Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e02 Episode Script

A Distant Echo

Conspiracy! After repeated setbacks on the planet Anaxes, an elite clone squad is deployed to investigate the Separatists' tactical advantage.
This special unit, called the Bad Batch, infiltrates Admiral Trench's Cyber Center to steal a strategic algorithm capable of predicting the Republic's every move.
What our heroes found was a live signal from the ARC trooper known as Echo, a clone long believed to be dead.
Word is the general staff isn't completely behind this mission.
I admit the idea that Echo is still alive is a long shot.
I'm sure the Council will approve the mission.
Just remember the primary goal is to learn how the Separatists are predicting our strategy, whether it's Echo behind it or not.
Well, if you want my opinion, sounds like a trap, but me and the boys will tag along anyway, if only to say "I told you so.
" Just make sure you're ready if we get the go-ahead from General Kenobi.
If you're certain he'll approve the mission, why wait? - Let's get going.
- First, we have that "thing" to do.
- Uh, what thing? - You know.
We don't have time for that, sir.
Yes, we do.
Well, I'll just let you two sort this out.
I'll be waiting on the ship with the rest of the team.
Come on, Rex.
I'm late as it is.
You're late again.
Padmé, I'm so sorry.
We didn't anticipate the Outer Rim Sieges would last this long.
That would be why they call it a siege, Anakin.
I know, I just thought that I You thought you could bring a swift end to the conflict single-handedly.
Anakin, what you're doing is important.
The Republic needs you on the front lines just as they need my voice in the Senate.
I know.
Oh, great.
What is it? Obi-Wan is coming.
No, that's not it.
There's something else.
It's Rex.
I'm worried he's letting his personal feelings drive him too much on this mission.
I wonder where he learned that.
Rex, where's Anakin? - I need to speak to him about this mission.
- Well, General, he's, um - Well, he's inside your barracks, isn't he? - Yes, sir.
- What's going on here? - Oh.
Nothing, sir.
I was just waiting for the General uh, General.
You'll have to do better than that, Captain.
You've known Rex a long time.
When you throw caution to the wind and take chances, where is he? Right beside me.
Then maybe that's where you should be for him, Ani.
Trust his instincts like he trusts yours.
I'm just trying to look out for him.
I know you are.
I love you, Ani.
I love you too.
Then what is Anakin doing in there? Ah, he's spot-checking my gear, sir.
- Really? Without you? - W-Well Here you go, Rex.
- And try not to break it again.
- Anakin.
About this mission, the Council thinks That it's a good idea? I agree.
Let's get moving, Rex.
- No, wait.
That's not - No time.
I hope you at least told Padmé I said hello.
So, how many missions has your team been on, Sergeant? Honestly, sir, I've lost count.
All the action sort of blurs together.
I know you work with Cody sometimes, but who do you guys report to? Hmm good question.
- Can't say I've got an answer.
- Yeah! We are approaching Skako Minor.
It looks to be a difficult landing.
Rex, what do we know about this place? On this part of Skako, there's a race of locals, the Poletecs.
All we know is they're very primitive.
"Primitive" is being kind.
My intel says the Poletecs worship flying reptiles.
- Oh! What the heck was that?! - It's one of those reptiles.
I want that thing off my ship.
Hold on! Hold on! Don't just run out there.
Hey! Get off of there! Hey, calm down.
We need to talk to them.
- Why? - The General's right.
Look out, Rex! I have a thermal reading.
Point-two-five east, elevation 175.
I'll handle this.
- What are you doing? - Going for a ride.
Tech, I'm with the General.
Hone in on my signal.
Okay, I think we're gonna have a slight communication problem here.
That creature still has a hold of the General.
We're going in, but remember what the General said.
"No casualties, disarm only.
" We're on it, Captain.
Wrecker, Crosshair, rockslide! Tech, translate what he said.
He says he does not want our war on his planet.
That is why he took our leader.
We didn't bring the war here.
It was Wat Tambor and the Separatists.
Tell him we apologize for what's happened.
But tell him the enemy is holding one of our men prisoner in Purkoll.
As soon as we rescue him, we'll leave his planet, for good.
