Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e11 Episode Script


6x11 - "Voices" Jedi mystery! A lightsaber was found on the moon of Oba Diah, belonging to Sifo-Dyas, a Jedi responsible for the creation of the clone army.
The Jedi have learned that before the start of the war Count Dooku murdered Sifo-Dyas and skillfully manipulated the Republic into the galactic conflict, intending for the Jedi to fight with the clones at their side.
Now as the Jedi Council meets to discuss the purpose of this deception, Master Yoda meditates deep into the Force in search of answers.
Yoda Hear you I do.
Who are you? My imagination it must be.
It is I, Qui-Gon Jinn.
That cannot be.
Dead you are.
I am part of the Living Force, Yoda.
I am not sure this Council is admitting how grave a situation we are in.
What are you saying? That Dooku is not the Sith Lord; merely an apprentice.
That, like many things, remains unclear.
Master Yoda, your thoughts on these revelations? Hmm? Oh, oh, yes, yes.
Forgive me, deep in thought I was.
You were saying? Master Ki-Adi-Mundi is worried.
Yes, worried we all should be.
Lies and mistrust surround us in the Senate, and perhaps even within these walls.
On the precipice we are, yes.
The growing dark side endangers us all.
Excuse me, everyone.
Master Kenobi, may I speak with you in private? Of course.
There is great turmoil within Master Yoda.
Yes, we all sensed it.
For something to affect Yoda this deeply concerns me.
We must keep an eye on our old friend.
The war has taxed all of us to our limit.
I suppose we're just surprised that Master Yoda has one.
I hope it's that simple, but I feel the shadow of something greater on our horizon.
Oh! Master Yoda.
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
Is everything okay? Encountered something difficult, I have.
Difficult? For you, Master? Spoke with Master Qui-Gon Jinn on Mortis did you not? Yes So did Obi-Wan.
However, since he's dead, we don't think it was actually him.
Rather an illusion A mind trick formed out of our memories.
That's what Obi-Wan believes Why do you ask? Perhaps nothing it is.
Everything that we know about the Force tells us that an individual retaining their identity after death is impossible.
Everything that we know, yes.
But what about what we know not? Hmm? Master Yoda, are you suggesting that you have spoken with Master Qui-Gon? Suggest this I am not.
Rest I need.
Yes, rest.
Then speak with the Council I shall.
Sense something that I have not before.
Impossible it seems.
Trust my feelings, I do not.
The voice I hear does not come from within but speaks from beyond.
Know I must if I am alone, or if any of you can hear it as well.
Then together we shall meditate.
Hear the voice I did not.
I also sensed nothing.
Answers we will not find.
Tired I am.
Rest I must.
We have to consider that this may be a deception by the Sith.
Surely you're not suggesting Master Yoda is susceptible to such manipulation.
Master Yoda, you are older and wiser than any living Jedi, but this does not mean you are beyond the corruption of the dark side.
Agree I do.
A possibility we must consider it is.
Clouded so much of our vision the dark side has, deceived I may be.
All I can tell you is, I have scanned Master Yoda three times and I find nothing wrong with him.
I am not an expert on his biology, but from my point of view, he is in perfect health.
And his mind? No signs of any degeneration.
This section of the brain is particularly active, more than I have seen in any other Jedi.
Probably what happens when you approach 900 years old.
I think we are overlooking an obvious thread.
Which is Count Dooku was Yoda's apprentice, and Count Dooku has fallen to the dark side.
All of us have apprenticed to Master Yoda.
He cannot be held accountable for Dooku's descent.
But they are connected, profoundly.
Whoever the Sith Lord is, he may be using this relationship as a direct link to Yoda.
Are you so sure? If the Sith Lord wanted to attack the Jedi Order from within, Master Yoda would be the perfect choice.
I fear we are more vulnerable than we think.
I would like to suggest something: a deprivation ritual.
It is a dangerous procedure but one that will without question allow Yoda to go to the source of this voice whatever, whoever it may be.
I'm sorry to bother you, but the Chancellor's requesting that Master Yoda attend an emergency meeting.
I will go.
What about the treatment? Ask Master Yoda what he wants to do.
Only he can decide now.
The chamber works to deprive the patient of any stimulation except from within.
Master Yoda will be taken into an induced meditation.
This allows the patient to go deeper than anything we can achieve by ourselves.
