Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e02 Episode Script

A War on Two Fronts

Separatist takeover complete.
Another Republic planet has fallen.
Onderon has seceded to the Confederacy of Independent Systems under the rule of a new king.
However, a small band of rebels have taken refuge deep within its vast and savage wilderness.
From an abandoned outpost, they plot to take back the heavily fortified capital city of Iziz and end the Separatist occupation.
Unfortunately, the only way to reclaim Onderon will be through armed struggle.
But we lack sufficient hardware and supplies.
Onderon is in your king's rule.
And at the outbreak of the Clone War, he chose to align it with the Separatists.
Our true king has been silenced.
The one you recognize is a traitor and a Separatist minion.
We need your help to survive this.
Find a way we shall.
We await your answer.
There are pockets of rebels on many of these planets that just need guidance.
With training and resources, they could attack soft targets while the Republic continues to engage them on the battlefield.
That sounds like terrorism, Anakin.
Well, I think of it as an insurgency to help realign these planets with the Republic.
We can divide the Separatist forces and press them on two fronts.
A means to an end fear cannot be.
Stop those who spread terror the Jedi must.
What you're suggesting would open up dangerous possibilities.
And we must not train terrorists.
Eh, rebels.
How we conduct war is what distinguishes us from others.
Funding rebels to overthrow a legitimate government puts innocent lives at risk.
We can minimize collateral damage by using arms that mainly affect droids.
The least we can do is help them defend themselves, test the tactic while we're at it.
This could be a great new weapon for us.
Train and observe.
Send advisors we will.
I'll assemble a team.
I'm going with you.
What, you don't trust me? Too much.
That's what worries me.
This is Valkyrie 2929.
We're coming up on the drop zone.
Go, go, go, go! We've spotted them, sir.
Stay where you are.
Identify yourselves.
It's all right.
We're friends.
I'm Commander Tano.
We're here to help you take back your planet.
My name is Steela.
I'll guide you to our secret base.
A bit rough around the edges, wouldn't you say? That's why I brought Rex here.
They're not exactly what I would call shinies, sir, but I could work with them.
General Skywalker.
At your service.
This is General Kenobi, Commander Tano, and Captain Rex.
We're looking forward to taking the fight to those scrappin' droids.
All in good time.
Saw Gerrera.
He fashions himself as our leader, though no one elected him.
Well, for now, we're in charge, and there is much to learn.
The Separatists have strength in numbers.
We're gonna show you how to target and destroy them.
Now, to be clear, we are not here to fight your war; rather, to show you how to conduct it in the most efficient and successful way possible.
Captain Rex.
I'll show you how the 501st destroy clankers.
First, I need volunteers to carry supplies from our entry point a half-klick west.
Shouldn't be a problem.
Lux, it's good to see you again.
It's good to see you too, Ahsoka.
I didn't realize you had such strong ties to Onderon.
Onderon is my home.
My mother represented it in the Senate.
Your voice is strong, like hers was.
Have you reconsidered joining the Republic Senate? Even if we do take back Onderon, it won't change how I feel.
I'm not fighting for the Republic.
Well, what matters now is, we need each other's help, just like we did on Carlac.
Carlac? What happened on Carlac? Ahsoka is the reason I'm here and not with Death Watch.
Really? What he means is-- - She saved me from a huge mistake.
Lux obviously thinks highly of you.
I guess so.
Let's hope that respect is well founded.
The pilot in the front hatch controls the tank, the shelves and the short range blasters.
The commander in the top hatch controls the turret and the main cannon.
You have to take out both chambers.
Otherwise, the tank will remain operational.
Everyone, divide up into teams of two, and we'll practice an assault on both hatches.
I'll take the top.
Let's see what you're made of, Bonteri.
Ah! Sorry about that.
You're a terrible soldier, Bonteri.
I'm not sure if they're more interested in fighting the droids or each other.
They'll learn.
We just need time to train them properly.
Keep your eyes on the quick learners.
In this fight, time is not on our side.
Go, go, go, go, go! An unscheduled ship entered the atmosphere in sector S-11 and failed to register.
The rebels may be operating in that area.
Check it out.
Come on! Move it like a soldier, like a real soldier! Come on, Dono.
Pick it up, Hutch.
You can do better than that.
Come on, hustle! I said hustle! That's what I'm talking about right there.
Go, go, go! Good, good.
You sure you're up for this? - Saw.
- It was an accident.
