is leading the attack.
Send in the Defoliator tank.
We'll burn those witches to the ground.
Go to my chamber.
There you will find a small metallic sphere.
Bring it to the hidden cave.
Yes, Mother.
Daka, as the oldest and wisest of us, I need you to resurrect our fallen sisters.
Ventress will need the aid of the undead army to achieve victory.
Then I will begin the chant of resurrection.
Awake, dead sisters.
Awake, dead sisters.
Fire the Defoliator.
Roger, roger.
The army of the dead, her reinforcements.
The undead will clear us a path right to Grievous.
Ventress has her army now.
Now I can deal with Count Dooku.
We found it, Mother.
Here is the orb you requested.
Well done.
Ah, here it is.
A single lock of Count Dooku's silver hair.
He should be more careful than making deals with witches.
Now for Dooku.
Mother Talzin.
Surprised? Hardly.
You're the one I was sent here for.
Then fight me alone.
Prove you're the greater warrior.
If I win, your army leaves.
If you win, the Nightsisters will surrender to you.
I have always been greater than you.
Pain, Count Dooku.
You will know terrible pain.
Enough of this.
You think you can defeat me? You're nothing.
Kill her.
Doom is upon us, sister.
Save yourself.
Grievous, you must stop Mother Talzin before she kills me.
Follow the witch's magic.
It appears as a green mist.
Follow it to its source.
And eliminate Talzin.
Quickly! Forget Ventress! Our new target is Mother Talzin.
Follow me.
Call off your army and leave Dathomir at once.
And let you and that traitor continue plotting against me? Never! You're going to die either way.
It's only a matter of how painful it will be.
Fire! No! General! It is over, sister.
No one remains? This is all my fault.
Where do I go? What do I do? This chapter is over.
Your destiny will always be linked with ours.
But you have your own path to follow now.
No! Wait! You can't leave me here!
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