Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e18 Episode Script

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much

Terror at the Temple! The Jedi Temple is in disarray after a vicious terrorist attack.
Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano set out to find the truth of who was really behind this horrendous catastrophe.
Their investigation led them to discover the true saboteur, Letta Turmond.
Now the Jedi attempt to return the Temple to normalcy.
But first Master Yoda must give a eulogy to the fallen Jedi warriors.
One with the Force, they are.
And our job it is to remember that we will, in time, also pass on.
Luminous beings are we, but temporary vessels, our bodies are.
And we shall all find ourselves here in time.
A moment of silence, I ask, to remember and to move on.
You were close to one of them? Tutso Mara.
We trained together.
He taught me how to hold my lightsaber correctly.
Live for the living Jedi, we must.
Live through us, forever they will.
So what happens to Letta now? The bomber has been moved.
Moved? Where? Why should she be moved? The Republic military has taken her into custody.
But why? This is a Jedi matter, isn't it? Clones were killed, which makes this terrorist attack a military matter.
An attack on the Jedi is an attack on the Senate.
Admiral Tarkin is right.
Letta isn't a Jedi.
It's not for us to be judge and jury over a citizen of the Republic.
If Letta's guilty, she's guilty, and she should be dealt with.
Calm down, Ahsoka.
Remember, revenge is not the Jedi way.
The evidence seems clear, Ahsoka.
Nothing will ever change.
The Chancellor feels very strongly that the Jedi be removed from as many military matters as possible.
You yourselves said that you're peacekeepers, not soldiers.
I hope Chancellor Palpatine knows what he's doing.
I assure you that he rarely does anything without a strategy.
I have many things to attend to, Masters.
Good day.
Be with your friend, Ahsoka.
In ways, she is still very young.
Company? Sure.
Every time I think about this, I feel conflicted.
It's hard not to let feelings turn into attachment and pain.
Ahsoka, have you ever wondered if it was right to ignore your emotions? My Master would say, "Our struggle as Jedi is to move past them.
" You make it sound so easy.
No, it isn't easy.
But it's possible.
Like, when we were stuck inside the battle tank on Geonosis, it was hard not to be afraid.
Still, you and I got past it.
And I guess we'll get past this.
You've always been capable of seeing things clearly.
I guess I've fooled you like I have everyone else.
Yes, Master.
Ahsoka, we're needed in the war room.
It appears the Separatists have mounted another attack.
Coming, Master.
Look, I have to believe that one way or another, this woman's going to pay for what she did.
You shouldn't keep your Master waiting.
We've uncovered a Separatist plan of attack.
We shall travel to the Anoat system here, then move across to Saleucami.
So far out of our way? Unfortunately, we must avoid these neutral systems.
Excuse me, Master Jedi.
Yes, Admiral.
Commander Tano, your presence is requested by prisoner Letta Turmond.
The prisoner from the hangar bombing? Why is she asking for Ahsoka? Not exactly sure.
But Commander Tano is the only person the prisoner will speak to.
I'll report back with whatever I find out.
Yes? I'm Commander Tano.
Letta Turmond requested to see me.
A lot of innocent people died in that blast.
Good job capturing her.
All right, scan her.
Leave your comlink and lightsabers here.
Follow me.
What do you want, Letta? I was told if I ever needed help, you were the Jedi to contact.
Give us a minute, please.
You don't have much time, Letta, so I suggest you get whatever you have to say off your chest.
The idea of feeding Jackar the nano-droids was not mine.
Why are you saying this now? Why didn't you reveal this before? Because my life is in danger.
The person behind this will be able to get to me unless you know the truth.
What's the truth? A Jedi.
A Jedi showed me how to create the bomb and how to put the nano-droids in.
Why would a Jedi do this? There are some citizens of the Republic, like myself, who believe the Jedi Order is not what it used to be.
The Jedi have become warmongers.
They've become military weapons.
And they're killing when they should be keeping the peace.
One of these Jedi agreed with us.
One of you wanted to make a statement and was willing to attack your own order to do it.
Who? If you protect me, I will tell you, because it is obvious to me that I have been set up.
Letta, you have to tell me who is behind this.
It's Letta! Letta! Letta! Prisoner health critical, holding cell 173.
Commander Fox, the prisoner.
Follow me.
Letta! I don't know what happened.
Commander, she's dead.
I can't say I blame you, Commander Tano.
But all the same, you're under arrest.
I No, no.
I did not do this.
Admiral Tarkin, I don't know what happened.
I went in the room to talk to Letta, and she said she was afraid of a Jedi.
You don't have to tell me any more, Commander Tano.
I don't? No.
There are recorders in every room.
Curiously, the sound isn't working on this one.
It seems the Jedi she was afraid of was you.
I did not kill that woman.
You were the only one there.
I know that you were upset when this woman was taken into custody by the military.
That means nothing.
I beg to differ.
It was someone else, Admiral, someone I didn't see.
You know that is very difficult for me to believe.
This is a secure facility.
We do not have just anyone running about.
And if there was someone else, why did you not sense them? I said my Padawan is in there.
Now, step aside.
General Skywalker, Admiral Tarkin has ordered that no one be allowed in there.
I don't care what she's accused of.
Let me in.
Sorry, sir.
The admiral's orders stand.
This is now a military operation and under his jurisdiction.
A key card.
Master, I knew you wouldn't let me down.
I wonder what you have planned.
Oh, no.
This does not look good.
My lightsabers.
Hello? Who is this? Why are you helping me? What's going on here? It wasn't me.
Alert! Alert! The Jedi prisoner has escaped.
Commander Tano, stop! She's heading north in the prison corridor.
Cut her off! Copy that.
Oh, no.
The suspect has killed three clones.
Code red.
If you see the target, shoot to kill.
Belay that order, Commander Fox.
She's killed troopers.
I know Commander Tano.
She would never do something like this.
Then who did? Quiet! Ahsoka! It's me, Anakin.
Stop running.
You can't help me, Master.
Someone's setting me up.
I believe you, Ahsoka.
But no one else will.
Keep searching until we find her.
Rex, call security.
Tell them we need to search the entire base.
Now! General Skywalker has just issued an all-points bulletin on Commander Ahsoka Tano.
She's killed three clones and should be considered armed and dangerous.
The prisoner was just spotted in the east wing, cell block 1218-11.
Come on, Grizzer.
There's nothing here.
There she is! Quick, stop her before she gets to the ship! All right, don't lose her.
We'll be right there.
What's going on? We've found her.
She's heading towards the industrial pipeline.
Set weapons to stun.
I want her alive! Do not shoot to kill.
Do not shoot to kill! Try to box her in.
Don't let her escape.
Tell me what you see, Oddball.
She's moving west along the central viaduct.
All right, we got her now.
This will knock her off her feet.
Not so fast, Commander.
Ahsoka! Ahsoka, what are you doing? You didn't even try to come and help me.
They wouldn't let me in to talk to you.
You could have if you tried.
How would that look, Ahsoka, huh? Forcing my way in would've made you look even more guilty.
I'm not guilty! Then we have to prove you're innocent.
The only way we can do that is by going back.
I don't know who to trust.
Listen, I would never let anyone hurt you, Ahsoka, never.
But you need to come back and make your case to the Council.
I'm not going to take the fall for something I didn't do! I am ordering you to put down your lightsaber and come with me now! Trust me.
General Skywalker, where are you? I do trust you.
But you know as well as I do that no one else will believe me.
Anakin, you have to trust me now.
Ahsoka, I do trust you.
I know you do.
Wish me luck.

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