Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e03 Episode Script

On the Wings of Keeradaks

On an unsanctioned mission to rescue ARC trooper Echo, General Skywalker, Captain Rex, and the Bad Batch travel to Skako Minor, headquarters of the Techno Union.
After a harrowing encounter with the natives, our heroes infiltrate the city of Purkoll, only to find themselves surrounded by Wat Tambor's forces.
Hey! Hunter, hold them off.
I'll check on Rex and Echo.
Situation's almost under control out there.
How's it going in here? I'm still trying to decrypt Echo's cerebral interface.
Until I do, we cannot disconnect him from this computer system.
- How is he, Rex? - He's too weak to walk.
Very disoriented.
Doesn't even remember how he got here.
He remembers being at the Citadel, but that's about it.
Any word on the extraction squad? We called it in, but no word back.
Well, that's no surprise.
We knew when we got into this we'd be on our own.
It's gonna get more difficult to get out of here.
There are several squads of droids closing in.
Enemy approaching.
Droids lots of 'em.
How long can you hold them off? - How long do you need? - Tech, how much longer?! Not yet.
I need more time.
We have them completely surrounded, sir.
Send in the Decimator.
I've got it.
We can unplug him now.
- Rex? - What is it? I got a big headache.
Better to feel something than nothing, old buddy.
It's a touching reunion, guys, but we need to get out of here, now! There's an exhaust vent that leads to the cooling systems right there.
They've breached the front door.
It won't be long before they're through the second.
That should get it open.
- Great.
Now how do we get up there? - Oh, I can help with that.
Wait, what? Wrecker, what are you doing? A heads-up would've been nice! The door's nearly breached, sir.
Whoa! It's okay, Wrecker.
I've got this.
What are you doing? I'm putting an end to Tambor's little science experiment.
Are you done? Time's up! Whoa! Whoa! Oh, no! What is that thing? I don't like it! I don't like it! It's trying to get me! Whoa! What happened? Why did it shut off? No organic targets were detected, sir.
The room appears to be empty.
Oh, no.
Orders, sir? They took it Techno Union property! They've ruined years of research.
Find them! Huh.
This ventilation corridor acts as a cooling system for all the computers in the facility.
How did you know it was up here, Echo? Well, they got access to my memory, and I got access to the Techno Union database.
All their plans, inventory, building schematics everything.
You mean you can find us a safe way out of here? Well, there is a way but you're not gonna like it.
I don't know about this.
I'm telling you, there's a landing pad on that other building.
So you think there's a ship there we can steal? Well, I hope there's a ship we can steal.
Let's hope this trip isn't for nothing.
Oh, boy.
I can't even look.
Just keep walking, Tech.
That's fine, but if you fall, don't take me with you.
I looked.
Ahh! - I think I'm gonna be sick.
Not gonna panic.
- Hang on, Wrecker.
- We're almost there.
- Gonna be okay.
Turn around! Go back! - Whoa.
Wh-Whoa! - Oh, boy.
Gotcha! Anybody got a brilliant idea? - I do have a brilliant idea.
- I'm hanging here! When the locals attacked us, I recorded the creatures' distress call.
He records everything.
It's a hobby.
Which allows us to call those flying creatures to us.
Ow! Enough with the sound! Take that! There is our ride out of here! - Now, how do we get on them? - How else? We jump! All right, I'll go first.
I don't wanna do this, but here I go! See you later! Uh, that wasn't part of the plan.
Those things can fly! We have to shake those droids! How do I steer this thing? - How you holding up, Echo? - Never better, sir! Their leader is impressed we tamed the Keeradaks, - but he wants to know why we returned here.
- Tell him we had no choice.
Tell him that we wore out our welcome in Purkoll.
Not good.
If I know Tambor, he'll come after us, us and the Poletecs, with everything he's got.
What's he saying, Tech? He says that we have broken our word.
We have brought the war to his village.
You're right.
Tell him he's right, Tech.
Tell him we didn't plan to drag his people into war.
But look what the Separatists did to one of our people! They took away his freedom, his humanity.
They tried to turn him into a machine.
The Techno Union claims it's neutral, but they have chosen sides.
- Now your people have to choose.
- Couldn't have said it better, Rex.
Ugh! Let's hope it works, because I see forces coming more than we can handle alone.
- Report.
- The clones are hiding among the natives.
Take the reinforcements and bring back my experiment.
Rex, we've gotta take out these walkers.
I'll take one.
You take the other.
Don't worry, General.
The boys and I can handle it.
Hunter, Wrecker, you're with me.
- Still showing off, huh, General? - You know me, Echo.
That seemed to work.
But how do we get up there? No, no.
Not again! It's hard to compete with a Jedi.
Sir, the attack force has failed.
Aw, the loss of the clone is a devastating blow to the Techno Union's profit margin.
Should we inform the Separatists of our loss? All in good time.
We must find a way to recoup on our investment.
Thank you for helping us in our fight.
He said the Jedi will always have an ally here on Skako Minor.
Thanks for coming after me.
That's what brothers do.
I'm just sorry it took so long.
Hopefully, it's gonna be just like old times.
Just like old times.

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