Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e07 Episode Script

Crisis At The Heart

6x07 - "Crisis at the Heart" Corruption discovered at the core of the Banking Clan! Reunited, Rush Clovis and Senator Amidala discover the full extent of the deception.
Anakin Skywalker is sent to the rescue! He refuses to trust Clovis and asks Padmé not to work with him.
Determined to save the banks, she refuses her husband's request, throwing their relationship into turmoil.
Voted for by both the Separatists and the Republic, Rush Clovis is elected new leader of the Galactic Banking Clan.
Now, all attention is focused on Scipio as the important transfer of power begins.
Welcome back to Scipio, Rush Clovis.
Our Separatist government has great hopes for you.
Thank you, Senator.
Only you and Senator Amidala will be allowed to monitor the exchange proceedings.
No forces on either side will be allowed into the Neutral Zone.
Senator Amidala, we will be right here if you should need us.
Thank you, Commander.
It is with great disappointment that I implement the following verdict.
By decree of the Muun people, the five representatives standing before me are found guilty of embezzlement.
They shall be imprisoned forthwith, and control of the banks shall transfer immediately to Rush Clovis under the guidance of the Muun government.
We are grateful to you, Clovis, for everything you have done for the Muun people.
To have lost the banks would have been an historic disaster.
I would like you to know I have no interest in controlling the banks.
I am simply here to reestablish order.
Do you think our friend is up to the task? There are few men I have met in my career who are more dedicated to a cause than Clovis.
Once he decides what he is fighting for, little will stop him from achieving it.
Let us hope you are right for all our sakes.
Ah, Clovis.
How are you liking your new office? I must say, you look very comfortable behind that desk.
Count Dooku, what do I owe the pleasure? Come, come, my boy.
You don't think I'd let such an important day pass without wishing you the best of luck.
Thank you, but luck has nothing to do with it.
The transfer has occurred without a hitch.
Well, of course it has.
The Separatists are fully behind your appointment.
After all, aren't we the ones who put you there? For your support, I am grateful, but I now must lead without allegiance towards either side.
Is that so? Quite the idealist you have become in so short a time.
What do you want, Dooku? To collect on my investment.
How do you think the Republic would like to know that it was I who supplied Rush Clovis with all the information he needed to topple the leaders of the bank? I will tell them myself.
Oh, but you can't.
I put you in power.
You belong to me, and if you want to stay in control, you will do as I say.
The banks will remain unbiased.
Then I'm afraid the Separatists will be unable to pay the interest on our loans.
But the banks will collapse, and then Not if you raise interest rates on the Republic.
What? You know I can't do that.
Oh, but you can, and you will, or everything that you fought so hard for will be destroyed.
By the new order of the Traxus Division and in an attempt to stabilize the banks, it is essential that interest rates on loans to the Republic be raised immediately.
What? But you can't do that! Clovis.
Clovis! What are you doing? This is an outrage! We warned you this would happen! And what of the Separatists? From the little information Senator Amidala has been able to establish, there will be no raise on their current loan.
I knew from the beginning that Clovis would do this.
Hmm, correct you might have been about Clovis.
It's incredibly foolish for to make a move like this so early.
He will turn the whole Republic against him.
Not clear to us are his objectives.
Want this he might.
Something's wrong.
This doesn't make sense.
I would like to call for restraint and allow us time to analyze the situation.
You may begin your attack.
It is time to make Rush Clovis look like a powerful Separatist.
Right away, sir.
It looks like an invasion fleet, sir.
We're caught out here in the open.
Get the men off this landing pad and beyond the city gates! Senator Amidala, come in, please.
What is it, Commander Thorn? We're under attack by the Separatist garrison.
Looks to be a full invasion.
Invasion? We can't get to you.
I suggest you get to a ship as soon as you can.
boom! Ahh! Let's move! Hurry! Ah! For the Republic! Ah! Our garrison has been attacked by the Separatists, and it appears they are staging an invasion of Scipio.
An invasion? What do they hope to achieve? With this news, the Senate will vote immediately to attack Scipio.
It appears war has already come to Scipio.
I want you off that planet immediately.
I can't.
Surely you can get to a ship.
General Skywalker, I'm afraid I'm trapped.
Let me go! Invoke an emergency meeting of the Senate.
There is no time to lose.
