Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e08 Episode Script

The Disappeared (1)

6x08 - "The Disappeared", part 1 Mystery on Bardotta! An oasis of peace during the Clone Wars.
The galaxy-wide conflict now threatens the ancient ways of the Bardottan people.
With their spiritual leaders mysteriously vanishing, the foundations of order in its system are near collapse.
In desperation, the Queen of Bardotta has called upon the Republic Senate with a puzzling request: to help save her people from certain doom.
I have humbly come before you to ask for assistance in our time of need, Chancellor.
Queen Julia, the Republic is honored that you have come to us for aid.
We are always happy to support the neutral systems in a time of crisis.
If I may introduce two of our best Ambassadors With all due respect, Chancellor, there is only one person in the Republic I will meet with.
Representative Binks? Why would the Queen of Bardotta request the presence of Jar Jar Binks? I'm afraid she would not say, but she impressed upon the Senate the urgency of their situation.
And what exactly is the trouble on Bardotta? Several of the ancient mystics, the Dagoyan Masters, have disappeared.
A strong connection to the Force the Dagoyan Masters have.
Yet unlike the Jedi or Sith they are.
Warriors they are not.
Intuition, knowledge, the harmony of the universe is what they sense.
Passively they connect with the Force.
I wonder why the Queen doesn't want a Jedi sent to solve this mystery.
Long ago, inducted into the Jedi Order Bardottan children were.
However thieves the Jedi were named by the Dagoyan.
The Dagoyan Masters believed the Jedi took the children against their will.
We were labeled as kidnappers.
Chancellor, am I to understand the Queen requested Representatives Binks go alone to Bardotta? I'm afraid she was quite specific on that point.
I think that course of action is unwise.
If there is trouble on Bardotta, I'm afraid Representative Binks will be out of his depth.
I agree, which is why I came to you.
We await your decision.
Are you volunteering to undertake this mission, Master Windu? If the Council agrees, yes.
Do not touch anything.
Oh, mesa not doing nothing.
Representative Binks, I do not mean to be presumptuous, but are you sure you are the delegate the Queen spoke of? Yup.
The Queen is mesa pallo.
Mesa knowin' her for a longo time.
The Queen did not request your presence, Jedi.
Your lightsaber, please.
Mesa Representative Binks of the Republic Senate, and hesa with mesa.
Representative Binks, you are an honored guest of the Queen.
Oh! Representative Binks of the Republic, you were requested to come here alone.
Why have you brought this Jedi to Bardotta? Oh, Great Queenie Julia, please forgive mesa.
Disa Jedi is mesa pallo.
Hesa coming here to be helping mesa solve your troubles.
He is your servant, then? Umm Yes! Yes, dat is the truth.
Masteren Mace is mesa humble servant.
Very well.
Jedi, because Jar Jar Binks vouches for you, I will allow you to stay here.
For now, you must wait in the antechamber.
Jar Jar, we are in danger.
An ancient prophecy is coming true.
Our beloved Dagoyan Masters are disappearing one by one, and if they are not returned, a darkness will arise that will engulf the galaxy.
Mesa not letting that happen, milady.
High Seneschal Peteen, I must speak to Representative Binks alone.
It's been a long time, my love.
Meditate with me, so our minds may be as one.
There is a great disturbance in the Force here.
That much is certain.
I can sense it all around me.
Hmm, difficult to see.
Such disdain for the Jedi there is on Bardotta.
A good place for evil to hide it may be.
Yet remember, drifting within the flow of the living Force, the minds of the Dagoyan Masters are.
Essential this connection is, whether friend to the Jedi they be or not.
If you are looking for a friend of the Bardottan's, look no further than Representative Binks.
The Queen has been alone with him for quite some time now.
The innocence of a child this Gungan has.
Perhaps appealing to the Dagoyan his mind is.
Well, my mind would be more at ease if I knew what they've been up to.
I'm here to see Representative Binks.
The Queen said no interruptions.
Jar Jar, I asked you here because I trust you, because I know you will be able to help me in ways others cannot.
Mesa hoping so, milady.
You will let me inside.
You should know better, Master Jedi.
That will not work on a Dagoyan.
I have discovered a terrible secret, buried within the rippling waves of the Force.
Uh, maybe itsa best to get Masteren Mace to hear this.
No, Jar Jar, only you.
I must tell you.
I cannot trust the Jedi with this secret.
When the Dagoyan Masters started disappearing, I meditated to try and discover their whereabouts, but what I saw was shocking.
I stumbled upon a terrible plot.
Excuse the intrusion, your majesty.
I will not excuse you! Where are the guards who told you to enter? The guards had other business to attend to.
