Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e03 Episode Script

Front Runners

Jedi form rebel alliance! Led by Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi have trained a band of rebels to fight the Separatists on the planet Onderon.
With the help of the Jedi, the rebels escape capture and infiltrated the heavily fortified city of Iziz.
Now our heroes have launched an armed campaign to subvert the Separatist occupation of the planet.
The Jedi Council continue to observe and advise as the rebels strive to gain momentum against the Separatist forces.
Despite the absence of civilian casualties, public fear has ensued as reports of the rebels' daring strikes circulate throughout the city.
Your identification failed.
That's not possible.
You are coming with us.
Hey! - What's going on? - No! The rebels are attacking again.
That is the fifth time this rotation.
That should give King Rash something to think about.
Huh, I'm sure you've gotten his attention.
Dendup has been summoned and awaits your order, my lord.
What about the terrorists? They've attacked a checkpoint near the canal and two droid patrols, one in Malgan Market.
If they think destroying a few droids is going to effect change, they've run a fool's errand.
One more thing, my lord.
The royal carriage was ambushed soon after it left the residence.
Hmm, an attempt on my life.
It appears that way.
Get my predecessor in here.
You surprise me.
Engaging with extremists is beneath you.
Do you really want your crown back that badly? I only want freedom for my people.
Your supporters are responsible for terrorist acts against the kingdom and our allies.
I didn't know that.
You've made it quite impossible to stay informed of anything outside my prison chamber.
Call off the attacks.
I cannot call off what I did not dictate.
What you are up against is simply the will of the people.
It's up to the king to embrace, bend, or break it.
And I am no longer the king.
Stop the attacks, or you will atone with your life.
It is you that must end the attacks by ending the droid occupation.
Your success will not go unnoticed.
I agree, but we need to be mindful of public perception.
What was your observation, Padawan? The people were fearful, Master.
Judging from the reactions I saw today, I'm afraid they will mistake your intentions.
We need to do more damage.
A few dozen broken-down droids will do little to free Onderon.
The people need to believe we can succeed.
Without their support, our efforts are meaningless.
If they're afraid, they won't support us.
We need to assure them of our intentions.
I don't understand.
Why are they afraid? They're afraid we're not strong enough to win.
We need to earn their trust.
You'll have plenty of time to earn their trust.
All of you are going to be very busy.
Today was only a taste.
You'll get your chance.
In the meantime, make the most of your victories.
Welcome and learn from them.
Perhaps if we hit something big, gave a show of strength, they will overcome their fear and join us.
Do you have something in mind? I know the perfect target.
I think they're ready to give the 501 some competition.
Let's not get carried away, General, though these rebels have impressed me.
We will share the developments with the Jedi Council.
Ahsoka will remain here as an advisor.
Monitor them and report back with their progress.
Are you up for it, Snips? Or would you like to return to Coruscant? No, Master.
I want to stay.
We should continue to provide supplies and credits, but they must learn to operate on their own.
Their survival depends on it.
Yes, Master.
Remember your purpose.
This power generator feeds substations across the city.
We hit that, the entire grid falls.
How does that help us? Battle droids are no longer linked to central control.
They operate individually.
Yes, but they still need power to recharge.
If we take out this facility, it will knock out the power grid, and then it will only be a matter of time until the droid army is brought to a standstill, literally.
If you carry the plan out by nightfall, you'll maximize your strike capability.
Okay, so we just need to figure out how to destroy the power station.
We need to do more surveillance.
Those droids should have all the intel we need stored up in those tin cans of theirs, right? They should.
Then I'll get us one.
Hey, clanker.
Sentries at every access point, inside and out.
We can't sustain combat against their numbers.
But our size makes us perfect for mobility and surprise.
We need something with heavy firepower if we are to blow up this facility.
If we give them enough trouble, they'll call for reinforcements.
Like a tank.
Then you can provide cover while we hijack it.
And then we use their own weapon against them.
And we bring the droid army to its knees.
Remember the plan.
We attack this patrol, and hopefully they will call in a tank for backup.
Ah! Let's go.
Patrol 118 to central.
We've been ambushed by terrorists and need reinforcements.
Let's hope they send a tank.
Hear that? They've sent destroyers.
Move! We're not gonna last unless we take out those destroyers.
We have to get behind them.
Let's go.
Roll it slow so it gets through.
I know that.
Nice job.
You screwed me up.
I've never seen a destroyer taken out that way before.
We all have to adapt.
There's our tank.
Split up.
Let's move.
Good work.
Now, let's get this thing up and running again.
What are you waiting for? Give me a second.
Do you know what you're doing? Yeah, I know what I'm doing.
You boys having a problem? No.
No problem.
Why? Well, come on.
We need to get moving.
Hey, who put you in charge? All right.
Get out of the tank, hotshot.
This needs a woman's touch.
Be my guest.
We need to get to that power generator before they realize this tank's gone missing.
We're running out of time.
I was gonna do that.
Couldn't have done it better myself.
Now, that's the truth.
I'll draw their fire.
Good luck.
Good luck.
I'll cover you.
We're almost in position.
Ready when you are, Steela.
A sniper.
Get her.
Roger, roger.
We have reinforcements.
Hey, you're not a droid.
Get down from there.
Fire the gun.
The gun is recharging.
You're all clear.
Looks like all that training is paying off.
My lord, without power, the droids will be massacred.
This loss will work for us.
There's been a power outage.
I've lost contact with command.
Switch to infrared.
Aah! - It's the rebels.
- Fight for Onderon! They're destroying the droids! - Free Onderon! - Freedom! Fight for freedom! Get the droids! Freedom! Freedom! For freedom! For Onderon! - Yeah! - Yes! For freedom! For Onderon! Show those droids what we're worth.
We must celebrate.
With pleasure.
Come here, you handsome senator.
Steela is a born leader.
And quite courageous, I hear.
Ahsoka, remember what I told you about staying focused.
I can't help it, Master.
I understand.
You do? I do.
But try to remember, always put purpose ahead of your feelings.
This latest development will surely get Count Dooku's attention.
He will respond harshly.
They will stop at nothing to find you.
You must adapt and continue to confront them in order to liberate Onderon.
We will.
And we shall win.
In that, I have no doubt.
Now you must rally the people.
You will need their support.
Your ability to influence them will also determine your capacity to represent them not only on the battlefield but off of it against your enemies, even within your own ranks.
Your commitment will inspire others.
Your conviction will lead to victory.
After tonight's efforts, the people will be ready to follow.
You will need a leader for them to rally behind.
They are waging a very public war.
Every trespass is an embarrassment.
Your forces cannot manage a small band of terrorists? My lord, your droids have become ineffective against the mounting rebel attacks.
I thought I could trust you to rule Onderon.
I find this report most disappointing.
It seems that the rebels are far more organized than they were in the past.
The attack against the power generators proves that.
Perhaps it's time you send me better reinforcements than the droids I have.
I will grant you this request and not only send you better droids but a better general.
This is Kalani.
I assure you he will succeed where you have failed.
We need to build on our momentum and continue our attacks to keep them off balance.
We have to assure the people first.
If we keep disrupting their lives, we risk alienating them.
We have to gain their trust.
I agree with both of you.
We can balance both.
We also need to recruit others to join us.
Onderon is ours.
We will remind everyone and keep reminding them until we get it back.
- Onderon is ours! - Onderon is ours! - Free Onderon! - Onderon! For Freedom! All in favor of Steela as our leader, raise your hand.
Looks like it's been decided.
You're the leader.
Let him go.
He just needs to blow off some steam.
He'll be back.
I can't.
Why? He's my brother.

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