Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e17 Episode Script


Invasion! The planet Cato Neimoidia is under Separatist attack.
Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ashoka Tano, rush to the rescue as they lead a squadron of starfighters to the planet below.
Ahsoka, punch a hole for the gunships to get through.
I know the drill, Master.
Look out, incoming missiles.
No problem.
Uh slight problem.
Ahsoka, I've got buzz droids.
How bad did you get hit? I'm all clear.
What? You always have it easy, Snips.
Good job, Artoo.
Someday these droids will learn they keep messing with the wrong Jedi.
Looks like you're clear.
Just keep watching and learning, Padawan.
You're trailing smoke.
What's wrong? Oh, nothing serious.
Just a small malfunction.
Ugh! Master? Master, come in.
Artoo, what's going on over there? Unconscious? Fly back to the cruiser.
What do you mean there's something wrong with the engines? Tip your wing.
I'll see how bad it is.
Oh, that's not good.
Let's just say now would be a good time to land.
Artoo, can you land the ship on that cliff ledge? I don't care if the landing zone is too short.
Get that ship on the ground.
R7, take over the ship.
I'm going after Anakin.
Somebody has to save his skin.
Artoo! Ugh, very funny, Artoo.
Are you okay, Master? Yeah, what'd I miss? Oh, not much.
Wait a minute.
Wasn't I flying? Where's my fighter? How did I get here? Fighter crashed.
I saved the day.
You're welcome.
Huh, all right.
Captain Rex, Ahsoka and I need a little help.
Right away, sir.
Master Yoda.
Return to the Jedi Temple quickly, you should, you and your Padawan.
We're kind of busy, Master Yoda.
The reason we need you, important it is, Skywalker.
Bombed the Temple hangar, someone has.
Your assistance to find the terrorist, we need.
Who could successfully bomb the Jedi Temple? We'll be right there, Master.
How could the Separatists infiltrate the Temple? Worse than that it is.
What could be worse, Master Yoda? Everything is on the table.
We have to look at the possibility that it could've been anyone in the Temple, even a Jedi.
If a Jedi this is, gone to the dark side they have.
I I can't believe a Jedi would attack a place this sacred.
We'd like for you two to lead the investigation.
We can't trust anyone who was here, even a Jedi.
You and Ahsoka will provide an impartial point of view free of assumptions.
We'll do everything we can.
Careful you must be, Skywalker.
If willing to destroy the Temple the attacker is, to great lengths they will go to keep from being caught.
Then I guess we'll have to go to even greater lengths to catch him.
I can still hear the screams.
Do you believe what they said, Master, that a Jedi could do this? Not every Jedi agrees with this war, Ahsoka.
There are many political idealists among us.
But a traitor? I'm afraid one can eventually become the other.
Remember Count Dooku and General Krell.
That's how they started too.
Only analysis and investigation will prove what is true or not.
Who are you? I am Russo-ISC, Crime Scene Analyzer for the Jedi.
I will be working with you and your Padawan on this case.
I was assigned by Master Windu.
Okay, Russo, you and Ahsoka should begin the interviews.
I would rather interview the witnesses alone.
Why? Many of the wounded have heard rumors a Jedi was behind this explosion.
There will be ill will toward you.
I think you're overexaggerating, Russo.
There were Jedi killed in that blast along with maintenance crew and clones.
Take Ahsoka with you.
Let me know if you find anything.
I will, Master.
Did you notice anything unusual about the hangar? Not really.
Although, I left the hangar five minutes before the bomb exploded.
Did everything seem okay before that? Everything seemed normal.
Is it true a Jedi might be responsible for the attack? We're not certain of anything at this point.
This distrust is troubling.
Some of these people have worked in the Temple for years.
Fear makes even the most trusting individual irrational.
I think I know who did it, who blew up the hangar.
Who? I believe it was Jackar Bowmani.
Jackar Bowmani.
Who is Jackar? One of the maintenance crew in the hangar.
Why do you think it was him? I passed him as I was going on my shift change.
He he had been working all morning in the section the blast came from.
It was the last place I saw him.
Is this him? Yes.
I need to know, have you seen him since the explosion? No.
Truthfully, I didn't see much of anything after the explosion.
Thank you.
Looks like we need to find Jackar Bowmani, Russo.
Did you find anything? No, but the rumor about it being a Jedi is growing, Ahsoka.
I can feel the anger and confusion throughout the Jedi Temple.
Russo and I have a lead.
We are looking for one of the Temple workers, Jackar Bowmani.
One of the witnesses saw him in the area where the bomb exploded right before it happened, and we have not been able to find him anywhere.
Come on.
Nobody just disappears.
Unless it was well planned out.
Well, it had to be well planned out to get past Jedi.
I'll talk to security.
No more clones.
Stop the violence.
End the war.
Stop the violence.
They're all family and friends? Yes, looking for answers.
So am I, Cin.
This is the guy who might be behind all of this.
