Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e13 Episode Script

Point of No Return

Mission accomplished! Colonel Gascon and his droid squad steal an encryption module needed to crack a Separatist code and stop an impending attack on the Republic.
After surviving The Void and escaping the hostile planet of Abafar, our heroes finally appear to be headed in the right direction.
Hmm, looks like the Jedi cruiser is expecting this shuttle.
Well, I'm sure there's someone aboard who can put this encryption module to good use.
Well, soldiers, this is the end of the mission.
Colonel Gascon has succeeded.
Artoo, contact the bridge.
Tell them I request a meal with the captain.
Nothing too fancy, and, uh, I don't eat bantha.
What do you mean you still can't make contact? I have got a bad feeling about this, Colonel.
Something is not right.
Snogwash! It's probably just the effects of The Void.
All that, uh, magnetic disruption messed up his circuitry.
I will not allow your frivolous worrying to undermine this-- this glorious moment! I expect a hero's welcome, not to mention my inevitable promotion to P1 Brigadier! Wow.
They really went overboard on the welcoming committee.
Good question, Qutee.
Why are there not any other shuttles or crew members? Well, everyone's probably preparing to, uh Well, they'll all want to be there when we break the Separatist code.
How should I know why all the blast doors are shut? That's a question for the captain of this ship and one I intend to ask just as soon as I find him.
Sergeant, Colonel Meebur Gascon.
You have no doubt been expecting me.
I am delivering the Separatist encryption module.
Why--it's just a hologram.
What in the blazes is going on here? I do not know.
But we just made the jump to hyperspace, which means somebody is navigating this ship.
You, droids! What are you doing on our ship? Surrender or you will be destroyed.
Battle droids! Whoo--ahh! The commander wants the detonator taken to the control room.
Roger, roger.
Okay, let me just-- - Lift with your legs! Lift with your legs! Uh, heavy, heavy.
Watch it, watch it! Look out! Good thinking back there.
But next time I give the orders.
Understood? I got it.
I got it.
I don't got it! Yaah! Uh-oh.
I wasn't programmed for this.
Stop! Which way are we going? Down here! Aah! Have you seen the intruders? They went that way? Roger, roger.
All right, something very strange is going on here.
It appears this ship has been hijacked by Separatists.
What do you mean it doesn't belong here? He is right, Colonel.
This is not Republic technology.
Not unless they have lowered their standards.
Well, what exactly do you think it is? A bomb? What kind of a bomb? Is it on? How long do we have? Talk to me! What do you mean the ship is a bomb? How can the entire ship be a bomb? Mother of Kwath There must be enough Rhydonium in here to blow up the entire Republic fleet.
I don't know what any of this means, but I want off this ship immediately.
My mission is over.
I had no orders to stop Separatist piracy or disarm massive, titanic-scale bombs! Ceefor has a good point.
If we do not stop this ship before it explodes, it could cost the Republic thousands of lives.
Pure speculation.
We're evacuating this ship, and that is an order! Oh, right.
We'll have to wait to evacuate until the ship is out of hyperspace.
By then it could be too late.
Once we get where we are going, my guess is-- kaboom! Wait! I-- no-- okay, okay! I don't know, Qutee.
Where's Artoo gone now? What's going on? Who is this? I am BNI-393, an LEP Servant Droid.
My master called me Bunny.
And where is your master? He was killed when the Separatists took control of this ship.
Why were you hiding from us? At first I did not know if I could trust you.
Then I was not sure you would believe me.
Once you saw the truth, I was simply hoping you would abandon ship and take the rest of us with you.
Rest of you? You're telling me there's more Republic crew members on board? Did you destroy the intruders? Uh, no.
There are Republic droids on this ship that could ruin our plans.
You will search the entire ship until the intruders are found and report back to me.
Is this a joke? The rest of the crew is in our shuttle? I told them to wait inside and that we would be leaving as soon as we came out of hyperspace.
You can come out now.
It is okay.
These are the other crew members? As you can see, none of us can pilot the shuttle, which is why we needed you.
Why you need me.
Hi, there.
I am the pilot.
What is this Separatist plot? I do not know the details.
I was only able to steal the coordinates of their target.
Target? You mean they aren't just planning to blow up this ship? I do not believe so.
The coordinates are a space station in the Carida system.
What? That's the site of the Republic Strategy Conference.
How do I know? I was putting the finishing touches on a report for that conference when I was assigned this mission.
