Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e04 Episode Script

Unfinished Business

[title music.]
Reunited! With the help of the Bad Batch, Captain Rex rescues his old friend, ARC Trooper Echo, from the Techno Union.
The Separatist loss of Echo's strategic algorithm provides a chance for the Republic to turn the tide in the battle for Anaxes.
However, Echo's horrifying experience behind enemy lines leaves lingering questions of his true loyalty and uncertain future.
We have more than a dozen active battlefronts on Anaxes, and we are losing nearly every one.
But if Admiral Trench can no longer anticipate our moves, we now have the opportunity to retake the planet.
I can improve your chances.
Eh, excuse me, Generals.
Echo, I'm sorry, but I just don't think you're ready for battle yet.
I am not a liability, Rex.
I'm the best chance we have to take back Anaxes.
If the trooper has a plan, I'd like to hear it.
May I? [music.]
While Master Windu leads a team to retake the assembly complex, the Bad Batch will escort me into Trench's new comm vault, which, according to current intel, is now located on this Separatist Dreadnought above Anaxes.
Once I'm plugged in, I can feed Trench strategies, but this time, you'll know every move before he makes it.
And you are certain that if we get you onboard that ship, that you can convince Trench's army to do what you want? Absolutely.
Unfortunately, I've been doing this for a while, but this time I can help bring about a Republic victory instead of a defeat.
- Tech, is everything ready? - Yup, Sarge.
We are ready.
Still not sure how we're gonna land on that ship.
Don't worry.
Echo says he's got a plan.
That makes me feel so much better.
What do you mean by that? To be blunt, his mind belonged to the Separatists until we unplugged him.
We don't really know where his loyalties lie.
Well, I know.
Now, get moving.
Please tell me we are blowing something up.
Sorry, Wrecker, this is strictly stealth.
I hate that word.
Echo, you're up.
Don't worry.
As soon as I plug in, I'll send a signal to the command ship.
What type of signal are you gonna send? Nothing that'll give us away, right? As far as the droids are concerned, we're just gonna be another one of their shuttles coming in for a landing.
And the regs think we take risks.
We have an incoming ship.
Is this one of ours? I've never seen this model.
Sending the signal now.
Yep, it's one of ours.
Roger, roger, Shuttle TC-159.
You may approach and land.
I'd still rather blow it up.
I have a feeling you'll get your chance.
Gold Leader, you're cleared for launch.
Copy that, General.
We are going in.
Admiral Trench, the Jedi are attacking the assembly plant with a large force.
Now I will use their arrogance and desperation to our advantage.
[energy pulsating.]
Tech, can you rig an interface? I assume that's a rhetorical question.
We should make sure this comm vault has no other entrances.
I'm on it.
Contact Skako.
I want to use the algorithm to calculate the best possible counterattack.
As you command.
[switch clicks.]
All right, I have access to everything and good timing.
I just scanned a strategy request Trench sent to the Techno Union.
You can't just send a signal from here.
- Why not? - We have to make it appear as if your signal is originating from Skako Minor.
Otherwise, they'll know we are here.
My name is General Mace Windu of the Jedi Order.
At this point of the Clone War, I have dismantled and destroyed over 100,000 of you type one battle droids.
I'm giving you an opportunity to peacefully lay down your weapons so that you may be reprogrammed to serve a better purpose than spreading the mindless violence and chaos, which you have inflicted upon the galaxy.
Blast them! Well, I guess it was worth a try.
Here's the new strategy from Skako, Admiral.
Mobilize all troops on Anaxes to the assembly complex.
The Republic will not send reinforcements.
They will put all their faith in the Jedi.
Give the order.
I'm intercepting a transmission.
Trench is ordering all of his droids to the assembly complex.
All right, Echo, what are you trying to pull? Don't worry, that's what I told him to do.
But our troops will be vastly outnumbered.
Not when I send them a feedback pulse that shuts down all the droids.
How do we know that's what you're really going to do? We have to trust him.
Rex is right.
Echo, we're all counting on you.
[electronic beeps.]
Master Windu, I know this sounds crazy, but it's about to get a little more crowded where you are.
We have our hands full as it is.
What is your plan? Well, if it makes you feel any better, it isn't my plan.
Echo is drawing all the droids to your position, so he can neutralize them all at the same time.
Obi-Wan! Skywalker just contacted me.
He said we've got a lot more droids headed our way.
I see Anakin is being as insightful as ever.
I was told not to worry.
It was all part of their plan.
If I know Anakin, we've got the easy part.
The droids are going to overwhelm the Jedi.
They don't stand a chance.
Well, there weren't as many as I thought there were going to be.
