Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e05 Episode Script

Gone with a Trace

Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano was wrongly accused of treason by the Jedi Council and hunted by the Grand Army of the Republic.
Believing his apprentice was innocent, Anakin Skywalker discovered the true villain was Ahsoka's close friend, Barriss Offee.
Unable to reconcile her relationship with the Jedi Order, Ahsoka decided to walk away from the only life she had ever known.
What? No, no, no.
Whoa! - Hey! - Sorry! Watch out! All right.
Oh, no.
Whoa! Come on! Come on! What a piece of junk.
Now, how am I gonna fix this? Oh! Bad crash.
Nice roll, though.
Thanks I guess.
That bike is trash.
I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it.
Look at this mess.
The repulsor blew.
The compressor is shot.
Sounds like you know a thing or two about engines.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? I'm Trace.
As for your bike, you're in luck.
You happened to crash onto one of the best repair shops on 1313.
So you're a mechanic? That I am, and I'd be glad to fix your bike for a price.
I can fix my own bike.
I just need some tools.
Have it your way.
But the tools are still gonna cost you.
I don't have much in the way of credits.
Don't worry.
Down here, no one does.
Come on.
That's a Nebula-class freighter.
Or at least it was.
Good eye.
I'm turning it into something with a bit more speed.
I think.
Your space is over there.
Why don't you get that thing inside and settle in? Thanks.
Don't take too long.
Time is money.
Hey, why are you helping me? Shouldn't I? Seemed like the right thing to do.
You can leave if you want.
It's all right.
I'll stay.
Thank you.
That's good.
I really need the money.
How's it going down there? Need any help? Not if you're gonna charge me.
Hey, I don't know where you're from, but down here, everything has a price.
If you're gonna stick around, you better get used to it.
Well, you might be in luck.
This engine isn't going to run without a new sparker.
Got one I can buy? Got bad news.
The only sparkers I got are right here.
And I ain't got no more.
That won't do.
I need to get out of here.
Why? You running from something? Maybe this was a bad idea.
I don't know what I'm doing here.
Hey! What did I say? Look, you can stay here as long as you like.
If you can pay me.
What's with you? No sense in keeping you here if you're gonna be miserable.
I appreciate the help.
What's it gonna cost? It's on the house.
You know, where I come from, it's very different from here.
So where do you come from anyway? I um used to live in the upper levels of Coruscant.
Ah, up there where the air is clear, huh? You're probably better off down here.
Why's that? I'm sure you have your problems up there with the Jedi running around starting wars, policing everything.
The Jedi didn't start the war.
They're trying to stop it.
Sure, they are.
Look, it doesn't really matter anyway.
They've forgotten all about us.
What do you mean? It's just when you're a kid, you hear stories.
I guess they're not what I thought they'd be.
It's not safe down here or anywhere on Coruscant.
That's why I've got my ship, so I can make my living in the stars.
Just me and my sister Rafa.
We'll get away from the Jedi, this war, all of it.
Martez, your sister said she was paying me today.
Where is she? Let me handle this.
Don't do anything.
Got it? All right.
Hey, hey, Pintu.
Rafa said she was coming to see you.
Well, since she's not here, I guess you're gonna have to pay me instead.
I'd back off if I were you.
- Stay out of this.
- Stay out of this.
Now, where's my money? I got it.
Right here! On second thought, some help would be great.
Huh? I think you wanna leave now.
Tell Rafa this is far from over.
Whoa! Where did you learn to fight like that? My older brother taught me.
Maybe you can teach me someday.
Come on, we gotta go tell my sister about Pintu.
Uh Nope.
- Meh.
- Rafa.
Rafa, does that belong to you? Not yet.
Oh, Trace! What happened to your face? Pintu came by to get paid.
You weren't there.
You plan on paying him? I am.
I got a big job coming through that'll make everything good for us.
Is it legitimate this time or the usual job? Hey, what did I teach you? We can't count on anyone So we count on ourselves.
I know.
That's right.
That's how we survive.
Who is this interesting creature? My name is Ahsoka.
Lovely name, Ahsoka.
Ahsoka, this is my sister, Rafa Martez.