I feel it is only right that you should handle this matter, my boy.
A lot will be entrusted to you.
Don't touch me! What have you done to her? Clovis, what is going on? I didn't want this, Padmé.
Why don't you tell her what you did want and how you got it.
Padmé, this is not what it seems.
Hasn't she joined our cause? Clovis here told me how instrumental you were in getting him to power.
If I had known Either you are with us or you are against us.
Arrest her! We can't do this, Dooku.
The Separatist Senate will never approve.
Hey! No.
No! No! Are you insane? This was not part of the deal.
What deal? What have you done here, Clovis? He's given us the banks.
Gone are our debts, and gone is any credit for the Republic.
All of your idealism was just a front.
There was nothing I could do.
Everyone has their price, my dear.
It is with grave news I come before you.
Count Dooku and his Separatist betrayers have manipulated us, my friends.
The war must go to Scipio! Clovis has been their puppet of deceit as the Separatists are currently invading Scipio.
We must stop them and secure the planet! We have handed the entire economic system over to Count Dooku.
We are doomed! Invade! As Supreme Chancellor, I must abide by the consensus of the Senate.
We shall commence a mercy mission to Scipio to be led by General Anakin Skywalker.
The banks will be secured at all costs, and the Republic will not crumble! Victory! We will take victory.
War on Scipio! Great emotions you will find on Scipio, will you not? I am worried for Senator Amidala.
I'm afraid we may be too late.
Correct you were about Clovis, but let go of your selfishness you must if you are to see clearly.
Not all is as it seems.
I understand, Master.
Lord Tyranus, the Republic fleet will be arriving shortly.
Very good, my lord.
Clovis has blindly played his part.
It now appears he coordinated the entire Separatist takeover.
And because of this treachery, the banks will be firmly placed under the control of the Supreme Chancellor.
Why are you doing this? You wouldn't understand.
I had to strike a deal with Dooku, but don't worry.
I am the one in control.
As soon as things have settled down, I can get rid of him, and I'll control it all again.
Listen to yourself.
The Republic is sending its armada to take back the banks.
You've brought war right where there cannot be war.
Your actions have destroyed the banks once and for all! Rex, have you gotten a fix on Senator Amidala's position? We'll have a better lock once we get near the city, but initial scans suggest she's still alive, sir.
Hawk, we're gonna need air support once we're on the ground.
You'll have it, General.
Me and the boys are ready to fly.
My Lord, we have fully engaged Republic forces, but we are suffering heavy losses.
We have accomplished what we came here for.
It is time to withdraw.
But sir, our forces are still engaged in battle on the planet.
Leave them.
As you wish, Count Dooku.
Sir, a Republic attack fleet has just entered orbit and is approaching the city.
Get me Count Dooku.
It appears Count Dooku has left the planet's surface.
What? And the Separatist forces are in full retreat.
We are alone.
Rex, hold the droid forces here.
I'm gonna push on and get Padmé.
Copy that.
Such plans I had.
You know, I've spent so much of my life misunderstood.
What will they say about me now? What will I have left behind? Clovis, you have to turn yourself in.
It's over, Clovis.
Stay away from me! I didn't do anything wrong! You have to believe me! You don't want to do this.
You don't understand.
You've all been deceived.
Yeah, by you.
No! By Dooku.
I'm not the villain here.
Tell him, Padmé.
Let me go, Clovis.
I can't hold both of you.
Let me go.
No, Anakin, don't.
Try and climb.
I am! I'm losing you! I'm sorry, Padmé.
It's okay.
You're okay.
I'm sorry, Anakin.
I'm sorry.
It's over now.
It's all over now.
It is clear to the Banking Clan it was Rush Clovis who was behind the corruption that almost caused our collapse.
In hope of a better tomorrow, we cede control of the banks to the office of the Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.
It is with great humility that I take on this immense responsibility.
Rest assured, when the Clone Wars end, I shall reinstate the banks as we once knew them, but during these treacherous times, we cannot in good conscience allow our money to fall under the manipulations of a madman like Count Dooku or Separatist control again.
May there be prosperity and stability in all our Republic lands.
May our people be free and safe.
Long live the banks! Long live the banks! Long live the banks! Long live the banks! Long live the banks! Long live the banks! Long live the banks! Long live the banks! Long live the banks!
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