Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e01 Episode Script


Death and destruction! Darth Maul and Savage Opress spread chaos as they descend on the outer rim.
After rescuing his brother from despair, Savage and Maul murder and pillage at every turn.
Fueled by rage and vengeance, they search for meaning in their new alliance as reports of their brutal attacks spread across the galaxy.
Fan out.
I want a scan of the entire perimeter.
Sd-357, have you found anyone in the South passage? Intruders! You are trespassing on intergalactic Look, brother, a fortune.
True fortune will be the demise of Kenobi.
Credit chips are meaningless without a plan to survive.
The Jedi are hunting us.
We will be forced to make a stand.
And we will deal with them.
They are too many.
To continue, we need one singular vision my vision.
Brother, let us share our strength.
There is no need for dominance between us.
Always two there are, my brother, a master and an apprentice, and you are the apprentice.
So it is time for a lesson.
You have grown so powerful.
And I shall complete your training, not as your brother but as your master.
The distress signal is coming from here, the Meridian sector, Cybloc System.
It is close enough to the earlier attack.
I have a feeling it's them.
They ought to be flush.
Chips were all unlocked.
this side of the Hydian.
They were alone? Yup, yup.
What were they, a couple of Jedi gone rogue or something? They're not Jedi.
Do me a favor.
Spark up that lightsaber, would you? Mm-hmm.
Well, the droids that got attacked said that theirs were red.
They are Sith, and we need to find them before they strike again.
Well, they took my cargo ship.
The droid survivor said they heard something about the Sertar sector.
What is in the Sertar sector? That's where Florrum is.
You've been there? What can we expect? Pirates.
Get me a readout on that ship.
There are life-forms aboard.
The main reactor and hyperdrive generator are down.
I think they're stranded.
And their communications? Operational but silenced.
We'll kill anyone on board and take the ship.
Let's hope they have a wealth of cargo.
Pure sansanna spices.
Hondo will be pleased.
We drink tonight.
Now, find me those life-forms.
Do you want to live? Yes, very badly.
We will make you rich.
Your skills and talents could serve us well.
The choice is yours.
Are you are you hiring us? What kind of Jedi are you? We are not Jedi.
We are lords, crime lords.
We work for Hondo.
You'll have to pay us really well to get us to betray him.
Money is of no object for men like us.
You will have all that you desire and more if you pledge yourselves to me.
All right.
I'm tired of working for Hondo anyway.
I'll call up a couple of the boys and see if they'll join us.
I am certain captain Hondo will never throw in with you.
Hondo's base will soon be ours, and he will not survive this, unless he embraces the same choice I give you now.
Ha, I'm in.
So am I.
I am not sure.
Let's see what Hondo says about that.
Three of your lieutenants have already sworn allegiance to me.
Scum! I'm so proud but so betrayed.
There is a penalty for resistance.
Let me warn you, you are not the first laser sword-wielding maniac I've had to deal with, and Hondo Ohnaka survives every time.
We shall see.
We have a match on the cargo ship.
It seems Maul and Savage have picked up a pirate escort.
Maybe to unload the stolen cargo.
I'm not sure the pirate Hondo would have an alliance with Maul and his brother.
So you know this Hondo personally? Unfortunately, yes.
Oi, Hondo, there's a Jedi contacting you.
Says his name is Kenobi.
Kenobi? Ha! My, aren't we popular today? Put him through.
Greetings, Hondo.
Greetings? What kind of menace have you brought to my planet now? First, you lose this system and Grievous comes in and destroys my entire stronghold, leaving me here to just rummage through the leftovers of my once great empire.
And now these two horned men show up.
Who are these horny-headed maniacs? They don't seem like normal Jedi.
Not Jedi, Hondo, Sith.
We tracked them here.
They just threatened to attack with a group of my men my own men! Yes, we are looking at them right now, a cargo vessel and three of your starships.
They are heading toward you, Hondo.
Dadada, more to the point, are you going to help me when you get here? There's nothing we can do about your men, but we can certainly do something about the Sith.
I'll deal with my men.
You deal with those tattooed crazies.
Well, that settles it.
Those traitors are no longer my men.
I want their tongues! The Jedi, brother, they've found us.
No, it's too soon.
My plan isn't finished yet.
Too soon.
Throwing in with pirates now? Oh, how the mighty Sith have fallen.
Ah! No.
I have plans, Kenobi, and you will not stand in my way this time.
No! Kenobi, this way! Take this cannon down to the hole.
We will ambush those traitors there.
Where are the rest of your men? They are setting up an ambush.
We can use your help.
Where is the other Jedi? She's she's dead.
She's d They are too powerful for even you? I am semi-speechless.
I think they went this way.
Let's go down this hall here.
I shall draw the brothers away.
Once that's done, blast the passageway closed.
And leave you alone with the two crazies? Well, okay.
Retreat! Retreat! Do not let them escape! Now! Surrender.
We are two, and you are no match for us both.
You are mistaken.
Are you still willing to fight me? The horned men aren't interested in helping you.
They are only interested in Kenobi.
They promised us wealth and power, boss.
Please forgive us.
Please don't kill us.
We beg of you.
Kill you? Oh, I would not kill you.
Everyone, the horned men's ship is filled with valuable goods.
As your restored leader, I say we celebrate our reunification.
To the landing pad! Right, Hondo, right! Savage! Come, my apprentice.
This plan has failed, but we will have another opportunity.
Jiro, ready the men! We're leaving.
My men aren't going anywhere with you.
Look at them.
How powerful can they be? They are running away from Kenobi.
Filth, you will pay for your insolence.
Insolence! We are pirates! We don't even know what that means.
Open fire! If we kill those two, their riches will be ours! Our engines have been compromised.
Get to the escape pod.
It's too late.
Trust me, apprentice.
Well, Kenobi, let's get out there and see what riches have fallen from the sky for me and you.
Shall we? Very well.
There's no sign of those two, boss.
Well, if the condition of these goods is any indication, ah, your friends have been vaporized.
I wouldn't be so sure.
I cut one of them in half once, and he survived.
Well, isn't that interesting? I think we have closure on this matter, master Kenobi.
I disagree, Chancellor.
Everything we've learned from this is that the Sith are persistent.
They will not die.
I understand your reservations, Master Kenobi, but I am afraid we can no longer allow this personal matter of yours to be a Republic concern.
It does not appear this Darth Maul is a direct threat to the Republic.
We need to redirect your efforts to the cause at hand: Stopping Count Dooku and thus ending the Clone Wars.
Maul was trying to build an army of pirates.
So let him.
Let him play with the rabble.
They're just petty crooks.
It is of no relevance to the senate compared to the separatist threat.
Good day, gentlemen.
Something is stirring in the underworld.
The crime families have had too much free rein since the Jedi have been distracted by the clone war.
I fear it is a fertile place for Maul to flourish, if he has indeed survived.
Hmm, right you may be, Obi-Wan, but heed the words of the Chancellor we must.
A personal matter this is for you.
Clouded your judgment may be.
In time, if he lives, reveal himself again Maul will.
And then swiftly we shall act.

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