The Jedi Council will be there, along with Republic officers from around the galaxy and-- What the The Separatists are going to ram the station with this ship! I agree.
We have to do something, Artoo.
See if you can send a transmission to the Republic so we can warn them.
It is no use.
We have tried that.
All transmissions from this ship are being blocked.
Hmm, you're right.
We can't just sit here and do nothing.
Where's he going? Uh-oh.
That buzz droid is not with me.
It must be a spy! Stop that droid! Where'd he go? We've got to find him.
I do not know.
I do not see him anywhere.
Uh, Colonel I think I see him.
I think I see a whole lot of him.
It's a trap! Good work.
You've established a perimeter.
There are still more coming! Please tell me you have a brilliant strategy, Colonel! I don't know! There's just so many of them.
What do you mean, "get out"? All right, what are you going to do? You are going to open the air lock? Are you crazy, Beezee? Everybody, magnetize your feet! Lock down! Beezee! Magnetize! Magnetize! No! Artoo, close the door! Close the door! Poor Beezee.
You will be missed, soldier.
Artoo is right.
Colonel, would you say something to honor this heroic sacrifice? I suppose that's appropriate.
I'll have to make it quick because we don't have much time.
When this D-Squad started our mission, I had doubts.
Grave doubts that we would ever survive, let alone succeed.
But we worked together.
We didn't give up hope.
We showed courage in the face of death.
It shocks me to say this, but we make an excellent team.
Now we've lost one of our members Beezee.
But we must remember.
Beezee sacrificed himself for us.
That's what a good soldier does sometimes.
The only way to honor that sacrifice is to stop this ship and prevent the Separatists from taking any more Republic lives.
Are you with me? Have the buzz droids reported back in yet? No, there has been no signal from them.
In fact, I cannot even locate their signal anymore.
We must assume, then, that the buzz droids have failed.
I want those intruders found before they ruin our plans.
- Roger, roger.
- Roger, roger.
All right, everybody knows the plan? We get the injured droids to the shuttle and distract the battle droids while Artoo goes up to the detonator and programs it to explode early.
Hopefully he can make it back to the shuttle and we can all get off the ship before it blows up.
Good luck, Artoo.
The intruders! Destroy them! You can make it! Hurry! Hurry! We have our target in sight.
Full ahead.
Ramming speed.
Evacuation plan is now under way.
I will go to the detonator and start the countdown.
The worst part about our job are these boring strategy conferences.
Cheer up, Anakin.
This is your chance to voice all your complaints about military protocol.
And it looks as though we can finally get under way.
I will inform Master Windu the last straggler has arrived while you work on your attitude.
Isn't that ship coming in a little too fast? There's the shuttle! Careful, you'll hit the Rhydonium.
Everyone, head to the ship! Ceefor and I will distract them.
You are too late.
Once the detonation sequence has commenced, there is no stopping it.
Now let's see if Artoo made it to the detonator.
Artoo is in trouble! Come on! Artoo will never make it back to the shuttle in time.
We've got to delay the launch.
The cruiser has not slowed its pace.
Have you been able to contact their captain? Z9 says he cannot make contact with anyone.
Where's Artoo when I need him? We've got to regroup and head back for Artoo.
Well, we're changing the plan! No one gets left behind, and we're not leaving until I say so! Prepare for liftoff! No.
It is too soon.
We are scanning a large amount of Rhydonium on that ship! It's a bomb.
And you thought this conference would be boring.
Mayday! Mayday! Space station Valor, this is Colonel Meebur Gascon.
Can anyone hear me? We read you, Colonel.
This is General Skywalker.
What's going on out there? Slight change in our mission, General.
The droids and I were stowaways on that cruiser.
Where's Artoo? I'm sorry to report he was on that ship when it blew up, sir.
He just saved all your lives.
I want a salvage team out there now! Yes, sir.
Artoo! You made it, buddy! Hey, you're a big hero.
There's someone here who wants to speak to you.
R2D2, are we glad to see you.
I am most glad.
Quiet, WAC.
I'm talking here.
Yes, sir, Colonel.
In truth, I might just be a map reader, and I don't have much battle experience, but, Artoo, you are the bravest droid I have ever met.
You all are.
I would be proud to serve with you droids anytime, anywhere.
Oh, I am glad to hear you say that, Colonel, because I hear we have been assigned to the same platoon! We will be seeing each other every day for the rest of the war! That's great, WAC.

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