Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e06 Episode Script

The Rise Of Clovis

6x06 - "The Rise of Clovis" War profiteers! In time of war, credits are the fuel that fund all operations.
Senator Amidala is sent to Scipio to resolve matters between the Republic and the InterGalactic Banking Clan.
Here she is reunited with Rush Clovis, a once-close friend, but now a known traitor to the Republic.
When Clovis reveals corruption at the core of the Banking Clan, Senator Amidala helps him steal vital files that may uncover the full extent of the plot.
Anakin Skywalker is sent to rescue the Senator and escort the information back to Coruscant, leaving the Banking Clan in chaos.
The Jedi Anakin Skywalker should never have been allowed to leave with the Senator in tow.
Any future disruptions will be placed upon your shoulders, Nix Card.
As you wish.
Sir, we have confirmed that Rush Clovis was on the Jedi ship.
Then there's nothing we can do.
But they have the files.
Unfortunate, yes, but they need more than just files to incriminate us.
That will only take them time.
We will all be destroyed.
We must remain calm.
The only way they could find our secret accounts is if one of us told them.
I want it noted that you and you alone allowed this to happen, and that it has put us all at risk.
You're late.
What news? Clovis, the Senator, and the Jedi are on their way.
With the information? Enough.
Then we can continue to the next stage of the proceedings.
And what about me? You will be protected, I can assure you.
Master Yoda.
We weren't expecting such a formal welcome, Master.
A personal request of the Chancellor's, my escorting you was, Senator.
Adventures, have you had, on Scipio, hmm? Have you met Rush Clovis? Met, we have, yes.
Intrigued, we are, by your return to Coruscant.
Much distrust is focused upon you.
I understand, but I hope to right the wrongs that I have done.
Delay, we must not.
Excuse me if I find it hard to trust you, Clovis.
You used to sit on this very Senate even as you funneled credits into the droid foundries of Count Dooku.
I understand all of your trepidation, but there is corruption in the banks.
And once we find this corruption? I believe the ones responsible should be ousted from control before the entire banking infrastructure collapses.
Oh, and I suppose you're the man to do it.
I only want the Banking Clan to be what it once was: a fair system of trade and commerce.
I came here to root out the criminals and reveal the truth behind what is happening.
Now, now.
We are grateful for you bringing us this information, but what exactly can you prove? These files show that huge funds have been diverted out of the banks and into what I believe are private accounts.
And the veracity of this information? I was the one who downloaded the files from the Muun's secure mainframe.
I believe that what Clovis is saying is correct.
Then, Senator Amidala, I would like you to spearhead this investigation.
Work closely with Rush Clovis, and find and expose these secret accounts.
Once we know exactly what we are dealing with, then we can decide how best to handle this situation.
Why didn't you just say no? Say no? Why? I don't want you working with Clovis.
You don't want me working with him? A serpent can shed its skin, but it is still a serpent.
Well, you're just going to have to trust my judgment here.
Like the last time, hmm? When you almost ended up dead? Or how about you just getting arrested, and it was me who had to bail you out? The Chancellor has asked me to do this, Anakin.
But I'm asking you to say no.
As your husband, I demand that you tell the Chancellor you are stepping down.
Demand? We've been over this before.
I'm not foolish enough to allow myself to be deceived twice, Anakin.
My sole intentions are to defend the Republic.
If you can't trust me Uh, excuse the interruption.
Padmé, shall we begin? Yes, of course.
General Skywalker.
Darth Tyranus, it is time for you once again to recruit our friend Clovis.
He appears to have lost his way.
And how would you like me to do that? We're going to help him take over the Banking Clan.
But first, you must entrap him so he has no one else to turn to.
Of course, my lord.
As you wish.
I have been looking for you.
Something wrong? You tell me.
Not that I'm aware.
Master Yoda feels that your judgments concerning Rush Clovis are clouded.
Mm, I believe he can't be trusted.
