Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e04 Episode Script

The Soft War

The rebels elect a new leader! With their training complete, Obi-Wan and Anakin have left Ahsoka on Onderon to monitor and advise the rebels as they continue to strike Separatists targets under the command of Steela Gerrera.
Facing an escalation of rebel attacks, the Separatists have sent reinforcements to strengthen their hold on the city of Iziz, as the battle for the planet unfolds.
Oh, yummy, yummy.
Looks like more reinforcements.
A small droid convoy leading a multi-troop transport.
An AAT bringing up the rear.
Ah! It's an ambush! We need reinforcements.
Ah, no! Do not be afraid, brothers and sisters.
We mean you no harm.
It's time.
People of Onderon, the time has come to take back our freedom.
We have all been deceived.
King Rash is a traitor who has sold Onderon to the Separatists for the crown.
But Onderon is ours.
We need your strength to reclaim our planet and restore our sovereignty under our true king, King Dendup.
The terrorists are no longer a nuisance but a threat to Onderon.
It is only a matter of time before they are all eliminated.
How much longer before they plunge us into chaos? It seems they're only targeting the droid army.
If you allowed the royal Onderon militia to assume control of security, the terrorists may stop and discuss terms.
You will assume nothing, General Tandin.
With their coordinated attacks and weapons, it is possible they're finding sympathy within your own ranks.
The threat is external, and your reinforcements have done little to stop them.
We will not negotiate with terrorists.
They fear diplomacy.
They embrace mayhem.
What do we know about them? We've identified Steela Gerrera as the woman in the hologram.
Her brother, Saw, is also part of the group as well as the fugitive criminal Lux Bonteri.
The late senator Mina Bonteri's son? Yes, my lord.
Why was I not told of this? You just were.
It's clear that Dendup is behind this.
We mustn't allow his followers any momentum.
Justice must come swiftly, without mercy.
Bring him in.
What now? Your supporters have begun to publicly decry my reign.
Am I still to believe you are not behind their attacks? You must order them to surrender.
I have been isolated and alone without visitors, confined to my prison.
Again, the will of the people is theirs, not mine.
Well, then we shall see what the will of the people is made of.
Okay, guys, put it in the back with the rest.
They're executing King Dendup tomorrow in Yolahn Square.
Where did you hear this? Malgan Market.
The merchants.
The Separatists are saying he's behind our attacks.
More lies.
They're making him an example to humiliate us.
Maybe, but their efforts could work against them.
Executing him would only make him a martyr.
We can't let him die.
We have to break him out somehow.
No, we should wait until he's in public, at the execution.
That's where they'd expect it.
I know, but this is our moment.
We'll save him for all of Iziz to witness.
We don't have much time.
They're counting on us to show up.
Where are you going? Trust me.
Let me take care of this.
This isn't about you.
We can't afford a reckless move right now.
Yeah? Go write a speech about it.
You have to weigh the risk.
That's why I'm going alone.
Follow him.
Saw is strong.
He'll be fine.
He's always been brash.
Never thinks.
He doesn't realize, by leaving us, he's hurting us.
We need a plan.
They'd bring King Dendup through the east entrance of Yolahn Square.
Security will be tight.
And rescuing him will will not be easy.
Lux, please don't look at me like that.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
I Listen.
I just need to be alone right now.
Gather everyone to go over the plan.
Of course.
I sense fear in you, Ahsoka.
The rebels are divided.
If they try to rescue the king now, I'm afraid we might lose them.
We cannot control their fate.
It's just, they're risking their lives to save just one.
Do not underestimate the king's power.
He represents hope and is critical to their success.
I feel responsible for them.
I know you do, Snips, but remember, purpose must come before feelings.
I know, Master.
Step in only if you must, but remember, if this experiment is to become an effective strategy, they must learn to survive on their own.
Yes, Master Kenobi.
I understand.
Uh, hey! My lord.
Who are you? I'm Saw Gerrera.
What do you want? You freedom, sire.
You're to be executed tomorrow, but I'm getting you out of here.