The chief says he will provide us with scouts and lead us to Tambor's city.
From there, we're on our own.
Any help is better than no help.
We are receiving a transmission from Admiral Trench on Anaxes.
Put him through.
Pardon the intrusion, Minister Tambor but I have disturbing news.
You may proceed, Admiral.
An infiltration team of clones has traced the algorithm signal to Skako.
I believe your operation there is in jeopardy.
The Republic would not dare attack us.
The Techno Union has corporate neutrality.
From what I have seen, that would not matter to these Republic operatives.
Then we shall be ready for them.
Hope nobody's scared of heights.
Well, I'm not scared of nothing.
I just When I'm up real high, I got a problem with gravity.
Speaking of problems, I am no longer picking up Echo's signal.
I I don't understand.
- You said it was coming from this city.
- I can only speculate, but it is possible there's a latency issue with the frequency caused by all these atmospheric disturbances.
Or maybe they sent the signal to lure us into a trap.
And maybe your friend's actually dead.
Well, I can't be the only one thinking of that.
Look, every mission could be a trap.
This one is no different.
I'm telling you that signal is being sent by Echo himself! He's alive! I think you're letting your personal feelings get in the way because you left him for dead at the Citadel.
I had no choice.
You hear me? Oh, I don't blame you.
I would've left him for dead too.
Besides, he's just another reg.
Hey! Why don't you pick on someone not your size? You'll be a whole lot smaller when I'm through with you.
That's enough! Sergeant, take your men and scout the area for a tower entrance.
I want to talk to my Captain alone.
Rex, I hate to say it, but you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that Echo is dead, and this is all a Separatist trick.
Sir, I have watched so many of my brothers fall during this war, and I try not to hang on to any one of them.
But that changed when I heard that Separatist transmission.
It was no algorithm.
That was Echo's voice.
I know it.
I hope you're right.
- But if, for some reason, you're wrong - Then I'll deal with it.
We're in business, General.
Tech regained Echo's signal.
It's coming from this tower.
How's it going, Tech? Sorry it took so long.
Hey, Crosshair, check it out.
- Yeah, it's a lift.
- Well, we already knew that.
Wait, wait, wait.
A lift? How far up are we going? Don't worry, Wrecker.
I'll hold your hand.
Hey! Cut it out, Sarge.
Just give me some droids to crush.
Remember, this is a stealth mission.
No blasting, no blowing things up.
Nobody knows we're here.
Intruders! Attack! Why? So much for stealth.
Yeah! Hah! Ha-ha! Yeah! Uh sorry.
I just got excited.
I've still got a lock on Echo's signal.
All right, men.
Let's hunt some droids.
Now you're talking! Yeah! Where exactly is Echo's signal coming from? Strange.
I just lost the signal.
What? How can that be? There's no "atmospheric disturbances" up here.
Well, I have a new theory.
I'm surprised I did not consider it earlier.
The signal is only traceable during data transmissions.
So until Echo dispenses more intel, I cannot pick up the signal.
Okay, we're splitting up.
Search every door.
If someone finds Echo, contact the others.
We go in together, just in case there's trouble.
Drop your weapon! You are surrounded! Ah! It appears the signal is back.
It's from up ahead.
In there.
Tech, open this door.
You clones are so predictable.
Wat Tambor.
Your algorithm predicted nearly every move you made to infiltrate Purkoll.
There is no algorithm.
We know you're holding a prisoner of war here.
Prisoner? I don't know what you mean, Captain.
I am leaving here with my friend.
Your friend is dead.
His mind is ours.
Liar! Execute them.
- Tech, open that door for Rex! - Yes, sir! I hope you find what you're looking for, Captain.
I don't like the look of this.
I'm definitely picking up a life-form in there.
It seems to be a stasis chamber.
I think I can get it open.
We got to get him out of here.
Figure out how to unplug him from from this mess.
What have they done to you? We We have to get to the shuttle to escape the Citadel.
- No! I'll go first.
- Echo.
- No! No.
- Echo, it's Rex.
I'm here.
Rex? You, you came back for me.
Yes, I did.
What? What happened? Where am I? It's okay, Echo.
You're safe now.
Just sit tight, trooper.
You're going home.

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