Master Yoda, you don't have to do this.
Solve this puzzle I will.
But it could be more dangerous than you realize.
The danger is not to know the truth.
See clearly I must.
Help this will.
Life signs are normal.
Beginning the procedure What are you doing? By reducing the flow of oxygen, the body will be forced into a deep meditative state.
It will take him as close to death as possible.
I don't like this.
No, this is not the way.
Come to Dagobah.
The answers you seek are here.
But why? You must complete what I could not.
His vital signs are dropping too low.
- But the test.
- I want him out of there now! Master Yoda! Master Yoda, wake up! Come back to us! Speak of this to no one.
Trust no one.
Come to Dagobah alone.
Master Yoda.
Master Yoda, wake up! Welcome back, old friend.
Thought we lost you there.
Speaking to the dead I was, friends long gone.
Good friends.
How did the procedure go? We're not certain.
Yoda seems to be under the impression he contacted the dead and spoke with them.
What are your thoughts on this, Doctor? Medically Yoda seems fine, but I cannot speak to his spiritual balance.
What Yoda claims is not possible.
As far as we know.
The dead are part of the Cosmic Force and lose their individuality.
I fear Yoda is under attack by the Sith, though how remains unknown to us.
Until what's going on is clear, I want temple guards placed in the medical bay.
I am prescribing nothing but bed rest for you now, Master Yoda.
I will leave you two alone.
You asked for me, Master? Yes.
Friends, we are? Hmm? Of course.
A choice you must make.
Worried for you I am.
Why is that? Do for me something you must.
Blamed you will be.
What? What must I do? Help me to escape.
Escape? But you're not in prison.
No, perhaps, but perhaps I am.
Already, all around us the cage may be.
A journey I must make alone.
The Council will not want you to travel at all, alone even less.
Disobeying the Council your expertise is.
That is why I ask for your help.
It is the spontaneity you find so easily which others do not.
That is what sets you apart.
Now, a walk you will take me on.
Come, come.
Where are you going? Some fresh air I require.
It's okay.
He's with me.
I'll watch him.
I hope I don't regret this.
Hey, Artoo, I have a mission for you.
Doctor Nema is gonna notice Yoda is missing any minute now.
Get him to his ship as fast as possible and get him out of here.
Where's Master Yoda? What have you done? Hey, for once, none of this was my idea.
Yes, stay with the ship you may.
This task, for me alone it is.
Here I am.
Ready for my next instruction, Master Qui-Gon.
Yoda, my old friend, you have come at last.
Qui-Gon Jinn.
Really you, it is? It is.
Losing my mind I am not? No, my friend.
Why have you brought me here? Follow the light.
The light will be your guide.
Strong this planet is with the Force.
It is one of the purest places in the galaxy.
How are you here? I am a manifestation of the Force, a Force that consists of two parts.
Living beings generate the Living Force, which in turn powers the wellspring that is the Cosmic Force.
Show yourself, can you? I cannot.
My training was incomplete.
All energy from the Living Force from all things that have ever lived, feeds into the Cosmic Force, binding everything and communicating to us through the midi-chlorians.
Because of this I can speak to you now.
See the future, you can? I exist where there is no future or past.
Know you who the Sith Lord is? I can only show you a place where the answers will be revealed to you.
Be wary.
Give power to that which you fear, and it will show itself to you.
No! No.
You will die.
Join me.
There is no other way.
No! Yoda.
Come back to us.
Such darkness.
Such evil.
When will this happen? It is happening right now.
It has always been happening.
With each day the Clone War wages, evil is growing in its power.
What you felt in the cave is merely a portion of what the dark side now holds.
Such power.
Any hope that the Jedi can prevail is there? There is always hope, my friend, though it often comes in forms not looked for.
The key is knowing how to see it and seizing that opportunity.
I have been tasked with guiding you forward.
There can be many outcomes, but your path is clear, Yoda.
You have been chosen, as I was before you.
For what chosen am I? You will learn to preserve your Life Force, and so, manifest a consciousness which will allow you to commune with the living after death.
How? Dark times are ahead, and forces of light must remain.
This is the path of only a few Jedi.
You will travel to one of the origins of all life in the galaxy.
This place is where? The Force will be your guide.
Good-bye, my friend.
Yes, my friend.
All right I am.
No, back to Coruscant we are not going yet.
Afraid only begun our long journey has.

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