The people of Onderon need your help.
Stand up.
Are you one of the meddlers creating disorder, interfering in the affairs of the throne? Only to restore your kingship as the rightful ruler.
I see.
This was all my doing.
I opened the door.
That's why the Separatists are here.
I was faced with a difficult choice: to join the Republic or the Confederacy.
Both are corrupt, but I had to pick a side before one was chosen for me, except I chose neither.
Now is the time to take back Onderon.
Our movement is gaining momentum.
It has the backing of the Jedi.
Jedi? Yes, sire.
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Follow me, sire.
Onderon awaits.
Oneway shield.
Do any of you have questions? It's a risky plan, but it's our best shot.
Ahsoka, will you join us? I can't.
I've already been more involved than the Council wanted.
I'm afraid I've been instructed to sit this one out.
They have Saw.
He's alive, but I watched them take him away.
We have to save him.
We have to save King Dendup.
We don't have time or the bodies to do both.
He's your brother.
That's what Saw would want, what he would expect.
And I expect the same from everyone in this room.
I know it's a hard choice, but I agree.
Purpose must come before feelings.
Where are the other terrorists? Onderon is our system, not yours.
We have to keep him alive.
He is a direct link to the terrorists.
You pity him.
I pity your ignorance.
You can control the people of Onderon, but you won't sustain it against their will.
What you're doing guarantees others will take his place.
They, too, will suffer.
Then the war is lost.
You have strong tactics, but it's unfortunate you cannot calculate a different approach.
Here, drink.
It will give you strength.
The Separatists have very little compassion or patience for things that stand in their way.
We have a duty to protect what's ours, General, a duty once entrusted to you.
I thought you depleted your arrogance with Kalani.
It replenishes every hour.
King Rash is the crowned head of Onderon.
What's yours is his, and he will do with it as he pleases.
Dendup is the true king.
Are you following his orders? We take orders from no one.
Aligning yourself with the past does not bode well for your future.
We share the same future.
We can sit here as free men or servants of the Separatists.
I am free, while you have chosen to become a terrorist.
I'm not a terrorist.
I'm a patriot.
And resistance is not terrorism.
King Dendup chose his people instead of taking a side in the intergalactic war.
Separatists have taken over Onderon because we let them.
As your king, I present to you Ramsis Dendup not as a former king but as a criminal sponsoring terrorist acts against the people of Onderon.
But fear not, good citizens.
As your leader and protector, I will see that you are safe from such villainy.
He has betrayed you, and today he will pay for those treasonous deeds with his life.
Your people will see you into the next world.
May you find forgiveness there.
Time to die.
Wait for my signal.
Ready weapons.
Not yet.
Now! Come on.
Go, go, go! Come with us.
Blast 'em! Follow me.
This way.
Come on.
Let's go.
Surrender now or die.
It's over.
Do as they say.
Calm yourselves.
The threat is over.
See for yourselves as these traitors all endure the same punishment.
Good try, sis.
Ready weapons.
They're innocent! Let them go.
The snake will not strike again.
What? The only snake I see, sire, is you.
I was.
Not anymore.
What are you doing, General? Go.
Let them through.
Make way.
Everyone go with them.
But, sir Go.
What now, General? As soon as you release me, you'll be shot dead.
Jedi? General, follow me.
After them.
Kill them.
Kill them! Dendup is the true king! We want the Separatists gone.
Save Dendup! Why now? It was time for a new approach, my lord.
Do I have your loyalty? And that of the army.
You also have ours.
With your rule, our numbers will grow.
Thanks, child.
Your mother would be proud.
Thank you, my lord.
We must first win the will of the people.
That is the only way.
The Separatists will assemble their forces.
Count Dooku will want me dead more than ever.
Then we'll have to teach them another lesson.
Ahsoka, I knew you couldn't resist a good fight.
Am I becoming that predictable? Only to me.
The Separatists definitely know we're backing the rebels.
Then prepare yourself.
The real fight is about to begin.
Will you be able to send some help? That's up to the Council, Ahsoka.

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