Star Wars: The Clone Wars s07e07 Episode Script

Dangerous Debt

Prisoners of the Pykes! Ahsoka Tano has teamed up with the Martez Sisters who live in the underworld of the city planet Coruscant.
Struggling to make ends meet, Rafa Martez scored a job running a spice shipment from the planet Kessel.
Tempers flare when Ahsoka realized the spice was being sold to the Pykes, a powerful crime syndicate.
As Ahsoka and Rafa argued, Trace Martez dumped the spice, hoping to end the dispute.
With no shipment to deliver, the three attempted to deceive the Pykes and failed.
We now find them imprisoned deep within a fortress on the planet Oba Diah.
I never figured when I took my ship out for the first time I'd wind up in a place like this.
Hey, you dumped the spice.
We wouldn't be here if you hadn't taken the job with the Pykes.
Fact, if she doesn't dump the spice, we finish our job, and we're already gone.
Fact, the Pykes turned spice into something that ruins lives.
- So, those lives would be on you! - Says who? That's just the way it is.
You can't profit from other people's suffering.
Or at least, I won't let you.
Will you listen to this? We got a regular Jedi here.
What if I was? Don't kid around.
- You didn't tell her, did you? - Tell me what? About why Trace and I keep our distance from the Jedi, or any Topsiders for that matter.
Oh, shut up, Rafa.
I don't think so, not if Miss "High Ideals" here is gonna lecture me about morality.
A couple of years ago, there was a prison break on the surface of Coruscant, where you live, some gangster named Ziro.
Then came the Jedi.
We watched, like so many others, as they chased Ziro and his gang down the portal, leaping from speeder to speeder as they went.
Finally, some red-eyed alien protecting Ziro blasted the engine of an ascending cargo transport.
The ship went spiraling out of control.
The Jedi went into action, tried to gain control of the ship.
There was a populated landing platform right in the path of the ship, but the Jedi steered it clear of that, right into the portal wall.
And on the other side of that wall was our home.
Mom and Dad saw it coming.
They got Rafa and I out.
But they weren't so lucky.
The Jedi didn't even capture Ziro.
The "distraction" of the ship helped him get away.
Afterward, the Jedi came back, and one of them came over to me.
I'll never forget it.
She was beautiful, dark robes contrasting against her light green skin.
Penetrating eyes.
She looked at me, and you know what she said? She said, "I had to make a choice, but not to worry, the Force will be with you".
That's it.
Then she was off.
And Trace and I were left without parents, without a home, just left there to find our way in their system.
I've spent every day since building a new life for me and Trace, and it's about us not depending on Jedi or these criminals or anyone else.
We make our own rules, and we survive just fine! That is, until Trace let you tag along.
I'm so sorry.
Martez, come with us.
Which one? Rafa.
You're not touching her.
Yeah, she's right.
Take her instead.
Would you Trace, if I die, you get the family business! But I don't want the family business! Well, it's yours anyway! But you're not gonna die! I'll figure something out! Figure it out quickly! Hey, uh, if you want to know the truth, uh, pain really doesn't help me focus.
Talking? Now, talking is always a good thing.
Look, now that I think about it, I think the people on Kessel scammed us.
You know, Rafa is telling the truth.
Since that day, it's really been us versus everyone else, until you showed up.
So, why'd you bother with me? It's something my mother would've done.
She always believed in helping others.
This life I have, it's not how I was raised.
It's how it is.
What did you do to her? Answer me! Don't make them mad, Trace.
How about they don't make me mad and tell me what they did to my sister! Let her go! Make sure Rafa's okay! Trace! Where is the spice? Okay, look.
I'll tell you where the spice is.
I just didn't want my friends to hear me tell you.
Okay, I'm gonna get one shot at this.
I don't know where the spice is! Hey.
It's all right.
Where's Trace? They took her, but listen, we have to go.
Now! How'd you do that? It wasn't me.
I think there was a power outage, and the energy field turned off.
About time we caught a break.
Let's go get Trace.
Hey, let us out! Hey! Ah! Are you crazy? I could have shot you! You gotta be kidding me.
We came to rescue you! No, I was on my way to break you two out! - This way! - No, this way! Tiebreaker, come on! Trace, it's too late! I'll take my chances.
Ah! Uh, Trace! Careful! You see that? Come on, Ahsoka! If you can't make it, Ahsoka, we'll be back for you! Let's get outta here.
She won't make it.
We can't just leave her! Wait, where'd she go? She didn't make it.
That's terrible.
Ahsoka! I'm here.
- How'd you do that? - I'm more athletic than I look.
- That's not normal.
- We don't have time to discuss this.
Let's go! Finally.
There's our way out.
All of this effort to kill us is crazy.
You'd think these Pykes have never pulled a fast one or had a fast one pulled on them.
This is what happens when you get into business with criminals.
When you're trying to make a living, you don't really think of the possible torture or execution part of the deal.
The Pykes aren't gonna let us get off this planet.
Their reputation is at stake.
Ahsoka, you seem resourceful.
You go disable the gates while Trace and I distract the guards.
That must mean you think disabling the gate is the difficult part.
Looks like you two are getting along better.
Yeah, well, looks can be deceiving.
Come on.
Looks like they're in trouble again.
Nice shot.
Hey, come on.
I don't believe it.
I think I see my ship! You might be cut out for this life, but I'm not sure about Trace.
If she doesn't wanna be involved with the jobs I do, she can say so.
Do you think she'd say no to you? You're her sister.
She'd never think you don't have her best interests at heart.
What do you want? What's in this for you? Hey, got any credits? I need something to eat.
Do I look like I have credits? Well, if you didn't, I wouldn't be asking.
We're busy right now.
Get out of here.
Come on.
Let's go.
You never answered my question.
In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them, no matter what.
I guess it's just who I am.
I knew someone who used to talk like you.
Yeah, Trace told me.
I'm just trying to do what's best.
Hey, you guys got any credits? No, get out of here.
Are you looking for them? Have you seen them? What's it worth to you? There she is.
The Angel is parked on one of the landing platforms.
All we have to do is find a way up there.
Forget about your ship.
Let's take the first thing we can find and get off this rock.
No! I just finished putting the Silver Angel together.
And if you're smart, you'd wanna live to build another instead of dying to get the one you've got.
If we leave my ship behind, you're buying me a new one.
As long as I'm alive to fund one, I'm good.
There they are.
Hey! The speeder.
There! What do you think? I'm not sure.
It could be the Jedi I met on Carlac.
But if it is her, what is she doing here? Her presence could compromise our mission.
Perhaps, but don't forget we have a common enemy.
Let's keep track of her.
She could be of use to us.
You cost me thousands of credits.
And then you tried to cheat me.
Did you honestly think you'd get away with fooling a Pyke? Well, uh, I mean, we wouldn't have tried if we didn't think - Silence! - Kill them.
And let's move on.
I thought you wanted to know where the spice was? Your little friend is still in the city.
When we find her, I'll torture her and find out everything we need to know.
Now, execute them and be done with it.
This is not the way I saw this job ending.
Ahsoka! We're clear.
Let's go, Rafa.
I've had enough of this planet.
I knew keeping them in the open would draw you out.
I think there's a way we can work this out.
How about we do a job for the great Marg Krim? You didn't get it right the first time, Martez.
Why would I waste any more time with you? What? You planning on torturing us again? Until you give me my spice.
Guys, I'm sorry.
I know, I never should have taken this job.
We live and learn, Rafa.
Yeah, but for how much longer?
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