Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e12 Episode Script

Missing in Action

Stranded! On a secret mission for the Republic, Colonel Gascon and his intrepid droid squad successfully steal an encryption module from a Separatist ship.
During their escape, our heroes crash on the Outer Rim planet of Abafar and find themselves stranded in the strange wasteland called The Void.
Now, after surviving against all odds, our heroes must find a way home and deliver the encryption module to crack the Separatist code and stop an enemy attack.
I have never been to Tatooine, but if this place reminds you of it, Artoo, remind me never to go there.
Don't be absurd, Qutee.
These people aren't dangerous.
Most of these people are probably hiding from someone or something.
That's the way it is on these Outer Rim armpits.
Nobody's here by choice, which goes double for me.
I hope you have a plan to get us off this armpit, Colonel.
Of course I do, Corporal.
All we need is a communications uplink and some fuel.
Thank you for the reminder, Ceefor, but I'm well aware our shuttle's lost in The Void.
I'm talking about fuel for me.
You droids can putter along on battery power but I need food to survive.
My power cells are running low too, and an oil bath would be nice.
All this dust is wreaking havoc on my joints.
Forget it, Beezee.
We're not on vacation here.
Artoo, is the encryption module safe? Nothing short of death or dismemberment will stop Colonel Meebur Gascon from delivering that module to Coruscant.
Well, I'll be.
A diner.
A place of eating.
I'm saved.
Artoo, you and the other 'mechs scout the perimeter.
Find out if there are any unfriendlies around.
Corporal, you and I will refuel in this fine establishment.
Good day.
I am Colonel Gascon of the Grand Army of the Republic.
And I am here on very important business.
I don't have much time, so if you'll be so kind as to fix me your daily special and let my droid recharge.
No droids.
Wait for me outside, Corporal.
We don't serve your type either.
What type are you referring to? Conduit worms.
I beg your pardon.
I am a Zilkan.
You'll be begging for your life if you don't beat it.
Beat it.
Ah! Oh, ah! This is an outrage.
That monstrosity will rue the day he denied me a meal.
I would not push it, Colonel.
That monstrosity might make a meal out of you.
I don't care.
I'm famished.
I think I can help.
Your meal awaits you, sir.
You short-circuiting hydrospanner, that's no meal.
That is garbage.
What is the difference? It is edible, is it not? Agh! Oh, uh, I'm sorry.
I didn't see you there.
Look, I could get you some food, but normally people come in the front door.
But there's no problem.
You do know that you're eating garbage, right? You're a clone.
Excuse me? Uh, I-- I wouldn't know about that.
My--my name's Gregor.
Uh, wait, what's a clone? You are a clone.
Are you working undercover? I don't know what you're talking about.
Listen to me, soldier, whatever your assignment is, it can't be more important than mine.
It is his first real mission.
He is just a map reader.
Don't listen to that ignoramus.
You are a clone and a soldier in the Republic Army, and I order you to take me to your ship.
We need to get back to Coruscant immediately.
Uh, look, friend, I was just trying to help.
I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way.
I do not think that soldier believes you are a colonel, uh, Colonel.
Gregor! Get back to work.
Uh, excuse me.
I got to go.
I don't want to lose my job.
But I'm still hungry.
Well, what's the scouting report? Separatist droids? Hmm, well, that complicates matters.
So, uh, boss, you know, I was just wondering No, you can't have a raise, Gregor.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I don't want a raise, sir.
I-I just wanted to know, what's a clone? Someone told me I was a clone today.
They insisted.
A clone? Clones fight battles across the galaxy.
They are brave soldiers.
Does that sound like you? You're a dishwasher, Gregor.
Forget about clones or anything like that.
You have good life here, a simple life.
More than you had when Borkus found you.
I know, sir.
And I appreciate everything that you've done.
Believe me.
But I thought maybe you could-- could you tell me, how did I get here? Where did you find me? Enough questions.
Go home.
Come back tomorrow.
Do your job.
And I don't ever want to hear that word "clone" again, understand? I cannot help noticing that we are already on our third plan.
Smart battle strategy requires flexibility and improvisation, something droids are not known for.
Artoo is right.
Droids are not known for being flexible, because we are programmed to be right the first time.
Well, answer me this, Corporal, if the Jedi Council thought one of you droids were better prepared to lead this mission, then why did they put me in charge? 'Cause you were the only one who could fit inside Beezee.
No, it is because my power of deduction told me that if there are Separatist droids on Abafar, then there must be a landing zone nearby where there will be no doubt a shuttle to take us home.
That, Corporal, is why I am in charge.
Now, we are going to waltz down there, undetected, just like we did on the dreadnought, and commandeer that shuttle without incident.
The 'mechs have a point, Colonel.
After what we did on the dreadnought, those battle droids probably have our identities scanned.
