Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e13 Episode Script


6x13 - "Sacrifice" Darkness on Dagobah! All attention is focused on Yoda, who claims to hear the voice of a long-dead Jedi.
Convinced that he is guided by Qui-Gon Jinn, he finds five priestesses who will teach him how to manifest consciousness after death.
After many trials, Yoda travels to Moraband, ancient home planet of the Sith, for now he must face the true evil that may be his undoing and one that seeks to control the galaxy.
Careful we must be.
Deserted this planet was, long ago after many wars.
Again, leave you I must, my friend.
Guard the ship you will.
If return I do not by three nightfalls, take the ship to Coruscant you shall.
Tell them of where I went.
We are the Sith.
Afraid of you I am not.
We shall see.
There is no life after death.
Only nothingness awaits you, Jedi.
Your fear feeds our hunger for power.
They will know you are here.
We will tell them.
You will die and be nothing.
Sir, you have been ordered to go to Coruscant immediately.
Tell Lord Sidious I am on my way.
Why do you come to my tomb, Jedi? To learn.
Do you know who I am? Yes.
Darth Bane.
The ancient Sith Lord, you are.
And know why I am not forgotten? Created the Rule of Two you did.
The Sith killed each other Victims of their own greed.
But from the ashes of destruction, I was the last survivor.
I chose to pass my knowledge on to only one.
I created a legacy so resilient that now you come before me.
Have you come to be my apprentice? You must kill me to gain my place.
Dead you are already.
Then what stands before you? An illusion.
Real you are not.
You do not fear me? No.
Exist you do not anymore.
No! Yoda Yoda I sense we have a great opportunity to strike a deadly blow to the Jedi Order.
But we must act swiftly.
A warning I must give you.
All your trials you have faced have been our doing.
And you have passed them well.
But inside, there is a place where we have no control, for it is a place of absolute darkness.
What happened here? It is the chamber where the Sith would sacrifice Jedi.
The Sith of your time will find you there, and you will find them.
Be careful, for what they may offer will certainly feel like an answer.
Only the presence of someone significant to you would allow you to sense this ripple through time and space.
My old master Yoda.
Master Yoda has come to Moraband, although why, I do not know.
We shall, however, use the strong bond that once existed between you and your master to allow us to see things that we otherwise could not.
How can this be done, Master? It is an old art of the dark side.
Now, hold out your hand, Apprentice.
I need but a drop for the ritual to begin.
Kintik hadzuska sutta chwituskak! Kintik hadzuska sutta chwituskak! Jiaasjen Jidai, jiassjen Jidai! Now, concentrate on Master Yoda.
Bring all your focus to him.
But will he not sense our presence? We shall come to him with a familiar face, a long-lost face, one he would be eager to see again, one whom he would ask and want answered all the questions he seeks.
Help me.
Please, please free me.
Sifo-Dyas? Alive you are! Help me, please, Yoda.
I have been imprisoned for so long.
Know who did this to you? What if I could tell you who the Sith Lord is? Free me, and I will reveal it.
No! He knows how to achieve what you seek.
Captivated by the physical realm the Sith are.
What else is there? Free me, and together we can know who the Sith Lord is, gain the power you deserve, and save the future.
You must free me! Nothing to show me the Sith have.
We shall see.
Sidious There is no question.
The ship was carrying Count Dooku.
We've scanned the area, and he is meeting with someone inside the building.
Thanks, Rex.
Master Yoda, what are your orders? - Orders? - Are you all right, Master? - Where am I? - I don't understand.
Tell me you must! The industrial sector on Coruscant.
What is happening here? A rogue shuttle slipped through the security grid.
We suspect Dooku was on board.
- And? - Master, this is your mission.
Are you sure you're all right? Clouded, the dark side has made me.
Tell me, who is inside? We intercepted a transmission calling Dooku to Coruscant.
We believe he is meeting with his master, the Sith Lord.
Feel it I do.
Feel their power.
Your orders, Master? Capture them we will.
The time has come to discover the identity of this Sith Master.
And if they escape? Escape, not.
If it comes to it Execute them we must.
End it now we will.
Move in.
I've got two confirmed targets.
Be ready for additional unfriendlies.
It appears we have company.
Take 'em! We meet at last, Darth Sidious.
You cannot stop what is to come.
Skywalker, no! No! Save him, Jedi? Can you save him? Why not let him go? Let him die, and you can stop all that I will do.
No! The future is not yours yet.
Tempted I will not be.
Sacrifice all I am ready to do.
We have failed to break Master Yoda.
He is strong.
We will need more time if we are to defeat him and the Jedi.
Yoda Come back to us, Yoda.
Died have I? In a way.
Now does my training begin? The one you know as Qui-Gon Jinn will commune with you and guide your training.
Like us, you shall learn to maintain your consciousness after death.
Enlightenment, spirit, balance There is another Skywalker There is another Skywalker? Yes, time to go home it is.
The Council has assembled.
They are eager to hear your report.
Afraid not much there is to say of my journey.
So nothing significant happened to you out there? Yes and no.
To the end we are coming now.
Did your journey give you insight on how to win the war? No longer certain that one ever does win a war I am.
For in fighting the battles, the bloodshed already lost we have.
Yet, open to us, a path remains that unknown to the Sith is.
Through this path, victory we may yet find.
Not victory in the Clone Wars but victory for all time.

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