Does this meet your expectations? This exceeds my expectations.
[battle droid.]
Hey! Shutting down.
Awaiting orders.
What? What was that? We monitored a powerful energy surge, which has overloaded the droids' circuitry.
We are tracking the origin of this pulse now.
I am pleased to report that we are in control of the assembly complex, and all of the fronts are falling to the Republic thanks to Echo's plan.
That's good news, Master Windu.
We're on our way back to the base.
May the Force be with you.
Good job, Echo.
Well, I guess you actually are on our side.
Was there ever any doubt? - Some.
- Well, thanks.
Come on, brother.
Unplug, and let's get out of here.
The algorithm has never been wrong before.
How could we have missed this? The source originated onboard this ship.
Dispatch security droids.
What about our apparent defeat? [chuckles.]
A wise leader does not rely completely on things such as algorithms.
My personal strategy for victory is through total annihilation.
Wait, I just scanned a new order from Trench.
He's initiated a countdown.
There's a bomb hidden at the assembly complex, but it's big enough to destroy most of Anaxes.
- Can you stop it? - Well, I can try.
General, where are you going? If you can't stop the detonation, perhaps Trench can! [shouting, chattering.]
- Continue your sweep, Jesse.
- Sir.
General Windu, this is Tech.
We've discovered a bomb in the fusion reactor.
We need someone to go down there and help disarm it.
I'm on my way.
Get the men out of here.
You heard General Windu.
Organize your platoons, and have them evacuate as soon as possible.
Sir, yes, sir! [energy pulsating.]
Ray shield.
Echo, I found the bomb.
Tell me the sequence to shut it down.
I'm decrypting it now.
You have to unplug.
They're going to detect us.
No, no, we need these codes.
The first number in the sequence is three.
[electronic beep.]
The next is one.
- [beep continues.]
- Eight.
[beep continues.]
We have located the source of the pulse.
- [Echo.]
- [beep continues.]
Jam the signal at its source.
They're on to us.
You need to unplug now! [screams.]
Echo? The server overloaded his neural system, and it appears deliberate.
- [Mace.]
Echo! - That means Trench knows we're here.
Echo, are you there? General Windu, Trench took out Echo.
We can't get you the last number in the sequence.
Sorry, General, you'll have to disarm that bomb without us.
Don't worry about me, Captain.
Just get your men out of there.
Yes, sir.
We got company! The Jedi lacks the final sequences to stop the detonation.
The loss of clones at the shipyard will seal the Republic's fate.
Dispatch more units to deal with the infiltrators on the ship, and prepare our landing craft for our next assault.
As you command.
Huh? Jedi scum.
- Tell me the sequence to disarm the bomb! - Never.
Dooku would kill me for losing Anaxes.
- And you think I won't? - You're a Jedi.
Your nobility [grunts.]
I don't have such weaknesses! Now, let's try that again.
Mace, if you can't stop the detonation, you must leave now.
That is not an option.
I still have a chance to stop this, even if it's down to my best guess.
How about I take the guesswork out of it, Master? Admiral Trench was kind enough to give me the final number himself.
Try seven.
[electronic beep.]
Good work, Skywalker.
The bomb has been disarmed.
- You both owe me one now.
- [Trench clicks.]
[grunts, groans.]
[screams, groans.]
Wrecker's gonna love this.
Admiral, it was a pleasure.
[groans, clicks.]
[battle droid screams.]
Hey! Fire! [Rex.]
We can't blast our way out.
There's too many of them.
[cracks knuckles.]
What's he doing? [Wrecker.]
Time to release the wrecking ball! Yeah! - [screams.]
- [laughs.]
[battle droid.]
Hey! [Hunter.]
I honestly feel bad for those droids.
[battle droid whimpers.]
It's all clear! [battle droid.]
Please, not the face.
Not the face! [Tech.]
More droids.
I'll buy you some time.
We'll meet you at the infiltration point.
Oh! He's gonna try and top me.
You watch.
This is the infiltration point.
I'm picking up dozens of droids on my sensors, all heading this way.
Hope you're not waiting on me.
Now all we're missing is Crosshair.
You miss me? How touching.
- Relax, Wrecker.
You'll top him next time.
- No, he won't.
[Wrecker cries.]
- I've got a present for you, Wrecker.
- Oh, seriously? I get to blow it up? The whole stinking thing? This is the happiest day of my life.
Captain Rex, Corporal Echo and Clone Force 99, you have all done a great service for the Republic.
Thanks to your courage and effort, Republic shipyards will soon be up and running again.
You've got some medals coming your way.
Thank you, General.
- You coming? - Not really our thing.
- Accolades.
- Yeah, we're just in it for the thrill.
Yo! You sure it's your thing? - What do you mean? - Your path is different.
Like ours.
If you ever feel like you don't fit in with them, well, find us.
Those are some of the finest troopers I've ever fought alongside.
You and I go way back.
If that's where you feel your place is, then that's where you belong.

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