Yes, but there is more, isn't there? I sense a deep anger in you by my simply saying his name.
He almost got Senator Amidala killed, and I would have been responsible.
The Senator has risked her life many times.
She's quite capable of taking care of herself.
They had a relationship once.
I simply feel she is vulnerable to her emotions.
She is or you? What are you implying? Anakin, I understand to a degree what is going on.
You've met Satine.
You know I once harbored feelings for her.
It's not that we're not allowed to have these feelings.
It's natural.
Senator Amidala and I are simply friends.
And friends you must remain.
As a Jedi, it is essential you make the right choice, Anakin, for the Order.
I understand my responsibilities.
Responsibilities that must be observed whatever relationship develops between Clovis and Senator Amidala.
They have no relationship.
It is simply business between them.
Then we should have no problems, should we? The opera was wonderful, but I'm glad we can we can get down to business.
If you look here, the Separatists haven't been repaying any interest on their loans.
But still, the Banking Clan is promising to lend credits to the Republic, credits they simply don't have.
But where have all the savings gone? Each of the files that you downloaded shows hundreds and hundreds of small withdrawals, small enough to remain undetected individually, but as a sum total, a devastating theft.
Whoever is behind this is no fool.
We need to find out who's benefiting.
We're still lacking a critical piece of information.
Whatever we find must remain between only you and I.
This would be highly dangerous information should it get into the wrong hands.
Of course.
This reminds me, when we had three nights to prepare for the Senate hearing to rescue Bromlarch's planetary aqueduct system.
And together, we saved a people from total drought and famine.
I don't think either of us got any sleep that whole week, let alone ate anything.
We're not as young as we used to be.
Well, we're not that old either.
You might be right.
Perhaps we should eat something.
So, Clovis, why have you gotten so involved with the Muuns? I believe in the banks.
The system works.
The Muuns aren't bad people.
It's just a dishonest few who are destroying everything for their own gain.
You know, you've never told me how you rose to such heights within the Banking Clan.
It's not a happy story.
My father was a personal attaché to the household of one of the head Muun families.
We were basically servants.
I had no idea.
As I grew up, the head of the family took a personal interest in my education.
I was the same age as his children, and so we all studied together.
When my parents and his wife were killed in a shuttle accident, he adopted me.
How old were you? That must have been very hard.
I was accepted as their child everywhere we went.
I almost forgot where I was from, until I looked in the mirror.
They sound like good people.
They are.
Most Muuns are.
And they want this corruption ended more than I do.
You should know my contacts within the Muun government run deep.
I have many allies, should I need to call on them.
I didn't appreciate how personal this was for you.
Now maybe you will trust me.
I'm here, aren't I? I want to thank you for everything you've done for me.
I don't think I would have had the strength alone.
Clovis, don't.
It's that Jedi, isn't it? General Skywalker? We're friends, nothing more.
Friends don't argue the way I saw you arguing today.
You're confused.
Isn't it forbidden for a Jedi to have romantic ties? He would be banished from the Order, would he not? There is nothing romantic between he and I.
Then there is absolutely nothing to stop us from doing this.
Clovis! Clovis, no.
Get away from her! Anakin, no! Why don't you try fighting like a man without your Jedi tricks? Oh, it would be my pleasure.
Both of you stop this! You don't have a say in this! I thought you said he didn't have feelings for you.
I see you for what you truly are! Anakin: You're a serpent, a traitor! Please, stop this! No! Is that all you got? You should accept that the Senator has other interests than you.
Ah, Skywalker, you fool.
Stop it.
Anakin, stop! What are you doing? I'm sorry.
Senator Amidala, is everything okay in there? No.
Come in immediately.
What has happened here? There was an attack.
It was my good fortune to have General Skywalker here.
They escaped in a speeder over the balcony.
Is that what happened, sir? If that's what the man says.
A medic droid is on its way.
