Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e09 Episode Script

The Disappeared (2)

6x09 - "The Disappeared", part 2 Lost! Queen Julia of the planet Bardotta has been abducted.
If Representative Jar Jar Binks and Jedi Master Mace Windu cannot find the missing Queen in three rotations, a sinister prophecy will be fulfilled.
The bloodthirsty Frangawl cult will take over the Bardottan government, and its planetary system will be overwhelmed by chaos, death, and destruction.
So tell me exactly what you saw when you were being held prisoner by the cultists.
It's like mesa said.
The cultists took one of the Dagoyan Masters and sacrificed him.
Hesa got all crispy fried, and then theysa stole the Force right out of him and put it in a shiny ball.
So the cultists are stealing living Force and trapping it in a containment sphere.
Yes, deysa try to steal my living Force too, but yousa saved me.
Hmm And now they plan to do the same thing with the Queen, but to what end? The Cultists couldn't exploit the living Force like a Jedi or a Sith.
I sense something else a darker presence.
Maxibig the Force, Masteren Mace, but howsa we gonna find the Queenie? She's still a prisoner.
If the containment sphere has gathered enough of the living Force as you suggest, I will be able to sense its location.
If we find the sphere, we will find the Queen.
Wesa make a bombad team, Masteren Mace.
Where Where am I? Who are you? Jar Jar.
Jar Jar, where are you? Unhand me! Sleep.
No Brother, another vision of the Great Mother came to me.
She said the Jedi knows of the sphere and that he is following us here with the Gungan.
The Great Mother warned us our plan would be discovered if a Jedi ever came to Bardotta.
We did not know the Gungan had such powerful friends.
We must hurry.
Once we sacrifice the Queen and transfer the living Force to the Great Mother, she will deal with the Jedi.
Letsa get going.
Calm yourself, Representative.
Stay still.
But wesa must hurry.
That city, it'sa mooie big.
Wesa have to move fast to catch the cultists.
We cannot rush into this.
We must remain calm and let the Force guide us.
But maybe using da Force taking too longo, and they getting away.
No, running blindly through the city will only waste time and allow them to escape.
Now be still.
Okeyday, Masteren Mace.
I see people, market, streets.
Yep, mesa see that from here too.
I see crowds.
Wait, a square a market square.
And the sphere I see it and the Queen.
Let's go.
Wait, wait, mesa thought wesa not rushing in.
That was before we knew where we were going.
Now the chase is on.
Mesa getting a creepin' feeling here.
Do not center on your anxieties, Jar Jar.
Keep moving.
This way.
This is it, the market square I saw through the Force.
Stay alert.
The Queen may be close by.
I'm going topside for a better view.
Uh, hello.
Nope, no, thank you.
Mesa already got one of those.
Jar Jar, help! Huh? Julia? Jar Jar! Julia! Masteren Mace, come quick! Jar Jar, wait! Jar Jar, what in the Mesa bet they're bringing the Queenie this way.
Help! Queenie! Jar Jar! Julia.
I've got this.
Keep after the Queen.
Oh! Julia! Binks.
Mesa need to be brave.
Representative Binks.
Masteren Mace, theysa went this way! Hurry! Stop them.
Oh, boy.
Masteren Mace! Queenie, mesa coming! Why are you stealing the living Force? The Shadow will come, the Great Mother.
She will deal with you, Jedi.
You will see.
Have a nice nap.
Deysa gone.
Dey speeded away bombad fast.
Wesa need some kind of ride.
You're lucky I have no time to argue.
Let's get moving.
Hi-ya! The appointed time draws near.
The sun and the moons are almost aligned.
The Jedi is unyielding.
He will arrive too late to save the Queen.
I have seen it in my visions.
Once the Great Mother is in possession of the sphere, she will combine her powers with the living Force, and a new order will arise.
Huh-wah! Hee-wah! Hee-wah! Jar Jar! Hee-wah? Jar Jar, please.
Oh, mesa sorry, Masteren Mace.
I'm just worried about the Queenie.
I understand your fears, and I am trying to help you.
But for now, keep your mind focused on the task at hand.
That is the best way you can help your friend.
Whysa you thinking they want Queenie so badly? As the spiritual leader of her people, the living Force inside the Queen must be very powerful.
Whoever the Great Mother is, she wants that power.
Well, wesa not let them have Queenie's Force.
No, we will not.
When we get to the temple, I'll handle the guards and whatever evil we find.
You focus on the Queen.
And wesa good guys will triumph.
Right, Masteren Mace? Yes.
Great Mother, my visions have come to fruition.
At last, you are here.
You may rise.
Do you have the living sphere? I can feel the power of the pure spirit resonating in this orb.
The Jedi comes.
This temple is well protected.
When they arrive, the stone guardians will deal with them.
We must begin the ritual at once.
Who are you? The hour is far too late to trouble yourself with such matters, my dear.
It may help you to know, however, that I am not a natural Force wielder like the Jedi or Sith.
I use dark magic to achieve power.
But as a Bardottan, you posses a strong connection to the living Force, a connection that will now be mine.
I will not succumb to your evil.
How noble.
Upon that tower rests a device that can harness the energy of the sun.
When the lenses are aligned, the energy will rip your spirit from you, and I will gather it here.
With the combined power of your spirit and my dark magic, I will become more powerful than any Sith or Jedi.
I see the Queen.
The ritual has started.
Let's go.
Oh, boy.
Masteren Mace! Masteren Mace! Oh, nosa! Demons! Get behind me.
Mesa needen some help back here! Whoa! Whoa! Whoasa! Whoasa! Jar Jar, are you okay? Look, mesa found a bang booma gun.
Nice work.
The Jedi have defeated the stone guardians.
You mean the Jedi and the Gungan.
Jar Jar! Mesa here, Queenie.
Master Windu.
I assume you are the Great Mother.
No, I am a simple witch, not worth the trouble or attention of the great Jedi Order.
A Nightsister.
Get the Queen.
Oh, boy! Your power is no match for my magicks.
Magic is only an illusion.
Hurry, Jar Jar.
Oh! Let go.
Jar Jar.
I knew you would save me.
Mesa never let anything happen to you, Queenie.
Jar Jar, your highness, over here.
I saw the witch when I looked into the Force.
Jar Jar, I wanted to tell you.
I knew you would stop her.
You should be thanking Masteren Mace.
Jedi Master, I owe you my life.
It is my privilege to serve you, Queen Julia.
Perhaps this is a new beginning for the Bardottans and the Jedi.
Hee-wah! Hee-wah!
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