You would've had us both killed.
Just stop it.
Sit down, boy.
This isn't the Senate.
You've got no talent for this.
It's going to take a lot more than muscle to defeat the Separatists.
Politics have failed us.
We have no choice.
We always have a choice.
Then make yours.
Look, if we're going to succeed, you'll need to be exceptional with words and action.
There will be time for both.
Destroyers are quick, pack twin blasters, and come with their own shield generators.
Nothing short of a cannon will pierce it.
But they do have two weaknesses, and you will need to work together to exploit them.
Beep! The shields deflect high-velocity attacks.
What the shields don't stop are slow or stationary objects.
They're designed to absorb them so nothing hinders their movement.
Destroyers are blind from behind.
A distraction combined with a rear assault will give you a kill.
The trick is to get the right speed on the droid popper.
Beep! These are unarmed.
Just concentrate on getting it past the shield.
Watch and learn.
Quite brilliant.
Nice touch.
Not bad.
Ugh! Be mindful of your frustration.
It'll only hold you back.
Use your shoulder, let your arm swing, and keep your eyes on the target.
Okay, let's get back to work.
Everyone pair up.
We'll practice in groups.
Hey, Commander, how about helping me practice? Roger, roger.
This is command.
Copy that.
I'll send a squad out now.
We've located the rebels.
Proceed to sector S-29.
Shoot to kill.
I can't get the distance or the speed right.
Don't give up.
Learning this could save your life and those around you.
A little backspin might help.
Just take it easy.
Don't get frustrated.
You got it.
You're a good teacher, Jedi.
Ugh, just forget it.
I'll never learn this.
Uh, keep practicing.
You made it look easy.
It wasn't always that way.
The Force.
That your secret? No.
Look, you'll get the hang of it.
I wouldn't let it get you down.
I'm not feeling down.
I just know what I'm good at.
Most impressive.
Fixed targets are one thing.
How about this? Nice job.
You have clearly mastered your ability to focus.
Snips, are you losing focus? - No, Master.
- Good.
A headshot is the only decisive way to disable a droid.
They don't need arms, legs, or even bodies to pass intel to central command.
All right, shoot at will.
Wait a minute.
What is that? Droids! Take cover! It appears the training is over.
I'll take the left flank if you take the right.
No, Anakin.
We can only protect them.
We cannot fight this war for them.
There are too many.
But Anakin, Ahsoka, and I can hold them off while you get your people out of here.
You didn't teach us to run.
Saw, use your disruptors to take out the droids.
I'm on it.
Ready disruptors.
On my mark.
Now! What is that? It looks like an explosive.
How can you te-- Not bad.
That is only the first wave.
We'll handle this.
No, I will.
Duck! Ah! Hey, Bonteri, you ready to try again? Hey, what are you doing? What you taught us.
Clang! Surrender, rebel.
Uh You will answer for your crimes against the Separatist Alliance.
We, uh, need to clean you up.
I like it.
Now you look more like a soldier than a politician.
Well, maybe a good politician needs to get dirty now and then.
Take confidence from this victory.
But rest assured, there will be more droids coming now that they know your position.
It doesn't matter.
You're ready now.
We are going to take the fight to the droids.
You don't have to hide in the jungle any longer.
Droids were a bit dim, more so than I imagined.
They make up for it in numbers.
They're designed to overwhelm.
But they're not designed to deal with our approach.
We hit them where they least expect it.
And before they realize what happened-- We fade in with the rest of the population.
We need a plan to get inside the city.
I have an idea.
Identification please.
What were you doing outside of the city gates? Hunting.
We've been trekking for days.
Did you register before your excursion? No, but most of our time is spent in the bush, collecting our traps.
We come to the city to sell.
You can't get thrip larva like this in Iziz.
Only the biggest trees on the other side of Onderon.
Hey, listen, we need to deliver all of this in time for supper.
Are you scanning anything? It's hard to tell with so much organic matter.
Come on! Our merchants are waiting inside.
Can you hurry it up? Let them through.
Roger, roger.
Good plan.
Like Saw said, those droids are dumber than we thought.
Not a bad start.
But now the hard work begins.
You must find recruits and choose your targets wisely.
They'll be looking for us.
We should split up.
Regroup after nightfall.
I'll alert our brothers.
We'll make sure you have the supplies you need.
Rex and I will take care of that.
Good luck.
You too.
How do you think they'll do? I have a feeling we'll be pleasantly surprised.
So you admit our new strategy will work? I am hopeful, Anakin, hopeful.

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