We will have to fight our way onto the shuttle this time.
Hmm, you droids may have a point.
But there's no way in Malachor that I'm going to lead this pitiful squad on an assault of that landing zone.
What is the plan now, Colonel? We're going to wait until our clone gets off work, then enlist his help, whether he wants to or not.
Captain Rex reporting for duty.
Agh! What? I I don't understand.
That's me? No, that's Captain Rex.
He's a clone in the Republic Army, just like you, Gregor.
I can't believe it.
Okay, slow down.
Slow down.
So you're telling me that there are more of these clones? Millions.
A whole army's worth.
And they all look exactly like me? No, those clones are warriors, professional soldiers created by the Republic, trained to fight, and die if necessary, in our war against the Separatists.
They're not dishwashers living in some vermin-infested hovel.
Look, I'm lucky to live in this place.
Borkus says my salary doesn't even cover the rent, so he pays the difference for me.
Don't you get it, Gregor? You're his slave.
We need to figure out who you really are, how you got here.
Are you sure you don't remember anything? Well, all I remember is waking up on a transport.
Somehow we crashed on Abafar.
And, well, Mr.
Borkus says I have amnesia.
Every clone has an identifying code on their wrist.
Your military records will be in the database.
Scan him, Artoo.
Gregor, your designation is CC-5576-39.
You were a captain and part of an elite squad.
A clone commando.
Your file says you were reported missing in action during the Battle of Sarrish.
Sarrish? Sarrish.
What was the Battle of Sarrish? It was one of the Republic's most devastating losses.
Yes, I remember now.
So many soldiers were dying.
Dodo you remember how you escaped Sarrish? No.
I just remember seeing all those bodies.
Bodies everywhere.
I knew I had to get help.
But that's where the memory stops.
Well, soldier, there's nothing you can do about that battle now, but you can help us.
Our mission depends on it.
Uh, Colonel, Gregor said to give him five minutes, but it has been six.
What if he does not accept your offer to join us? Then I'll go back in there and personally knock some sense into him.
That won't be necessary.
Whoa! I figured at least looking like a soldier might bring back some more memories, until we recover my equipment anyway.
I overheard you guys talking.
I think I know where my armor is.
Let's go check out the diner.
Step it up, soldiers.
This isn't a party.
We do not have all night.
Looking for this? My uniform.
My equipment.
All this time you knew who I was and didn't tell me.
Why? I don't care who you were.
You are dishwasher now.
And you owe me for saving you from your crash.
Your life is mine, Gregor.
You didn't save me.
You turned me into a slave.
I've worked in this dump taking orders from you when I could have been fighting for the Republic.
I want my life back.
You want your freedom, Gregor? Take your gun from me.
Show me you are a soldier.
You see? You are no soldier.
You are a dishwasher.
Why, you no-good droids.
Let go of me.
Agh! Oh.
Agh! Take your things, Gregor.
We're getting out of here.
Don't leave, Gregor.
It's a big galaxy out there, bigger than you know.
Stay here, where your life is simple.
Simple isn't good enough anymore.
Not for this clone.
Ha! You will never get off Abafar, you and your little Republic friends, not after your Jedi cruiser blows up.
What are you talking about? Why do you think the Separatists bother coming here? They are mining our Rhydonium to load on the shuttle and destroy your ride home.
You will see.
You will all be stuck here begging Borkus for a job in his diner.
Okay, let's see what we're up against.
There's a cruiser up there.
And that shuttle, I think-- Yes, it's being loaded up with Rhydonium canisters.
I guess Mr.
Borkus was actually telling the truthfor once.
What exactly is Rhydonium? It's a fuel.
Mostly been mined out on Abafar.
It's volatile and dangerous.
Yes, we do have a new mission: Stop the Separatists from blowing up that cruiser.
I'll cover you and clear the way, Colonel.
You all head straight to the shuttle.
I'll take care of those clankers.
Hmm, sounds like a good plan.
You soldiers ready to get dangerous? I'll meet you at the shuttle, sir.
Let's roll.
Hey! You need authorization to enter this area.
Agh! Get them! Agh! Good job, Gregor.
Look, he's up there! Just keep moving.
It is all under control.
I'm beginning to remember how much I hate these guys.
Hey, I don't recognize those astromechs.
Blast them! They are on to us.
Colonel, can you hear me? Save yourselves! Okay.
Whoa! Agh! Whoa-oh-oh.
Did everybody make it? No, Beezee and the colonel are still out there.
Get the shuttle ready to roll.
Agh! Colonel, you all right? I'll never make it back alive.
Yes, you will, sir.
This is what I was born to do.
Now, go before it's too late.
It's been an honor serving with you, Colonel.
Artoo's right.
We can swing back around and pick you up.
Don't worry about me.
You made me remember who I am.
I'll make my way home.
I promise.
Now go! Where is Gregor? Where is Gregor? He's doing what a soldier does: sacrificing himself for the lives of others.
You will be remembered, Captain Gregor.
We will take your heroic story back to the Republic, and we will watch for your return.

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