If you see him, alert me immediately.
That is Jackar.
You know this man? He is my husband.
I've been trying to reach him since I heard of an explosion.
Where is he? I need you to come with me.
You have no idea where Jackar is? No.
You are a Jedi, and you cannot find him? I understand your frustration.
Just find Jackar.
Letta, do you think Jackar could do something like this, blow up the Temple? Do you have any idea what someone has to go through to work in the Jedi Temple, hm? Jackar dedicated his life to serving the Jedi.
It had been his dream.
Not just anyone can walk into your precious Temple.
He passed all the entry tests that were needed.
Okay, I had to ask.
Unfortunately, everyone's a suspect.
Jackar would never do anything like this.
Please, find him.
Hmm based on the trajectory of the debris, it seems the blast came from there.
Why is there no bomb residue? So you think whoever did this triggered a ship to explode? We think so.
Russo's trying to use the shrapnel to determine that now.
The witness says he saw Jackar in the area.
Maybe Jackar planned to do this and just kept quiet.
Or It actually was a Jedi.
I found something, an anomaly, something that should not be here.
These pieces came from the blast origin.
They are covered with microscopic droids of a highly volatile nature.
Yes, nano-droids.
Now we're chasing nano-droids.
Russo, go through security footage.
Try to see if Jackar went to other parts of the Temple.
Ahsoka, let's go find out how Jackar got his hands on these nano-droids.
Bowmani's file, Master Jedi.
He's a munitions expert.
Jackar was the foreman over all of the gunships, bombs, and weapons.
His specialty was nano-weaponry.
We've got to find this guy.
Isn't that going a little too fast for you to make sense out of it? It is simple data.
At this pace, I am able to view hundreds of hours of footage.
Have you found Jackar? No.
I'll gather some Jedi and search the Temple.
If he's still here, he might be planning another attack.
Instead of Jedi, I have droids that can do the job much faster.
So you've found nothing so far? We have a clue we're following.
But we still don't have answers.
It is imperative that the truth be found soon.
There are whispers the Senate will have a meeting to decide whether the military police will need to become involved in the investigation.
They can't do that.
Clones died in that explosion, maintenance clones working on the gunships as well as civilians.
The Senate tends to take notice of these things no matter where they happen.
Master Skywalker, we have found Jackar.
Lock down all exits so he can't escape.
Where is he? Well, part of him is here.
I don't think now is a good time to joke.
This is all that remains of Jackar.
His hand? The rest of him exploded.
Because he was so close to the bomb? Because he was the bomb.
What's this? The connection we were looking for to the explosion in the hangar.
The nano-droids.
How did they get in his bloodstream? Oh, this just keeps getting better and better.
We're going to have to search Jackar's home for evidence.
This is not the nicest place.
I would've thought working for the Jedi paid better.
Letta? Are you here? You search for the droids, but be careful, and remember, he was a munitions expert.
I'd rather not set off another explosion today.
I'll see if he left a note.
Letta? Master.
The sensors are picking up traces from the disposal.
The nano-droids were in the food.
Well, I guess the question now is, did he eat them willingly, or did someone feed them to him? Wh-what are you doing here? We've learned Jackar was involved in the bombing.
That can't be true.
See if she has any nano-droids on her, Ahsoka.
Nanodroids? She's clean.
What do you mean, "nano-droids"? We believe someone set Jackar up and made him the bomb.
I I don't understand.
Letta, I want to bring you in for more questioning.
Maybe you can help us make sense out of all of this.
I'll answer any question I can.
Letta, stop.
Letta! Letta.
Take the high road.
Right, Master.
Letta, stop! Let me go.
Running means you know more than you're telling us.
Jackar is dead, and now you're trying to blame his murder on me.
Nobody ever said he was dead.
But running proves you had something to do with the bomb.
You don't know what you're talking about.
People blamed Jedi because of you.
People were killed because of you! You can't prove anything.
Did you feed the nano-droids to Jackar? You will answer me.
Now! I did feed the nano-droids to Jackar.
You set up your own husband to die? You're dealing with things you don't understand.
Oh, where you're going, you'll have plenty of time to explain everything.
We're holding Letta in the cell below the temple to await further questioning.
I am pleased to report there were no other nano-droids found in the sweep of the Temple.
I am also pleased to report, based on the security footage, Jackar Bowmani acted alone, which means no Jedi was involved.
Thanks, Russo.
Good job.
Did this woman say what her reasons were for attacking us? Not yet, but we're working on that.
I think we can guess her motives easily enough.
Public opinion is swaying against the Jedi.
That is becoming clear.
This war is becoming less and less popular every day it persists.
Master, I'm relieved we solved this case, but-- - What if it had been a Jedi? Yes.
I don't know how I would have felt if a Jedi was really behind this.
There are going to be Jedi who disappoint us, Ahsoka.
But as long as we know there are good Jedi who fight for what's right, it makes it all worthwhile.

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