Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e12 Episode Script


6x12 - "Destiny" Blinded by the dark side! The Jedi Council has begun to unravel the mystery of how the clone army was created and now fear the Sith Lord Count Dooku was behind it.
Master Yoda searches for answers, and during deep meditation, he is able to contact the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, who reveals to Yoda that he must manifest his consciousness after death if he is to preserve the Jedi Order.
Now we find Master Yoda deep in space, searching for a path to ones who will teach him all he does not know of the Force.
The place Qui-Gon spoke of I believe this is.
So blocking our scanners the gas is, but inside a planet may be.
Mm, sense it, I do.
Controlling this are you? Let the Force guide, I will.
Hmm, awake again you are, my little friend.
Where we are, I'm not sure, but strong with the Force this place is.
There, you see? From inside the planet, life emanates.
Here nothing your scanners can see, hmm? Need this I will not.
No, wait here you must.
A journey for me alone this is.
Safer here you are, my friend.
Who is there? Yoda.
Traveled far I have, looking for those who can teach me.
The question is, are you worthy of being taught? You are late.
We have been waiting for you, Master Yoda.
Late? How did you know, coming, I was? We watch and study all who are strong with the Force in the universe.
Now, come, if we are to begin.
Cousins, I have a guest.
You should not have brought him before us.
Oh, nonsense.
He is full of the Force.
Can you not feel it? Why is he here? Why are you here? Told I was to learn from you, that show me you could how to manifest my life after death.
Oh, it's impossible.
He will fail with the great gift.
He will disappoint us.
He will disappoint himself.
Oh, no.
No, I do not see that.
His destiny is already set.
It is not for us to decide.
But why him? He is to teach one that will save the universe from a great imbalance.
For this, the great gift will be his.
He has no idea what he seeks, the responsibility he will have.
Understand I do not.
Guide me I know you will.
And do you realize what you must do, what you must face? No.
Then you won't be afraid.
Do I have a blessing that the training can begin? It is so.
We are one, and one is all.
Do you come to us with only good intention and light in your heart? I do.
Then the blessing I give, and the training will begin.
Disappoint us not, little green one.
What is this place? All that surrounds us is the foundation of life, the birthplace of what your science calls midi-chlorians, the foundation of what connects the Living Force and the Cosmic Force.
When a living thing dies, all is removed.
Life passes from the Living Force into the Cosmic Force and becomes one with it.
One powers the other.
One is renewed by the other.
This I know.
Come with me.
At death, in order for you to preserve your identity, you must know yourself, your true self, and then let go.
On that island dwells all that remains unconquered, what, in your existence, some call evil, otherwise known as fear, all which must be finally overcome before the journey can be taken.
Free yourself, you must.
A Jedi Master I am.
Know all that dwells within I do.
Mastered my weaknesses and conquered my fears I have.
Have you? You must face your evil on that island and defeat it.
Show yourself.
Yoda hates me.
Yoda plays not with me anymore.
Yoda thinks me not worthy.
Yoda recognizes you not.
See not what is inside Yoda? I choose not to give you power.
And yet you spend your days in the decadence of war, and with that, I grow inside you.
Know your true self.
Face me now or I will devour you.
Part of me you are not.
Part of you I am, part of all that lives.
Why do you hate what gives you power? Yoda thinks me not worthy.
Recognize you I do.
Huh? Part of me you are, yes.
But power over me you have not.
Through patience and training, it is I who control you.
Control over me you have not.
My dark side you are.
Reject you I do.
You have conquered your hubris.
Now face the temptations you must.
Powerful the creature was.
What you faced was a reflection of your hubris and the shadow of your soul.
And yet clear I thought I was.
The beast is you, and you are the beast.
To deny it simply gives it power.
Now I see.
Simple the answer was.
Deep in your core, you felt that we had nothing to teach you, but you must trust in our teachings if you are to succeed.
Ready I am for what comes next.
You must enter the valley of extinction.
Pass through without emotion, without attachment, for you will see all our faces there, and they will seduce you.
For we are confusion Anger Sadness Joy And Serenity.
Stop! Stop! No! No! Master Yoda.
Please Help me.
I'm I'm dying.
What has happened here, Padawan? Who has done this? The Sith.
How? You told me I would finish my training and become a Jedi, but the Council expelled me.
Why would you do that? Will I still become one with the Force when I die? Master, will I be a Jedi? Padawan.
Padawan? Ahsoka, no.
Not strong enough I was.
Failed I have, failed them all.
Master Yoda.
Let me take you away from your confusion, your anger, your sadness.
Come with me, and you will never know pain, never know sadness.
Close your eyes, and I will guide you.
Wait for me! The Temple is beautiful, isn't it, Master Yoda? Yes, so peaceful, as it was before the war.
War? Oh, there is no war here, Master, only peace and tranquility.
No war? Ah, Master Yoda.
Master Dooku was just telling us a tale of when he was your Padawan.
Really quite a humorous story.
Count Dooku.
Yes, Master.
I was telling them the tale of when you faced the giant terentatek on Kashyyyk.
What a terrible beast it was.
I remember.
We had wonderful adventures, Master Yoda and I.
I'm sure we'd all love to hear more, but it's time to join the others.
Coming, Master? No.
Wrong this is.
Lies these images are.
Dead I know you to be.
On Naboo, died you did, Qui-Gon.
And a traitor you are, my old Padawan.
An illusion this is, a falsehood.
You have done well, but to succeed, your life must be spent learning, practicing.
Please show me who you are.
See your face I must.
Now you see.
We have achieved what you seek and live between the realms.
Dead you are? Yes.
How shall I complete my training? You must face the ultimate test, the ultimate seduction, the gravest of journeys.
You will travel to Moraband.
Journey through the ancient homeworld of the Sith.
Face all that you fear, all that haunts your soul! Hello, my friend.
No, no.
One more place to visit we have.
A strange place I have come from, but finished not what I came for.
Set a course for Moraband.
Yes, brave we must be.
The worst, I fear, is yet to come.