How'd you end up with this moof-milker? She fell from the sky.
I mean, really.
Dropped right in on the mech bay platform.
Where exactly are you from? I'm from Topside.
Your sister's been helping me out.
Really? How much is she charging you? Not enough to pay your debt.
Not that it's any of your business, but I am sorry about that, Trace.
You promised you would stay away from Pintu.
I needed money for this place, for repairs and other things.
You could have at least given me a heads-up that you weren't gonna pay him.
You're right.
Won't happen again.
I can only take so many punches to my head and still be considered a pilot.
Here's our next payday.
How can I help you, my friend? I've got three droids that need to be built.
My business partner brokered a deal with a a Rafa Martez.
You're looking at her.
And that deal will be honored.
This may not look like a droid factory, but that's to throw off the authorities.
My associate does assembly in the back.
Who's your associate? Don't worry about that yet.
My, uh, business partner, he said you build droids better than anybody.
Then they know quality.
Look, just bring them 'round back.
So, Trace, feel like building some droids? It's been a while since I built a droid.
But it's not too difficult, just more moving parts.
Just make sure you affix the restraining bolt to that pile of moving parts before you punch the power cycle.
Got one right here.
What's your worry? I've had my fair share of run-ins with droids.
The majority are fine, but some are just cross-wired from the start.
And this is no astromech.
You seem to know a lot about everything.
Not everything.
I still don't understand people.
What's to know? There are good people and bad people, and some are just cross-wired like this binary load lifter.
Binary load lifter.
Wait a minute.
I do know this type of droid.
Are you all right? Type two load lifters were a fraud.
They were repurposed demolition droids prone to violence.
Well, good thing we put the restraining bolts on.
Trace, the bolt.
What the No.
That That's not No, no.
No, no.
Trace, that's my droid.
Where's it going? It's a test run.
Nothing to worry about.
This isn't funny, Trace! Stop! Stop! You said demolition droid, right? Yeah.
Go back to Rafa's and get the tracking device for that droid.
What are you gonna do? Find a speeder and meet you there.
Where's the droid? Working on it.
Where's Trace? Gotta go.
Trace, I trusted you.
We're going to owe more credits than we were paid for this thing! Stop.
It's really close.
Where? Do you see it? Yeah.
It's headed straight for us.
Hey! The off switch, it's on its face plate.
But let me grab it first.
Got it! See? Nothing to it.
Oh, no.
This was a bad idea.
Yeah, that happens.
I gotta cut it loose.
- We can't let it get away.
- Take the controls! Just hit the blue button! Come on.
Come on! Hey, kid.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Ah! - Come on, you got it.
- There you go, all good! Bad.
Look there.
Look, they have it.
Trace? See? Nothing to worry about.
We had it all under control.
I am not going to dismantle those droids.
A deal is a deal.
They could hurt someone.
Honestly, not my problem.
You don't know what those droids could be used for.
They're dangerous.
One tore apart the sector.
Without a restraining bolt.
Trace, did you put the bolt on all three? Yeah, but what if one comes off? Why is this a discussion? We all know That you're new here.
Trace, I'll do the right thing.
I'll meet you at the wharf, okay? Rafa, just be smart.
Come on, Ahsoka.
Wahoo! Do you ever get a say with Rafa? She's my older sister.
She doesn't always get it right, but I know she's trying to make things better for us.
At what cost? Did you tell that guy about the droids? Actually, I charged the Twi'lek double.
You gave them back.
You said be smart.
Look, they weren't mine to keep.
We don't build them, somebody else would.
I don't give them back, that's more trouble for the Martez sisters.
I used the credits to pay off Pintu.
If I didn't get the credits for those droids, they were gonna keep coming after us.
Here's enough to buy new tools.
That makes it worth it, right? I guess so.
Stick with me, Trace.
One day, we'll have enough credits, Pintu will be coming to us for work.
I'd better go finish my speeder.
You're not sticking around? I think it's for the best.
Thanks for saving me out there.
You're welcome.
Now, let's get that speeder working.
Come on.

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