Please, help Clovis into the bedroom.
- Padmé, I'm - Stay away from me.
How is he? Nothing that won't heal.
I'm so sorry, Padmé.
I don't know what came over me.
What's done is done.
It's just, when I saw you about to kiss him And I regret that, but it was not what you thought.
And you must know, I don't care for Clovis.
Don't you? I've told you why I'm doing this, but still, you refuse to accept it.
You could have killed him, Anakin.
I know.
This marriage is not a marriage, Anakin, if there isn't any trust.
We said at the beginning that this could be a terrible mistake.
What exactly are you saying? That other people who are married have everything that we don't, everything that we won't.
We live in secret, Anakin.
Like it or not, our relationship is built on lies and deception.
No relationship can survive that.
I know I went too far.
It's just It's just something inside me snapped.
I don't know who's in there sometimes.
I just know that I'm not happy anymore.
I don't feel safe.
But, Padmé I think it's best if we don't see each other anymore, at least not for a while.
I'm sorry, Anakin.
I'm I'm sorry too.
Everything all right, Senator? No.
Nothing appears to be broken, but more importantly, someone wants to speak with you.
What are you talking about? I am a servant of Count Dooku.
Hello, Clovis.
What do you want, Dooku? It appears we have a mutual problem that I would like to fix.
I know the Separatists have not been repaying their loans to the banks.
Now, why would we support corruption? You expect me to believe that Lesser and his associates have no ties with you? They've allowed you to borrow credits and not pay any interest.
What you say is correct, but that information, if made public, will only bring war to Scipio, and the banks will fall.
Nobody wants that.
So in the interests of all, I suggest we come to some arrangement.
What are you saying? That the banks need new management, and that it could be you.
That I would like help If I didn't know better, I'd say you were afraid.
I prefer the term "careful.
" These are delicate matters.
We need funds, just as the Republic does to pay for this war.
I can give you the location of the secret accounts you are searching for so you can plead your case to the Senate.
And you won't stand in my way? We'll even start paying the interest on our loans to show the Republic our full endorsement.
What do you get out of this? Stability in unstable times.
The location of the accounts are on this disc.
Now, where were we? The Muun government has seized the accounts and arrested the heads of the Banking Clan.
We are indebted to Rush Clovis for his service to our people.
Well, I have done only what I thought was right.
Considering the information, it appears that the Separatist government has agreed to allow you to be the new head of the banks.
And the Republic? I can only give you my endorsement.
Now all that stands in your way is the Senate.
Order! Good luck.
Thank you.
Rush Clovis will now address the Senate.
Traitor! Clovis? I come to you today with irrefutable evidence that the heads of the Banking Clan have been stealing funds, and have virtually bankrupted the system.
I know the Muuns to be a good and honest people, and that it is the actions of only these unscrupulous few who are responsible.
I humbly ask you for your nomination in taking over the banks.
What can you do? I will restore order and return the banks back to secure and mutual negotiations and transactions.
How can we trust you? I vow to be impartial and show no favor to either side in this war.
But you have colluded with the Separatists.
It is the Separatist ties to Rush Clovis that has allowed them to accept this nomination.
He also has the full support of the Muun people.
And what of the Chancellor? I believe that in these dangerous times, the bank must be protected at all costs and that a man who has no allegiance to either side, and the support of the Muun people, is our best hope.
Then we shall put it to a vote.
A resounding majority in support of the nomination.
My boy, I can tell this has been a difficult time.
I've known you too long not to see something is troubling you.
Your Excellency, forgive me, but you have made a mistake by trusting Clovis.
Have I? Rest assured, my public endorsement of Clovis is not the same as my private confidence in him.
Then what exactly is going on here? We will watch him closely.
I don't dispute your distrust of him.
I think there is something we haven't unearthed yet, and I would very much like for it to surface.
But people have been hurt could be hurt in the process.
Let us make sure that doesn't happen.
Shall we?
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