Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e05 Episode Script

Tipping Points

War in the Inner Rim! Rebel leader Steela Gerrera has joined forces with General Tandin after boldly rescuing Onderon's former king from execution, evading a trap set by Separatist ally King Rash and the droid general Kalani.
Amid growing public support and rising unrest, Ahsoka continues to monitor the rebels' efforts as they rally around Ramsis Dendup to restore his reign as the rightful king and finally put an end to the Separatist occupation of Onderon.
I'm picking up an electromagnetic field.
Roger, roger.
It's coming from there.
Whoa! My fellow subjects, I appear not as your king but as a servant of Onderon.
We are in the midst of a great struggle.
The Confederacy has used the recent attacks as an opportunity to tighten their hold on Onderon.
They have accused me of leading these so-called terrorists.
It is a lie they have engineered to further restrict your independence and use deadly force against our people.
The truth is, I have never met them before now.
I have come to know them as the true sons of Onderon.
They are unwilling to surrender our freedom to those who conspire to take it from us.
Our destiny is tied to them and this planet.
We must all rise together to protect it.
Why are they looking at us that way? Hey! What the? Blast them! Ahh! Uh-oh.
The people are turning against the droids.
There's rioting in the streets now.
That's a beautiful thing.
We need to keep the battle to the outskirts of the city.
Less structures and people.
But less clankers.
Their main force is in Iziz.
We should join the fight down there and take it straight to King Rash.
We all want victory, but not at the cost of innocent lives.
If we fight door to door, no one is safe.
This is war, Steela.
She's right.
I agree.
The more you draw the droids from the city to the highlands, the safer the people will be.
My men await your command, my Lord.
I believe there's a new contender.
You will lead our forces, including the Royal Army.
Steela is now the commanding general.
A great choice.
As you wish, my Lord.
You and your rebels renewed my faith in myself.
Now I'm putting my faith in you.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Let's ride.
Just in case.
We are losing the public.
If they turn against us, I fear the outcome.
Fear will bring them back.
We must eliminate Dendup, General Tandin, and the terrorists before the people commit to their efforts.
General Tandin is weak.
His army will not withstand the power of the Confederacy.
Neither will the terrorists.
General, our scouts have located the main rebel forces in the mountains to the east.
With the rioting in the city, how can we spare the troops to attack the rebels in the mountains? Do not underestimate our means.
If the rebel army falls, the citizens will lose their courage, and order will be restored.
Your target lies in the mountains to the east.
The army will follow.
Leave no survivors.
By your command.
The droid army is almost here.
Everyone, get ready.
Saw, begin your attack.
Yah! Ahh! No! Where did that come from? There.
Any ideas? Yeah.
Run! Ahh! I take it the rebels have Dooku's full attention.
It's a full-scale war.
They need our help.
Please talk to the Council.
Even Master Windu would be wary at this point.
The Council will not engage or involve the Republic in an internal affair.
The Separatists have a new gunship with a powerful ray shield.
Nothing's getting past it.
I am sorry, Ahsoka.
They will have to find a way.
Do not stay there if their failure is certain.
Evacuate who you can and return to Coruscant immediately.
Do you understand? Yes, Master.
We need to help them.
We will do what we can to relocate the survivors.
Before they lose their planet.
We can't.
What difference does it make now? The Separatists know we're involved.
I don't disagree with you, Anakin, but to send in Republic gunships defeats our purpose.
We must stay true to our intentions, learn our lessons.
It doesn't have to look like we're the ones helping.
What if another party was involved? Another party? Who in the galaxy would be running around with an extra batch of missiles? Hondo.
Is the Republic going to help us? No.
What's it going to take? King Rash rules Onderon.
Unless that changes, the Republic can't do anything.
They're pulling back.
Cover them.
At this rate, the clankers aren't going to need reinforcements.
We have to regroup at the nest.
Yah! Skywalker, my old friend.
You come alone? For your service.
Oh, business! Good, good, good.
That I understand.
I need you to make a delivery for me.
And that all I am to you, Jedi? A delivery boy? I know that if I need arms shipped illegally, you're the man I need to come to.
Illegally? Now, why would a Jedi need to deliver arms illegally? How about I pay you well enough that you just deliver the missiles for me and don't ask any questions? Well, as long as you're not paying me in credits, I'm sure I could accommodate your wishes, Master Jedi.
The highlands may slow down the droids, but they won't stop the gunships.
We have to move.
Any word from Master Skywalker? Not yet.
We're not giving up yet.
Stagger our defenses to the camp.
Secure the approach.
Stay in small teams.
Make use of our training.
You really are the best leader among us.
Couldn't be more proud of you, my sister.
I learned from the best, big brother.
Let's go, General.
You have to help us.
I'll do all I can to protect you, but I can't fight this war for you.
We wouldn't have made it this far without you.
I wish I could do more.
Looks like we have company.
Don't shoot! Well, you could be my new favorite spice.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Careful, pirate.
Hondo, what are you doing here? Oh, no, no, no.
You should thank me, child.
I have brought you a gift from Skywalker and Kenobi.
The latest from Sienar.
Rocket launchers? Shoulder fired.
Very expensive.
Paid for? Very handsome-- Oh! Oh, my, look at the time.
Well, my work here is done.
Ugh, they must have seen Hondo's ship.
It was only a patrol.
We have to get these down to the others.
Load them up.
I hope they work.
There's only one way to find out.
We've tried everything, but we're target practice for those gunships.
Now it's their turn.
Thank the Jedi.
Saw! I love this! Distribute the rocket launchers and take out those gunships.
Steela, they're attacking the nest.
They're after the king! Come on! She sure leads by example.
What good will that do us if she gets herself killed? Steela, hurry! Steela, come in! Ugh! Where is the false king? I'll never tell you! Ugh! Find the king.
Help has arrived! Are you all right, Your Majesty? Thanks to you.
Fire! Last one's mine.
Get down! Look! Hangon! Steela! Ah! I'll handle this.
I got you.
Your gunships have failed.
I need more reinforcements.
Really? General Kalani, what is your assessment of the situation? They have managed to penetrate our shields and are using the cover of the highlands against our forces.
To defeat them will take time.
A prolonged war does not interest me, General.
Their rebellion grows with every small victory.
Then we are lost.
Salvage the remaining arms and withdraw the army.
Bring them to Agamar.
What about-- Ugh! It was my fault.
I shot that gunship down, and it crashed into her position.
Saw, it's not your fault.
She knew what the risks were.
We all knew what it would take to free Onderon.
This has been quite a journey for our Padawan.
Steela will be a powerful spirit in their lives.
For all of us.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thanks, but it's over now.
Let's just leave it at that.
Steela would be glad.
Her sacrifice gave Onderon its freedom.
But at what cost? It's like you once said.
Many lives get caught between the Republic and the Separatists.
I did say that once, but after watching your heroics and the selflessness of the Jedi, I do believe the Republic is the right side to be on.
What do you mean? Dendup has appointed me the new Senator of Onderon.
I will follow in my mother's footsteps, and I will bring us back to the Republic.
Remember this day, the day Onderon became free again.

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