We apologize, your majesty.
The Jedi slipped past us.
You see, Jar Jar, these Jedi are deceptive, as I said.
Julia Queenie, uh, but yousa let mesa handle dis.
I promise da Jedi Masteren Mace will besa no trouble for you.
Very well, Jar Jar.
Take him out of my sight.
I will wait right here for you.
Careful! What do you think you're doing? Where were you last night? Doing? Mesa love da Queen Julia.
Wadsa wrong witdat? You are jeopardizing the mission.
No, no, Masteren Jedi.
Mesa love for beautiful Julia is da only thing startin' the talks.
Shesa trustin' only mesa oh, and now yousa a little.
You must understand, Jar Jar, the Force is strangely out of balance here.
Did the Queen tell you anything important? Dats what she was trying to do before yousa come in all hot-like.
Take this.
Since they seem to want to keep us separated, contact me if you learn anything useful.
Okey-day, Masteren Mace, but only if Queenie thinks it's all right to tell you.
Masteren Mace, come quickly! Shesa gone! Queenie is gone! Calm yourself, Binks.
Dissin bad, very very bad.
She has disappeared, like the other Dagoyan Masters before her.
But it's not possible.
No one could have left this room without our knowing it.
I will convene the Bahk-tov Council.
Come! Guards! Bahk-tov toi! There can be no doubt.
The prophecy is being fulfilled, as it was written.
First, the Dagoyan Masters disappeared, and now the Queen.
If she does not return in three rotations, I'm afraid she will be gone forever and an era of Darkness will rise throughout the galaxy.
Distinguished Council, if I may The coming of the Jedi was a sign! It was a sign! Harbinger of doom! The harbinger of doom! Council! Oh, great Bardotta Council.
Please, yousa must listen to mesa.
Queenie Julia was me bombad pallo for many years.
Shesa knew there be troubles here.
Dats why she callin' mesa, to helpin' in your time of need.
Mesa takin' my loyal helper, Masteren Mace, and we findin' da Queenie and bringin' her backin to yousa.
Ask them about the origin of the prophecy.
Now, let mesa askin' yousa where dis prophecy comin' from.
They are the words of the Frangawl clan, who worshipped to Malmourral, the ancient demon of our faith.
Their ancient shrine is located under our present-day Temple, far beneath the surface.
It is a cursed place, an evil place.
No one who enters those caverns ever returns.
Then that is where we must look first.
Den dats where we be goin' first! Oh, boi! Dis gonna be bombad trouble.
Mesa knowin' it.
Um, uh, are yousa sure dissa the right way? Yes, but ahead there is only darkness and evil.
Then, yes, Jar Jar, this is the correct path.
Hmm Here's your weapon, Master Jedi.
Let us hope you do not have to use it.
The Frangawl ruled Bardotta with an iron hand for most of its early history.
They were warriors.
Some would call them barbarians, but in fact they were men and women of spirit.
Mesa no liken this place.
No way.
Look a piece of the Queenie Julia's headdress! Oh, no.
Mesa disappearin'.
Mesa disappearin'! Masteren Mace! Help! Masteren Mace! Masteren Mace! Jar Jar! He's been taken, just like the Queen.
You go back and get help.
I'll go after him.
Put mesa down! Put mesa down! Wheresa yousa taken me? Woah! Ah! Oh! Put mesa down! Whoa! Oh! Ah! Ah Oohie me.
Oh, thank goodness.
Mesa can see mesa self again.
Whosa yousa, sir? I am Joseph, Dagoyan Master of the Royal Council.
The others you see with me also have been disappeared and brought here.
You'll never free yourself.
We are doomed to be sacrificed to Malmourral.
This is bombad trouble.
Jar Jar, Where are you? Jar Jar! Ooh! Masteren Mace! Masteren Mace! Mesa found the disappearin' Daba-boyboy-ogans.
I'll follow your signal.
Wherever you are, don't move.
Datsa no problem.
Mesa not goin' nowheres.
Mesa movin'.
Mesa movin'! I told you not to do that, Jar Jar.
It's not mesa fault! Oime! Masteren Mace! Masteren Mace! Quiet! Hmm.
Julia! Jar Jar.
Mesa here to rescue yousa.
Jar Jar, they are stealing the Force.
They are stealing the Force within us.
Humbah! Looganah! Humbah! Looganah! Disjenck! Now shall the demon of war, Malmourral, be sated.
Now shall the Frangawl clan steal your essence.
No! Whosa you? Oh! Let mesa go! Let mesa go! Let mesa go! No! Let mesa go! Let mesa go! Oh Nosa ticklin'.
Issa cold! Blasphemer.
Uh, mesa not big with the Force.
Yousa got the wrong Gungan.
The Force resides within all living things.
What little you have will be ours.
Jar Jar! Hmm? Get him! Yah! Stay back.
Mesa bombad warrior.
Oh Oh Get mesa outta here! Oh! Look out! Grab my hand! Mesa need to save the Queenie.
Go! Oh! The demonic cult of Malmourral is active once again.
If they steal the essence of the Queen, darkness will fall across the stars.
Mesa no bombad warrior, but mesa swearin' to find yousa Queenie with the help of mesa bombad pallo, Masteren Mace! Jar Jar, maybe it's this place, but you're starting to make sense to me.

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